Weird Fantasies 15: Roadside

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Big Dick

NOTE: This story contains some darker elements including rougher sex and the pretence of non-consensual sex.


I’m leaving work. You phone and tell me where to drive. I do, and you follow me. At least, I assume you do. I can see headlights behind me.

After a while you say, “Pull over.”

I do. I get out of the car. We’re in a lay-by beside a highway in the middle of nowhere.

Another car has pulled in behind me, and two people get out. I can’t see properly past the car’s headlights, so I walk towards it.

“Hey,” I say, “What’s…”

Someone grabs me, and hits me in the stomach, hard. It hurts. I wince, and double over, and they grab my arms and hold me and quite methodically, they put a cable-tie around my wrists and tighten it.

Then they turn me around, and push me onto the front of my car. I land, hard, and gasp for air. I’m in a suit, work clothes, and now my front is getting dusty from the car. They hold me there, and tug at my suit trousers. They tug, roughly, until the trousers come down to my knees. They catch on my shoes, and won’t go further, but that doesn’t seem to matter. Not for what they’re about to do.

They rip off my underwear. They hold me against the car. They press the side of my face against the warm metal underneath me, and hit my legs until sincan escort I spread them as much as I can, with my trousers still on, and then they start fucking me.

They fuck me, and I lie there and I let them. I’m horny and excited and a little bit scared, and let them fuck me. The highway is thirty meters away, through a thin line of trees. We’d be completely visible, except that it’s already dark.

There are hundreds of commuters driving past, going home, while I lie my car with my arms tied and get fucked by two men on the side of the road.

I have sex with the first man, and he comes inside me. The second starts, and I’m starting to enjoy him, to get into how he feels different to the first, when another car pulls in behind us.

I didn’t hear the engine over the noise we’re all making. I see the headlights, though, and turn to look.

We all go still. It’s pretty obvious what we’re doing. Even if it’s a bit rougher than what most people would do.

But now there’s another car, and I panic a bit. I struggle. I’m worried it’s the police. I’m embarrassed to be here, like this, playing my kinky games, and getting caught.

I struggle, but the two men hold me down fairly easily.

I hear a car door open and close. “What’s going on here,” someone sıhhiye escort asks, from the new car. It’s another man, and I’m dazzled by the headlights still, but I think there’s a second new guy getting out the new car, too.

I lie there, helpless. I can’t say a thing. I’m ashamed and scared and excited at being caught, all at once.

“Just a bit of fun,” you say. You, who I do this with. You who organised this, and told me where to drive, and followed me.

“It really doesn’t look like that,” the new voice says.

“We’re fine,” you say.

“Are you all right?” the new man says, I assume to me.

I don’t answer. I don’t know what to say.

“She’s fine,” you say.

“I’d rather hear that from her.”

“Yeah,” you say. “Or you could join in.”

I think you’ve gone too far. I expect anger, or someone to call the police.

Instead, after a moment’s hesitation, the new guy says, “Yeah, all right.”

“Hey,” I say. “No way.”

You all ignore me.

“Hey,” I said, struggling, trying to get up. “Shit, not random strangers. I’m not fucking some guy who’s just happened to turn up.”

Someone pulls my hair, and tells me to quiet down. I do, unsure, and lie as I am. I’m really not sure about this, but it’s already too late. The tandoğan escort new men come over to us, and you all start having sex with me again. I lie there, and let you. I don’t want this, except that I do.

I’m being pressed onto a car, my face squashed onto the metal, tasting dust and car exhaust, feeling my arms being twisted and hair pulled while four men fuck me. They fuck me, taking turns, taking their time while the traffic speeds past on the highway.

When they’re done, they turn me over and lick me out until I come.


Then, as you all do, as you talk to each other while you lick me, only then do I realize that you all know each other, and this is a trick. You, who organised this, you tricked me on purpose. I’m annoyed about that. One of the new guys is going down on me, but I try to kick at you anyway, without interrupting what he’s doing.

I’m annoyed. I kicked hard, waiting to hurt you, a bit.

You tell me to stop, and when I don’t, you take over licking me. You finish me off quickly, licking until I come, and then you all get back in your cars and drive off and leave me there.

You leave me there, sticky and half-naked and with my arms tied, on my car. You leave me so I have to pull my trousers up awkwardly, and half-hobble around, to get back inside it. So I have to hunt around in my bag for nail-scissors to cut the cable-tie, hoping the whole time no-one stops and sees me.

You leave me there, so by the time I get to your place to keep going with this, I’m furious and upset and make you all hold me down and fuck me again, just to calm me down.

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