The Best Roommate Ever

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Rebecca couldn’t wait to get home from work and see her new roommate Jennifer again.

It was Monday evening, and Jennifer had arrived Sunday afternoon, while Rebecca was out having dinner with her family. Rebecca came home around 6 to find that Jennifer had already moved most of her stuff in, and spent a good four hours after their introduction chatting about every topic under the sun, until it was time for bed. Jennifer was from southern California, and one of those rare, exuberant people who radiated energy and personality, filling the room with their warmth. She was a welcome counterpart to Rebecca, a native New Englander, who, while also friendly, was much more no-nonsense and reserved. Rebecca had had two previous roommates in this same apartment who did not work out, and after being fairly jaded with the process, was relieved to find someone so amazing. Rebecca had only had to be in the presence of Jennifer’s gorgeous blue eyes, warm smile, and bubbly personality for five minutes before she was completely enthralled. They had only talked for four hours, but Rebecca knew she had made a new friend. They both loved Game of Thrones, Mad Men, the Beatles, Bob Dylan, and hiking, not to mention the occasional joint. Jennifer was just lovely, and Rebecca was looking forward to seeing her when she got home.

Rebecca came in the door, hung up her jacket, and started toward the bathroom to wash her hands. She had had a long day of working at the lab, and needed to wash her hands urgently before cooking dinner. She would quickly wash up, say hi to her new roomie if she was home, and ask Jenn if she wanted Rebecca to cook for both of them, or had her own dinner plans that night.

Rebecca never did figure out after the fact why it was that she opened the bathroom door without knocking that evening. It was not something she was usually likely to do, and in fact she was usually taken aback by the self-centered rudeness of people who didn’t knock on closed bathroom doors without trying to enter. Nevertheless, some momentary lapse of judgment must have occurred to her that night, because she certainly wasn’t prepared for what happened next.

“Oh my god, so sorry!” Rebecca started back out of the bathroom as soon as she realized her mistake.

“No, it’s fine, what’s up?”

“I’m really sorry, I’ll just go back to the-“

“Really, hun, it’s no problem. What’s on your mind?”

Rebecca could not believe what she was seeing. She had just absent-mindedly walked right in on Jennifer taking a pee, and Jennifer was just sitting there, smiling, undisturbed, talking to Rebecca as if it were the most normal thing in the world, and she wasn’t sitting on the toilet with her goods in full view. Jennifer hadn’t flinched when Rebecca opened the door – in fact, she made no attempt to even cover up.

“What the – Are you really talking to – You’re not – “

“Am I not sitting here, talking to you?” Even when caught in what would be one of the most awkward moments for most people, Jennifer’s smile was genuine, her eyes calm, her voice absolutely reassuring. Rebecca could not believe it. Jennifer really had not minded in the slightest.

“What’s the matter, you’ve never gone to the bathroom together with your girlfriends and talked while you were peeing?”

“Well, I mean, yeah, but…I mean, there were stall walls and everything…we didn’t just… Listen, I just came in to wash my hands and that’s all, so I’ll just be real quick and get out of here. I’m really sorry.”

“Do what you’ve gotta go”, Jennifer replied. “But really, it’s no problem at all, I mean it.”

Rebecca started to go over to the sink, but felt her eyes wandering momentarily, and, well, some other feelings that she couldn’t quite get a handle on at the time. She didn’t want to stare, or be rude, but well…she did see what she saw. Jenn was cute, blonde, and curvy everywhere. Except down below…Yes, Rebecca did happen to catch her gaze wandering. Jenn’s fit, smooth thighs were parted a good amount on the toilet seat, and in between Rebecca caught a glimpse of a completely hairless slit.

Rebecca caught a hold of herself right before she noticed Jenn’s gaze meeting her own. She snapped out of it and looked back up. “I-I’m sorry”, she said. “I’ll be going”.

Jenn’s voice became sweet and even playfully teasing. “Sorry for what, hun?”

