The Trip_(7)

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It’s well into summer and the weather has been spectacular. The girl is well into her journey around the island by kayak. She’s been travelling this way for 2 weeks and is in the final stretches of completing the circle. Her time has been one of escape, excitement and learning. Each night a new place to sleep, whether it be a remote beach with her little campfire, or one of the remote cabins on this desolate place in the world. She has met new people along the way and has been welcomed wherever she’s landed. The sound of the waves hitting the rocky shore is soothing, the gentle rocking of the small kayak a constant reminder of where she is.

It’s late in the day and almost time to set up camp. Just one more point to go around and she’ll pull up on the beach. As she rounds the point, she sees a little cabin, floating in a small bay. Smoke rises from the chimney. She slowly paddles her way towards it, hoping she’ll meet yet another friendly person. As she bumps up against the dock, the cabin door creaks open and there… there is… wow, her heart flutters. There is a man that has taken her breath away. He leans against the door jam, studying her. His eyes glancing over her. He smiles, gives a wave and welcomes her. Is it his face, his body or just an aura about him? Maybe she’s just been too long on the water, but her stomach fills with butterflies as she exits her kayak and walks over to meet him. He stands there with a smirk on his face, almost as if he knows what she is thinking, what her deepest thoughts are. He grabs her backpack and motions her into the small cabin, closing the door behind them.

It’s dim inside, but as her eyes adjust she sees a nicely laid out room, a small couch and a chair are facing the small fireplace. The kitchen is also there, with a small table and two chairs. The dishes are neatly drying on the counter and the smell of a fresh meal still fills the space. A short hallway exits the room, leading to a couple of doors. As she explores the room with her eyes, he guides her to the chair and urges her to sit. He asks if she’s hungry and she responds with a yes, the only word she can say without stammering, feeling flustered at the way she feels. It’s almost childish, disturbing that just laying eyes on this man can affect her so. He wanders to the kitchen and prepares her a sandwich, carefully laid out on a plate with some vegetables and a glass of water. He informs her the vegetables are grown here, freshly harvested. The sandwich is delicious as she slowly bites into it. He sits across from her, legs curled up under him on the small couch. The fire crackles lightly and spreads a warm glow in the room. The only other light comes from the sun, now setting, through a small window. The room is warm, the day has been long and she starts to feel it catching up to her. Her eyes begin to shut, but she forces them open. He still stares at her, that little smile still touches the edge of his mouth. He stands, takes her empty plate and tells her to follow him.

He once again grabs her pack and walks towards the small hallway. He motions to one door and mentions this is the washroom. The door at the end of the hallway opens into a bedroom. A wood framed bed fills a large portion of the room. White linens are impeccably wrapped around a deep mattress. Four posts rise from each corner, almost touching the ceiling and forming an ornate wooden canopy. He strikes a match and lights a candle resting on a small table beside the bed. The candle sputters, then the flame catches, throwing a warm yellow glow over the start white linen. He tells her that she can have the room for the night, he will sleep on the couch. Protesting that it isn’t right, he looks at her and presses a finger to her lips. “Ssh, don’t argue, do as you are told.”

Her legs feel like they are shaking as he pulls the finger away, his eyes piercing into her’s and he turns and leaves the room. She can still feel where he touched her, a warmth begins to grow within her, touching her in the most intimate of places.

