StepDaughter’s Plan Pt. 06

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Stepdaughter’s Plan Pt6

I sat there completely shocked now. Jill admitting to being a willing cum bucket is something I never thought I would hear her say about herself.

It was going to be an interesting weekend.

Jill turned back to Amy and said, “So what time are your darling daughters coming back tonight. I am so excited to see those sweet little kitties of theirs?”

Amy said, “Would we be sitting here naked if they were due home anytime soon? I told them not to come back until after three pm tomorrow.”

“Oh, I just figured we would all be hanging out together the entire weekend. I haven’t spent any time with the girls in ages. I am very excited to spend some quality one on one time with them. Plus I want to tell Meg about the lovely apartment I rented for her in Madrid, she is going to love living in Spain,” Jill said as she turned to me with a lusty look in her eyes.

Did Jill expect to have sex with Maddy and Meg? Not that both the girls hadn’t already expressed interest in getting naked with Jill, but still that was pretty presumptuous of her, I thought.

Amy shocked me when I heard her say, “Jill, I know I told you we would hang out with the girls and we will, but I wanted some time alone, just the three of us. Besides, I doubt you are done with John already.”

Jill looked at me and crawled across the bed to me and wrapped her hand around my cock.

“What say stud, you ready to fuck me again? My cunt is a little sore, but a little pain will be worth the pleasure your fat cock delivers,” Jill said as she pulled me onto the bed and on top of her.

My cock was instantly hard, throbbing, and ready to be buried in Jill’s tight little pink taco.

Jill pulled me down to her and we kissed long and deep.

When we broke off the kiss Jill moaned out to Amy, “My love you need to go get another bottle of champagne. I want to drink it from your hot cunt hole while John fills my pussy with his fat cock.”

Jill looked up at me and said, “Hey handsome, do me from behind while I enjoy a taste of Champagne from your sexy wife’s sweet pink taco.”

I don’t know what it is, but hearing a sexy lady use the word cunt just turns me on to no end. Especially ladies that I know would normally never use that word in a derogatory manner towards another woman or even around another woman.

Jill throwing the word around had the usual effect on my cock, I was rock hard and ready to fill her hot pink hole with my shaft.

Jill rolled over onto her hands and knees and propped her ass up in the air.

Damn, she has a nice ass and pussy. Her swollen pink lips were peeking out between her puffy brown slit.

I quickly moved up behind her and began rubbing my cock head up and down between her swollen slit. I was leaking precum already and it mixed with her wetness giving me easy access to her tight hole.

Jill moaned out, “MMM handsome go slow and easy, I almost passed out the last time you stuffed that fat cock in me. I want to enjoy it as long as I can while I sip champagne from your wife’s luscious pink taco.”

Amy came back out half skipping across the patio to us, her tit’s jiggling and bouncing with every skip. She was smiling from ear to ear and holding two bottles of champagne.

“Wow, that is such a hot sight. My two favorite people, about to get it on. Jill, you going to be able to have your cunt stuffed full of my husband’s long fat cock and drink champagne at the same time?” Amy said in her husky slutty voice.

“I am going to give it my best shot, I hope I don’t pass out this time, I almost did last time,” Jill hissed out in a similar tone to her voice as Amy’s.

Amy set one bottle down on the side table and then crawled on the bed in front of Jill and spread her legs. Amy pulled up two of the big pillows we have on the bed and laid back against them so she was in a partial sitting position.

Jill buried her face in Amy’s pussy as soon as Amy stopped moving and got settled.

“Oh Fuck, you bitch, you know exactly what my cunt likes. Have some champagne with that box lunch,” Amy grunted out as she dribbled champagne down the front of her mound and down between her swollen lips.

“Oh, that’s cold on my clit and cunt lips,” Amy said, half grunting and half giggling.

Jill lapped it up as she moaned out, “mmm cunt and champagne, a delicious pairing.”

I was still rubbing my cock head up and down between Jill’s now fully swollen and extended pink lips, stopping at her opening now and then and teasing it as I pressed into her. Jill would let out a deep groan of pleasure into Amy’s pussy every time I teased the opening of her hot fuck hole. Then I would run my cock head down to her clit and press it against her clit and rub it around in tiny circles.

Jill’s toes had started to curl up and her thighs started quivering already. I thought, dang she is going cum before I get inside her.

I ran my cock head up to her hot wet hole and pushed into her. I met resistance but kept a steady pressure against her opening.

“Oh Girne Escort fuck, Amy your husband’s going inside cunt again,” Jill moaned out in a deep raspy voice.

