The Devil Next Door Pt. 05

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Aunt Nephew

This is the final chapter of Chris and Katie’s relationship. I know it is short and perhaps rushed but I needed to end it. I am working on new pieces right now and I am truly sorry if I have disappointed anyone with this ending. Thank you so much for your time and your love.


I grabbed my phone as I stomped upstairs and flopped down on my bed. I needed to shower but I was so pissed that I needed to tell him. I pulled his number up and began typing.

Me: Your wife is a fucking bitch and I hope she goes to hell.

I waited for a few minutes in hopes that he would respond quickly. I finally got up and stripped off my clothes, throwing them in the garbage can. Fuck her if she thought I would ever wear something she pissed on. I got in the shower when it was hot enough to scald my white skin, grabbing a sponge and scrubbing myself for what seemed like hours.

I dried off and wrapped the towel around me, walking back to my bed. The light was flashing to signal a text.

Sir: What have you done?

Me: Why is it that I have done something?!

Sir: She isn’t my wife.

Me: Yet.. whatever. She is a bitch.

Sir: I will be home soon and we will talk about it tomorrow.

Me: Good, better not be with her though.

He didn’t respond. I looked up to see my curtains still open so I walked over and yanked them shut. I didn’t want to see Jenn. I had the pool party tomorrow and totally wasn’t in the mood for that now. It seemed like the blink of an eye and everything changed. I wanted Chris, I wanted to be with him and I don’t understand how Jenn even came into this. I seriously needed to figure something out.

I got up early Saturday and ran out to the store to buy food. People would start showing up around noon and I told them to bring their own shit if they wanted to drink. I then hit another store and bought the tiniest bikini I had ever seen. There was no way Chris was going to avoid me now.

Troy showed up first, probably hoping to get laid before everyone else go there. I made him go out back and set the grill up and fix things around the pool while I changed. I spent most of the morning, while I was home, watching the windows and waiting for Jenn’s car to leave. I wasn’t sure if she was picking Chris up from the airport since I didn’t see his car there. Of course they had a garage as well so maybe it was there.

I threw on the bikini, glad I had been to the salon to get a fresh waxing since this bikini wasn’t leaving much to the imagination. My nipples were hard as I thought about seeing Chris again and my pussy was starting to leak a little. I gave myself a once over in the mirror and then went to the window. A little squeal escaped as I watched Jenn’s car Pendik Escort leave the driveway.

In the back, Troy was blowing up one of the rafts. “I have an air compressor, dummy.” I said as I walked past him and noticed his eyes following my cute round ass. He quickly pout the raft down and stood to follow me, his arms wrapping around my waist as his lips pressed against my neck. I could feel his growing cock press against me.

“Don’t we have time, before everyone starts showing up? I really want to be inside of you, baby.” He said, his lips sliding up and down my neck. He was giving me chills but not from excitement, I found myself becoming more annoyed with him.

“No, we don’t. They will be here any minute.” I said, pulling away from him and watching Chris’s house. I hated not knowing if he was home or not. I walked over to the stereo and turned it on, adjusting the volume so it blasted through the yards. If he was home then it would only be a matter of minutes until he came out to see what was going on.

People started showing up and as luck would have it, the girl that dumped Troy decided to show up as well. I ran over and gave her a hug, happy that someone was there to hopefully distract him when it came time for me to get Chris. We all lounged around the pool, many of them opening the beer they brought along. I had to admit, it was a nice little event. Unfortunately, Chris had yet to make an appearance.

I continued watching his house, no signs of him being there at all. I was getting more pissed by the minute and began drinking more. Troy was now drunk and totally ignoring Ashley which wasn’t good for me. I would have been more than happy to play with him if Chris was watching, just to know I was making Chris jealous or getting under his skin.

I walked through the side of my yard to check his driveway. There wasn’t a car there so I still wasn’t sure if he was home or not. I ran into the house and grabbed my cell only to be disappointed that he hadn’t sent me a text.

Me: Where are you?

Me: I thought you would be home by now. 🙁

Me: I guess you are going to leave me no choice, Troy won’t keep his hands off of me. Maybe I should suck his dick or let him just fuck me like he has been begging to do.

I was now furious, I couldn’t get shit for a response from him! I hated guys! Storming back downstairs and outside, I was immediately grabbed by Troy. He pulled me around to the side of the house, pushing me against the wall and kissing me. I tasted beer and cigarettes as his tongue dove into my mouth.

I squirmed a bit, trying to push him off of me but then decided to go with it. Maybe Chris was watching to see if I would Anadolu Yakası Escort go ahead with it. I tangled my fingers through Troy’s hair and began grinding my hips into him. His cock was hard and pressed against my pussy. I couldn’t help but moan as I kissed him, aching to be fucked.