She undresses, pealing off the day’s clothes. She pulls on a long shirt, grabs her toiletries and heads to the bathroom. He is preparing the couch with blankets, dressed in boxers and a t-shirt. She stares for a moment, as he moves gracefully around the room, illuminated by only the dim fire. Her heart skips a little and her breath quickens. He stops and turns, catching her watching him. He smiles, pulls his shirt over his head, showing his back and broad shoulders to her. He then lays on the couch and pulls the blanket over him. She turns away, embarrassed and heads to the washroom. When she finishes, she returns to the bedroom, hearing his breathing, heavier, probably sleeping. She closes the door, blows out the candles and climbs into the soft bed. The linen is heavy, comfy and warm. They envelope her, caressing her body as she settles. Her hand brushes against her breast, rubbing her nipple. Slowly, feeling the sensation build within her. Her nipple hardens and she moves to the other side. Her thoughts drift to his image, the feeling she felt when she first saw him. Her nipples hard now, her breathing shallow and quick, she reaches further down, her fingers softly moving over her pale skin. Lower her hand drifts, finally reaching the elastic of her panties, sliding gently under and feeling the soft down of the hair down their. It’s longer than she likes to keep it, but after 2 weeks roughing it, what’s a girl to do? Further, her fingers reach the edge of her womanly treasure, further, wetness and her fingers drift inside. A moan escapes from her lips as she pleasures herself. Faster her fingers go, moving deeper inside as she moves herself towards a climax. Closer now, she visions him taking her, penetrating her.

What’s that? A noise from the edge of the room. She opens her eyes and in the dimness sees a silhouette shadowed in the doorway. She stops, holds her breath. Its him, she’s woken him up. She laughs and tells her not to stop. She pulls the blankets up, to her neck. She apologizes for waking him.

He moves closer to the bed. “I said, don’t stop!”, the words are spoken in a commanding voice. She shudders. What is happening here. He pulls the blankets from her, moving his hand over hers, the one still lingering between he legs. His fingers mimics hers and start moving her hand, pushing her fingers back towards her pleasure. Her mind races, confused, excited, scared, stimulated. Her body is responding again and he removes his hand, leaving hers there. He tells her again to continue. She closes her eyes as again the passion is building. Another noise and the darkness is broken by a candle being lit. He sets in on the table, his eyes still on her. Her fingers are moving faster again and he sits on the edge of the bed, low on her body, watching her masturbate. Her breathing fast now, little moans continue to escape from her lips as she is close now, so close. Her body arches, her climax about to begin, almost… his hand reaches out, grabs hers and pulls it away, stopping the pleasure, stopping her orgasm. Her eyes open in shock, her body aching in despair. “not now, you’ll cum when I tell you.”

She cries out in frustation and pulls her hand from his. He growls and shifts his body. He is on top of her now, pinning her beneath him, his hands holding her to the bed. “You will behave, you will do as I tell you, when I tell you!” “I saw how you looked at me, saw the desire in your eyes. I know you want me, want to be satisfied, don’t you?” Unable to speak, she nods yes, ashamed.

“I am going to give you want you want, on my terms. You will listen to me, never question me. If you can not live with this, pack now and leave.” She knows that this is wrong, knows she should leave, but two weeks, two long weeks since she left her place, her toys, her desires. None of the people she met on this trip gave her this thrill. She nods again and he releases her hands. He reaches down, puts his hand under her panties and tears, tears them off of her. “Hmm, hairy, not good.” Shifting again, he pulls her shirt over her head. She struggles a little in protest. He grabs her torn panties and forces them into her mouth. “Time for you to be quiet.” She looks at him, eyes wide, her smell and taste lingering in her mouth, in her nose. He rolls off the bed and reaches to the floor. He grabs an arm and pulls it towards one of the bed posts. She feels something around her wrist and before she knows it, her arm is secured to the post. He quickly grabs the other hand and repeats the process. There she lays, on the bed, naked in front of this stranger, tied to the bed. She crosses her legs to hide herself. He notices and chuckles. He grabs her leg and pulls, hard. She struggles, but being tied she doesn’t have any leverage. Her leg is now tied to the lower bed post. Shortly after, her other leg too is constrained. Spread eagle, she shivers slightly. She’s moist, nervous but is anticipating. The feeling she had moments ago while she was in her bed, alone is returning. That warm feeling.

