The Wrestler Ch. 1

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Alice Green

1-2-3….The loud sound of a bell follows as one man steps to his feet standing over another as a referee holds his hand in the air and an announcement follows. But the focus is on the man on the mat as he looks up, the man goes by the name of Vincent Munroe. A professional wrestler by trade and until this night for the past four months he was the top dog in a small time independent federation, but word got to the promoters and bookers that he was se to meet with the McMahons about a possible contract for the WWF and instead and waiting to see what would happen and taking the risk of leaving question marks over there top title they had him drop the title right away….

Vincent went right to his dressing room following the fight. Not talking to anyone unlike usual as he was a very social person, but tonight he had alot on his mind. The meeting with the higher ups of the WWF was looming over him and decided weither he would get in and possibly became a name in the business..or stay an unknown until an injury puts him out for good.


The day finally came. All the sleepless nights of the past week were to hopefully come to an end. Vincent took a cab from his hotel in Stamford to the WWF headquarters. He stepped out of the cab and paid before turning and taking a long look at the amazing building where so many minds have made and changes the wrestling industry over the years. Vincent made his way into the building and after a brief hassle from security got onto the elevator to the top floor.

The elevator opened and Vincent stepped out and walked down the hallway passing a number of former and current wrestlers and wrestling personalities. Vincent made his Way to a large set of doors marked “Linda McMahon – CEO” engraved on a gold plaque. He stopped at the desk outside to the side of the door where a young woman sat..

“Can I help you?” She asked looking up with the usual BS smile secretaries always seemed to have on there faces.

“Vincent Munroe, I have an appointment.”

She looked at a paper, Vincent thought it was probably blank..Just for appearances.

“Yes, Miss McMahon is expecting you..You can go on in.”

“Thank you.”

Vincent stepped towards the door thinking, “Miss McMahon? Wonder what she meant by that..”. He opened the door and peeked in as he saw what was definitely NOT Linda McMahon but what was her dark haired, and extremely sexy daughter Stephanie, one of the two heirs to the throne of the WWF Empire.

“Come in Vincent.” Stephanie said as she stood in front of her mothers desk. Vincent walked in as he slowly looked her over from her long sexy legs as they stuck out of her short black skirt to her very well proportioned internet casino breasts as her white blouse hugged them.

“Have a seat.” Stephanie said as she walked around to the other side of the desk and sat in her mothers chair. She looked very comfortable in it Vincent though to himself as he took a seat in the chair directly across from her.

“My mother couldn’t be here today. She had other business to attend to…More like she’s testing me out to see how I handle a contract negotiation.” Stephanie said as a sexy grin crossed her lips. “Well, Now let’s see. I’ve watched over your tapes and must say I was quite impressed. You have great talent in just about every aspect of the business. Your ring work is second to none, you have great posture and charisma. You know how to work the crowd..”

Vincent stared at Stephanie with various thoughts running through his mind as she listed his good qualities….But despite all the ego boosting she was throwing at him the main thought in his mind was how much he would love to stretch her across the desk and just go to work on her…Vincent shifted his seat as he noticed he know had quite a hard on going.

“I have a contract all set up and ready…but there is one thing I’ve heard I must ask..” Stephanie said as she stepped up from her seat and walked around the desk. She propped herself up on the desk, crossing her legs right in Vincent’s face.

“Ask away..” Vincent said as he stared at her legs..

“I’ve heard something…A locker room rumor if you will about you being, well…How can I put this, quite ‘The ladies man'”

Vincent knew what she was getting at…He didn’t know what to say. It was definitely true, he has made his rounds with just about ever attractive female in the business he had worked with and know the daughter of Vincent K. McMahon Jr. was asking him if it were true or not and he didn’t know what To say..

“Well, I mean I have been with a few..”

Stephanie raised her hand silencing him. “Don’t worry Vincent, it’s not a problem…Far from it..” She said as she hopped off the desk and stood over Vincent. She leaned down face to face with him. “The real question I want to know the answer to is, are you as good as I’ve heard you are.” She said as her hand moved down to Vincent’s crotch and leaned in pressing her lips to his. Vincent a bit surprised at first quickly got into it grabbing her by the waist and pulling her onto his lap as he kissed her passionately, there tongues probing each others mouths as her hand unzipped his pants and slid inside grabbing his rock hard cock. Vincent moved his hands to her firm ass and stood up lifting her and placing her down on the desk. canlı poker oyna His hands quickly moved to her skirt pulling it out from her skirt and unbuttoning it with lightning speed. Vincent removed the shirt completely and threw it to the floor as he saw she wasn’t wearing a bra, her firm and well sized breasts stood out to him as his mouth moved to her neck kissing it as his hands massaged her breasts. He pinched and squeezed her nipples as they began to grow hard. Stephanie moaned lightly as he ran his tongue down her chest then across her breasts taking her nipples into his mouth sucking and flicking them with his tongue.

