The Admiral

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As the small speedboat zipped across the harbor Julie fought to hold on as tight as she could to the rail, her rather dainty knuckles turning white from the effort as the boat bobbed up and down in the water. Boats were never really her thing, especially not when the young woman was standing on one precariously in a form fitting dress and high heels. But you did what you had to do to get the story, and being an up and coming reporter in one of the toughest job markets around Ms. Bedford knew what she had to do – not that she had much choice in her assignments, anyway. Turning slightly towards the center of the smaller craft while still maintaining her death grip on the deck rail the young female yelled over to the pilot, the wind whipping her hair into her face in the process.

“How much further?”

The grizzled older man, who gave Julie the creeps as he had leered at her while giving her quite the look over when they first met in a rather demeaning way, merely removed one of his grease-stained hands from the steering wheel to haphazardly point in front of the speeding boat. Looking up out over the water through a tangle hair the reporter instantly regretted it as her eyes met all the open water zooming, making her slightly queasy. Squinting in the bright sun a giant boat sitting just outside the harbor filled up most of the horizon in front of her.

“Oh, right, of course,” she mumbled mainly to herself as she took the hulking ship in, scolding herself for such an ignorant question.

Hearing a chuckle behind her Julie tried her best to ignore it as her cheeks slightly reddened in embarrassment, wanting nothing more than to get off the speed boat and away from the current situation, although the man laughing at her expense would be following her aboard the next stop as well. Chuck, the agency’s cameraman that was assigned to her for this report, was a veteran in the business who knew his stuff, making the more raw Ms. Bedford constantly try and prove herself to the older man, usually to no avail as she never seemed to impress the man. At least Chuck didn’t openly leer at her like most of the men she either worked with or interviewed, but the young woman had caught him casting glances in her direction once or twice when her coworker thought she wasn’t looking.

Being an attractive woman Julie knew having her body checked out was bound to happen from time to time, but it didn’t stop her from hating that kind of unwanted attention every time she noticed it. Being in the industry she was in, however, it just seemed to be another part of the job, and considering that was sadly most likely a main reason for her getting the job in the first place it was just something the newer employee was going to have to deal with, like it or not.

‘Not just deal with, but wholly embrace for the sake of keeping this damn job,’ the slender woman thought bitterly as she continued to stand up and hold the railing while her coworker sat leisurely on one of the benches, seemingly at ease on the bumpy boat. Julie wanted nothing more than to join him, yet even if she felt comfortable enough to sit she knew that in the dress she was wearing – one she would not have purchased prior to taking this job as it clung to her form tighter than we would have liked – sitting down anywhere on this damn boat would give the pervert captain a good look under said short dress, and that was not something the reporter was willing to have the comfort of a seat for.

Standing in silence while trying her hardest to keep breakfast down as the small boat continued to bob up and down in the choppy waters Julie waited for the ship in front of them to continue to loom ever closer until the sleazy captain they had hired killed the engine and slowly sidled up to the larger boat until they floated side by side, the small boat dwarfed by the massive one next to them. A metal ladder attached to the hull that lead up to the boat’s main deck awaited them.

“Ladies first,” Chuck said as the two boats bobbed next to each other in the water.

Julie looked up at the ladder and then down at her attire, cursing herself for such a rookie mistake.

“I have to climb up that? Where’s like a ramp or something?”

The captain snorted as his eyes roamed the reporter’s desirable figure with a mischievous twinkle in his eyes.

“Ramps are for boats at a dock, honey. Out in the open waters, this is the only way aboard a ship.”

Unconsciously flattening out her dress a moment of panic attacked the severely wrongfully dressed female.

‘If I go up first then these guys will be able to see right up my dress!’

Not seeing much choice as a small elevator box was being lowered next to the ladder from the people above for Chuck’s equipment as well as the fact that the dirty captain wasn’t leaving the boat anyway the young reporter gritted her teeth, slipping off her heels and handing them to her cameraman. She forced a smile, determined not to let the two men have the joy of seeing pendik escort her embarrassment at the situation.

