Teach Her A Lesson

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**Disclaimer: The characters in this story are over the age of eighteen, and are not real. Any likeness to anyone in the really real world is just coincidence. Thanks.**


Jack sat on the couch in his sister’s living room, staring at the door she’d just disappeared to, a scowl forming on his face. Fucking bitch, he thought to himself. She was going too far this time. He’d had enough of her teasing, it was time she learned a lesson. Learned her place. He stood and walked over to the door to her room, testing the handle. She hadn’t locked it. Stupid slut, she probably knew what was coming, that’s why she didn’t lock the door, she wanted it. He opened the door and stepped into the dimly lit bedroom of his little sister, Chase. The door to her closet was opened and he could hear rustling around in there. Quietly, Jack closed the door and went over to the closet, standing in the doorway.

Chase had her back to the door, and was searching through her clothes for something to wear. She still wore the pleated navy blue skirt from her school uniform, though the button up blouse had been abandoned on the floor of her room. She was tall for her age, with a curvy build, nice full hips and large, heavy breasts, and a nice ass. Chase knew she had a nice body, and she used it very much to her advantage, manipulating the boys and the teachers at school, and even her Daddy. She’d only just recently started trying it on her older brother though, because Jack sort of scared her. Sure he was hot, but he was strong, and he was mean, so Chase generally left him alone. Today though, she’d been in a mood and had been teasing him mercilessly since he’d shown up at the house. She grinned to herself as she dug through her clothes, shaking her head slightly. God, he was easy. She hadn’t expected that he was going to cave to her so quick. Oh well! She was getting what she wanted, that’s what mattered.

Jack stood there and watched her, his eyes running slowly over her long frame, then with a sudden, silent quickness, he stepped into the closet and grabbed her up off of her feet, one arm circling strong around her waist, crushing her against his chest, while the other hand moved to cover her mouth to keep her from screaming.

“Little bitch,” he hissed in her ear. “You want to tease me? I’m gonna make you live up to what you promise, you fucking whore.”

Chase gasped when she was grabbed up, kicking and struggling against the hold, but when she bursa escort heard Jack’s words she froze, her eyes widening when she realized it was him, and what was happening. Her heart pounding in her chest, she stayed very still in his arms while he moved back out of the closet and into her room. He set her on her feet at the foot of her bed, and his hand grabbed onto the back of her neck, hard enough to cause her to whimper in pain, her face scrunching up.

“Don’t fucking move.” He growled at her, then he grabbed the black tie that was laying on the edge of the bed that she had to wear to school up, using it to tie her wrists painfully tight, looping the tie around the post of the bed frame to tie her to it.

“Jack…please…What are you doing? Stop this!” Chase tried to reason with her brother, her voice trembling a bit with fear, and something else she wouldn’t acknowledge.

“Shut the fuck up Chase. You brought this on yourself, stupid slut.” Chase could hear him moving behind her, and started to turn her head to see what he was doing, but a stinging slap to her ass caused her to freeze, stiffening. “Don’t fucking move!”

Jack moved up behind her and pushed the skirt up over her hips, exposing her rear to him, covered in a pair of white cotton panties. He snorted when he saw the underwear and shook his head, grabbing them and roughly yanking them down off of her hips. Once he had them off of her, he picked them up and lifted them to his nose, sneering as he smelled the musky scent of her sex.

“Having fun, are you? You should like this then.” He stuffed the underwear into her mouth to gag her, grinning when he saw the tears gleaming in her wide blue eyes as she stared at him, whimpering softly. Then he stepped back and looked over her naked body, his eyes lingering on her ass, and what he could see of her smooth, hairless sex. He traced a finger lightly, teasingly down her spine, grinning more as she shivered from the touch. He moved his hand between her legs, pushing a finger in between her lower lips, seeking out her clit none too gently. He started to rub her clit, pressing his still jean covered groin against her hip, grinding his erection against her as he fingered her.

Chase closed her eyes, shuddering and sighing softly in pleasure as he started to finger her, her legs trembling as she fought the urge to rock her hips against his hand, wanting to seek out more from him, even though everything in her was bursa escort bayan screaming for him to stop, that this was wrong, on so many different levels. He continued to finger her and soon her hips were rocking slightly against his hand as she bowed her head, her long brown hair curtaining around her face to hide her as she flushed in shame, feeling the tension of impending release build in her stomach, her nipples hardening, aching with a need to be touched as well.

