The Real Kate Ch. 03

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Chapter 3

A Head Lesson Pays Dividends

Stunned, I collapsed to the floor. While it seemed like forever, I had stepped out of the shower just 40 minutes ago. I’d had five orgasms, by far the best of my life. And behaved like a dirty little slut for that big cock. I’d easily gone an order of magnitude beyond where my boyfriend had taken me.

Mark. Jesus! I’d cheated on him. How strange that I didn’t feel guilt. I knew I didn’t want to lose Mark. I liked him. And other people saw millions of dollars in his future. I perceived them too. Let’s face it, he was fucking brilliant and working with computers. Limitless potential.

But I certainly wasn’t going to let myself become some kind of sex slave over my relationship with Mark. I had to get that tape before Jim copied it. And I needed to get my response to Jim’s cock under control — I couldn’t lose myself like that.

I’m smarter than Jim, I thought. It shouldn’t be difficult to out maneuver him. It was critical to come up with a plan that allowed me to keep Mark while maintaining jurisdiction over my life. If I played my cards right, I could get things back on my terms.

Maybe I could move in with Mark.

Would that be pushing things? Could I live in that tiny room underneath Brad’s squeaky bed? Probably not. When he’s not licking my pussy, Mark spends all his time at the computer lab. I’d go crazy waiting alone for him to come home every night. Perhaps I could stay with him for a month or two while I looked for another place?

I’d need to find a way to bring it up with him. I mean, we’d only been together a few months and we hadn’t even said the ‘L’ word to each other. But, clearly, I couldn’t be in the same house with Jim without a way to control him.

Could I make Jim fall for me? Was that possible? Once he got inside me, he really didn’t last that long. Perhaps I had some sexual power over him as well. What turned him on? I remembered how he liked hearing that he was bigger than the bimbo’s husband. And needed to know that he outsized Mark. Did that big dick hold the key? He was a guy, after all.

I began to flesh out my plan. Jim wanted me compliant. So, I needed him to think that I was. With that, I picked myself up and stepped into the shower.

I brought scissors, a razor, and shave cream. The water streaming over my body relaxed me. I carefully trimmed my pubic hair, removing as much as I could without cutting my skin. Then I worked shave cream into my shorn garden, taking my time.

An erotic element infused the effort, and I noticed myself getting wet as I prepared my pussy for Jim in the morning. Would he fuck me with Big Jim again? I resisted the urge to tease my slit, put a fresh blade in the razor, and removed the rest of my hair. I rubbed baby oil into my skin to keep it soft, then lathered up once more, changed blades, and repeated the process.

When I was done, the skin around my mound was perfectly smooth. And I was excited. My lips were a little swollen. I’d never seen myself like this as an adult, without hair. I sat on the counter and spread my legs, inspecting my outer lips, inner lips, and the hood over my clit. Sitting like that, I gaped open just a bit. Tentatively, I slipped a finger inside myself. My wetness let it slide right in. Had Big Jim stretched me out? Yes…it seemed so.

I looked at the clock. About an hour ago, Jim had pulled that monster cock out of me. I wondered about my recovery time. Information I might need in case Mark tried to put his cock in me after I’d been with Jim? But really, would that ever happen? And would Mark be able to notice the difference? And why was I even imagining having sex with Jim again?

I did kegels and swore to add them to my daily wake up routine. My little pussy was aching to be touched. What was this new sexuality I was feeling? I didn’t have the willpower to let the mood pass. I set my alarm, slipped into bed, and masturbated to another orgasm.

It was nothing like the earthquakes that Big Jim gave me and was smaller than the licking orgasms I got from Mark. But it satisfied me enough to send me to sleep.

My dreams were sexy. Stiff cocks fucking me to orgasm, me bent to their will, acting like a wanton slut for dick. Mark was in one, seated on a chair, watching me groan on a fat cock. In another, Dirk fucked me from behind in a hallway at the club. New territory for my slumber. Something was up in my psyche.

I woke to my alarm, conscious of being wet between my legs. The dreams, I guess. Maybe mated with a dose of anticipation.

True to my resolution, I did a set of kegels. Curious, I gave myself the finger test. Already lubricated, my middle digit slipped in. Finger tight again. Fully recovered from Big Jim’s stretching.

I took out a pair of jeans and a loose t-shirt. The back side of the jeans’ zipper looked rough, and my skin remained tender from my double-shave. So, I slipped on a pair of my ‘sexy’ panties before pulling them on. I made my way to Şerifali Escort Jim’s space.

