The Graces Ch. 06

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Katherine Elizabeth Grace turned her Lexus up the long driveway that would take her to the home of her father and stepmother-in-law’s rambling home. Beside her in the passenger seat was a box with daughter Leslie’s winter coats, mufflers and gloves. When Tom had dismissed Leslie from their house over the tattoo issue last summer, she had found shelter at her grandparents’ farm, but had not moved all her clothes. As the late fall days became crisp and the mornings colder, Kate worried about her comfort and so she had gone to Leslie’s closet and secured the items she remembered as being Leslie’s favorites to bring out to her.

She hoped to surprise her daughter with the visit, as she had missed the company and comfort of having Leslie around. She had not called ahead, so she did not know what to expect as she pulled up to the front porch and unloaded the box on the stoop. As she shut the door of the car, Joi Grace stepped through the front door with a wide smile and said, “Kate, it’s so wonderful to see you.”

Kate returned the grin and, seeing her attractive stepmother throw wide her arms, mounted the stairs to embrace her. Kate and Joi had always gotten along after Gene remarried and although the friction with Leslie had interfered with the frequency of their visits, the affection between them was as strong as ever. Joi’s trim body pressed warmly against Kate’s more opulent curves and the hug lasted a few minutes as they enjoyed the feeling of togetherness.

Stepping back at last, Joi said, “Come in, come in, dear, let’s visit.”

“I’ve brought some clothes for Leslie, is she here?” Kate asked.

“‘Fraid not, she’s been at school all day and I believe she and Juli are swimming this afternoon, she might be home by dinner,” Joi explained.

“Oh darn,” said Kate with a sigh. “I miss her.”

“Of course you do,” Joi said tenderly. “Why don’t you sit with me a while, I’ve got some hot water on and am just brewing some herbal tea.”

“Sounds great,” Kate replied, setting the box of Leslie’s clothes down in a corner of the large front room. She shrugged off her light jacket and hung it over the back of a nearby chair, took a seat on the comfortable leather sofa that faced the picture window filled with a view of the mountains rising up in the back of the property. She slipped off her low-heeled pumps and rested her feet on a big round ottoman, stretching out her shapely legs and wiggling her painted toes as her skirt draped across her upper thighs.

Joi padded back into the room, barefooted in her usual custom. She had two large mugs of steaming tea and she set one on the table next to Kate, slipping a stone coaster underneath. Alighting on the sofa next to Kate, she tucked her legs underneath her and blew across the surface of the hot liquid, sending the steam swirling.

“I’d like to hear how you are doing,” she said earnestly.

“Things are fine, really, with the exception of my not being around my daughter,” Kate started. “I know Tom felt that we could not accept Leslie’s getting that tattoo, but I would have forgiven that, Leslie is old enough to make those decisions for herself and I’m just not opposed to that kind of decoration.”

“It’s so popular among younger people now,” Joi said sympathetically.

“And it’s forever, I know,” said Kate, “but, in fact, it is quite beautiful in its own way, I thought it was tasteful, even if it was so huge.”

“I like the way it looks on her body,” said Joi.

“Really?” Kate said, surprised.

“Yes, it’s very erotically rendered, sweeping from her breasts to her womanhood and leg, I can see how she might enjoy the effect it would have on a lover,” said Joi.

“You think it would arouse someone?” Kate asked.

“It arouses me,” Joi said, looking directly into Kate’s eyes.

“You?” Kate said.

“Yes,” said Joi, placing her mug on the side table and Magosa Escort resting her hand on Kate’s thigh.

“I think your daughter is beautiful and sexy, and the tattoo art accentuates her sensuality and invites exploration. But, Kate, you know that I am not bashful about my own sexuality, and just as I am attracted to your lovely daughter, I am attracted to you, too, very attracted since we first met.” Joi’s hand slipped up Kate’s thigh and under her skirt.

“I…I…didn’t know,” Kate stammered.

“Oh, yes, Kate, you are an exceptionally alluring woman, and my feelings for you are as strong as my feelings for your father-in-law,” Joi said, squeezing Kate’s leg gently.

“Joi, oh, Joi, I, I, goodness, you’re kind of turning me on,” Kate said.

“I hope,” Joi said and she slid her hand up to Kate’s crotch to press against her mons.

She leaned close to Kate’s face and their lips met. Kate moaned and her legs opened, while her hand reached behind Joi’s head to press their mouth’s together tightly. Kate opened her mouth and reached her tongue out to find Joi returning the kiss eagerly.

Kate pulled back, breathing heavily, her eyes wide with surprise, and Joi worked her fingers under the leg band of Kate’s panties to rub her labia.

“Kate, I need to confess something, something that may risk my good relationship with you, but something you need to know before we go any further,” Joi said, running her fingertips in Kate’s dampening gash.

