The Revenge – Erotic Tales

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This translation was done by applications, so some words may not be translated perfectly, I ask everyone’s understanding, if you have knowledge in translation (Portuguese/English) send a message, thank.


The main thing Luiza learned from her mother was to be patient and wait for the right moment to act, and this Luiza managed to bring to her life.

Today, at 24 years old, this beautiful and studious brunette has a peaceful relationship with Carlos, her boyfriend.

They have been together for 2 years.

Nothing Carlos had done, so far, would be a reason to end that lukewarm relationship.

Sex between the two was not the best thing in the world, but they made a beautiful couple, which always generated praise from relatives on both sides… Except for Luíza’s mother, who said: “we have to marry for love, daughter, because bad moments will appear and only by loving a lot the couple can overcome these moments”.

But, despite love not being “that” thing yet, Luiza had hopes, until that trip…

The couple had already arranged a trip to the interior of SP months ago, for the young woman to get to know her future husband’s family better, as they were thinking about getting married soon.

However, a few hours away from going to the bus station to take the bus to the town of Carlos, Luiza decides to look on her boyfriend’s computer for photos of his family to send to her mother and, unintentionally, she ends up finding a photo of a beautiful blonde girl., with multiple tattoos and quite different from the type of woman she thought her boyfriend might be attracted to.

That triggered her curiosity and she continued rummaging through files on the boy’s computer until she found a message: “Relax, love, I’m going this weekend, Luiza thinks we’re going to let her know my family better, but while she stays with them, I’ll run away to spend the weekend with you. I’ve already arranged to go fishing with my cousin, he’s closed to me. You know my family will have to accept you one day. Until then, we’ll continue like this!”

That ended with Luiza, even she, who was the calmest person in the world, wanted to explode.

At the time she ran to the bathroom, cried, vomited, thought about killing someone, but remembered her mother’s teachings, and pretended to be all right until the time was right.

The time for the journey arrived, and it would be hours and hours long.

They were going to spend the entire night inside a bus, where they got on, without Luiza letting Carlos suspect that her mask had fallen.

So she started the journey, soon Carlos gave her a kiss, turned to the window and went to sleep.

The bus was half empty as it was an off-season, but passengers were still entering along the way a couple of hours after departure.

A man appears on the bus, 45 years old, white, gray hair, with a beautiful and sexy beard, in addition to an attractive body and look.

As they passed Luíza, the two exchanged glances, to which she immediately blamed herself, thinking to herself: “Wow, I’m almost engaged and I’m flirting with strangers…”, but before finishing her thought, she remembers manisa seks hikayeleri Carlos’ betrayal, is thoughtful for a few seconds, then looks back for the man, and finds him.

She is startled by the fact that the guy is already looking at her, sitting two chairs behind.

That look makes her embarrassed, and she turns to look straight ahead, but she can’t resist and seconds later she looks back at him, whereupon there are a few more exchanges of glances.

Luiza likes the game, but at first she thinks it’s just a game, until her mind comes back to thinking about her boyfriend’s betrayal, then without guilt she goes back to facing the old man, until she decides to go a little further.

Then she gets up, slowly walks past the guy without looking, swaying her beautiful body as much as possible.

The guy doesn’t take his eyes off her, and she flips her tail, passes it very slowly, and he turns to continue admiring her.

She goes to the toilet on the bus, when she gets in she takes one last look, the guy gives a naughty smile and she likes it, but remains serious.

She comes in and sits thinking and laughing, “If I were single I’d take this old man right here (…) Wait… I’m single”… she starts to laugh to herself, but deep down she knows she’s not she has this courage, even though she knows about Carlos’ betrayal, then, laughing to herself, she leaves the bathroom and is startled when she notices that this man is near the door.

She stops, looks into his eyes, he still looking naughty.

So, throwing a charm truck, she excuses herself, turns her back on him and starts rubbing the guy, he stands still feeling that delicious body rub against him slowly, smells her hair… She teases, passes almost stopping, rubbing his back and ass against him, who then takes a deep breath and pulls her arm, which turns scared, and he kisses her, hard, hot… She can’t resist!

She lets go a little more of the game, with the bus half empty, the back part had no one, so that nice kiss had no audience, she liked his kiss.

Demanding, she always aborted bad kisses, but that one she was enjoying… Liking the mouth, the tongue, the well-groomed beard, everything about that man was good for her.

Even the rough grip left her with her panties damp, until she felt something grow in him, felt that his penis was hardening and she got scared, stopped and walked away.

He called her very softly, but she smiling and not looking back, ran to her chair, sat next to Carlos, thought about what had happened with a smile on her face, then looked at Carlos, when again out of nowhere that moment of The discovery of the betrayal was felt again by her, who smiles as she looks at the sleeping traitor, then thinks: “Either I’ll catch this old man, or I’ll kill Carlos!!!”

She spends a few seconds thinking and takes action, gets up and looks naughty at the bearded guy, goes to the bathroom again, and the guy at the same time also gets up and decides to follow her.

Luiza notices him walking behind her, hearing the man’s already labored breathing.

Reaching the end of the bus, she turns and he arrives kissing her.

Now she is no longer afraid or doubtful, she surrenders completely to the lust of the moment.

