Small Town Girls with Big Ideas Ch. 03

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Alex and “his monster” were ready for the town’s most beautiful girl!

[This is the third of a three part series of how three beautiful small town girls from Websterville conned the fourth of their quartet to allow them to sample her boyfriend charms. You really should read the two previous stories to fully understand how this saga built up to this point. In this final chapter, Shari seems to have missed her to chance to share Cindy’s boyfriend, Alex, the exceptionally endowed and most sought after man in town. The term “sharing” takes on a whole new meaning when each of the girls manages an evening to experience for themselves what Cindy had boasted about concerning Alex’s dimensions. Poor Cindy was simply trying to prove her boastful description of Alex was an accurate portrayal …. and later agreed to allow them, one-by-one a chance to prove her words were the truth. They each got their chance to experience what a carefree Cindy had been enjoying all along, well, except for prim and proper Shari. You can find Part 1 and 2 listed under the pen name of Softassilk, listed under the author’s heading in Literotica. Enjoy the stories and pass along any constructive comments you might have .However if you are not into stories of this nature, hopefully you’ll find something more to your liking elsewhere in another category. There is such a wonderful variety and so much to chose from in the over 130,000 stories that have been submitted by other amateur writers.]

The cast of girls:

Cindy … the one with the BIG boyfriend, Alex, who everyone wanted

Sally … athletic and active was the first girlfriend to sample Alex.

Liz …. the town tuffy and the one who made words work for her.

And Shari … the poor little rich girl who hadn’t gotten her shot at Alex.

Four girls, all attractive, all well figured and all full of maturing sexual curiosity from the little town of Websterville. As chapter 3 begins, all had just graduated from Webster High and summer was upon them ….

Part Three: Shari’s big opportunity!

Things seemed to quiet down after graduation and summer jobs to earn money for college quickly became the yardstick to measure a successful summer. Work was a great motivator, occupying both their minds and time. All were prepared to head out for college in a couple of months, well, all except for Cindy. Despite their tight work schedules there were occasional evening trips to the gravel pit to party, usually every other week or so, and, they all had a weekly movie date at the drive-in with their steadies, but the schedules they had maintained during high school were already beginning to show major changes.

On one hand, Cindy and Alex continued their hot and heavy relationship, but both Sally and Liz had talked privately, contemplating ending their romances with their current steadies because they were headed for college and both girls were anticipating new and fertile territories once they arrived on their respective campuses. The local boys seemed so immature by comparison to the “college men” they’d met during their orientation weeks and they were already making plans to be “noticed by these older, sophisticated men” once college began in late August.

Those were the things that were happening with Sally and Liz! Cindy, however, was planning to stay in Websterville, hoping getting a good and permanent paying job and hopeful that Alex would be soon asking her to marry him. Cindy’s financial situation at home really precluded any serious consideration for going away to college, but the prospect of keeping Alex in tow as a permanent lover was at the very top of her list of great expectations. And, besides, she was not all that interested in college anyway!

That left Shari, the well-to-do, upper crust young woman and by far the most beautiful of the quartet with her plans not yet finalized. She had always thought she would attend State College and had been accepted last winter for the fall term, but her parents announced they had other ideas. They felt that because of their “status” in the community that their daughter should go to prominent college out East to get a proper education and hopefully to snare a fine young man from a “family of prominence” and marry him soon after she graduated from college. Needless to say, Shari was not happy about their intervention and she had become a bit rebellious as summer approached! Her behavior was totally out of character and her Mother was at her wits end and her Father was about to lower the boom, ending all discussion on the matter. Being the President of the Websterville State Bank and at the very pinnacle of Websterville society, he was not about to allow his beautiful but naive eighteen year old daughter dictate to them what her careen path was going to be. After all, they knew what was best for her.