Kate’s legs opened wider and she slipped forward on the cushion to increase the pressure Joi was applying to her pussy as she answered,

“Please tell me, Joi.”

“I’ve fucked your husband,” Joi said.

“No, that can’t be, Tom wouldn’t…” Kate said, shocked, but she did not pull back from Joi’s playful fingers.

“It’s true, I’ve corrupted him,” Joi said, “the other night after you fucked him that afternoon in his office.”

“How, how?” Kate moaned, now completely enthralled with the erotic caresses from Joi’s hand on her cunt.

“I’m not sure, I’ve always loved Tom and thought he’s so handsome and maybe there was something simmering quietly behind those big brown eyes, he never said anything, so I am guessing. But it did happen, and I know that he’s still thinking about it,” Joi explained.

“He is?” Kate exclaimed. Kate expelled a little groan as Joi release her pussy.

“Let me show you,” Joi said, pulling her hand from beneath Kate’s skirt. She reached to her back pocket of her athletic wear and retrieved her cell phone.

“Joi,” Kate said as her stepmother swiped across the screen of her phone, “I really like the way you’re feeling me up, I hope you won’t stop.”

Joi smiled beautifully and said, “If you still want me after you see this, I’ll love you all over.”

She turned the screen of her phone to Kate. The video was of a large prick being masturbated fiercely and the camera turned slowly to show the torso and face of…her husband, who then said to the screen, “Tommy’s ready for you again, mommy, anytime.”

Kate drew in a sharp breath and pressed her hand to her mouth. Tears swelled in her eyes. Joi thumbed off the phone and put her arms around her daughter-in-law. Kate sobbed softly for a few minutes and then leaned back. She tugged her blouse out of her skirt and unbuttoned it, then zipped down the release on her skirt. She removed both as Joi admired her fantastic body. She reached behind her and unsnapped her bra, dropping it to her lap and revealing a pair of the most beautiful breasts Joi had ever seen. And she’d seen a few, including the voluptuous ones on Leslie.

Sweeping the clothes to the floor, Kate stood and rolled her panties down her legs to kick them aside. Completely nude, she looked sensually at Joi and said, “Come love me all over and let’s cuckold my husband, you sexy cunt.”

“Kate, Kıbrıs Escort I don’t want this change in our relationship to be connected with any anger toward your husband, please don’t use my affection to take revenge,” said Joi with a serious look.

“O, Joi, you’re such a sweet dear, no there’s no anger, I’m just eager to get naked with you. Besides, since we’re being honest now, I’ve already cheated on Tom, with Liam, for years. Does that surprise you?” Kate asked

“Yes and no,” said Joi, rolling her dark elastic leggings off and chucking the loose top. She wore no underwear and both women now faced each other naked.

“I’m not surprised because you and Tom have raised lovely, compassionate children with a firm sense of confidence in their own sensuality, I can see that in Liam and I know it would be something I’d respond to. In fact, it’s present in Leslie and both her grandfather and I have been unable to resist her charms,” Joi explained.

“Seriously?!” Kate exclaimed.

“Oh yes, it was only a few days after Leslie arrived when Gene gave into his passion for her and I was eager to join them, we’ve been making love to each other for months,” Joi said, her eyes sparkling with excitement as she looked up and down Kate’s luscious body, lingering on her copious breasts, her swelling hips and prominent mons, with a neatly trimmed brunette bush that topped her nude pink vulva and labia.

Joi grabbed Kate by the waist and pulled her into a passionate kiss, and Kate returned the embrace while grabbing the round cheeks of Joi’s adorable ass. The women twisted their bodies together, rubbing their tits and pubic mounds roughly against each other.

Kate put her arms around Joi’s shoulders and turned her head slightly to increase the pressure on her lover’s lips while gently opening her mouth to send her tongue across Joi’s teeth. Joi also put her tongue forward and these wet surfaces swabbed together zealously. Joi moaned into Kate’s mouth. Kate pulled Joi into a tight and passionate hug.

Joi’s hands drifted across Kate’s curvaceous hips, and one snuck down between their flattened mons to drive a finger into Kate’s cunt. The other circled behind and gripped one firm globe of her daughter-in-law’s delectable ass. Joi’s finger slipped up Kate’s wet channel and rubbed at the roof of her vagina. Kate’s hips jerked forward and she extended her height on her tiptoes, to ease the access to her sex.

Kate was slightly dizzy with the racy stimulation of her step mother’s talented hands. She had made love with women before, but that was long ago in her college years, and the sensations had receded into the wisp of memory. Now, her body was responding powerfully to Joi, her pussy sappy with flow and her boobs rubbed pink with stiffened nipples. She discovered that she suddenly felt possessive towards Joi’s frisky personality and avid lovemaking. The swelling excitement in her chest was a sure sign that she was deeply attracted to her father-in-law’s sensual wife.

