The Dive

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It happened in a dive bar outside of town, just off the highway. I was heading back in after a day trip up north and thought some food might be a good move. I’d been to this place before with friends; a little dirty, a little rough but the food and drinks were always on point. I come in out of the late-summer heat just as the sun dipped below the horizon. As patrons are wont to do when someone first enters their bar, sixteen sets of old, tired eyes shoot a look towards me as I stand in the doorway, taking off my hat and sunglasses, letting my long hair down after my drive.

I stop at the counter, order a coke and a shot of Jim as well as a sandwich and fries. From there, I go to the emptiest table in the darkest corner of the bar I can find. Downing my whiskey, I just have the coke to my lips when this old bird, maybe in his sixties, white and fat with a Santa Claus beard comes and sits next to me. I’m pretty sure he’d been eying me since I walked in, which was fine; he is very much my type! Taking the chair at my left, he sets his hand on my knee and lightly strokes it as he makes small talk; how are ya? Alone tonight? Whatcha drinkin’? The alcohol hangs around him in a cloud, the smell of stale cigarettes strong on his breath.

He adjusts his chair so he’s much closer to me, his hand having gone up well past my knee. My heart’s racing and my cock has gone totally stiff. All I can think about is having this fat fuck mount me and dump a load or two in me. With my mind racing through that fantasy, his fingers start tracing slow circles over my inner thigh. He’s starting to get dangerously close to my cock and if he touches it, Santa’s gonna have me in his lap whispering exactly what I want for Christmas from him as I grind my chubby ass against him. His fingers pull back a bit and he leans against my ear.

In a low whisper, he asks if I want to see his cock. My mouth having long gone dry and with a furious blush on my face, I nod my head yes and he takes my trembling hand and guides it to the bulge in his jeans, helping me unzip him. In such a public place? I can’t believe this is happening, but it is. I hear the grind of his zipper as it’s pulled down. I can’t to see what my new friend has for me. No underwear, that’s a good start. His nuts, full to burst, rest comically in a dense bush of pubic hair. His cock, 5″ or so and uncut, is wet with precum. I can smell his sweat and excitement. My head begins to swim as I feel his hand gliding over my own fabric-bound bulge.

“Do you like him?” My drunk Santa Claus asks, mouth still by my Pendik Escort ear. “He really likes you,” I hear him mumble, before he nibbles at my earlobe. Taking his slippery cock in hand, I stroke him. He moans a little, groans a little. His breathing quickens.

“On your knees, baby. Take care of this nasty cock.” whispers Santa’s slurring voice as I feel his hands on my shoulder, urging my to the floor. I oblige, getting caught up on my chair and making a quite a bit of noise as I do so. Before now, only a couple of other patrons had taken notice of us and were spending their time leering eagerly at my friend and I. With my clumsiness, though, most of the bar was looking our way. I could almost swear I hear the sound of a deadbolt being thrown, But I’m in no position to care as this drunk guides my wet mouth to his sweaty, slick cock.

“Give him a kiss, baby,” he says as he rolls his foreskin back. “he needs to know how much you want him.”

Christ, do I! Right now, I can’t think of anything I’ve ever wanted so bad! So, I gently place my lips against the silky skin of his purple head, precum coating my lips, a small gush of the salty stuff bubbling free of his slit as I make contact. The old man sighs, calling me a good little bitch while he exhales.

“Mmm, give him a bit of tongue this time…”

I can’t help myself, knowing how hard I’ve got him and how hard he has me. I need more, so I slowly snake my tongue out and dip it into his gooey cock slit. With his hand rubbing the back of my head, I tease a trail around the swollen tip of this stranger’s prick and savor as much of his precum as I can.

At my back, I hear two chairs scrape the floor and the weight of two bodies fall into them. As a foot begins to slowly tease my cock, a deep gravely voice tells me to go on all fours. I look up into Santa’s face and with a lecherous smile, he nods, and I do as instructed.

As the new arrival continues to play with my bulging cock, my first drunk lets out another of his hot, husky sighs as tells me to quite being a fucking tease; I should just swallow him already! By now, the noise in the bar has moved so much closer to us and I try to peer around my fat, uncut friend. I can see a good deal of shoes but not much else.

As I’m distracted, Santa takes the chance and shoves his slippery little fun tool into my mouth. He groans, telling me how good my mouth feels wrapped around him and the other guys in the bar babble excitedly. One guy in particular demands I show them all just how good of a cocksucker I Anadolu Yakası Escort can be. Before I can do anything, though, this fat slob begins to fuck my face and I feel a pair of hands at my waist.