He leaves the room and she hears him moving about in the cabin. Shortly, he returns. A bowl and towel in hand. Confused, she looks at him questioningly, unable to speak with her mouth still gagged. He puts the items down and dips the towel into the bowl. Water, warm, as he rubs the towel over her hair, between her legs, up, approaching her belly button. Once he is satisfied, he reaches down again and applies shaving cream to her. He carefully covers her hair, leading down, around bursa escort her special place, lower, around her bum. He looks at her “Don’t move, we don’t want this to cut” and grins. Slowly he shaves the hair higher, at her panty line. Then, lower, carefully, slowly, making sure he has done a good job. Lower still, the outside of her lips, lower, around that other place. She is trembling at his touch. Very wet now, not from the water he used, but from within herself. She can tell that she is bald, no hair remains down there as he checks, running his hand over her smoothness. He wipes her with the towel, cleaning up the remaining shaving cream. His finger boldly touching her, entering her, almost rough. His finger now moist, runs lower, circles the little bud below, pushing gently into he forbidden place. Harder he pushes as her muscles fight the intrusion. Then, his finger slides in, breaking the resistance. “Hmm, this needs some attention.” Again he leaves the room, taking the bowl and towel out.

He returns in a few minutes, a cloth bag in his hand. She watches, still nervous, bare. Her legs still spread wide on the bed, her nipples hard with excitement and the coolness of the room. Reaching into the bag, he pulls out a tube. He opens the top and squeezes something onto his fingers. His hand returns between her legs and pushes lower, back to where his finger just left. She squirms, not wanting to accept the intrusion. The substance on his finger is cold, wet, slippery. He rubs it around her again, pushing gently, then harder. One finger, two, he rubs the liquid in. Her muscles contract, expand. Her breathing quickens. How can her body feel this way? It’s wrong, this isn’t a place for pleasure. Then, he pushes hard. She opens to him and his fingers slide deeply into her. She moans through the panties in her mouth, she pushes onto his fingers, urging him to push deeper, harder. “That’s more like it, but still, you aren’t ready.” Reaching back into the bag, he pulls out another object. It’s plastic, cone shaped and about 6 inches long. He waves it in front of her eyes. It is narrow at the base, widens, then narrows again quickly with a wide base at the bottom. “This is to help you, prepare you for what will come later. It may hurt, but I think that it won’t. You are too hungry for my fingers, your body will awaken to the pleasure it will give. You will sleep for awhile when I am finished here. I need you well rested, prepared for what is about to come.” With that, he moves her legs a little wider and she feels the cold tip of the object pressing against her. He pushes a little harder and the tip moves inside of her, opening her. Further, her ass opens wider, further, almost pain now, but pleasure too. Wider still, then her muscles collapse around it, pulling it inside of her. It stops when the bottom rests against her skin. It fills her, cold, hard, wide and strange. She feels pleasure, shame, full.

He gently pulls the blanket over her naked body. “You’ll stay tied and sleep like this. Don’t push the toy out or you will be punished. You’ll also need to get used to it, it will get worse tomorrow as I train you. Sleep now.” He tucks the blanket tightly against her, grabs the bag he brought in, blows out the candle and shuts the door, leaving her in darkness. Then, the door opens again. “I almost forgot…” He reaches towards her face and pulls her now wet panties from her mouth. He turns and leaves again.

She lays there, thinking about her predicament. She is tied to a stranger’s bed, naked, shaved and an object violating her. There is no where to go, no one to call. She shifts her legs slightly and is reminded of the toy inside of her. It feels securely lodged in and is making her feel little shock waves, directly to her womanhood. She knows she is wet, not moist. She can tell, is frustrated, but can do nothing. Resigning herself to the fact there is nothing she can do, she drifts slowly off to sleep.

She awake, light is streaming in through the window. She rolls over. Wait, her hands and legs are free. Was it a dream, the strange events that she had in the night? Did it really happen? Her aching bladder stops any other thinking and she rolls out of bed, sitting up and her feet hit the floor. Suddenly, a shock washes itself through her body. The shock of something in her moving. It’s the object he put in her, pushing into her as she sits. It did happen then, the events of last night. She tiptoes to the door and slowly opens it. She hears faint snoring from the couch. She makes her way quietly to the bathroom and relieves herself. The object is becoming uncomfortable. Reaching behind her, she pulls on it. It slides out easily, with no pain, but leaves a void of feeling inside of her. Well, this has to go she thinks to herself. She wraps it in some toilet paper and returns to her room. It is still early and she is tired, mentally and physically. She pulls the blankets over her and again drifts off into sleep.