Stephanie leaned her head back as her mouth made an “O” shape as she moaned. Vincent’s hand moved up Stephanie’s thigh, he pushed her skirt up and moved his hand up further as he felt her heat. Vincent’s hand ran across her panties making her breathe in deeply. Vincent pulled back and licked his lips as Stephanie looked at him with passion as he slowly moved down her body kissing every inch. Vincent traces his way down to her legs and makes his way all the way down before starting back up, to her knee…To her thigh as he lifts her skirt all the way up to her waist exposing her white panties. A dark outline of her pubic hair showing through and a wet spot. Vincent slides his tongue up her thigh and runs it across her pussy through her panties before slowly sliding them down her legs to the office floor.

Vincent begins to kiss and lick her inner thighs as Stephanie moans. He gets close to her cunt only to move away. Stephanie moans louder as he teases her more, making her want it till she finally can’t take it. Stephanie looks down at Vincent and grabs him by the back of his head and in between light moans says it, “Stop teasing me and eat my fucking pussy NOW!”

Stephanie pushes his face between her legs but quickly lets goes as she leans back on the desk as Vincent furiously begins to tongue her wet slit. Vincent runs his tongue up her slit from bottom to top. He Stop and flicks her clit with his tongue as he runs a finger up her slit getting it wet with her juices before moving it to her wet hole and slowly slides one then two fingers in as Stephanie rocks her head back as she lets out a deep sigh and moans loudly.

“Oh god yeah…Suck my pussy! Mmmm….” She moans as Vincent sucks on her clit as he pumps his fingers in her tight wet cunt. “Oh god yes! I want you now! Fuck me! Fuck me now!” Stephanie says with passion in her voice as she breathes heavily. Vincent slowly gets to his feet and quickly takes his pants and boxers off exposing his 9 1/2″ rock hard cock. He leans in over Stephanie and kisses her passionately as he places poker oyna the head of his cock at to her opening and slowly slides it into her, feeling her tight box squeeze his cock like a tight velvet glove. Stephanie let out a deep moan into Vincent’s mouth as he slowly penetrates her. Vincent moves away breaking the kiss as he begins to buck his hips pushing his cock into her and pulling it back out, building up a steady rhythm. He slowly builds up speed as he pushes all nine and a half inches deep into her tight pussy..

“Ohhh…Uhhh god yes!” Stephanie moans out as Vincent steadily fucks her. His hands move to her bouncing tits and squeezes them, pinching her pink nipples as she leans her head back with her eyes closed and mouth in a permanent O shape. “That feels so fucking good! Oh yes!”

Vincent slowly withdraws from her and leans in and runs his tongue across sher chest and up to her mouth before pulling away once again as he grips Stephanie by the hips and flips her onto her stomach. He positions his cock back at her now soaking wet cunt and slides the head in then pushes the rest in all in one hard stroke making Stephanie take a deep breathe and let it out in a long loud “OHHHHHHHH!!!” Vincent then quickly begins to pump his rock hard cock into Miss Stephanie McMahon, his hips slapping against the flesh of her tight ass as he buries his cock deep inside of her..

“Ohhh yes, oh god! Fuck me! Fuck me! UHH! Fuck my pussy, feels so fucking good! OHH YES! YES!!”

Stephanie leans her head back and looks over her shoulder with a sly sexy grin on her face as Vincent pumps away, driving his cock deep into her tight pussy. Stephanie’s perfect tits pressed hard against the wood of her mothers desk as she is being filled up while moaning and yelling profanities like a whore as Vincent’s pounds her cunt with his thick cock. He once again realizes just who he is fucking and begins to speed up his movements, driving his cock into her harder and harder with ever thrust at the excitement of fucking Stephanie McMahon!

Stephanie’s head begins to rock back and forth as she moans louder with every thrust. “Oh FUCK YES! Uh uh uh! Yes, Fuck my pussy! Fuck, god! OHHHH! That feels so fucking good! Oh god! I’m gonna cum! Fuck me! Harder! OHHH!” Vincent’s slams his cock hard cock deep into her cunt as he feels it get even tighter as her body tenses up, “I’M FUCKING CUMMING!!! OHH!!” Stephanie’s pussy tightens up like nothing he has ever felt before and becomes to much for him as his cock erupts deep inside of her shooting his seed deep into her tight cunt. Vincent gives one last hard thrust as it cums out before they both collapse on the desk panting heavily…

“So..” Vincent says as he breathes heavily.. “Did you ear correctly..”

“Contract’s in my desk, does that answer your question?” Stephanie responds as they lay on the desk, the mix of there juices running down her thigh….

To Be Continued….

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