The Boobie Trap

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Big Tits

Opening the door to Henry’s bedroom, Hilda observed her younger child lying on his back in bed, still sound asleep and snoring gently. Loathe to awaken him from his slumber, especially since the boy had not slept much, Hilda knelt beside his bed and just observed him breathe in and out for a few minutes, never tiring of gazing at the boy upon whom she doted and treated so indulgently. After a few minutes of this, Hilda reached out with her right hand and raised the bedclothes at the edge of the bed so that she could insinuate her left hand between the top and bottom sheets. Snaking her hand along the mattress, she could feel Henry’s thigh so she adjusted her movements until she could close her hand around the object of her search, Henry’s male member. Hilda giggled as she saw a tent begin to form in the bedclothes and after a few rubs from her hand, Henry’s soldier was standing fully at attention. A few more strokes were enough to rouse Henry from his sleeping state. Feeling the feminine hand on his male parts, he smiled and said, “Ohhhhhhhhh, shit. Who the hell is rubbing my dick? That shit feels good as fuck.”

“It’s Mommy, sweetie,” responded Hilda, grinning widely as her mountainous boobs pressed into the side of the mattress and she began to handle Henry’s balls. “It’s your big-boobied Mommy who’s slapping around your cock and balls, sleepyhead.”

“Rise and shine, big fucker,” Hilda called out naughtily, standing slightly, her giant rack jutting out like a shelf that looked big enough to eat a Sunday dinner off of. “How’s that for a fucking alarm clock? It feels like you got a steel pole down there between your legs. Hard as fuck. Tee hee.”

Henry rubbed his eyes groggily, not even awake enough to fully grasp what was happening, but soon he became acutely aware of his erect penis and his mother’s small hand firmly wrapped around it and still softly priming it.

“Morning, Big Tits,” he said, still sounding somewhat sleepy as his eyes dropped to her substantial cleavage and outlandish bustline as she leaned over, giving him a clear look down the top of her dress and making him grow even firmer as he took in nothing but boobflesh. “Is it tug time already? My wee wee’s ready.”

“Very funny, Henry,” she responded in her stern teacher’s voice, not really angry but not exactly pleased by the sobriquet by which her son had addressed her.

“No tug this morning, baby,” Hilda told him firmly, her arm, hand and grasping fingers sliding out from underneath the sheet. “We have company and breakfast is ready. Get a move on.”

“But I’m tired, Mom,” he responded in a whining tone of voice, his wee wee still standing straight up. “I didn’t get much sleep.”

“Well then, sweetie, you should have caught a few winks instead of playing with your humpstick all night,” she said, giggling girlishly. “Now, no excuses. Get up.”

“But Mom,” Henry whined. “You can’t leave me with this hard-on. That’s not fair. My dick is throbbing.”

“Oh, Henry,” Hilda said, smiling as she patted him on the arm and then pulled the sheet back to take a look at his erection. “You are such a baby sometimes. All right, how about I let you put your big fucker between Momma’s titties for a little while? But not long, mind you. I have to finish cooking breakfast.”

“Gee, Mom. You’re the best,” Henry said enthusiastically, watching eagerly as his mother removed her dress and bra and stood before him wearing nothing but a hot pink thong.

He never ceased to be amazed by her basketball sized boobies that jiggled and bounced every time she swayed or moved. They would bob and pitch on her chest like mountains of gelatin, only firmer. They were high and proud boobs and looked like they belonged on illegal bahis a cartoon character instead of a real woman like Hilda. He had suckled those bountiful, bobbing breasts until he was sixteen years old and loved her delicate pink nipples and their surrounding huge pink areolas. It was only in recent years, however, that the big-bazoomed Humper had let him slip his huge wee wee between them for stimulation.

“Hurry, Mom. My wee wee is getting impatient,” Henry pleaded, waving his pecker back and forth, eager and excited to put his rampant stalk between her tantalizing titan titties that hung invitingly from her perfectly sculpted body, her tiny waist making her exposed knockers look even more ridiculously large than their already circus freak size. “Holy fuck, Big Tits. Those fuckers are bigger than fucking beachballs.”

“Such language, Henry. All right, baby. Momma’s titties are ready for that fucking footlong trouser snake of yours,” Hilda announced, supporting her massive breasts with her hands and easing them apart enough that Henry could place his eager wee wee in the chasm between them. “That’s the ticket, sweetie. Slap it on in there. Bring wee wee to tee tees.”

Not needing any more encouragement, Henry placed his footlong trouser snake in the valley between his mother’s bulbous boobies and she in turn pressed her boobies together forming a sheath that encased his sword like a glove.