[“Hun”, she thought? Wow, this California girl really haramidere escort IS friendly…]

“I was just – I didn’t mean to look, and…”

Jenn rolled her eyes. “Look, you saw my cooch. Big deal! We’re living together now, it’s bound to happen. Might as well get it over with sooner rather than later.”

“You think so?”

“Of course! Look, nakedness is no big deal with me. You East Coast people are so uptight. We used to all go to the beach naked back home, my friends and I, ever since we were kids. It was no big deal. There was nothing sexual about it.”

Now Rebecca was truly interested in Jenn’s story, and briefly forgot the absurdity of the situation. “Really?”

“Yeah, totally. Until we got older, then, sometimes there was.” Jenn giggled.

Rebecca laughed too. “That’s hilarious. Alright, well, I guess I should be going, I…umm…”

At that point, Jenn reached over and put a hand on Rebecca’s shoulder. “Really, don’t worry. There’s nothing to be worried about, I promise.”

“But, I…”

“You what?”

“I, uh…I don’t know…”

Jenn got a mischievous look in her eyes. She tilted her head down slightly, and sat forward.

As she did, Rebecca happened to notice a few last drops of piss rolling forward and dripping off the end of Jenn’s clit. Rebecca felt a little strange sensation that she wasn’t sure…no…it couldn’t be…could it?

Jenn gawked up at Rebecca with her beautiful eyes from underneath her blonde bangs, and cracked a sardonic smile.

“You see something you like?”


“Ohhhh, I don’t knowwww…” She parted her legs fully, giving Rebecca a full view of her crotch. It was indeed angelically smooth, not to mention she was tanned all over.

“What are you doing? Hey, I’m not…! Stop it!”

“You’re not what?”

“I…I’m not…I’m…”

Her blood was pulsing. Rebecca had always been completely tolerant of gays, had plenty of gay friends. But she wasn’t one. Right? She knew she wasn’t. Yet, there was a definite warm feeling spreading in her own genital region that made her uncomfortable. There was no doubt about it; her clit was getting hard. She began to shake.


“Oh, honey, forget about labels already. Who the fuck cares? Look, if you like what you see, you can have it! If not, that’s fine with me too. I want you to know that you’re my friend, and I’ll do anything for you. Anything to help you out. It’s OK, girl! Don’t worry!” She touched the side of Rebecca’s face.

“Well, hmm…it’s just that…wow, I’ve never been turned on by another woman before, or done anything with one. I don’t know what to do, this feels really weird!”

It did feel weird, but there was no sense in denying it. Jenn was fucking beautiful. Impossibly cute, short but extremely voluptuous, and incredibly smooth skin. And those tits…Rebecca did actually think her own tits were pretty great, being a solid C cup and quite perky, but there was no comparison. Jenn’s tits were fucking gigantic, the size of a pair of bowling balls. Rebecca was, more than anything, immensely jealous of Jenn. She did think herself pretty, but she was tall with dark curly hair and angular features. Next to Jenn, she felt she just couldn’t measure up in terms of attractiveness.

“There’s a first time for everything, isn’t there?”

“I guess so…hmm.” She thought about it more. “You…wouldn’t do stuff with me.”

“Aww, now that’s just not true. Why do you say that?”

“I, um…I don’t shave.” Part of her knew that she was making token protests now.

“What makes you think that would turn me away?”

“Well, you, you know…” She made some fumbling hand gestures in the general direction of Jenn’s crotch. Rebecca did have a full dark, curly thatch down below. She never felt confident enough to shave, but she didn’t mind having a big bush either. She sometimes enjoyed running her fingers idly through it while lying down. It was a part of who she was, and she never gave much serious thought to changing it.

“You don’t think I’d like another pussy if it had hair on it?”

“Well, I guess not.”

“Baby, you’ve got a lot to learn. So, do you want this or not?”


Jenn smiled and licked her lips. “OK. I know you’re a little timid, so we’ll take it slow until you’re comfortable. içerenköy escort Sound good?”

Rebecca knew she couldn’t resist by now.

“Alright, let’s do it!”