Smack. She awakens with a scream. Smack. Something has hit her, hard across the backside. She tries to turn to see, but her hands and legs are bound again, this time she is on her stomach. “I told you not to take it out!” His voice, controlling, breaks the silence of the morning. He is right beside her, she can feel his breath on her ear. Smack. He spanks her again, a hotness starts on her skin, her cheeks turning a rosy red. “I can see that you still do not understand who is in charge. I will punish you when I have to. This is a warning, do not disobey me again.” She whimpers agreement, still stinging from his hand, unsure if agreeing to stay was the best idea. He rises from her side and she hears him rustling around. “This will help you later.” As he says these words, she feels the familiar sensation of an object pressing against her ass. Like the night before, the object is wet and her muscles are parting. Further it enters her, not hurting. She waits for the relief she knows will come when the largest part enters her. It doesn’t come. It is filling her more, stretching her more than last night. “Ssh, almost there” he whispers in her ear. With one more push, the plug almost plops inside of her, filling her in a way she has never felt. She is tingling, her pussy moistening and he knows it. Reaching under her, his fingers brush her most intimate place, parting her lips, he feels her wetness. 2, 3 fingers press inside of her. She moans, loud, craving for release. She pushes as best as she can against him, riding his fingers. Faster he goes and his other hand reaches down, joining the first. Then it’s gone, the first still working magic on her aching desire. Closer she gets to her orgasm. He doesn’t stop. Suddenly, his hand, the second one, is pressing against her lips. Faster he strokes her as his other fingers enter her mouth. Wet from her juices, he slides his finger between her lips and she tastes herself. She smells the muskiness that is her. “Cum” he whispers in her ear and her body obeys. Her orgasm, taken from her the night before rolls through her body. Her muscles pull is fingers further into her, the contractions low in her wrap around the toy, pulsating, feeling the penetration. His fingers slowly pull from her, she jumps a little from the sensitivity of her orgasm, her small muscles contracting, enjoying the moment. “Lick” his hand is in front of her, glistening in the morning light with her juices. She must of been very wet as his fingers are covered. She has never tasted herself, unaware of her flavour until last night when her panties were forced into her mouth. She opens her mouth and slowly takes a finger into her, her lips sucking. She savours the taste, strange yet erotic. When she finishes, her head collapses into her pillow. He rises and begins to walk away. “breakfast soon, rest now.”

She lays there while listening to sounds from the other room. Soon the scent of bacon fills the cabin. Her stomach growls, protesting its hunger. He returns and releases her arms and legs. Holding out a hand he helps her sit. He rubs her wrists and ankles, helping the circulation. The object, obviously bigger than the night before presses further into her with her weight sitting on it. It is almost uncomfortable. She squirms and he chuckles, knowing what is happening. He reaches out again to help her stand. She trembles as she walks with him, the pleasure of her release still warming her. He leads her to the table and helps her sit. The wooden chair is cold on her bum, but the room is warm from the fire. The hardness of the chair pushes the plug deep into her, the sensation different now, more annoying than pleasurable. He sits across from her, setting two plates on the table. Slowly they eat. She feels awkward, being naked in front of this man. Trying to suppress those thoughts, she concentrates on him. She notices a small scar on his chin, his lips. His hair, messy in the morning drops over one eye slightly, giving him a boyish look. After they finish, he clears the table. She watches as he moves efficiently around the kitchen, cleaning and putting things away.