“That’s the way, sweetie,” Hilda coaxed him as she sandwiched his swollen dick in the loving embrace of her cleavage that had often been compared to the Grand Canyon by many men she had boobclenched in the past. “Now move your waist, baby. Slide wee wee up and down in there. That’s the way, big fellow. Awww, I bet that feels good.”

“Oh, shit! I can’t believe this,” Henry moaned in response as he began to slide slowly upward, the head of his wee wee just barely peeping out from between the tops of the twin swells of her beautiful boobage, her watermelon mounds that almost made him wonder if his wee wee had gotten lost in there. “I may have to send a search party into your cleavage to find my wee wee when I get done.”

“Oh, there he is, baby,” Hilda laughed at his quip as she spotted the tip of Henry’s penis peek out from between her gargantuan knockers. “There’s the head of your big fucker. It’s so sweet, baby. It’s a big, cute pee wee head.”

Hilda bent her blonde head slightly forward as she pressed her heaving breasts together even more forcefully, squashing his private parts in her cleavage.

“Momma just loves her big boy’s wee wee, yes she does,” Hilda cooed as she moved her lips closer to the tip of his penis, her thick lips puckering up and placing a kiss on it that echoed with a resounding smack that sounded like a suction cup being pulled from glass. “How’d that shit feel to your pee pee pole?”

“Oh, shit, that fucking tickled!” Henry cried out as he felt a twinge of sensation course through his private parts. “Now how about a wiggler?”

“No, Henry, no wiggler,” Hilda replied, still holding a steady boobclench around Henry’s pecker as it jumped with a twinge of delight. “We don’t have all day. I have to fix breakfast. The whole point was for my big breasts to make your wee wee spit up. Now are you ready, sweetie?”

“Hold it steady because here I go,” Henry spit out, raising his waist and sliding his hard stalk abruptly upward, grunting loudly as he did.

“There you go, baby,” Hilda encouraged him as several more inches cleared the top of her cleavage. “Work it, baby. Slide your wee wee. Hump that humper.”

“Fuck, yeah!” Henry shouted out as he began to buck at the waist and his wee wee slid up and down between his mother’s titan titties, illegal bahis siteleri held together firmly by his mother’s dainty hands that pinned his thrusting hard-on in a velvet tunnel that gave it a tight and pleasurable squeeze.

As Hilda was leaning over slightly, her boobs wrapped tightly around his manhood, Henry’s hands gripped the bedpost for support as he drove his wee wee up and down between the set of mammaries that pinned his wee wee in a lovely boobie trap. That search party would never be able to find his wee wee now.

“Wee wee me, Henry. Wee wee my boobies,” Hilda coaxed as Henry’s big pecker nearly poked her in the face with every upward thrust.

Henry humped wildly and Hilda kept a steady grip, grinning at the efficacy of her breakfast clench as she spotted a glistening drop of pre-cum leaking from Henry’s urethral orifice, his johnson so large that Hilda was able to view it from very close quarters. The bedsprings creaked as Henry held on for dear life, his ass bouncing up and down on the mattress as he bucked wildly at the hips like a maniac possessed, his wee wee hungry for tittie, hungry for tingles, hungry for fuck. A trickle of perspiration formed in the valley between Hilda’s pillowy mounds making the ride a well lubricated one for Henry, feeling his own big cock and balls begin to sweat as well.

“Oh, shit, it feels good,” Henry grunted as he labored, an eager wee wee boy visiting the Boom Boom Land theme park. “Clench me, Big Tits, clench me.”

“I got you, Big Dick,” Hilda laughed. “Holy shit, you’re a good boobie humper. You’re dicking Momma’s titties like a pro. In fact, you’re the straight man for the Boobsie Twins. Tee hee hee. And you know what? The Boobsie Twins really want you to come, Henry.”

“Oh, Mommy,” Henry squealed, his wee wee squeaking between her knockers, feeling the delight of his hardness against her soft titflesh. “Your Boobsie Twins make me want to come.”

“Come on, baby. Do them hard,” Hilda implored him, shaking her chest charms as she squeezed his leaking length. “You need to come so I can get back to fixing breakfast.”

“Oh, I want to, I want to!” Henry whined, feeling a twinge of pleasure course up the inside of the tube of his wee wee and he knew it wouldn’t be long.

He couldn’t wait to expel the pent-up pressure of the load that he would squirt in tribute to the massive girth and beauty of his mother’s bobbing triple J cup abundance.

“I need to, I need to,” Henry moaned, his breathing ragged as he continued to thrust upwards while his mother worked her jugs in a circular motion as they continued to surround his male organ like a sword in a sheath.