Joi squeezed Kate’s ass and thrust two more fingers up her cunt, now drawing a handful of sauce from her vagina. She was thrilled that Kate was responding feverishly to her advances and she wanted to taste her daughter-in-law’s sweet musk. Drawing her hand to her mouth left a streak of sap across their stomachs that made them slippery. Joi pushed the wet fingers between their kissing lips and fed the syrup to both tongues. They both savored the clear liquid’s cunt flavor. Kate pulled away.

“You’re a naughty, naughty step-mommy,” she said smiling and licking her lips. Joi looked back into Kate’s eyes with longing.

“And you’re a spicy slut, darling, the kind I love to eat,” Joi said.

“Well, this spicy slut is hungry for step-mommy cunt, so sit down and show me what you’ve got,” Kate responded.

Joi lowered herself Lefkoşa Escort to the sofa, scooting her hips forward to the edge of the pillow and spreading her legs wide to open her labia and reveal the damp, pink inner surface of her vagina. Joi’s short, fuzzy salt-and-pepper pubic hair showed off her tight labia, and a glistening ribbon of sap accentuated the slit beneath her clit. Her round and tight tits sat high on her chest and the nipples were hard in arousal already. Her striking face with its short buzz cut and eyes shining with delight caused Kate to vibrate with desire. Kate paused a minute to appreciate the lewdly arranged form of her step-mother-in-law, completely nude before her for the first time.

Kate knelt on the rug in front of the erotic display and reached both hands to Joi’s pussy to pull back the lips completely. The hooded clitoris stood out stiffly and the chasm of her cunt gaped darkly. Kate ran her thumbs across the clit and Joi’s hips jumped slightly.

“Tell me if this is OK,” Kate said and leaned over, mouth wide, settling her lips around the dewy slit.

Her tongue rasped across Joi’s pussy, flipping rapidly against the clit, then thrusting up the open channel to twist inside Joi’s vagina.

“So, oh, OK, darling, lover, god, eat me out, you gorgeous slut, you wench, you beautiful cunt, eat me, eat me,” Joi babbled.

With Joi’s encouragement, Kate mounted a fierce assault on the cunt of her husband’s step-mother. Her thumbs dug into the gap, dragging open the channel as her tongue jammed deeply up the clamping tube. Joi’s muscular thighs gripped Kate’s head and her hands ran through the thick, lustrous hair, gently pressing Kate’s face against her flowing cunt. Arching her back, Joi lifted her hips to increase the stimulation.

Kate spread her fingers, reaching under Joi’s ass and adding her support to keep the delicious pussy hard upon her mouth. Joi’s hips began to jerk rhythmically and Kate thought, “This sweet and perfect cunt is fucking my mouth, she’s going to cum for me, I love this cunt, this pussy is wonderfully delicious, I want her cum.”

One of Kate’s fingers slipped against Joi’s asshole and her lover’s breath became ragged. A slow moaning began deep in Joi’s chest and so Kate increased the anal pressure, and the first knuckle of her finger shot into the hot tunnel.

“Fucking cunt, what a wonderful cunt eater, Katherine Elizabeth, my cunt burns for your mouth, you are getting such a great cum from my cunt, a thrilling cum, oh, I want to cum in your mouth, fuck me, fuck me, you darling, fuck me, ah, ah,” Joi shouted.

Suddenly Joi’s hips shifted vertically, her legs tensed, popping her muscles out in her thighs and calves, her feet stretched on tiptoes, and Kate’s tongue, driving into Joi’s pussy, felt the walls of her vagina rippling. A rush of creamy cum began to drip into her mouth and Kate drew back her tongue. The rush of sap immediately filled her mouth and she swallowed. The taste was indescribable, at once sugary and savory, slightly thick so it coated her tongue and mouth and Kate’s own cunt responded with its own wet ejection that drooled down her thighs.

As Joi remained crammed against her lips, Kate’s hands moved to the crease between Joi’s ass cheeks and she drove two fingers completely into her ass.

“Ah, thank you, darling, thank you for my ass, stick your fingers in me, it makes me happy, feel my hot ass, push them in,” Joi moaned.

Kate dug deeply and Joi’s cunt gushed again. Her hips were now rising and falling rapidly as her orgasm rolled through her body. With Joi hunching her cunt this way, it was difficult for Kate to keep pressure on Joi’s pussy mound, so she gripped Joi’s ass to leverage the contact. Her fingers slipped out of Joi’s anal chute and Joi’s thrusting began to ease.

“My lord, what a sizzling cum you gave me, darling, you sure can eat pussy, your lips were wonderful and your tongue was stiff, and your fingers in my ass drove me crazy,” Joi gushed between gasps.

“Your beautiful cunt and exciting body was an inspiration to me, dear mother, you are beautiful and sexy, I love making out with you,” Kate replied.

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