He turns to her again, holds his hand out. She reaches out and he helps her stand. He guides her towards the front door, they walk, her behind him, he pulling gently at her hand. He opens the door and the room is filled with sunlight. He continues through the door. She pulls back, hesitating. She is still naked, what if someone comes. He pulls harder yet she still resists. He pulls again, forcing her outside. There is a bench beside the door and he sits on it. He turns bursa escort bayan her and pulls her down to him, stomach over his knees. Before she knows it, smack. His hand strikes her bum again. The tenderness from this morning still there. Smack. “I told you”. Smack, again his can descends. A strange sensation fills her. The pain isn’t that bad, almost bordering on pleasure. He motions that she stand and he follows. Guiding her around the corner, they stop in front of a small outdoor shower. He starts the water running. She looks around. The shower is in full view of the water in front of the cabin and the shore. She is nervous. Although remote, the thought of someone catching her naked frightens her. “Undress me” he commands, breaking the silence and interrupting her thoughts.

She catches her breath, looks at him and in understanding, does as she is told. She unbuttons his shirt, revealing his broad chest beneath the shirt. She slides it down his arms and drops it on the wharf at their feet. Shyly now, she struggles with his belt, unclasping the buckle and pulling the belt through. Next, her fingers fumble with the button and zipper of his jeans. Once open, she slides them down his legs, his underwear still hanging on his hips. She slides them down too, revealing his manhood, semi erect in the morning air. Her steps out of the clothes and she pushes them aside.

They are both naked now and the water of the shower splashes them, steam rising from its heat. He pushes her head down, forcing her to her knees in front of him. Slowly, he guides her face to him… “Open”. She does, taking him in her mouth, enjoying the feeling, the smell, the taste of him. He sighs as her lips tighten around his member, gliding up and down on him. She takes it slowly, not knowing what he expects, but knowing she is giving him something. She brings her hand up, grasping the base, sliding it in unison with her mouth. She moves faster now as she can feel him harden further in her mouth. He grabs the back of her head, her hair, guiding her, pacing her. She moves her hand now, taking him full in her mouth. Her fingers, slick with saliva caress below, grabbing his balls gently. Suddenly an idea crosses her mind, mischievous, daring. She takes one of her fingers and begins to rub around his anus. Two can play this game she thinks.

He moans, pushing hear head further into him, driving deeply into her mouth. Her finger enters more and she explores the sensation. She feels his muscles spasm, resist, then finally give way as her finger slides deeply into him. He tenses, a low moan emits from him and suddenly, he cums. He fills her mouth and she swallows, struggling to keep up with his orgasm.

He slumps against the cabin wall, breathing hard. He motions her to rise and points to the soap. He is smiling, relaxed. She grabs the soap and tentatively begins to lather his body. Taking her time to explore him as she does. She washes his torso, his arms, moving lower to his groin. His manhood, still semi hard feels soft in her hands. He squirms as she caresses it, the feeling is too intense this soon. His legs are last and she stands. He removes the soap form her hands

and begins the process on her. He starts lower though, her legs first, moving up her calves, massaging as he goes. Further up, her inner thighs are next. She begins to tremble again slightly. Further, his soapy hands reach between her legs, soapy away the smooth skin there. His hand bumps the object, still buried in her. He pushes on her back, bending her over. She rests her hands on the cabin wall, her rear bare and spread before him. He massages her cheeks with his hands, pulls slow and steady on the plug. Her insides squirm as it exits her, slowly stretching her again. He stops when it has reach the widest point, pushing it in again, slowly. In and out he penetrates her with it. She moans, not able to suppress the feelings her body creates. He removes it totally, she aches to be fulfilled again. The void it has left is a hollow spot in her. He begins washing her again, washing away the lubrication used. His fingers gently prod inside of her, stroking her. He stands, moving up her back, pulling her against his chest. His arms wrap around her as his hands wash her stomach, and upwards. He encircles her breasts, fingers pinching her nipples, making them hard. He focuses on that area for some time before moving upward again. He motions for her to rinse under the water, wetting her hair. He turns her again, away from him and pours soap into her hair. He washes her hair, then rinses it and her whole body. Beside the shower are two towels, obviously laid out, ready for use. He wraps her in the towel and uses a smaller one to gently dry her hair. He again motions to the front of the cabin and leads her in through the door. He guides her back to the table and seats her there.

