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The date of the wedding was set, my wife and daughter were both bridesmaids and my sons the pageboys. The weekend celebrations were going to be what we needed. We were going to be away from the house for a few nights so we had to make arrangements for our pets, which usually meant kennels, but my wife’s friend Claire ‘much younger than her’ offered to look after the house and pets for the weekend, this offer was accepted gratefully. At 19 years of age this would be an escape for her from her strict family home, time out would be her reward.

My wife was the chief bridesmaid so as custom goes she would spend the night before the wedding with the bride to be, taking my daughter along with her.

The night before the wedding we had arranged that I would pick up Claire on my way home from work. Being a typical man I found great pleasure in admiring Claire’s body as she was a petite young woman with pert tits that stood their ground in their youthful age, backed up with a firm arse that most men would die for; she was perfect, I never made my thoughts of Claire known, why would I?

My wife and I had built our home and family over a few years’ as many busy households go intimacy or sex took a back seat to keeping house or raising the kids, and that meant many a night, week on week I saw the back of my wife in a deep sleep before I even got in to bed. My sex drive never left me from the day I first felt the feeling of the finer things in life. So to say I was frustrated was an understatement!

On the drive to my House Claire and I made polite conversation, but she was quite a shy girl who never stood out in the crowd for her personality, but boy could you see her for her looks. I had known Claire from when she was about 12 and had never thought of her as I do, but a few years working away from my hometown and Claire maturing made a difference to my views of her. When I returned home and saw before me a young woman with plenty to offer a hot blooded male I was silently craving.

We got to my house and the next 2 hours were spent rushing around making the final arrangements, eating tea then saying farewell to my wife and daughter until the wedding tomorrow. On leaving the house my wife gave me a bottle of my favourite wine and said “relax tonight we will need it, we’ve got a busy day tomorrow” and left with the mandatory kiss on the cheek.

I got the boys ready for bed then sat down to relax as told with my bottle of wine and Claire, I offered her a glass of wine which she accepted. We decided to put on a movie to see the night out and chatted more as the night went on. Claire did start to loosen up and break out of her shell a little, I’m sure due to the wine. The movie was proving to be a poor choice so I decided to go get changed into my joggers to relax some more, on my way back to the room I picked up another bottle of wine and sat down at my computer to illegal bahis check my mail.

I offered Claire another glass of wine, 3 or 4 glasses in and it was clear that she was not much of a drinker, but I did notice a sparkle in her eye, which I dismissed as being a little tipsy. On checking my mail I got through the usual spam, junk and work related stuff and then got on to my usual raft of mail from friends and family. Of all the mail I saw I picked on the few I got from my brother in law and watched the usual videos of mishaps, stupidity and amazing feats that go round on email every day. I think my brother in law has nothing to do, as I never have time to find such things on the Internet.

Anyway my last video from him was labelled cool! Ok so I clicked on the ‘cool’ clip to find myself staring at two oriental beauties in the throws of a 69er, for any hot-blooded male this is perfect, but it does bring about the mandatory hard on!

Unbeknown to myself Claire had perched herself on the chair arm and was watching the clip with me, probably aware of the quickly growing bulge in my joggers as I wasn’t trying to hide it because I was oblivious to her sitting there. Engrossed in the clip and the sound of these two women eating each others pussies I found myself really boiling up at which point I would probably have took my cock out and beat it for all it was worth.

Then I felt it, someone sat behind me I turned round to see Claire her chest heaving, as her breathing had got heavy and my embarrassment set in. I quickly stopped the video clip and apologised profusely to Claire to which she said “don’t worry about it I’m 19 now and you seemed to be enjoying it” as she cast her eyes down to my joggers.

Claire stood up and said I’m off to get ready too, naturally at this point I watched the rest of the video and wished there was some better way to release my bursting balls than a quick stroke to orgasm.

Claire walked back into the room wearing what can only be described as a very short fucking nighty; silky and clinging to her sexy body, which was definitely naked under the slip of clothing, I could see her very erect nipples on her perfect tits and wanted to fuck her hard at that very moment, but she was not mine to have. She told me not to stop the video on her account as she regularly watches porn on the Internet too to relive her sexual tensions. That was all the invitation I needed, with a light head about me and a raging erection I opened one of my favourite porn web sites and proceeded to watch videos with Claire.