Amy was looking at me and she had the sexiest expression on her face as she mouthed the words, “I love you.”

I smiled and mouthed the words back to her, how could I not? Amy is the love of my life and would be even if I wasn’t about to sink my throbbing shaft into her gorgeous best friend’s tight wet fuck hole.

I pushed into Jill with a little more force and her hole opened and swallowed my fat cock head. I held my cock head just inside her tight opening, giving Jill time to adjust to having her little taco stretched open.

Jill let out a soft scream of pleasure into Amy’s pussy when she felt the head of my cock stretch her tight lips open and my fat cock began to enter her hole.

Amy had one hand in Jill’s long black hair and was gently stroking Jill’s head as Jill continued licking and sucking the champagne from Amy’s engorged pussy. Amy held the bottle of champagne in her other hand and continued to slowly drip champagne down her swollen slit for Jill to lick up.

I pushed into Jill harder and sank half of my shaft into her tight pussy.

“Mother fucker that feels good, keep going,” Jill grunted into Amy’s pussy. She never lifted her mouth from Amy’s pussy, and just kept on eating out Amy’s swollen vagina and sucking up the champagne.

I withdrew my shaft until just the head was left inside Jill and with one long hard thrust, I buried my entire seven-inch shaft balls deep inside her hungry tight hole.

“Oh fuck, yeah. Amy your husband has my cunt stretched so tight around his fat cock,” Jill moaned and attempted to say something else but her climax hit her and she started her orgasmic routine. Jill’s entire body tensed and went rigid and at the same time her vaginal walls clamped down on my shaft. She was frozen like this for several seconds and then she went limp and collapsed onto Amy.

Amy looked at me and tossed me one of the big pillows and said, “Shove this under her tummy Babe, so you can keep fucking this bitch’s horny tight cunt.”

Jill was still in orgasm land and completely pliable to me lifting her hips and pushing the pillow under her stomach. Her ass and pussy was in just the right position now for me to continue sliding my shaft in and out of her pussy.

“Fuck that cunt babe, she is such a horny Latina punta. Don’t stop. That cunt needs a thorough pounding. Make her scream,” Amy grunted out in her deep slutville voice.

Jill had recovered from round one of her climax and moaned out, “I am a slut for your husband, you bitch. My cunt is so full, fuck me like a dirty little slut your wife made me into. Fuck I love it.”

Jill tensed up again and proceeded to ride out another orgasm. Going rigid and her pussy clamped down on my cock until she went limp again. This time the pillow held her ass and snatch up in the fucking position so I kept right on hammering away at her tight hole.

Amy’s eyes were the size of saucers as she watched me fuck her best friend. Amy continued to hold and stroke Jill’s hair the entire time, feeding Jill champagne from her cunt.

“Fuck that cunt John, fill it up with your thick cum. She wants it, put it deep inside that pink taco,” Amy hissed out.

Jill had stopped eating out Amy’s pussy and was now in a constant state of orgasmic euphoria.

I was close and Amy could tell it by the look on my face and pace at which was now pounding away at Jill’s tight fuck hole.

“Get ready bitch. That sweet, tasty taco of yours is about to get filled with my hubby’s thick gooey cum,” Amy moaned out.

Jill was lost to the world when I unloaded inside her. I emptied what little cum I had left in my balls deep inside Jill and then pulled out of her tight hole leaving her laying with her legs spread and my cum leaking out of her pink slit.

Amy motioned for me to come to her and I crawled over to her on my knees. She grabbed my cock and with the devilish smile of hers that I have come to love, she sucked my cock into her mouth. Cleaning up every inch of my shaft and balls.

It was close to eight pm now and besides being totally spent, I was starving. We all snuggled on the bed for a while. I think I even dozed off for a bit of time.

“Ladies, are either of you hungry?” I asked as I climbed off the bed.

Jill and Amy were cuddled up together now. It was quite a sight, seeing these two gorgeous ladies laying naked on the bed. Jill freshly fucked, her head on Amy’s chest and her legs splayed open. She looked thoroughly content and happy.

Amy said, “I could eat something, how about you sexy lady?”

Jill purred out, “Mmm I seemed to have worked up an appetite as well, not that the pussy and cum wasn’t filling on its’s own.”

Amy had started to move around and get between Jill’s legs when she said, “John just order something for all of us. Fish tacos sound good. I am about dive into one now as a matter of fact.”