I passed Mary’s room in the hall. Her door was open and there was nobody there. I guess she’d spent the night with her pick up. Steve wasn’t in evidence either. Jim and I were alone in the house. As I approached Jim’s quarters, his door swung open.

He smiled. “I’m glad you decided to come.” Double-entendre? I wasn’t sure if he had that in him.

“It wasn’t difficult,” I responded. “You’ve got something that I need.” I was thinking of the tape. But Jim’s not that smart. I’m sure he thought I was referenceing Big Jim.

I stepped in and he closed the door behind me. He sported blue and black plaid boxers, and the head of his cock peeked out from the bottom of the right side, pink and fat. An eight-pack of muscle outlined his abs.

“Well, let’s see how you did with your little tasks. Lose the pants, keep the shirt.”

Wow, not even a ‘hello’, ‘how did you sleep,’ or any common courtesy. My face colored, but I remained determined to retain control. I turned my back to him, pulled my jeans down, and stepped out of them.

“Uh oh. We have a problem. I told you no panties Kate.”

Before I could try to explain, Jim grabbed the thong strap, tore it as if it were made of paper, opened his door, and hung the panties on his outside door handle. A sequined ‘sexy’ was spread across the knob, plainly visible.

Horrified by the knowledge that Mary would know exactly what they were, I stepped toward the door to retrieve them. Jim grabbed the bottom of my t-shirt in a bunch, stopping me in my tracks with no apparent effort.

“They stay. The rule whenever you come into my room is ‘no panties.’ If you take another step toward that door, I’ll put you over my knee and spank you. If you ever come into my room with panties on, I will put you over my knee and spank you. Understand?”

I felt my equilibrium slipping. Remembering the rules from last night, I responded: “Yes, I understand. I’m not to wear panties in your room.”

“Good.” Jim released his grip on my t-shirt. “Now turn around.”

I did as I was told. In the interim, he had removed his boxers. Hos cock was soft. But even so, it looked like it was bigger than one of Mark’s erections. I remembered Lisa’s fantasy. Had it really been just a fantasy, I wondered?

“This morning you are going to be the only one who handles my cock. I’m not going to touch it. Understand?”

“Yes. I will be the only one who touches your cock this morning.”

“Now I need to see how you did with your shave. A cock head is a man’s most sensitive tactile instrument. Did you know that Kate?”

“I guess I never really thought about it,” I responded. “But sure. Why not?” Tactile instrument? Had the cretin’s vocabulary improved overnight? Or was he not as dumb as I thought?

“Take it in your hand and rub it over your skin. What do you think will happen if I’m sandpapered by any stubble?”

“You’ll spank me?” I tentatively responded.

“That’s right Kate. If you did a shitty job, you will be spanked. Now, get to it.”

Jim walked over to me and I wrapped my right hand around the shaft of his unaroused member. About an inch-and-a-half of shaft and the head remained above my fist. It was soft, but fat and substantial. Not like Mark’s, which I could completely contain in a few fingers when soft. Holding it made my cunt feel warm. But I knew I had to preserve some semblance of self-control if I was going to find that tape.

Confident that I had shaved well, I slowly rubbed the fat head of Jim’s cock over the skin around my pussy. It felt amazing. So soft and sensitive. I knew I was lubricating. He began to feel stiffer. Did he sense my arousal? Slowly I covered the whole area, Jim’s cock half-erect by the time I was done.

“Now the lips. Sometimes there’s hair there as well. Is your cunt wet Kate? Don’t lie to me, Big Jim’s going to find out anyway.”

I let go of him and ran my middle finger between my pussy lips, parting them and feeling the slickness. My eyes never left his. “I’m getting wet. I’m going to show you.”

I wrapped my digits around his semi-stiff cock and parted my inner lips with the fat, shiny head. I slid it up my slippery pink cunt and over my budding clit. On the way down, Jim flexed his hips forward as the tip passed my entrance, pushing it against my opening.

“Tell me Kate, did you test yourself last night to see if I stretched you out? Worried that dicklet will suspect that there’s been a long, chubby cock in you?”

How did he know me so well? But I was determined to play his game. Holding the head of his cock where it was, I rubbed some of my lubrication onto his plump shaft and stroked it with my hand. I felt him harden further. I pushed forward a bit to let him feel the tight, lubricated entrance of my cunt around his helmet.

“I tested myself. And your cock did stretch me. But I masturbated and kegeled, and when I fingered myself this morning I was nice İstanbul Escort and tight again. Can’t you tell?”