One of the new arrivals has decided to unbutton my jeans and has them already half as far to my knees as they can go. When I try to spread my legs to stop him, he begins to unrelentingly smack my fat ass, one cheek after the other until I stop. While I whimper against his cock, Santa just keeps on thrusting into my mouth and I soon feel a warmth against my asshole; someone is eating me out.

With hands massaging my burning cheeks, a tongue plunging into my hole and a chubby, dripping cock in my mouth, I can’t hold back any longer; I cum, harder than I’ve ever cum in my life. Rope after rope of cum falls from the end of my engorged cock, landing in a noisy mess on the barroom floor as these strangers cheer aloud once more.

As the hormones flush from my system, I can think clearly again…and I’m terrified. I try to stop this cock from thrusting into my mouth by clamping down and I I try to clench my ass cheeks together but Santa Claus jerks hard on a handful of my hair and tells me to be good. Meanwhile, the tongue in my ass has become a pair of fingers and a mouth nipping and biting at my neck and back.

I can hear voices from among the crowd, most discussing who gets to use the new whore next. I try to talk around this prick’s prick but it only encourages him to push as far into my mouth as he can. And as his balls slap into my chin once, twice and a third time more, he drains them into me. I resist swallowing at first, but he plugs my nose and tells me to do what all the god sluts do. Afraid, I gag down on his fresh load, lots of it dribbling along my chin, joining with the puddle of my own seed on the floor.

Then I almost choke in surprise as I feel something much larger then a pair of fingers push against asshole. With one hand on my hips, another spreads a cold goo between my cheeks and soon I feel the cock behind me penetrate my right ring, then it begins to rock slowly into and out of me. Pulling my head away from Santa’s quickly shrinking dick, I look over my shoulder and see an older black man smiling at me. He blows me a kiss and before I can utter a word, my head is jerked around.

Now pressed against my lips is a fat, cut black cock, precum streaming from his hole. Looking up, i can barely see the guy’s face past his gut. Bald, glasses, goatee. The man behind me rests his lean frame over İstanbul Escort my back, and his fat balls against mine. With that same gravel voice that he told me to get on my hands and knees with, I’m bidden to play along and enjoy myself. Seeing no safe way out of this mess, I spend my first night back in town pleasing this bar of complete strangers.

Some of these guys take turns going from my mouth to my ass, while a few just ride me over and over, trying to make sure I’ve got plenty of thick, gooey cum inside me. Still a few more are only interested in having their dicks sucked. White meat, big, black cocks. One or two or Hispanics and even one oriental. I suck and get fucked by cocks from all walks of life!

At Last Call, those four or five who remain rush to bang out another load or two into me. I’m tired, I’m sore. I’m sweaty and covered with cum. I take more loads in my ass and swallow everything I’m fed like a good little boy. The bartender, short and rotund, ushers each guy out as he finishes with me until it’s only me, him and the owner. The owner eases himself into Santa’s seat and lights a cigarette.

He’s large and olive skinned, his accent thick. I can’t tell his height but he’s around 300lbs, arms covered in course black hair. He takes a drag and apologizes for doing nothing to stop this madness, but also tells me he isn’t really sorry. When a guy fucks, he says, he gets thirsty. Or he gets hungry. And with an eager hole so close by, he’s bound to wanna fuck again, drink again and eat again.

That makes for a lot of money, I’m told. A lot. And that’s something he wasn’t eager to give up on so easily. He starts fiddling with his zipper and I’m too tired to say anything, to argue. So I can do nothing when he kneels in front of me, having dropped his expensive slacks on this filthy fucking floor and shoves his fat, sweaty, hairy cock past my lips.

Cum is crusted against the tip of his prick; he’d done himself some jerking off, or maybe he found another mouth to fuck or ass to use. He’s pretty long, 7 1/2″ or so and just as uncut as dear ol’ Santa Claus. He’s a little gamey, unwashed. I feel my own cock getting harder. He’s rough with his tool, too. Without preamble, he just starts pounding away at my bruised mouth, his prick thumping the back of my throat and his fuzzy balls slapping against my chin. When I gag, he only thrusts more. While he treats my mouth as a saggy pussy, he leans over me and takes my ass cheeks in hand, spreading them.

With spunk oozing from my abused hole, I hear the bartender drop behind me. He says something to the owner and quickly slips into my loose, hungry ass. With one set of hands on my hips and the other on the side of my head, each man fucks his chosen hole until I can feel their cum pump into me, joining with the other loads I’d been given tonight.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32