“These won’t work too well on these rungs, so I’ll get them back from you at the top.”

Hoisting herself up on the metal structure Julie began the arduous climb up the massive ship. Travelling a few rungs up the exposed female wanted nothing more than to turn around and catch the two men trying to get a peek at her panties, but knowing it wouldn’t make a difference in the end she merely smashed her teeth together yet again and continued climb, hoping that at least her fellow news agency employee was more of a gentleman that that – she had no hope for the other one though.

Finding the climb surprisingly easy Julie reached the top rung to find two very fit younger men waiting to help her over the last of the rail onto the ship’s massive main deck. Smiling her best smile as the two gentlemen helped pull her up and over in a gentle manner the reporter swung her legs over the hull as gracefully as possible, unconsciously flattening her dress out as she turned behind her to look back over the hull to find Chuck slapping the pilot on the back while making some kind of joke down below, the two men sharing a laugh before her cameraman began his own climb up the ladder.

‘It could have been about anything,’ the slender reporter told herself as she tried to calm her nerves while at the same time feeling her cheeks reddening from what she really knew the exchange had to be about. So much for Chuck the gentleman.

“Ah, you must be Ms. Bedford then,” a deep voice rumbled behind her, causing the attractive female to jump as all her focus was on the boat below and the shame attached to it. “Sorry there, didn’t mean to frighten you miss.”

Cursing her lack of nerves Julie turned around to face whoever had spoken, finding a fit older man decked in all white from his feet to what looked just like a captain’s hat from any naval movie watching her intently. Resisting the urge to smooth out and pull down her dress again the young female look a breath and reset, extending an arm out in greeting.

“Yes, I’m Julie Bedford, reporter for news channel 37, and you must be Mr. Callaway. It’s a pleasure to meet you.”

The slightly older man smiled warmly at her, his whole body exuding confidence.

“Oh no, the pleasure is all mine. And not to sound too presumptuous, but everyone on this boat tends to call me the Admiral.”

The man’s genuine smile helped melt away the nerves the young reporter was feeling, not only about her experience getting to her interview but the butterflies that had built up inside about the interview as well, as Mr. Callaway was a very powerful man not to mention one of Julie’s first celebrity interviews – meaning if she wanted to move up as a reporter and ditch the small time interviews this was not one she could afford to mess up. The man seemed a nice person to Julie though, and while she felt like she was showing off more of her body than she’d like she was quick to notice her soon to be interviewee’s eyes never left her face once, something she couldn’t say for most men in the same situation.

A noise behind her caused the young woman to break her concentration on the man in white and swivel her head to find Chuck laboring up and over the rail behind her. Focusing back on her interviewee Julie gave a warm smile of her own, finally breaking off the handshake she hadn’t realized she was still maintaining till now.

“Sure thing Mr. . . errr Admiral. And thank you for allowing us the opportunity to come aboard your ship and spend some time with you. I’ve heard some incredible things about you that I would love to have expanded upon today in our interview.”

By this Chuck was on the deck grabbing his gear off the elevator, and the owner of the ship nodded to Julie before stepping over to exchange similar pleasantries with her cameraman, giving Julie a free moment to look around the massive ship she was on . . . it was quite impressive, to say the least. Looking around the expansive deck they were standing on the reporter found a handful of sailors doing various tasks all around her, and while they were doing a very studious job of it she couldn’t help but notice most of the ones who had noticed the new arrivals affording another look her way from time to time. It was nothing near the looks the pilot that drove them there had given her, which only made her blush even more instead of be instantly repulsed by the new attention as she found the sailor’s attention almost endearing. Slipping a lock of her brunette hair behind an ear almost playfully the attractive woman was brought back to the reality of where she was as Chuck cleared his throat next to her.

“Uh Julie, you want to begin or. . .”

Cheeks going even rosier the reporter quickly looked away from the bustling going on around her, grabbing the microphone in her cameraman’s outstretched hand as she found the two men simply standing maltepe escort there waiting on her at this point.