That man awakened something in her that Carlos had never been able to do.

She wasn’t sure if it was the sense of danger or that grizzled stranger he was teasing her with an uncontrollable lust.

Her mouths are glued together again and their tongues tangle.

One hand of that man soon squeezes lightly on her waist, while the other holds tight, but not hurting, the back of her neck.

She doesn’t remember when she was so horny in a simple kiss, the bearded man takes his hand from her waist and goes up smoothing her belly, she has a shirt and a jacket over it, his hand slowly enters under the shirt and without asking permission comes to her right breast, and she raves, loves it, and that hand smoothes and squeezes that breast.

The nipple of her breast feels the gray hair’s fingers slide over it, which has been stiff for some time, she loves it.

Then he slowly lifts his shirt while their mouths are still glued together, he stops kissing her and looks quickly into her eyes, and without a word spoken he lowers his head and brings his mouth to Luiza’s breasts, who quickly peeks in the direction to the dark corridor of that almost empty bus and, not seeing anyone watching, she relaxes and feels those lips, tongue and beard running deliciously across her breasts.

She tilts her head back slightly and closes her eyes as the stranger sucks, suckles, caresses her breasts.

She is delusional!

She doesn’t remember her breasts being so well cared for.

It makes her legs tremble, her mouth let out involuntary moans and her pussy have a life of its own.

She is madly turned on by it all, and lets that man almost drive her crazy with his mouth, until she pushes him lightly a little and says, “Stop!”

Then, with eyes fixed and teasing at that man, she puts her hand in her own pants, biting her lip, she starts pulling down her jeans along with her wet panties.

He also does the same with her pants and they are both half naked at the same time.

Then again without saying a word, she turns her back to him and leans against the bathroom door in the dark back of that bus.

He understands the message and, holding her penis, which has been hard as a rock for some time, he places it in the entrance of that wet pussy.

She lets out a little moan, when she feels the thick head of that cock rubbing her pussy, he slides that huge head into the door of her pussy, just for her to feel what awaits her, and she doesn’t move a finger, just stands there waiting for that thick cock invade her pussy.

Then, slowly, he sticks his cock, hard, thick, hot and pulsating, in Luiza’s delicate and wet pussy, who lets out a crazy scream and puts her hands to her mouth to try to stifle, but doesn’t leave, that cock soon invades everything her pussy and she keeps moaning softly with her hand over her mouth, he runs his thick hand over her buttocks, and she loves it all.

Then he puts his mouth to her ear and lets out one: “lifts”.

She doesn’t argue with the order, just obeys and sticks her pretty ass to the hilt.

He then starts to put and take his cock in that pussy and she can’t take it from so much horny.

Moans, rears, raves, while the gray man puts his big roll mercilessly in that pussy.

It looked like everyone on the bus was asleep, including Carlos.

So no one could hear her muffled moans and the noise of sex in the back of that bus.

He pulled her hair and she, with her head back a little, felt all that cock coming in, and moaned, moaned a lot.

She never imagined doing that, never felt so much pleasure.

With each thrust of that cock inside her pussy, she felt a crazy sensation and her involuntary moans came out louder.

She had already played a “fuck you” a long time ago, so she stopped controlling herself, let go, stuck that ass up as far as it would go, so that dick could come in without a hitch, took her hand out of her mouth to support herself with both hands on the door. from the bathroom and let out a last moan, enjoying intensely on that cock, enjoyed like never before, enjoyed that unknown cock, that dark bus.

Her legs wouldn’t stop shaking, so she left the man alone, standing in the bathroom doorway, and threw herself into the nearest armchair, still shivering, in the biggest orgasm of her life.

Orgasm that neither her finger nor Carlos could offer her.

The stranger only watched while she was still in a trance, lying in the armchair.

She needed it, and as she needed it, she deserved it!!!

So she thought, little by little the trembling and her legs were obeyed by her again, then, with a smile on her face and all disheveled, she looked at the armchair beside her, and the gray-haired man was still there, also smiling, both they gave a crazy laugh, looked at each other for a while, without words, and then each went back to their place.

She was still awake thinking about that delicious madness she had just done, but tiredness took over her and she soon fell asleep smiling.

When she woke up, the bus had already arrived in the small town of Carlos’ family, who woke her up saying they had arrived.

At that moment she looked at the back seat, looking for the stranger, but he had already got off the bus.

So Carlos and Luiza went to his parents’ house, where she was introduced to everyone she didn’t know yet, had lunch, and then Carlos said he was going to this fishing trip.

She knew where he was going, but she didn’t care anymore.

After leaving her, his father came to the kitchen saying to Luiza:

– My younger brother has just arrived, Carlos’ uncle, only this one is missing for you to meet.

-While she was sitting at the kitchen table, that uncle came in, and Carlos’ father introduced the two, who, smiling, spoke to each other almost at the same time:

– Nice to meet you.

– Then she reached out to her husband’s uncle and said:

– Thanks for the wonderful night!

– And the uncle said:

– Now I know your name.

Luiza would never imagine that the guy who ate her beautifully on that bus was, in fact, her boyfriend’s uncle.

But she liked it, and it was all in the family.


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