With my words, and my strokes, and the feeling of my wet portal, his cock twitched. It was warm. I knew he was leaking pre-cum to mix with my lubrication. The unmistakable scent of sexual excitement infused the air. I glanced up, thinking that if I kissed him I might be able to change the dynamic. But he looked at me and, as if he had read my mind, shut me down.

“I know you’re thinking about kissing me. It’s not gonna happen. And I’ll never lick that little cunt either. Dicklet can do all the lapping. The day my cock stops making you wet is the day I stop fucking you. If I don’t tire of you before then.”

With that, he pushed me onto my knees. “Now that you’re wet, it’s time for your head lesson. I’m going to teach you how to properly worship a cock. Every man in your future will owe me for this.”

And he did. Strangely, Jim’s demeanor changed. It felt as if he really wanted me to learn how to please him. He taught me about eye contact and how to work my tongue under the head and down the shaft when his cock was in my mouth, and how to use my spit for lube. He had me lick up and down the fat seam on the underside of his cock and use different stroking techniques while I sucked his balls. He told me to use the pad of my thumb and tongue to tease the frenulum, another word I was surprised he knew.

I kissed his cock, sucked his balls, squeezed him and masturbated him. When he was fully hard, I could wrap both hands around his shaft and the head and a little more were still left for my mouth. Sometimes I licked his pre-cum up with my tongue. Other times I used it to lube him. It turned me on incredibly to feel him responding to my mouth.

I loved the soft feeling of Big Jim’s head against my tongue. And his size. I couldn’t even get one-third of him in. The wide veins and hard ridge running underneath his cock were just plain sexy.

Jim knew how turned on I was. The question was inevitable: “Would you like me to fuck you again Kate?”

So was my answer: “Please fuck me again. I want it.” Part of me was still thinking I could use his attraction to me to my advantage. Part of me just desired Big Jim.

“This is going to be a little different than last night. This morning, you’re taking all of it.”

And with that, he lifted me up and put me in his bed on my back, placed his hands inside my knees, and spread my legs wide. I found the way he handled me sexy. I’d never been with someone who could toss me around like a toy and just put me where he wanted me.

Big Jim pressured my entrance. I didn’t know what Jim meant by ‘different than last night.’ I thought I had taken all of him. But, I didn’t wait for instruction. I took Jim’s horse cock in my hands and guided the head into my opening. For the second time, my inner lips stretched to accommodate the shiny crown of his member.

Very, very, slowly, Jim pushed forward. He wanted me to feel every millimeter. “Tell me when I reach dicklet depth. I want you to pay attention to the difference.”

My channel expanded to accommodate him, and I immediately felt fuller than I did with Mark. “There, that’s how full dicklet makes me feel.”

Jim laughed and put my hand on his shaft. A little more than the head was in me. And yet I felt more full from that thick two inches than I did from Mark’s entire erect dick. I stroked the shaft and felt his cock gliding through my hand as Big Jim entered me. It was exquisite to sense it moving through my fingers and stuffing me. I guess it’s true what they say about the majority of the nerve endings living at the entrance to the vagina.

My cunt was fully open now, and I was so stretched that the flesh of my hood had retracted, exposing my clit. Based on what I felt in my hand, I guessed he was about half way in. Jim maintained his slow pace, allowing me to adjust the angle of my hips when necessary. Soon I had to remove my hand. We were down to the last four inches.

I reached up and caressed his chest. He really had a magnificent physique. A perfectly sculpted mass of muscle, hard everywhere with clear skin and no discernable body fat. Anywhere. A masturbation fantasy man come to life. And I was on my back under him, legs open, taking his cock.

It felt good to touch him. I wanted the rest of his cock. This slow entrance was driving me crazy. I pushed my hips up and took more, and then I felt it. His cock head was pressing against my uterus.

I reached down. Still two inches to go. “That’s as far as we went last night. Here’s where you take the rest.”

Jim moved my hips, I guess until he could feel the tip of his cock centered in my uterine opening. How did he know this stuff?

“Now Kate, you will feel a little pressure and maybe some discomfort, but then you will be fully cocked. Do you want it?”

“Yes. Yes. Please. Fill me. I want to be fully cocked.” I felt like dirty slut moaning those words. I liked it.

With Ümraniye Escort my spoken invitation, Jim did exactly that. I sensed some pressure and a little twinge of pain, and then his pubic bone rested against my cunt. That monster cock completely inside me.