Many a night Shari lay in bed these past few months, thinking about her future and wondering just how it would all turn out. On one particularly depressing night she began to think about the fact that she had even been denied her chance to “be with Alex.” She was the only one of the group Yozgat Escort who’d been denied the experience and once she had heard the provocative details the encounters from both Sally and Liz, she became even more annoyed that she’d been skipped over. Being the daughter of the bank president in a small town like Websterville really sucked, she thought. She always seemed to be missing out on the really fun stuff because of her parent’s “status!” Cindy, on the other hand, who came from literally nothing had Alex as her steady and both Sally and Liz had made sure they got their romps with him but none of the three seemed the least bit concerned that she’d been passed over. She conjectured, as she laid there sulking, that if she was more of a slut like Cindy and especially like Liz maybe those things would drop in her lap as they seemed to for them. “Dammit,” she said aloud to herself, “if they can do it, so can I!!” And so it was with that determination and resolve, Shari began to put together a plan that would land her in Alex’s arms … literally in the sack with him, for at least one hot evening of sex, she fantasied, maybe even more!

The following Monday, Shari ran into Liz at the drug store and after the usual small talk, she reminded Liz she had not had her shot at Alex. “Oh, Shari,” Liz began in a rather bored, monotone … “that’s all behind us now. Don’tcha think it’s a little late to be bringing that up again?” Shari obviously thought differently! Sure, Liz had had her time with him, but now all she did was suggest that maybe it was too late for Shari to be thinking about having some time with him. That was so typical of Liz. She could rationalize anything, Shari thought to herself! Shari could feel the hackles stand up on the back of her neck at Liz’s insensitive comment. This was “so Liz,” thinking only about herself and then to say “screw you” when the time came to consider anyone else’s feelings. But those cold words only made Shari more determined than ever. She WAS NOT going to be left out of the loop, missing something the other two had already shared and obviously thoroughly enjoyed!

Shari had not forgotten that she had loaned Cindy $100 dollars back in November so she could buy a fancy party dress she desperately wanted for the Fall Frolic Dance. She was that much short and had come to Shari almost teary eyed seeking her help at the last minute. Shari had thought the dress was hideous looking, a terrible color on Cindy and way too revealing in front and way too many rhinestones, but, Cindy said she couldn’t even think of going to the dance with Alex if she didn’t have that dress. In a weak moment, Shari had withdrawn $100 out of her own savings account and loaned it to Cindy. Well, she would call in that loan right now …. but considering Cindy probably couldn’t begin to come up with that amount on the spot, maybe, just maybe, they could work something out involving Alex. After all, Shari felt strongly she was still entitled to her time with Alex. At this point she began to think of the loan as an investment, something that was still available to her, kind of like something on lay-away. Maybe Cindy would begin to consider that as an easy way to pay off her loan!

One morning Shari “happened” by the library where Cindy was working and suggested Cindy join her for lunch the next day, Shari’s treat! Cindy agreed and on Thursday they met for lunch at the Big Boy. After some typical gossip, Shari informed her that she would have to repay the loan now because she would be needing it for college expenses. Cindy’s face dropped like a ton of bricks. She had been saving every penny she could for a down payment on an apartment she and Alex were going to get at the end of summer. They weren’t planning to get married just yet, but she had convinced her Mother that living with Alex for six months would be a good trial run for marriage, not wanting to make the mistake her Mother had nineteen years earlier. Cindy had been tucking away $50 a week toward her half of the required $800 two month deposit. But taking out another $100 over that same period of time would simply be impossible. She began to cry.

“Oh, Shari,” she began, “do you have any idea how important this is to me … and to Alex, too! We are just beginning our lives together but if I have to take out that additional $100 now we may never get our apartment. Alex gets very short with me when it comes to finances. I have promised him we could move into a better place than he currently has and I agreed to pay half of everything.” Shari looked at this heartbroken friend, wondering if she could possibly go through with the plan.

“Is there any way I could delay paying it all at once?” Cindy asked haltingly and then began crying again. Shari felt like a schmuck, but she also knew that Cindy could turn on the tears on short notice. Time to waltz out Plan B, Shari thought with a hidden sneer.

“Well, Cindy, maybe we can work out something to satisfy your debt.” Immediately, Cindy’s stopped crying as she blinked through her tears, waiting for Shari to continue, hoping to hear words that would get Yozgat Escort Bayan the monkey off her back!