I Kıbrıs Escort watched my sexy wife bury her face in her best friend’s puffy pink snatch. Jill immediately let out a scream of pleasure when Amy’s tongue found her clit.

Amy had her ass up in the air and even as well as Jill had just fucked me, my cock sprang to attention at the sight of my wife’s luscious pussy. I climbed on the bed behind my wife and was about to grab her hips so I could sink my shaft into her sweet wet honey pot when she said, “Babe, I thought you were going to go order us dinner? You can’t have dessert first.”

I paid no attention to her, knowing she wanted me inside her pussy as much as I wanted to be inside her.

It was a rather quick frantic fuck on my part and I climaxed just as Amy brought Jill to another earth-shattering climax.

During our time in the lifestyle, we had never come across a multi-orgasmic woman. Jill was the very definition of it. She could cum over and over without stopping. It was extremely hot and erotic.

I pulled out of my wife’s pussy and rolled off the bed and headed into the house. Amy never stopped eating out Jill and the two of them kept at it until I heard Jill scream out for Amy to stop.

Jill was a mess. Her hair was matted to her head from sweat, her legs were trembling and she was making soft little murmuring sounds of contentment as she attempted to collect herself from the constant climaxes she had received from both Amy and me.

The food arrived and the three of us enjoyed dinner outside by the pool. My cock was in a constant chubby state. Jill is a beautiful woman and Amy’s praise of what a stunning figure Jill has was spot on.

After dinner, Amy noticing my chubby cock said, “Well Jill you ready for another round? John has a nice hard cock for your pussy or mouth. Which will it be?”

Jill looked over at me while she reached out and grabbed my cock, “John, can I take a rain check on this? You and your wife exhausted me; I need eight hours of sleep for round two. I am sorry, but my pussy isn’t used to being so thoroughly fucked and stretched, I felt like a virgin the first time you stuffed it in my vagina today.”

Amy put her hand on Jill’s and said, “Oh honey, nothing to be sorry for. We have you all weekend. There is plenty of time for the three of us to enjoy the pleasure of each other.”

Jill smiled and while giggling said, “Weekend? I am here until Tuesday, I plan on being as big a slut as you by then, you sexy bitch.”

Not sure why I was feeling disappointed that I couldn’t shove my cock into Jill’s tight snatch right now, but I was. Jill was going to be here for four more days, there would be plenty of time to bury my cock in her tight little snatch and if not her snatch, her mouth and throat.

I was daydreaming about bending her over and plowing into her pink hole when Amy smacked me and said, “Hey you still with us? Let’s clean up and go watch some TV in bed.”

Jill jumped up and began cleaning the table. Watching her tight lean naked body moving around the dining room with such grace only made my cock harder. She moved like a ballerina, with no wasted movements and she was so light on her feet she looked like she was floating.

Amy came over to me and whispered in my ear, “Isn’t she beautiful? She looks like a dark-haired angel, doesn’t she? That ass of hers is the definition of perfect.”

Amy was gushing as she watched Jill move.

I was about to respond when Amy giggled and said, “horny dark-haired cum bucket angel.”

I wanted to stand up and help but my cock was throbbing now and dripping precum.

Amy seeing my situation pushed my chair back and straddled me. She reached down and aimed my cock at her swollen pussy. With cat-like movement, Amy shifted her pelvis and she took my entire seven-inch long fat cock balls deep in her hot pussy.

“Oh fuck yeah that’s it, baby,” I said as I grabbed her by her hips and pushed her back and forth on my shaft, and felt the head of my cock rub back and forth over her cervix.

Jill came over and stood next to us as she watched Amy slowly grind her pussy back and forth on my shaft.

Jill leaned down and kissed Amy long and hard then turned her attention to me and kissed me long and hard. Her tongue and mine wrapped around each other’s and causing my cock to grow even harder.

“MMM thank you, Jill. That kiss made John’s cock even fatter inside my cunt,” Amy purred out.

Jill broke off the kiss and looked at Amy smiling.

Amy reached out and ran her hand up between Jill’s thighs until she got to Jill’s pussy.

“MMM it seems your sweet cunt is even wetter than mine, you horny little cum bucket,” Amy giggled as she fingered Jill.

Jill leaned down and took one of Amy’s hard nipples in her mouth causing Amy to moan out in pleasure and at the same time pick up the pace of her grinding on my shaft.

Amy pushed Jill away and said, “Get on the table girl, I need to eat that sweet cunt of yours.”

Jill complied Kıbrıs Escort immediately. She got up on the table, laid back on her elbows, and spread her legs.