Claire knew well I had a throbbing cock and made no attempt to cover her very erect nipples that were pushing against the thin silk of her nightdress. I asked her if she liked the videos I was showing her and pressed her to describe how she felt about watching such videos with me. She said she thought it was cool that I was this open illegal bahis siteleri and liked the same things as she did. She said she was very frustrated and was aching all over for attention and wished she had someone to take her ache away. Now I’m not naïve and I think I was getting the message, but her explanation of how she felt turned me on so much so I pressed to find out more. I asked her what she does to relieve herself and she openly admitted she will often put on porn, lock her bedroom door and put a vibrator to work, often lodging it in her arse as she beats away at her clit to finish herself off.

I asked her about the vibrator in her arse and she said well if it’s the only thing you can get in there you have to settle for it. Every emotion inside me told me to grab hold of the girl and fuck her until she pleads with me to stop, but I restrained myself, what a struggle. By now pre cum was leaking out of my cock and seeping onto my joggers again I could see that Claire was aware of this and I know she too was wet as she could not stop her squirming around on the chair arm.

I told Claire I was having a problem with my loins aching badly and that I may need to go to bed soon to take care of the calling in my balls. She too said she was very uncomfortable and may need to do the same. I asked her how long it had been since she last felt a cock inside her and she replied too long.

I asked her if she would like to do something about it, she just replied, “You’re just teasing me”. Showing her my bulge I said does this look like a joke and told her I would love for her to relieve me as I’m sure she would like me to repay the favour. Again she just dismissed this as me toying with her. I said “this is not going anywhere until it is emptied, and if I’m right you would like that to be inside you” to which she said “yes, I’ve watched and wanted you for years”. Claire confessed to wanting me for quite some time now and had always wondered what fucking an older man would be like.

I told Claire to move closer which she did, I then brushed my hands over her erect nipples which immediately sent shivers through both our bodies, but she still was adamant I was playing with her mind and playing her along. I think she knew I was not playing with her when I pressed my lips against hers.

She naturally fell onto our settee and I followed. She put her hands above her head and lay there submitting her body to my devices. That was all I needed.

I removed her nightgown and went straight to her neck kissing and biting it with determination she seemed to enjoy this as her head was rolling and her fingers were in my hair showing their approval. I rolled her nipples in my fingers and kissed her on her lips her breathing got heavier and I wanted to take her there and then, but I wanted this to last. We dream of such beauties in bed and seldom get the chance, it canlı bahis siteleri was going to last.

I started to trail my kiss down her neck to her chest and took her pert tits in my mouth I ate them with a hunger I had not felt for quite a time, I heard her approval with moans and groans expressing that she was pleased with my hunger. I was struggling to hold back and could smell her sex like a drug I wanted to have it so I pushed my fingers in the folds of her pussy and stroked her from top to bottom then back up again, she writhed under me.

I brought my fingers to my mouth and licked them clean, she tasted so good. I pulled myself away from her tits and slowly trailed my tongue down her perfect abdomen tasting her sweat. When I reached her pussy she laid there with a look of anticipation that told me she knew what she was about to receive, she lifted her feet to her arse and dropped her knees apart the sight was beautiful, my tongue probed her inner folds and devoured her silky secretions enthusiastically, oh she tasted too good, she rose to meet my advancing tongue and allowed me to fuck her with it deep. She was gyrating her hips quicker and quicker, which was all I needed to replace my tongue with my bursting cock.

I lifted off and put my cock to her tight hot pussy and stroked her up and down, much to our delight, Claire grabbed my cock and proceeded to angrily brush it up and down her pussy lips like it hadn’t eaten in months then pulled it to her entrance and looked at me as if to say “push it fucking in” I got the message. I slid my cock in her pussy and could not believe how beautifully tight she was, in and out I went ever so slightly more at each stroke until I was buried to the hilt in her inner folds. This was amazing here I was up to my balls in an angel and she was willing me on to fuck her hard.

With my cock in her to the hilt she wrapped her legs high and tight around my back, trapping me until I had pleased her to the end. Our mouths were locked tightly and we kissed with such passion that I fucked like never before. This small figure of a girl had me completely and wanted every part of me for herself. I began a rythmatic thrust into her which was met by her upward jolt every time I got to the hilt; she felt delicious and I knew the end was near for the both of us. Her breathing quickened and her grip on me tightened I wanted her to orgasm before me so I could savour in her juices surrounding my throbbing cock, but I could not hold on, I came with such aggression that it flowed from her pussy as well as filling her inner depths. At such an explosion she tensed and tightened around my cock squeezing me for every drop I could give the she trembled came too, she writhed bucked and screamed a melody that sounded her approval. Our orgasms seemed to last forever our bodies thrashed together for what seemed an eternity. Exhausted and limp we lay there for some time absorbing the act we had just committed, our juices were all over our bodies and the surrounding floor and settee, the smell was exquisite and our night had just begun. I had to have her again, but that is another story…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32