“Do you remember an arrangement we had some time ago when it was agreed the three of us were all supposed to get to spend some time with Alex after your big boast about his size?” Shari began. Slowly Cindy nodded her head and a slight smile crept across her face. She had often wondered to herself if Shari had forgotten about the promise and recalled how often Alex had asked if Shari was ever going to collect. Eventually, they had concluded that perhaps Shari thought she was above it all and had blown off the whole idea. At the same time, Cindy was unaware how often Alex had fantasized about it, almost daily, in fact, but he didn’t want to ask Cindy too often for fear of leaving an impression with her that he really had the hots for the most beautiful girl in the school. But, oh, how he had fantasized about sampling some of that absolutely georgous body with those incredible boobs. No, no, no! Alex HAD DEFINITELY NOT forgotten!

Cautiously, Cindy eased the conversation ahead. “Well,” she asked, pausing, “what exactly did you have in mind, Shari?” Shari sensed Cindy’s relief when she mentioned there might be a possible alternative way for loan to be resolved. Cindy straw made that gurgling, sucking sound as she hit to bottom of her cherry Coke. Anxiously, she held her breath, waiting for Shari’s response to her question as she looked at her friend over the rim of her fountain glass.

“Well, I have to tell you, I was really hurt when the other two girls got to have their time with Alex and openly talked about it and I was totally left out,” Shari said. “But, you seem to be in a financial bind right now and I was thinking that maybe you and I could put that original plan back together for me and I, well, I mean, if we could, you know, … I might consider the loan paid in full. I hope it doesn’t offend you, Cindy, but I would also like to have my evening with Alex, too! What do you think?”

Suddenly the weight of the world seemed to be lifted from Cindy’s shoulders. She knew right away that Alex would agree to it and she was certainly more than willing, but she didn’t want to appear too eager to give some of Alex away either. Once again there was that over-powering horny feeling inside Cindy that was causing her blood pressure to rise at the thought of seeing Alex intimately involved with one of her three friends as part of a threesome with Alex and her. She had gotten so hot watching him please the other two girls when they had their time with him. It had reached the point where both she and Alex got extremely turned on when he would play with someone else and she could watch him in action. Afterward, they had the wildest sex together and Cindy was getting excited again at the prospect of being personally involved in another threesome! Hiding her own excitement, Cindy continued, “Well, I suppose we could work out something like that, Shari. I’ll have to check with Alex, of course. Oh, and where were you thinking this might happen,” she inquired, “and when?”

Now it was Shari’s turn to look away in an effort to hide a smile. “Well, you know my parents always leave town for ten days to the State-wide Banking Convention in late July and early August and I’ll have the whole house to myself. I think that might be the perfect time.” And so a tentative plan unfolded, providing a chance for Shari to get her time with Alex, and, for Cindy to get out from under the debt she’d worried about for months.

The next major hurdle for Shari was to convince her parents that at 18 she did not need a chaperon for the ten days they were to be gone. Her Father had made that chaperon rule years ago when she was much younger and it was never to be questioned. They had always hired Miss Watson, the phys-ed teacher from the junior high school to stay with her during their absence. Miss Watson was a genuine dyke and even when she stayed with Shari, Miss Barnaby, the school librarian always came by later in the evening and, Shari thought, may have even “slept” over on a couple of those nights before slipping away before dawn. It was sickening to Shari the way they couldn’t seem to keep their hands off each other when they thought Shari wasn’t looking. She had sneaked back downstairs after going to bed, peeking in on them and watched them kissing and groping in the den on more than one occasion. As she got older she was relieved that they didn’t try to involve her in any of their dykey games!

“Mom,” she started, “when you and Daddy are gone for the convention this summer, please don’t ask Miss Watson come to stay with me. I promise I WILL NOT have any parties while you are gone and if there are ever more than two cars parked here, Miss Watson AND Miss Barnaby can both come investigate, okay? It is so embarrassing to have a baby sitter at my age. I may have Cindy or Liz or Sally over for a swim and a Coke, but I don’t want anyone here for partying, okay?” Her Mother’s left eyebrow arched upward in the midst of that conversation! “What exactly were you inferring when you Escort Yozgat said ‘Miss Barnaby’ could also come along with Miss Watson to check to make sure there was no partying going on if there were too many cars out front? Why would Miss Barnably be with her?”