“Ahem. Yes, of course. Okay . . . Admiral, what I’d like to do here today is just film us as we take a tour of your ship while you talk about it as well as yourself- we’ll just let the camera roll the whole time and then edit our story out of it later- if that’s okay with you, of course.”

The man in impeccably white clothes nodded, his hands clasped tightly behind his rigid back.

“However you would like to do it, Ms. Bedford, it’s your interview.”

Nodding to Chuck Julie wanted nothing more than to look in a mirror and straighten herself up, especially after the boat ride to get there, but all she could do was hope her coworker would have warned her if she was overly disheveled looking; although at this point she wasn’t sure anymore about what help her cameraman would be as he was seemingly turning out to be more and more just another joe smuck. Taking a step to start the walk Julie’s bare foot stepped in a puddle, causing the alarmed woman to look down to realize she still wasn’t wearing her shoes. Trying hard not to just slap her head in frustration Julie gave the two men a sheepish smile before stepping over and retrieving her heels, awkwardly putting her thm on from a standing position. Fastening her high heels to her feet she looked over at an amused Chuck, who gave her the nod indicating he was ready to start filming. Taking a much needed deep breath as she had lost whatever calm she had find on arriving, Julie stepped closer to the Admiral before facing the camera, emitting one more short breath before popping a dazzling smile.

“Hello, I’m Julie Bedford and today I’m here with Mr. Callaway. . .” pausing she looked up to smile at the stoic man standing man next to her, “who from this point on will be referred to as The Admiral as that’s what everyone calls him so why should we be any different? Now Admiral, why don’t you tell us about this ship of yours that is partway through its maiden voyage – which just so happens to be the largest personal ship owned by anyone in the world at present.”

The Admiral chuckled lightly as he began to tell his story, his posture erect yet relaxed at the same time, causing Julie to be slightly jealous of the ease at which he faced the camera.

“Well, Ms. Bedford, it all started back with my service in the Navy, where my current title comes from of course, where I developed a passion for the sea immediately upon enlisting that couldn’t be quenched, even after practically living in the ocean for twenty years straight. A wonderful time, that was . . .”

Listening to the man talk Julie became enraptured by the man’s story as well as the man himself, and only after receiving a frantic hand motion from Chuck did the young reporter snap out of her fixation to remember the overall plan of the shoot being on the move. Turning while holding her mic out towards the tall man next to her, who was currently explaining how he retired from the Navy and founded his own company which allowed him to build the ship of his dreams, Julie began to walk down the expansive deck, the two men following closely behind.

“Very impressive Admiral, not many people could say they’ve been able to accomplish even half of what you have done with your life,” Julie said while turning back to give a large smile for the camera. Reaching the front of the deck she stopped so the three of them were paused by a rail overlooking another deck below where a handful of men were seen scurrying around.

“It all just comes from hard work and dedication,” the owner replied, no hint of boasting in his voice. “Anyone has the means to accomplish what I have done as long as they have the motivation to do it.”

As the Admiral continued to talk about how he had gotten to where he was Chuck began to pan the deck below them to showcase all the men hard at work as well as the overall size of the ship. Leaning out over the rail Julie peered down as well, trying to get a view of everything going on below her as the camera filmed her inspection of the lower deck.

“Now watch your step on this turn here, it can get pretty windy at the front of the ship and the deck’s still wet from last night’s heavy rain,” the owner warned as Chuck finished shooting the action below, sidestepping his coworker to get some shots of the Admiral alone with his ship as the man rounded the corner.

