Welcome Home Ch. 01

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Today has been a hard day at work. As you walk through the door, you pick up the fresh scent of warm cinnamon & vanilla filling the air. You take a quick glance around noticing that there are candles burning softly. The living room has a soft glow to it. In the back ground you can hear the sounds of Usher playing. You look down to see rose petals lying on the floor with a note sealed with a kiss.

You drop everything in your hands right where you stand and bend over and pick up the note. You raise it to you nose and take a deep whiff.

“Aahhh yes!”

You know that smell. It’s your favorite.

You unfold the note to read “it was a long and hard day at work, but your work has just really begun! Why don’t you go to the bathroom and relax first in a nice hot shower?”

So you walk over to the bathroom with one thought on your mind!

The bathroom is filled with more candles and there is a silver ice bucket on the dryer who holds 3 bottles of black butte that has been Turangüneş Escort chilling, a bottle opener and pair of black silk boxers. You quickly take of your clothes, open a bottle of beer and take a drink. Still in the back of your mind your wondering where I am at and what I have on.

You reach in and start the shower letting steam fill the room. You step in the shower to find another note. This one asks

“Do you need help with your shower?”

You answer loud enough for me to hear, hoping I would

“I need some extra hands if you could spare them.”

You take another drink of your beer and stand there in the shower for a minute just letting the water run over your head. You open your eyes because you feel me gently rub my hands up your stomach to your chest, running them along your neck and then kissing you. You wrap your big strong arms around me tightly and kiss me back very passionately. You are throbbing Türbanlı Escort with the eagerness to be inside me. You push me back against the shower wall and kiss me hard trying to get your way.

But I slowly slide down the shower walls kissing you the whole way down till I reach your big hard throbbing cock. I lick the tip of it making sure you know I am here to please you. Then I slowly take my lips and kiss the head of your cock, then slip it in my mouth. But just a little and then pull it back out. I run my tongue around the shaft. Making you arch back in the shower wanting more. So I stick your cock back in my mouth as far as I can. Sucking on him and tickling him with my tongue. You grab my hair because you want me. So I slowly pull him out of my mouth and start to kiss your cock on the head then up the shaft and slowly move back up your body to your mouth. You shove me up against the shower and grab my leg and pull it up along your Ukraynalı Escort side.

The bathroom is filled with steam and we want each other. You run your hard cock over my pussy which is aching to have you inside me. But I then push you back. Hand you your beer and tell you.

“Enjoy your shower, when you’re done, come find me.”

I plant a hard long kiss on you while I am playing with you enormous throbbing cock in my hand, as I slide my hand off your cock I can feel your eagerness make my fingers slick. I look over at you. Bring my fingers to my lips and lick them off. Then I slide out of the shower. Wrap a towel around me and disappear.

I hurry to the bedroom with thoughts of your big hard cock racing though my mind. You are going to enjoy the surprise I have for you. I slowly stroke my pussy in anticipation before getting dressed for your wanton desires. My pussy is so wet at the thought of that thick cock penetrating it that I have to touch it a little more. I slowly slide a finger into myself, and get it nice and worked up. I can see your perfect 8″ cock sliding into me and your big heavy balls lying on my ass as I imagine you inside of me. I slowly run a second finger into my dripping wetness thinking about what is about to come before continuing with the surprise. ….

To be continued…

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