After pausing for a moment to state her case carefully, Shari continued. “Mom, you must to be aware that those two have to be lesbians. Everyone in school thinks so. While you are gone, Miss Watson always has Miss Barnaby over later in the evening. Once I saw them kissing, but they’ve never tried to include me. Now please don’t go off and make this into a big deal with Daddy, but I’m getting older now and I just don’t want them here while you are gone.” After a long and thoughtful silence, her Mother nodded and agreed she’d try to convince her Father that it was not necessary to hire Miss Watson this summer.

So the stage was set for Shari to have her time with Alex. Shari began to carefully plan every detail for the night and how she wanted to have everything “come together” when Cindy and Alex came to spend the night.

– – – – – – – – — – – – — – – – — – – – — – – — – – – — – – – – – —

Alex and Cindy were in his apartment a couple of days later when Cindy broached the subject of Shari.

Cindy sounded a little nervous as she made her request but Alex played his role perfectly as she spelled out what she had agreed to. “Don’t you give it another thought, Sweetheart,” he chimed in. “I love you and that’s all that matters to me. Somehow I will find a way to get through it with Shari. I did okay with your other two friends, didn’t I? It will be just the three of us, right? You know I would do anything for you, Cindy. Besides, I’ve always wondered what a big banker’s house looked like from the inside, haven’t you? You know, the thought of having breakfast in their kitchen the next morning, maybe all of us still in the nude, really turns me on, Cin! I can’t stop thinking about playing with you in the huge house. I can’t wait to go skinny dipping with the two of you in that great pool of theirs, too. I was there once to clean it and I remember thinking I’d love to skinny dip in it. This will be perfect with just us … no big party or anything! You and me will talk about this night for the rest of our lives, don’tcha think?”

Later after Cindy had left for home, Alex cranked up his fantasy imagining about getting together with Shari. He had dreamed about this for at least four years … since the first time he had seen her. She had matured by the ninth grade and every guy in Websterville had a hard-on for her. She had always seemed so sweet and innocent, but Alex wondered if she had ever been had. Walking around with that incredible body, she must have been hit on regularly, despite the fact that her Father was the biggest man in town. As he sat there thinking about it, he sensed a growth in his pants and his hand moved down to grasp it for a minute, relishing in its stiffness and sensations. He couldn’t wait to get his hands on those incredible tits of hers and to see if she’d ever had her pussy eaten. Well, he was certain that she was in for a real treat when he got down to it. Of all the women he’d ever “romanced”, Shari was definitely at the top of his fantasy list. She was the one he’d dreamed about for years and now his dear sweet Cindy was about to make it all happen for him.

– – – – – — – – – — – – – — – – — – – — – – – — – – – — – – — – – –

Finally, the last count down day was marked off her calendar and the time was at hand for her parents to leave for the convention. Shari had become a nervous wreck during the last twenty-four hours and her Mother noticed that her daughter seemed unusually fidgety, making her wonder if Shari was really prepared to be left alone. Shari did her best to convince her Mother that everything was fine and not to worry, growing more and more anxious for them to leave. She would be just fine, she assured her Mother, and it would be good practice for her to spend sometime without her parents around. After all, she would be going away to college in a few weeks and she’d have to deal with it then! She then went on to tell her Mother that if she didn’t answer the phone, should they call, it would probably be because she was spending time with one of her girlfriends, maybe even for a sleep over.

When their big Lincoln Town Car finally pulled out of the long circle drive at 4:00 PM, Shari was, indeed, a nervous wreck but she quickly recovered. A short time later, about 7:30 or 8:00 PM, Alex and Cindy were to arrive and she could hardy stand the wait. Twice she took a cool shower trying to calm her nerves. She even had a little drink to settle her nerves. At 6:45 she brushed her teeth for the third time that day and flossed and gargled. At the last minute she even changed her clothes one more time, realizing that she wanted something Alex would have no trouble getting into. As she had planned the evening, she had decided she take the bold route and go right after Alex, but then, after more thinking, she decided it would be more comfortable for him to set the pace. She then found herself worrying if she would feel uncomfortable with Cindy right there in the room with them. She knew Cindy had watched with Liz and Sally, but she wondered if she would she end up getting in the way, once she and Alex got things moving?

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