He makes 2 cups of tea, lays out a small plate of cookies and sits across from her. His eye watching her, a gleam in them makes her nervous again, excited. “So, want to know what you are in for today and tonight? Want to know what you will need to do, perform, accept?” His voice is slow and steady as he speaks. She swallows, grins nervously and replies yes.

He continues to stare at her for a moment. He licks his lips and takes a sip of his tea. “You will be subject to my every whim today. I will use you, I will take advantage of my power over you. You will probably get some pleasure from these things as well. Tomorrow morning, you will leave, continue your journey. Only your memories will follow you.” She wonders what this means to her as she slowly sips the warm tea. She wonders what will be asked of her, what things she must do that she never has.

He rises from his chair and takes the empty cups away. She watches him. He finishes and walks to a cupboard she never noticed in the hall. Opening he he retrieves something and returns to the small table. He walks behind her and rests his hands on her shoulders. Then, he wraps a piece of fabric around her eyeds, blinding her. He ties it behind her head. “And so it begins”. He pulls her chair and guides her to stand. He moves with her, turning her and pushing her. She walks forward, totally blind, a sensation she is not comfortable with. He stops her, turns her around and pushes her down, down onto the bed. As he does, he removes the towel wrapping her, lifts her legs and gently lays her on the bed. She feels a tug on her arms and again he ties her to the post. She is immobile, blind. She feels him close and something covers her ears. Everything is silent.

The bed shifts and she feels him move away. Time passes and nothing. Does she doze or just enter a dream state? Suddenly, a sharp feeling on her nipple. Hot, cold, something. She feels teeth bite her nipple, causing her some discomfort, her nipple hardens and then, cold again. Ice. He is using ice to harden her nipple. He moves to the other side, alternating between the ice and his mouth. Then, nothing. No movement, no sound. She aches to be touched again. She is damp. A finger finds that dampness, coming from the abyss of her blindness and the deathly silence. It enters her, caressing. Then, it too is gone. She moans, panting for more. Her slightly parted lips feel a presence. His finger again, her scent on him. She opens her mouth, takes the finger into it and sucks, tasting that taste, her taste. Again, the finger is gone, nothing. His hand again, between her legs, parting her, opening her, penetrating her. This is good she thinks. Her moans faster, harder now. Then, cold. Unbelievable cold. Her back arches against the restraints, she tries to pull away from whatever it is between her legs. She feels his hand on her leg, pushing her back down and the coldness continues. Her pussy is opening for whatever this is, this intrusion. Further it penetrates her, bringing the cold into her. Deeper. Then, it retracts, exits her. Her lower lips quiver, still in shock from the intensity. Then again, its back, opening her, the cold filling her. She is wet, but numb. Its ice, probably something long, tubular. It glides inside of her now, in and out. |The freezing, numb sensation gives away to some pleasure. She is getting wetter and wetter. The melting ice, her juices, she doesn’t know what, but doesn’t care. She arcs her back again, this time pushing into it, feeling it, working it inside of her. Then, gone. She feels movement, the bed shifts.

He is on top of her, inside of her. The heat from his manhood a stark contrast to the cold ice. Her is rough, but she barely feels it. She is still numb, but the heat of him warms her. She tightens around him and he moves faster. She feels her legs come free and then he raises them. Her ankles rest on his shoulders and he pushes fully inside of her. The hair from him tickling the smoothness of her freshly shaved skin. Harder. She can only imagine the sound in the room. Her ears are still covered and she only hears herself, her breathing, no, panting. Her moans as he continues to penetrate her. She feels him tense, then another warm feeling fills her. Hes has cum, unloading himself inside of her. He shudders as his orgasm takes him. He collapses on her, pushing her into the bed. His breathing is ragged. She is frustrated, no orgasm for her. He leans closer into her, his lips brushing hers. They part and their tongues meet. She pushes her tongue into him and he tastes her for the first time. They lay like this for some time, kissing, enjoying the feeling. Her blindfold has stayed on as have the escort bursa ear coverings.