“Yaaaaaay!” Jenn did a small victory dance and momentarily hugged Rebecca. “OK, let’s start easy. I’m going to put my pants back on for the moment. We haven’t gotten there yet. First thing I’d really like you to do, is suck my boobs. That sound good?”

“THOSE boobs? Oh my God, yes!”

Jenn smiled again. “I know, they are pretty great. Guys seem to love them”. She pulled off her black T-shirt and bra in one swift motion and let her enormous breasts fall out. “What do you think?”

“HOLY SHIT!” She was struck dumb by what stood in front of her. They were absolutely beautiful. Just as soft, supple, and tanned as the rest of her, with bright pink areolas that had to be two inches wide. Rebecca realized at that moment that Jenn tanned naked.

“Go for it!”

“I…holy shit, I think I need to touch myself first!” Rebecca shoved a hand in her pants and rubbed away furiously while gawking open-mouthed at Jenn’s oversized mammaries, continuing for what amounted to at least fifteen seconds.

“Damn, girl!” Jenn giggled again. “I guess you really do like these!”

And the next thing Rebecca remembered, Jenn’s tits were in her mouth. Her memory never retained the time in between, only that those amazing, huge nipples were in her mouth next, first the left, then the right, with her lips giving gentle, but firm suction, and her tongue flicking away furiously. Before long, she was going at it so hard that Jenn was backed into the tile wall, at which point Jenn stopped her briefly to suggest they go to the bedroom before one of them got hurt.

They were embracing at the foot of the bed, Jenn’s back to the bed, Rebecca’s arms around her and playfully squeezing her ass while she passionately kissed her with not a small amount of tongue. Jenn was still wearing her gray drawstring sweatpants which hugged her deliciously round hips and were tight enough around the crotch to show her slit quite decently, Rebecca thought. She reached her right hand down and cupped Jenn’s crotch. It was warm and wet. She used her middle and ring finger to put firm pressure on Jenn’s clit and got right to work in rubbing up and down, back and forth, and in circles, until Jenn was moaning and thrusting against Rebecca’s hand with her sweatpants now soaked. Before long, the pants were off, then soon after that, the panties too, until Jenn was lying spread-eagle and naked on the bed with Jenn’s two fingers deep in her vagina. Rebecca finger-fucked Jenn hard and deep, occasionally taking her fingers out to sample her love juices. She had never tasted another woman’s juices before, and she thought they tasted lovely, a damn good first time for sure.

“OK, OK, stop, wait a minute”, Jenn pleaded when she had had her fill. “This isn’t fair, you have way more clothes on!”

“Alright”, Rebecca replied, “I guess we can do something about that. But I’m warning you, I’m way less hot than you are.”

“Oh, stop it”, Jenn cried, and as Rebecca turned around she took the opportunity to slap one cheek of her firm ass, which was still clad tightly in her black work khakis. “Let’s see what you’ve got!”

Rebecca disrobed methodically, carefully tossing each piece of clothing aside as she removed it. First she took off her white blouse, revealing a lacy white bra underneath that cupped her own fairly decent tits quite well. “Ooooohhhh, hot stuff!” Jenn playfully teased. Then the bra came off, revealing a pair of taut, firm breasts, each a generous handful, with perky, red nipples. She shimmied out of her pants after unzipping, then finally, she was down to a silver pair of panties.

“OK, I did warn you ahead of time, I’m very hairy.”

“Bring it on, girl!”

Rebecca shed her last item of clothing, then kneeled on the bed with her hips about a foot from Jenn’s face. Her lush, dark triangle of pubes tantalized Jenn, and there were small droplets of love juices on the ends of some of the hairs, not completely sticky, just enough of a hint to drive Jenn wild and make her own smooth slit cream all over again. Jenn playfully stuck out her tongue in a “lickety-lick” gesture and motioned for Rebecca to come closer. As she did, Jenn cupped her right ass cheek with her innovia escort left hand, stuck her nose an inch away from her bush and inhaled deeply. Rebecca’s love scent got Jenn’s clit throbbing, causing her to shove a hand down and furiously jill away for a good 30 seconds. Then, it was time to eat Rebecca out. Jenn expertly got her tongue through the dark thicket of pubes, stopping briefly to playfully swirl a lock around her tongue, then got her tongue all the way in Rebecca’s hole, alternating tongue-fucking her deep with playfully kissing her clit, inhaling her smell and playing with her own clit the whole time. After Rebecca was as hot and bothered as possible, then came the next step…

“Do you like your asshole played with?”