Jim began to run his hands over my body. He touched the insides of my thighs, under my knees, my sides, my stomach. He went beneath my t-shirt to cup my breasts, caress my throat and my chin. He finger-tip teased and squeezed my nipples. His strong hands closed on my ears. My flesh was on fire. Each touch sent sexual sparks through me. Jim had eroticized every cell in my being.

“I can’t fuck you like this Kate, because it could hurt. But you can fuck me. Go ahead.”

I began moving my hips in slow circles, then up and down. I was stimulated inside and out. It was pure sexual bliss. I began panting. “Uh. Uh. Uh. Never…felt…anything…like…this,” looking Jim in the eyes.

My clit had engorged, ready to explode. Then Jim rubbed it with his thumb. And it did explode. A bucking, screaming orgasm with that fat cock buried two inches into my uterus. Not a vaginal orgasm, or a clitoral orgasm. A whole body orgasm. Waves of pleasure rolled through me, rippling my muscles, curling my toes and fingers, clenching my cunt onto his cock.

When I was done shaking, Jim was holding me pinned to the bed, monster cock still completely embedded in my cunt, stiff and hard just the way I liked it. He moved it, and I moaned. “You love being fucked by Big Jim, don’t you Kate?” he asked me. We both knew the answer. And that somewhere, there was a tape recorder running.

“Yes, I love being fucked by Big Jim.”

That was all he needed to hear. Jim withdrew his still hard cock, leaving a long sopping spot on the bed. He laughed, folded a light blue towel and placed it on his carpeted floor. “And now it’s time to finish the head lesson. I gave you something special, now you return the favor. Get back on your knees. Trust me, dicklet will be thankful.”

Last night’s unpleasant ending came to mind. But I knelt in front of him, my naked butt on my heels. As soon as I was in position, Jim pulled my t-shirt up over my head and wrapped it around my arms, locking them in position above my head. I found myself helplessly on my knees without the use of my arms. That fat cock waited in front of me, coated with my cream.

Jim put his other hand on the back of my head and pushed his member into my mouth. “I’m trusting you not to bite me Kate. I’m gonna teach you about your gag reflex now. The first part may not be fun.”

I sensed the musky taste of my juices on his cock. Then it was pushing against the back of my throat and I was gagging and spitting, a repeat of the prior night. A gob of slimy phlegm splattered out, darkening the towel’s blue.

“You can learn to suppress that gag reflex. People with eating disorders do it all the time. Try to relax your mouth and throat and breath through your nose. Then will the gagging to stop.”

Where did he learn this shit? And then his cock was at the back of my throat again, this time for longer. I struggled and puked onto the towel. Jim folded it to cover the mess. Luckily, my stomach didn’t contain much.

“That’s OK Kate. You’re going to learn. Here we go again. Remember, relax, breathe through your nose, use your will. A short one for practice. Nod when you’re ready.”

I started breathing through my nose and nodded my head. He pressed his cock to the same point at the back of my throat. I started to gag but kept breathing and willed it to stop and then the cock was gone and I hadn’t puked.

We repeated to the same depth, ten seconds this time. And again, fifteen seconds. Then deeper, back to five seconds. Working the time up and then going deeper. Over and over. Until I wasn’t gagging. And my face was almost pressed against his pubic hair. I had Big Jim all the way down my throat. I was trained.

With me throat-cocked like that, Jim started teasing my nipples with his fingertips. It felt good, having him in my mouth. I began to get wet. I moaned on his cock and it stiffened. How did he manage to respond to my excitement? He pulled out, wet and slick with my throat juices. He released my shirt, freeing my arms.

“Masturbate yourself.”

I began to finger my pussy, still slippery from my orgasm. Jim slowly fucked my face. Sometimes deep, sometime shallow, but always into my throat. I could feel myself getting ready. I was going to come. As if connected, Big Jim got harder as my excitement grew, and I detected him twitching when Jim held him in my throat.

My orgasm built, and Jim picked up his pace. Fucking my face, his cock slimy with my spit, then putting his hand on the back of my head and pushing Big Jim all the way down my throat. I felt each of eight distinct spasms as he emptied his swollen nutsack down my gullet, shooting his spunk into my stomach. My orgasm hit at the same time, making my pussy contract with pleasure. His fat cock stifled my moans, but Jim knew I had come from his ‘head lesson.’

Jim held my head like that for a few seconds, post-orgasmic cock still trembling in my throat. Then he pulled it out. “Clean Big Jim up. You are always to lick him clean after he comes.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32