“Oh, do it, Henry. Do it. Don’t hold it in, baby. It’ll feel soooooo good when you let it all come out of your big trouser snake,” Hilda implored him. “I’m squeezing so hard that I feel like I’m going to break your wee wee, so come on.”

Henry slid his penis up and down between her jiggling jugs about a half dozen more times when he felt everything within his twelve inch cock give way like a weakened dam.

“I’m gonna! I’m gonna! Ahhhhhhhhhhhh!” Henry cried out as the head of his wee wee swelled and semen gushed from his pee pee hole with the first squirt that exited his body with all the force of Old Faithful.

Hilda never stopped manipulating his member with her breasts as jism leaped from the head of his penis and splashed onto her heaving breasts.

“Way to go, Big Fucker!” Hilda cried out, letting go of her breasts and using her hands to grab hold of Henry’s still squirting male member. “More, Big Fucker, more!”

Henry grunted loudly as he felt a tingle with every shot of semen that his penis spit out as Hilda canlı bahis siteleri pulled up and down on the skin of his dick.

“Oh that feels…..ohhhhhhhhh!” Henry cried out as Hilda roughly stroked and worked his humpstick like a cow’s udder.

Henry’s ejaculate splashed on Hilda’s breasts until she had the presence of mind to point it in the direction of a towel she had placed on Henry’s bed earlier.

“Oh, it’s gushing, Henry. It’s gushing!” Hilda squealed delightedly as Henry’s semen began to pool up on the outstretched towel. “That’s a good boy.”

“Oh! Oh! Oh!” Henry cried as his penis sputtered with the last of his discharge.

“Holy shit, Henry. That was some fun shit,” Hilda laughed. “What a doozy!”

Taking hold of the towel, Hilda used it to wipe all the semen from Henry’s slowly waning erection, making sure to clean the stickiness from the tip. Reaching over to Henry’s dresser top, she grabbed a plastic container of Johnson’s baby powder and gave Henry’s wee wee a slight dusting. Then, lowering her head, she gave his wee wee a sweet kiss on the big shiny mushroom then stood up and gave Henry the towel.

“Finish getting cleaned up, Henry. I must see to breakfast,” Hilda told him, rising from the bed and grabbing her discarded clothing. “Hurry up now, sweetie. Our guests will be hungry. Now that I have made your wee wee squirt there’s no excuse for you to be late for breakfast. Holy shit, you covered that fucking towel with all the wee wee juice that came out of that thing.”

Hilda grabbed her pink triple J cup brassiere and slipped her arms into the straps and then struggled to bring the two ends together behind her back causing her breasts to jut out jauntily and outrageously in his direction. Her bulging bust didn’t go unnoticed by Henry who was mesmerized by the sight.

“Wow, Mom,” said Henry, staring at the huge mammaries before him as his wee wee began to swell again and the teen rubbed it gingerly. “You sure are a big tittied bitch!”

“Henry, dear,” Hilda said sternly, still struggling to get her bra fastened around her bustline. “I am not a big tittied bitch, sweetie. I am THE big tittied bitch. Tee hee hee. And it seems as though wee wee likes. The big tittied bitch has some bitchin’ titties, doesn’t she?”

“Damn it, Mom,” said Henry in a whining voice, his eyes still riveted on his mother’s bosoms as he played with his reinvigorated organ. “Look at what you did. Now I’m hard again and you want me to get ready for breakfast. How about a tug? You owe me that much for getting my wee wee standing up again.”

“Henry, dear,” said Hilda, finally getting her bra in place and shrugging herself into her clothing. “You had a nice boobie clench from me and now you want a tug before breakfast? Put your wee wee away and get downstairs so that we can eat. Your wee wee can’t possibly need some attention again so soon. You just shot like a gallon of baby batter.”

“Wee wee’s hungry! Wee wee’s hungry!” Henry began to yell as he grasped his jumbo johnson between the thumb and forefinger of his right hand and stroked his trunk like a child curious to discover his pee wee for the first time.

“Oh, Henry, you big tittie baby,” his mother said in an amused tone of voice as she slipped her sundress off again and reached behind her back to unfasten the brassiere that she had just struggled to fasten around her cartoon funbags. “I never could stand to see a good hard- on go to waste. Slap that hungry fucker on in here between Momma’s titties then. But hurry up. Breakfast has yet to be prepared. So hurry up and feed that wee wee of yours a boobie sandwich.”

“Yeehaw! Fuck, yeah!” Henry shouted out loud enough for the entire household to hear as he grabbed Hilda by the tits and pulled her onto the bed. “Oh, shit, I’m ready, Big Tits. They better send out a big motherfucking search party because my wee wee wants to get lost between these babies for a loooooooong time!”


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