The young reporter only half listened to the warning as she was still focused on everything below, mesmerized by how many people it apparently took to operate this private ship and what that must cost to employ all the people as well. Leaning out over the rail caused her hair to billow in the wind, the motion catching the eyes of several workers down below. Once they realized what they were looking at a few continued to stare up at the attractive girl leaning out over the rail in a tight dress. Julie smiled and waved to kartal escort the men in greeting, to which several waved back. Looking down at herself the young female realized she was pressing tightly against the railing to lean over and see below, causing her to thrust her ample chest outwards for what had to be a nice view in the thin and tightly stretched material of her dress. Not wanting to make it obvious that she was embarrassed by her position the reporter stayed that way a moment longer before slowly turning around, only to find Chuck filming her leaning over the rail with her chest and most likely butt sticking out. Quickly pushing herself off the rails Julie tried to press on with her story, hoping she hadn’t been in as provocative a position as she imagined; a mental note was made to specifically check that part of the reel later just in case. Attempting to deflect any thoughts of her bosom the young woman turned to face the camera to stop any side shots of her slim figure as she backpedaled around the corner to follow where the Admiral had disappeared.

“Ahem, ah you’ll notice there’s a lot of activity going on around this ship as you just saw me observing below, as it takes a lot of manpower to keep a ship of this size running. Admiral how many people would you say are in your employ. . . . ahhhh!”

The young reporter screeched as she blindly backed into a coil of rope pooled at her feet, her heel getting stuck between the woven rings. Trying to correct herself to stop from falling the slender woman frantically reached out to grab a hold of the rail in front of her as she twisted her body in an attempt to at least fall forward. Lunging for the rail she over-judged the distance in her haste and overshoot the rail with her hands, just as an audible ‘pop’ rang out; heel snapping in two underneath her the frantic woman jerked violently forward at the last second as the support went out beneath her, her head banging loudly on the heavy metal railing her hands had overshot.

The last thing the head-splitting young reporter heard before blackness overcame her was the sound of fabric being ripped a sound that wasn’t fully registered as her dress tearing through the immense pain throbbing through her skull. She was out cold before her body could slump to the floor.

Coming to an undetermined amount of time later Julie found herself in a strange room, laying on her back on a small bed. Sitting upright the reporter groaned from the pain shooting from her forehead, quickly reminding the female of what had happened and where she was – which appeared to be one of the ship’s numerous cabins. Gingerly touching her forehead the injured woman found it very sore but thankfully sans a giant bump, which hopefully meant the damage wasn’t too great. Blinking her eyes a few times to realign herself the young woman shakily stood up and lurched over to a mirror fastened against the wall. Checking herself over Julie was surprised to see no visible evidence of her fall on her face, her forehead clear of any markings or cuts whatsoever. Head slowly clearing up from the fog of her blackout Julie noticed she was wearing a thick white robe over her.

“Wonder where this came from,” she questioned while opening the robe up, only to quickly pull it shut again with a start at what she found underneath.

‘What in the hell?’ the reporter wondered with alarm as she found herself completely bare beneath the robe, not a stitch of her outfit from earlier remaining. ‘What happened to me while I was out? Where are my clothes?’

Clutching the robe tightly about her the bewildered woman looked about the room for her outfit, but searching the few drawers found them to be void of any items. Quietly opening the door to her room the robe-clad female peeked her head out, hoping to catch someone walking so she could demand her clothes back as well as get an explanation of what was going on. Finding the hallways deserted she sighed, knowing what needed to come next.

“Be strong, Julie,” she whispered as she gingerly stepped barefoot into the hallway, closing the door to her temporary recovery room behind her. Looking down she saw long slender legs exposed nearly to mid-thigh as the robe she had on was not all that long, a length she would never willingly go out in public with.. Nervously tugging on the hem of her quaint apparel before cinching the small cloth belt – the only thing keeping her unrestrained breasts covered at the moment – the over-exposed reporter started out down the hallway in search of some answers, hoping to god that actual clothes were one of them.

Part 2

Aimlessly wandering the corridors with only a robe to cover her youthful assets Julie frantically searched the empty living quarters for answers on why she no longer retained any of her clothes, her memory after hitting her head only starting up again after waking up in the cabin room. Sharply turning the corner the young woman ran into none other than the Admiral himself, pressing up against him as the two collided mid-stride.

“Whoa there, apologies Ms. Bedford – I was just coming to check up on you,” the older man said with a look of concern written across his face as the two of them untangled. “How are you feeling?”

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