X-Rated Monopoly

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We were finally going to do it. After a few weeks of planning, the night had come. I have to admit that I’m very anxious…….this night promises to be like none other.

As a half-joke, I proposed to play an adult version of Monopoly, where we both play with no clothes on below the waist. Then different rules were made; on the roll of “doubles” the opponent had to give one long lick to whatever part of the body the person who rolled the dice decides. Upon completion of a monopoly, the opponent has to perform oral sex until orgasm on the other……if a player gets sent to jail, the other player chooses the position for immediate intercourse……rules like that. Needless to say, I was extremely nervous when I arrived at your place.

I knocked on the door and after a few seconds, you answered. Your hair was slicked back, its auburn color looking even darker. Your make-up was perfect; nice, red lips, light blue eye shadow to bring out your dreamy blue eyes……you had on a black silk camisole and a beach wrap around your waist. I looked down at your sexy legs and saw that you had on black thigh-highs, along with impossibly high high heels. I leaned forward to kiss you, and we embraced. I immediately became aroused and I let my hands slide down your back, gently grabbing your ass and pulling you in closer.

You backed away, and led me into the living room, where you had set up the game on a bistro table. There were two chairs, facing one another across the table. On one side of the table sat a group of several scented candles, and on the other, a bottle of wine.

We slowly walked to the table and faced each other. You let the wrap go and immediately sat down, so I couldn’t really maltepe escort see anything. I undid my pants and tossed them aside. We sat there for several minutes, acutely aware of the building sexual tension between us. I was already hard. I kept looking in your smiling eyes, taking time out only to gaze down at your chest, where I could see the outlines of your large breasts pushing against the sheer, silky material of your camisole. I could almost taste your nipples……

I poured us some wine and we drank a toast to each other, to perhaps our only intimate time together. Our eyes never broke contact.

It was time to at art, and with a wicked grin, you grabbed the dice and went first. A six. You moved your token to Oriental Ave, and bought it. As I watched you, I could not let go of the feeling of building tension. We both knew that under that table, we were both naked. I longed to kneel in front of you, I longed to make love to you…..

We traded turns for a few more minutes. I had made the comment that nothing would happen this game just because we both wanted it to. You laughed…and then rolled doubles. You looked up at me expectantly and the look on your face was priceless. I asked you where would you like the lick, and you told me if I didn’t know by now, I never would. I laughed and got up slowly, revealing my erection to you for the first time. I walked over to you, and you slid in your chair sideways. Our eyes gazed into each other’s as I slowly descended to my knees. You slowly spread your thighs apart as my head moved in. I loved the smile you wore…it was a little, embarrassed grin with just the tip of your tongue sticking out. mamak escort I stuck out my tongue as far as I could, and found the spot just below the opening to your pussy. I pressed my tongue on it flatly, and slowly dragged it along the entire opening of your cunt. I heard you take in a deep breath and saw your hands move over as if to keep my head right where it was. But the lick was over. As hard as it was to stop, I slowly got up and went back to my chair. That one lick, and already I was trembling. I felt the sweat break out on the back of my neck, and the pale flesh of your cleavage took on a sexy sheen of its own.

It was still your turn and wouldn’t you know it, you rolled doubles again. This time I got up quicker and moved right over to you. I dropped on my knees and helped you spread your legs apart. You shimmied to the very edge of the chair, and I found that same spot again. I started my lick again, but noticed how wet you were becoming……I lingered longer than I should but I loved your taste. I wanted more………………

It was becoming quite clear that we were both highly aroused……the tension was at critical mass. My hands had begun shaking, and I watched you fidget in your chair. I knew what was under that table, and I wanted it SO bad. I wanted to plant my head right in between your sexy legs and make you come. We kept looking at each other and smiling. Your eyes had taken on a erotic glow and I kept watching your red lips, imagining my cock in between them…….

Finally, I rolled doubles. I watched you rise out of your chair, and come over to me. You kissed me on the lips softly, then knelt down in front of me. You took my cock ankara escort in one hand, and placed your tongue at the very base. You placed your soft, wet tongue there, and slowly licked to the head. I wanted you to take all of me so bad, and I think you did too…a sad expression quickly passed over your face as you got up and returned to your chair.

The game progressed unevenly for the next several minutes…..nothing much was happening. The feel of your tongue on my cock was ingrained in my mind….I kept staring at your cleavage, at your erect nipples as they pushed against the material…..I wanted them badly. I was about to request an end to the game so that we could have at each other, but you had just landed in jail. Your face lit up as mine did, I’m sure. I motioned you over to me as I pulled out my chair. I got myself comfortable, and asked you to sit on my lap, facing me. You straddled your long, sexy legs over my lap and slowly sat down. Our mouths met at the same instant I entered your pussy. You felt out of this world! So soft, tight, and wet….and I just slipped right up inside you…..we kissed as you slowly ground your hips into mine….the sensation was unbelievable! I gently pulled down your top and pulled you in close to me. I wanted to feel your breasts against my chest. There we were, grinding away at each other on that chair….I loved the sight of your strong legs working with your hips, making me feel so fucking good……too good…..

We both broke the kiss at the same time and yelled out as our bodies orgasm-ed at the same time……I was pumping so much cum into you..I could feel your juices all over my lap..so nice and warm and slippery. I latched onto your neck with my mouth as I felt the waves pass through you….even your breathing was sexy!

We pulled a bit apart, just so we could look at each other, and then we kissed again. You slowly got up off of me and went back to your seat. After all, we had a game to finish…….

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32