“Oh my God, yes! Please do!”

Jenn started with pressing her index finger against Rebecca’s backdoor firmly while eating her out, graduating to slowly inserting a finger, and before long, Jenn had a finger in each of Rebecca’s holes and was pumping away with furious abandon. Whatever Rebecca’s initial hangups about lesbian sex had been, she certainly was no stranger to anal pleasure. That went on for a good 10 minutes or so, Jenn vigorously giving Rebecca a double penetration with two fingers, until Rebecca was tired out and pled for her to let her take a rest.

Rebecca lay on her back, catching her breath. “Wow. That was amazing. Really.”

“Never been fucked in both holes before?”

“Oh yeah, I have, with guys. It’s great. And I love ass stuff too. No qualms there whatsoever.”

Jenn savored a look of naughty agreement. “Meee toooo.”

When Rebecca had caught her breath, Jenn asked Rebecca to lick her pussy.

“OK. Just remember, this is new to me.”

“Of course. I’ll guide you through it”. Jenn lay on her back on the bed, spread her legs high and wide, fully exposing her immaculate pussy slit. (“Wow”, Rebecca thought, “She must be a gymnast or a yoga instructor.”) Rebecca got her face in there and was amazed by just how beautiful Jenn’s pussy was. A simple, perfect line, that when opened up revealed a sizable, hard clit and a hole like a beautiful oyster. Getting her tongue in that hole for the first time was one of the most beautiful experiences Rebecca had ever had. She licked hard, vigorously, and long, and after it had gone on for a while, Jenn asked her to lick her asshole too, which Rebecca was only too happy to oblige.

Jenn turned over on her stomach. Rebecca parted her amazing, ample ass which was firm yet delightfully jiggly, and the skin was just as perfect as the rest of her. Rebecca made her tongue stiff like a dagger, and used the point of it to flick Jenn’s asshole as fast as she could humanly manage, leading Jenn to reach down and rub her clit with reckless abandon. When they were done, the sheets were soaked in Jenn’s love juices.

By that time, it was 7:00 and both of the young ladies were exhausted, not to mention hungry, so their lovemaking session ended with them both lying on the bed, embracing one another. Rebecca thought it was beautiful, and was so grateful to have gotten over her initial reservations.

“You were really good”, Jenn told her. “Not bad, for your first lesbian experience!”

“Well”, she said, “I know what I like. I know what guys have done to me that I liked. And frankly, I’m horny as hell. I love sex, but I’ve never even been turned on by a woman before. Wow. We should do this more.”

“Of course!” Jenn was back to good old sweet, SoCal-charm Jennifer that Rebecca had first introduced herself to. “Listen hun, I’m always here for you. I think you’re awesome, and we’ll make great friends. If you’re ever down and need someone to listen to, I’m here. If you want to hang out, I’m always here. I’m always willing to listen if you need someone to vent to, or if you need advice about a guy you like…or a girl for that matter. Or hey, if you want to fuck someone, I’m always here for that too!” She gazed on Rebecca with those adorable eyes. “I really mean it, I think we’re going to be really good friends”.

And they were, for the three years they ended up sharing an apartment. There were other guys and girls in the meantime, for both of them, but they did occasionally make love to each other again, went to concerts together, discussed their fears, hopes, and dreams, got high, and helped each other out in tough times. And they eventually moved on from there, but those three years were great, and when they parted, Rebecca embraced Jenn with tears streaming down her face, and shared a kiss with her that was a little more than friendly.

There was no question about it. Sweet, adorable, sun-worshiping Jenn from California was one of the most awesome people Rebecca ever met in her life.

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