the glory hole part 3

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I was standing up my hair in my boyfriends hands as he gripped me. Kissing me on the mouth and sliding his tongue around inside of my mouth before turning me around with his hands on my hips. My body dripping with cum and spit down my chin to my stomach as he bent me over my face in front of that big thick 9″ cock. My boyfriend told me to suck that cock as he pulled my hair back over away from my face and slightly turning my head so he could watch me. As my lips kissed the fat thick cock head i felt his hands on my pussy rubbing the dripping cum that was leaking from it along my pussy lips and up around my little asshole. He pushed two fingers in my puckered tight little hole and proceeded to shove them deep in making me squeal as i sucked that strangers cock into my mouth. The fat head of the cock stretched my lips open and made my mouth open much wider than ever before while sucking. My jaw started to become sore as i sucked the massive cock holding my breath as i sunk around it slowly my teeth dragging across his flesh as i wasn’t able to open my mouth wide enough for him. My ass was then emptied as my boyfriend pulled out his fingers and put the tip of his cock in his fingers place at the entrance to my ass. He pushed hard and shoved his fat cock in my hands where on the wall holding my self up as i began to get face fucked and ass fucked.

I had never been with two big cocks such as these i was sucking and fucking. My eyes glazed over as i was moving back and forth sucking as much as the cock as i could get into my mouth leaving a big portion of it between my lips and the dirty cum stained hole in the wall. My boy friend thrusting slowly in and out of my ass making my body shiver as he held onto my hips thrusting in hard and pulling out slowly. My tight little asshole was being fucked like i like it. My spit was foaming around my lips as they Yenimahalle Escort slide up and down that that thick cock slobbering over it the man in the other booth started to thrust his cock trying to make me take more of his cock deeper into my mouth. I knew i wouldn’t be able to take his cock deep without almost puking so i kept my head in one position letting the guy fuck my mouth hard. I could hear his hips bouncing off the other side of the wall. Suddenly he pulled his cock out of my mouth and it withdrew from the hole back into its own booth.

My boyfriend still fucking my ass saw the cock retreat and slowed to a stop with his fucking his cock buried inside of my asshole deep i could feel him throb and pulse inside of my tight little ass. Then as i looked at the hole the guy was looking back at me.

“Can i come over there and fuck her mouth?”, the stranger asked.

I looked over my shoulder up at my boyfriend who shook his head approvingly and gestured for me to answer.

“Yes your more than welcome to come over,” i said in my most innocent voice.

The man pulled his shorts up and walked out the door as he did i could see another guy walk in after him. Then i was pulled up by my hair by my boyfriend his hand around my neck his cock still throbbing in my ass as there was a knock on the door. I opened the door to our small little booth and the man i was just sucking stepped in and locked the door behind him. He stepped up to me while i was being held by my boyfriend and started to touch my little perky wet saliva and cum coated body. He rubbed my tits and pinched my nipples, slide his fingers down my ribs to my belly and then dipped them into my pussy. He pulled his shorts down again and released the big cock from his shorts. As i was pushed to the ground again Ulus Escort by my boyfriend his hard cock slide out of my ass and was next to my head as i moved to the strangers cock and sucked it again.

This time with no wall between us there was nothing stopping this guy as he grabbed my head and pulled me onto his cock. My hands slapped at his thighs but did not stop him from pulling me against him forcing his cock deep into my mouth pressing that fat thick head against my throats entrance. I was gagging and spit poured from my mouth dangling off of my chin. I felt as i was about to puke all over the place until he pulled back and let me breath his thick head still between my lips as he looked down at me. His hands still in my hair he pulled me back down again as he smiled down at me forcing it into my throat this time and pumping in and out of it until again i almost puked. He kept doing this for awhile making my spit flow from my lips in a nasty wet display of cock sucking. He pulled his dick out of my mouth and my boyfriend still standing on the other side of me pulled me to his cock. I sucked him fast spilling my thick coats of spit onto his cock as well i felt so dirty and wet my body shiny from my spit as i sucked the two cocks. I was sucking each of them letting them hump my face one at a time switching between the cocks loving every second of my slutty night out.

As is sucked my boyfriends cock the stranger sat in the chair in the room and my boyfriend pulled me off of his cock and had me sit in the strangers lap. As i did the man pointed his cock up to my pussy and held onto my hips guiding it into me. His big cock filled me and stretched me around his fat thick shaft. I cried out into the booth as i felt his throbbing spit soaked cock slide into my tight pussy with no resistance. I started to hump on his cock rocking back and forth the man rubbed my tits roughly now as i fucked him my arms around his neck as i rode him up and down. Then with no warning i felt my boyfriend shove his cock into my little asshole double penetrating me with a stranger in a small little booth that we all where cramped in. They both started to fuck me hard as i gripped the man with my fingers and shook uncontrollably in his lap. I knew i wouldn’t last long i was about to cum harder than i have came in a long long time. They had me fucking both of them hard my pussy and ass pinching around them feeling them slide in and out in unison as i screamed out in the booth. looking over i saw another cock pushing into the booth from next door and it was another small one. I leaned over to it and started to suck it as the two thick cocks slammed into my holes.

I started to cum shivering on the cocks as i sucked hard on the third one in my mouth. My tongue vibrating off the guys dick as i moaned then i felt the strangers cock explode into me filling me with his load his cock grew enormous inside of me as it pulsed load after load into my tiny well fucked pussy. My boyfriend exploded into my ass sending me into another orgasam as i pulled off the cock with my mouth and jerked it fast and hard as i cooed from the cum explosions in my body. My body shivering and grinding the two cocks in me as i jerked a third that exploded with no warning onto my face and hand. i felt his load sliding down my nose and my arms as i continued to stroke out every last drop.

They all pulled there dicks from my holes and and left me empty with cum spilling from all my holes. the stranger stood up and pulled his shorts back on i took his seat in the chair tired and exhausted covered and dripping in cum. My boyfriends cock going limp as i was turned around to face the door naked in my chair. The stranger left and the door was held open by the last few guys in the hallway. About six more men and they where all stroking their cocks looking at my well used body.

to be continued….

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32