She detects movement again and he rises, his weight leaving her. She feels him remove the ear muffs and her senses are bombarded with sound. Glorious sound. The sound of his breathing, sea birds in the air, the waves lapping against the wharf. “Enjoy that? Wanting for more?” he asks. She turns towards the voice and whimpers a little. She feels her legs being moved again and once again they are tied. Then, one hand is freed. “Pleasure yourself for me”. and he guides her hand back down the smoothness to that wetness between her legs. It is wet, she feels the mixture of their lovemaking with her hand. She shifts slightly, getting more comfortable to do the things she knows will bring her over the edge. As she caresses herself, she is unsure of what he is doing. Is he watching? “open your mouth” His voice breaks the silence and she complies. She feels something pushing against her lips. His manhood, still wet, sticky from before. She takes him inside of her, savouring the different taste. The taste of both of them. Her hand moves faster, she hits her clitoris and is close now, very close. He is hard in her mouth. The sensation overcomes her and she releases him from her lips, calling out in passion as her orgasm rolls through her body. Her fingers buried deep inside, feeling the muscles grab them. Intense, more intense than ever. Something has happened as it continues, longer than ever. Finally, her body relaxes, still twitching, quivering. He chuckles and moves away. “Rest now, you’ll need it.

He unties her and pulls the covers over her. She rests against the pillow, her eyes heavy with her tiredness. Again she drifts into a deep sleep.

She feels movement. Her shoulders are being shaken. She opens her eyes, surprised to see the blindfold is gone. He is there, smiling over her. The sun has changed position and the room is dimmer. “please, go shower in the bathroom, you’ll find everything you need in there. When you are done, come to the kitchen. He turns and leaves the room. She rises, feeling aches in her body that she hasn’t felt before. She walks into the bathroom and notices all of her essentials have been left on the counter. A towel hangs near the tub. She runs the water and climbs in the shower. The hot water caresses her body, washing away the morning. Her hands glide over her body, she feels the smoothness between her legs. No stubble yet. Her pussy is tender, probably from the ice and her bum, well she doesn’t know what to think about that. Tenderly she washes herself. She finishes, and stands under the hot water, letting it soak into her skin, relaxing her.

She stops the water and climbs out to dry. She brushes her teeth, combs her hair and studies herself in the mirror. Her face is tanned from her days on the water, but she thinks she looks good. Looking around the bathroom, she finds no clothes. Understanding, she hangs the towel and leaves the bathroom. She walks to the kitchen and he turns from the stove where he is working and motions to the table. The table is set, a candle graces the centre. The fire crackles in the background. She is content. He comes over, handing her a glass. He has his own and raises it to hers in a toast. “To tonight”. The glasses clink and she lifts the glass to her lips. Wine, sweet wonderful wine. She takes a mouthful, savouring the flavour. “Drink, it may help” and he turns back to the stove. The cabin is filled with the scents of dinner. Her stomach rumbles and she realizes she hasn’t eaten since breakfast, so long ago it seems.

He refills her glass as it empties and brings dinner to the table. A feast of vegetables, a steak and mushrooms. She finishes every bite, enjoying the best meal since her journey started. More wine and she feels it getting to her. Her head is light and she feels better than she has in a long time. She relaxes in the heat of the fire. When finished he again clears the table. While doing so he points to the small couch. She lays there, in front of the fire, watching the flames flicker, the shadows dance. Her eyes are heavy again and she drifts off.