Just as she started to near her release, Jack stopped, moving away from her. Her eyes flew open and she moaned into the gag as she shifted on her feet, panting for breath, nostrils flaring, but she didn’t dare look to see where he had gone or what he was doing. Behind her, she heard the soft hiss of his leather belt being pulled off, and she moaned again, hoping he would fuck her now, horrified with herself for wishing for such a thing, but she couldn’t help it, her pussy was aching to be filled by now.

Jack watched her as she tried to stay still, shaking his head with a smirk. Little bitch wants to get fucked, he thought. He looped his belt in his hands and smiles faintly, his gaze resting on her ass. Well. She’d get what she wanted, but she was going to get it the way -he- wanted it.

With no warning, Jack brought the belt down on Chase’s ass with a hard blow, causing her to jump and yelp in surprised pain, her back arching as she lifts up onto her toes, her chest heaving as she tried to catch her breath. Blow after blow was rained down on her poor ass until Chase was screaming into the gag in her mouth, tears streaming down her face. Desperately, she pressed herself against the post of the bed frame to hold herself up, her thighs and her ass hurting more than she ever thought possible as he continued to beat her with his belt. Then, when Chase was near the point of collapsing, Jack stopped. Sobbing, she slumped against the post, her whole body shaking, her thighs and ass bright red from the blows dealt to her.

Jack dropped the belt onto the floor and stepped up to her, his hands moving to her ass to softly rub the heated, red and raw flesh, massaging her with a surprising tenderness. She flinched from his touch at first, yelping again, but soon enough she was standing still, slowly calming down as he soothed her aching body. After a few minutes, Jack slipped a hand between her legs once more to run his fingers lightly over her sex, not at all surprised escort bursa to find her dripping wet and ready for him. He unfastened his jeans and pushed them down, pulling out his cock. He moves in close to her once more and rubs the head of his cock teasingly over her sex, smiling when he heard her soft whimper of desire as her hips pressed back towards him. He moved his hands around to her breasts to cup them, lifting them and tweaking her nipples sharply as he presses himself against her. Nuzzling at her shoulder, Jack leans in closer to her, moving his mouth to her ear as he lifts a hand to pull her underwear out of her mouth.

“Tell me you want me to fuck you, Chase. Tell me what a slut you are, that you want your brother to fuck the shit out of you..”

Working her aching jaw, it takes Chase a moment before she answered him quietly, her voice hoarse from her earlier screams.

“I do, Jack…oh I do…. Please fuck your dirty little sister’s pussy… Fill me up with your come, treat me like the slut that I am, Jack, please….”

Biting her neck sharply, Jack moved his hands to her hips, gripping her tightly as he slides the head of his thick cock into her, rocking just a bit back and forth to tease her. Then his fingers tighten on her hips, holding her steady, and he slammed himself into her balls deep, filling her up with one full thrust, causing her to cry out in pain, her body shuddering as she tried to pull away. Fiercely, Jack held onto her hips and started pounding her pussy, his cock burying fully into her, then pulling all the way back out, grinding over her g-spot with each rough thrust.

Chase writhed against him as he abused her sex, crying out with each thrust into her body he made. The sharp pain of his thrusts was coupled with an even sharper pleasure as he continued, and she felt herself rapidly approaching release. She started to move with his thrusts, panting for breath as she pushed her hips back to meet his thrusts, taking him into her as deeply as she possibly could.

With just a few more thrusts like this, Chase was swept over the edge into her release and she screamed out in pleasured pain, her hips bucking against him, muscles spasming around his cock as she comes hard on him, grinding back desperately against him as she tried automatically to draw more of him into her. Jack froze, groaning as she came, his fingers tightening still more on her hips, surely leaving bruises, then with his eyes squeezed tightly closed, he thrust into her a few more times, short, sharp thrusts, before he was coming too, his cock twitching as it loosed his seed deep inside her, her muscles milking him for every single drop he could give her.

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