Troy pulled the tiny triangle covering my right tit and began sucking on my hard nipple. I moaned, reaching down and stroking his cock through his shorts. Fuck this… I was tired of waiting for Chris, I pushed away from Troy, fixing my bikini and then pulling him around the front of the house so we could go inside and upstairs without everyone seeing us.

Just as I rounded the corner, something moved and caught my eye. I turned to see Chris standing in his driveway, a cigarette between his lips. I smiled a bitchy smile and continued pulling Troy behind me. We went inside and upstairs, Troy’s hands all over my ass as he followed closely behind.

I pushed him onto my bed, the curtains open and facing Chris’s room. I seductively crawled up the bed, pulling my bikini top to the sides so my large tits swayed beneath me. He put his hands behind his bed and watched with a smile as I undid his shorts and yanked them off of him. His cock sprang free, the head swollen and purple and dripping pre-cum. I couldn’t tell if Chris was watching but I was going to put on one hell of a show. I took my time, swirling my tongue around the angry head before wrapping my lips around it and sucking it deep into my throat. I swallowed, letting him feel my throat tighten around his cock as I shook my ass towards the window, a hind sliding between my legs and pulling my bottoms to the side so I could rub my pussy.

Troy grabbed my head and pushed me down, his cock gagging me instantly. Tears began rolling down my cheeks as he pumped his hips, pushing deeper into my mouth, saliva dripped from my lips. I closed my eyes and sucked hard and fast, sliding my mouth up and down his pole while rubbing my pussy. I was so close to an orgasm that I forgot everything around me.

Suddenly my hands were pulled out from under me and I heard Troy shout out, “What the fuck man?! Who in the hell are you?” Chris simply told him to shut up and enjoy the blow job as he yanked my bottoms off and began pressing his dick against my pussy. I couldn’t move my hands since Chris held them tightly behind my back. He grabbed my hair and pressed me further over Troy’s cock. I couldn’t handle it and began gagging again as Chris finally shoved his cock deep inside of my pussy.

Every time Chris pushed his cock inside of me, I was forced down on Troy’s cock. My pussy was being plowed and I was soon crying out as orgasm after orgasm rolled through me. İstanbul Escort I cried around Troy’s meat stick, pleading through stretched lips for Chris to let go of me so I could breathe. He was fucking me like he was angry and I pushed back against him, urging him to go harder.

“Fuck man… I am going to cum!” Troy cried out as Chris had pushed me to the base of his cock. His pubic hair tickled my nose and I fought the urge to sneeze, not having the ability to let one out even if I wanted. I felt the first spurt of hot seed splash against my throat just as Troy let out a huge growl. Chris grabbed my head and pulled back, Troy’s cock falling out of my wet mouth and shooting his hot load all over my face.

I tried to push back, jet after jet landing over my eyes, shooting up my nose and filling my mouth. Chris continued fucking me until he finally growled, his own release shooting deep inside of my filled cunt. He growled at Troy to leave, ordering him to get out of my room and leave the party as fast as he possible can.

Once Troy rolled off of the bed, Chris pushed my cum covered face down, smearing my sheets with Troy’s jizz as he slowly pulled his own cock from my pussy. He held my down as he watched his seed drip down my pussy and onto my bed.

“I never want to see you with anyone else again. If you had fucking waited, like a good girl, then you would have found out that I made Jenn leave this morning.”

He let go of me and got off of my bed. I didn’t want to move, my heart singing because he was now all mine but I was also scared that fucking with Troy might have actually blown that. I stretched out, keeping my face in the mattress as I heard Chris get dressed.

“Wash the sheets, now. I will tell everyone that the party is over and we will talk about this later. Take a shower.”

Chris left my room and did in fact tell everyone to leave. He scared them all by threatening to call the cops and tell my parents. I did wash the sheets and took a long, hot shower to clean up. Chris came back a few hours later and we had our talk, along with a few more hours of incredible sex.

We continued a secret relationship behind my parents backs for the rest of my school year, often using babysitting as an excuse to go over to fuck. Troy approached me several times, always wanting to know when we could hook up again. I laughed, I didn’t need a boy when I had a man waiting for me.

The school year ended quickly and I was going away to college. I begged Chris to come with me, even telling him I would leave college or change schools to stay here. He wasn’t having it though, urging me on and telling me that I would find someone my own age to be with and it would be amazing.

He was right. I started classes that fall, my heart still hurting from having to leave him. I eventually met someone and fell madly in love.

Chris never did tell me what happened to Jenn but I couldn’t help but wonder where she went and if she found someone else to abuse and treat like shit.

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