She awakens to pleasure running through her body. Opening her eys, she sees and feels him between her legs. His tongue licking her thighs, his arms gently spreading her legs open. Further he climbs until he hits her lips. He gently tugs and pulls at her with his lips. His tongue darts in and out of her, tasting her. He flicks her clitoris with his tongue and electricity courses through her body. He turns her on the couch, kneeling in front of her, putting her legs over his shoulders. He moves back again between her legs, kissing and sucking. His tongue goes lower, that spot between her womanhood and her anus. He licks it with his tongue. Bolder now, he moves further down, circling that other place. Her body tingles at the sensation, she pushes towards him, wanting more. His tongue pushes into her, opening her. She has never done this, never been so, so, well, dirty. It excites her, her body responds to the action. He moves away, replacing his tongue with a finger. He presses into her, stroking her. His tongue returns to her womanhood, licking and pushing into her. The finger quickens, the tongue the same. She rolls her head back, overwhelmed. He stops, stands and pulls her towards him. His manhood in front of her, she reaches out, takes it in her hands and gently strokes it. She licks her lips and takes him in her mouth again. Feeling his hardness pleases her. She continues to do this and she feels his body tense. He stops her. “No, not now, soon. Now stand”. She stands and he turns her towards the couch. He bends her so her stomach leans into the couch. Behind her, she feels his hands grasp her cheeks, spreading them. She feels him kiss her, then his tongue, that tongue again enters her. Moist again, his fingers fill her again, entering her and pushing past the tenseness of her muscles. One, two fingers. In and out. Her body reacts again, enjoying this new feeling he has taught her. This feeling of wrong, of being taken where she shouldn’t of giving herself to him. “Now, it is time.” He shifts and she feels him lean against her. His manhood presses against her. “No” she calls out, fearing the pain that is sure to happen. Smack. His hand strikes her, silencing her. He continues to push. She feels herself opening to him. More than before, more than the plug. Further he pushes, slowly, gently. No pain, just a sensation she has never felt. She is full, she pushes back, taking him further inside of her. He stops, pressing into her as far as he can, he waits for a second. Her muscles contract, spasm with the intrusion and then, settle. He is inside of her, deep in her anal cavity and she loves it. He moves, sending a shock of pleasure through her body. Almost out, then in again and again and again. Her body continues to push against him, wanting him to fill her. Faster now he goes, bringing her more and more pleasure. Her body arches. Unbelieving, she is stunned to feel the beginnings of an orgasm. Faster he goes, knowing this is happening. He reaches around her, moves his hand between her legs and rubs her clitoris. She explodes in orgasm. Her body tensing, muscles grasping, she pushes hard against him, matching his every stroke. Her orgasm continues to roll over her and she feels him swell. Feels him growing bigger inside of her. He tenses, pushes hard into her and cums. She feels his semen enters her, fills her. She collapses hard against the couch, spent, completely. He pulls out of her and gently lays her feet on the couch.

She drifts off to sleep. She awakens and it is light again. Dawn brings the sunshine. She is sore, but satisfied. The fire is still going so he must have kept it going. Wrapped over her is a soft blanket. She hears splashing out side. Slowly she stands, feeling her soreness, remembering the pleasure of the night before.

She opens the door and there he is, swimming in the little bay. She sheds the blanket and dives into the water to join him. Naked they swim, enjoying the coolness of the water surround them. He approaches her and they kiss. They move closer to shore and continue to embrace. Softly now, all passion. Closer to shore, he grabs her again and she feels his erection. She hugs him, wraps her legs around him and in the cool morning water, takes him inside of her. Slowly she pushes over him, feeling him enter her. She rides him, slow, then fast. They both enjoy the sensation. The sun rises further in the sky, but they are oblivious. The rhythm changes from time to time, but the pleasure continues, builds. “Did you enjoy yourself?” he whispers in her ear. Nodding, she smiles. She feels another orgasm building inside of her and this time she lets it take her. He senses it and moves faster. They both climax together, his legs give out and they tumble, the water covering them. Sputtering, they come to surface again, laughing. The moment is perfect. “You better get dressed and go. I’ve packed your things, added some food and left clothes out for you.”

She nods and swims to the cabin. It will not be a full day of paddling, but she must get moving now. She has a deadline. She gets dressed, grabs her things and loads the kayak. As she climbs in, he watches her, leaning against the cabin door as he did when she arrived. This time though, he is naked. His wet body glistens in the sun.

“Glad we bought this cabin eh?” more of a statement than a question. She replies yes.

“I’ll see you at home in a few days. Enjoy the rest of your trip.”

She waves goodbye, knowing he will be waiting for her back at the house, perhaps ready with another adventure for them to enjoy.

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