Amy jumped off my cock and bent over the table to eat Jill’s tight little pink slit and at the same time spread her legs and offered her pussy to me.

I stood up behind Amy and buried my shaft in her with one long hard thrust, which pushed Amy’s face into Jill’s pussy.

“My pussy is yours, my love. You really know your way around my pussy,” Jill moaned out.

Amy was devouring Jills pussy as I slowly began driving my shaft in and out of my wife’s hot wet pussy. Amy met every one of my balls deep thrust with a grunt.

It wasn’t long before Jill was screaming with a leg-shaking orgasm, which sent Amy over the edge and into her own orgasm. It was a very intense orgasm, her legs were shaking and she was pounding the table with her free hand, if I hadn’t been holding onto Amy’s hips I think she would have collapsed and slid off the table onto the floor.

I was right on the edge of blowing my load in my wife when she pulled off of me and moved over and sat down in one of the dining room chairs.

Jill was still on the table with her legs spread and her tight little pink snatch now had my full attention.

I was just about to pull her to the edge of the table so I could bury my cock in her cunt when Amy said, “Hey cum bucket, John has something for you to swallow, take care of him.”

I was a little disappointed as I watched Jill move around on the table and get into a position with her head hanging off the edge of the table and her mouth wide open.

Well, I couldn’t be too upset as I looked down at Jill’s gorgeous naked body with her mouth open. This time I knew exactly what she wanted and how to give to her.

I stuffed my cock in her mouth and she immediately grabbed the back of my thighs again and pulled me into her.

“Fuck that pretty mouth of hers, Babe, she loves a mouth full of cum. Don’t be so gentle this time babe, fuck that mouth the way that horny little cum bucket likes,” Amy purred out.

Amy had moved around to the other side of the table and spread Jill’s legs and began eating her out again.

“Keep going, Babe. She is so wet, her pussy looks like it is going to explode she is so turned on,” Amy said as she looked up at me, her face glazed with Jill’s pussy wetness.

My balls were now slapping against Jill’s forehead every time I drove my shaft into Jill’s wide open mouth and own her throat. Every time I buried my cock in her throat I could see the shape of my cock expanding her throat.

I watched as Jill’s body tensed up and she dug her fingernails into the tabletop. She was cumming and it caused her to suck my cock into her mouth and throat even harder.

That sent me over the edge as my balls exploded what little cum I had left in my balls. After the fuckings I had received earlier in the day, I doubt I had much cum in my balls, but it sure felt like a big load and Jill sucked down every drop

Jill pulled her mouth off my cock near the end of my orgasm and let the last couple of squirts land in her mouth which she held there.

Jill sat up straight on the table, opened her mouth to show Amy the load I had just deposited in her mouth.

Amy’s eyes were as big as saucers as Jill made an exaggerated motion of swallowing my cum.

“MMMM yummy. I love you both. Thank you so much. I needed this time with you two more than I realized. I swear I saw stars just now,” Jill said with tears in her eyes and a smile on her face.

Amy helped Jill off the table and gave her a long hug and kiss.

In the middle of the hug, Amy said, “Babe, get over here.”

I joined the hug and the two ladies sandwiched me in the middle, not a bad place to be, I thought. Even having just blown a ball-draining load in Jill’s mouth my cock twitched when I felt the soft warm skin from these two sexy ladies against me.

Jill said, “I don’t know why, but suddenly I am exhausted. Which room am I sleeping in tonight?”

Amy laughing said, “I’m not surprised you are exhausted, how many orgasms did you have? I think I counted six at least. Which room? You’re sleeping with me and John, my love.”

Jill smiling said, “Amy, as much as I would enjoy that, you and John should have some time alone without me.”

“I don’t mind Jill, you are more than welcome in our bed tonight and whenever you want,” I said, with a little too much excitement in my voice.

“Easy stud, she’s my girlfriend,” Amy said.

“Seriously though Amy, the girls come home tomorrow and I am going to be the voice of reason here, if I get in bed with you and John we won’t get any sleep and I will end up sleeping all day when my little kittens get here. I am very excited to see them,” Jill said.

I looked at Amy and thought, does Jill know both girls want to get naked with Jill? Was Jill planning on having sex with both Maddy and Meg? Suddenly my head was swimming with questions about what would happen when the girls get here tomorrow. Both Meg and Maddy have more than hinted that they find Jill attractive and would like to get naked with her. Hell, they both have had sex with their mom and me, why would they be shy around Jill. I felt my cock growing hard with the all wild scenarios running around my perverted mind.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32