Sisterly Love Pt. 05

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The following is obviously a continuation of Sisterly Love Pt. 4, of which I recommend reading first as an introduction, or at least the least few paragraphs at a minimum. And as I mentioned in the prologue to Sisterly Love, this will be a long series by the time I finish documenting everything. So please bear with it. Thank you.

As always, comments are welcome as long as they are constructive.


In spite of being an early riser, Brenda was up well before me the next morning. As for Walter, being Monday, he left for work hours ago. Brenda even had a cappuccino ready for me when I made my way to the kitchen. Once again she was already showered and wearing the same short flimsy robe without anything underneath it.

“Good morning Brenda…and you look and smell terrific again. Being up early as you are, didn’t you sleep well last night?”

“Just the opposite. I slept like a dead person, but woke up with the birds and felt like a million dollars. Horny too, which I took care of in the shower. Amazing what staying with you has done for my libido…and attitude in general. If anyone has a problem with their sex drive, spending a week with you would cure it for sure.”

“Very funny Brenda, but not just anyone would have the luxury of getting a special massage by Rita. Nor secretly watching Walter and I having sex and live to talk about it. The good news is, you seem less constrained by your sexuality and only good things can come from it.”

“Let’s hope so Lacey. Now what’s on the agenda today besides our bike ride?”

“You must have forgotten. Rita and Teresa plan to spend the afternoon with us.”

“Teresa said something at the coffee shop about getting together again, and I heard you talking on the phone with her later that night. I overheard you say something about Monday, but you never said afterwards it was this Monday, as in today.”

“I thought I did, and I’m sorry if I didn’t. They’ll be here around one o’clock so plan on spending the afternoon in the hot tub as a way to socialize so they can get to know you better. And you them.”

“I probably shouldn’t have to ask, but with or without bathing suits?”

“Without, and yes you shouldn’t have to ask. Besides, it’ll just be us girls and what better way to get to know each other.”

“That’s for sure. It’ll remove any mystery about what someone might look like naked. Since we will be, would you mind doing a quick touch-up on my pussy and anus since the hair is beginning to grow back after you first trimmed and shaved them.”

“Be glad to right after I finish this delicious cappuccino you made. Then after I shower, we’ll take our bike ride.”

“Thank you. I’m kind of excited about getting to know Rita, and especially Teresa better, and want to look my best if I’m going to be naked.”

“I doubt they’ll see much of your pussy or anus with us being in the hot tub. Let alone get a close enough look to see any stubble. But I can appreciate you wanting to look your best. Reminds me of how you used to be when you always went to great pains to insure you did. It seems you’re on your way to being your old self again.”

“I think you’re right Lacey. I can’t tell you how much better I feel both mentally and physically. Plus I want to make a good impression on Teresa for some reason.”

“As I mentioned before, you already did when you two first met. And in more ways than you realize. Just act natural and I’m sure your relationship with Teresa will blossom beautifully. Now I think it’s time to shave your pussy and anus.”

As I shaved what little stubble there was on her pubic mound I couldn’t help but notice Brenda’s clitoris was aroused. Not fully, but enough so it was poking out beyond her clitoral hood.

“I thought you told me you took care of your horniness when you showered. By the looks of things you didn’t do a very good job.”

“Trust me Lacey, from the way I orgasmed I did. I could barely stand afterwards. It’s just I’m excited about getting to know Teresa better, and her me. And that we’ll be naked while we do. I know, you probably think I’m acting like a schoolgirl.”

“Of course not. Actually I’m pleased to hear it. Knowing Teresa and the impression I got after she first met you she’s probably feeling the same way.”

“You think so?”

“Most definitely. Now that your pussy and anus are done it’s time for my shower…then our bike ride.”

Which we did, and this time we didn’t stop for a rest but rode a good five miles or so by the time we returned home. Pretty impressive on Brenda’s part since it was only her third time bicycling with me.

Once back at the house we had a light lunch before changing clothes and applying some fresh make-up. Brenda looked terrific after she dressed in a pair of snug fitting white shorts and a red tank top with no bra. Same outfit for yours truly, albeit my shorts were denim versus cotton, and my top white. The only difference was Brenda’s nipples were aroused. Not entirely, hastane porno but enough so they caught your immediate attention.

While sitting on the back patio as we waited for Rita and Teresa, I made sure to tell her how nice she looked. And that I liked her hair in a short ponytail for a change. It gave her a more youthful appearance. Finally, I couldn’t help but mention something about the two tent poles under her tank top.

After looking down at her breasts…”First my clitoris and now my nipples. And I purposely chose a red top so my dark areola wouldn’t stand out. But I never thought my nipples would betray me. Let’s hope they calm down before Rita and Teresa get here.”

“Even if they do Brenda, they might unexpectedly rise to the occasion again. If you want, I’ve got some pasties you can put on, or else you might want to think about wearing a bra. Then again, it’s no big deal if your nipples are slightly erect. Especially with Rita, since she’s already familiar with your exceptionally long nipples when aroused. Plus we can use it as an excuse to get in the hot tub by saying you feel a chill in the air.”

“Now you’re funning with me Lacey…which is okay. Besides, even with your nipples and areola being more pinkish in tone, they’re still obvious through the white top.”

“I suppose they are to a certain degree, but my nipples aren’t about to poke holes in it. And yes I am having fun with you. I probably never should have said anything since I doubt either Rita or Teresa will think twice about it. Knowing them, they’ll both be braless too, and their areola and nipples will be just as noticeable.”

Just then, and a bit late, I heard a car pull into our long driveway and the horn beep twice. Which Rita and I devised as a way to signal me whenever she arrives in case I’m in the yard. Then the back gate opened and her and Teresa headed for the patio.

After we stood to greet them I poked Brenda in the ribs and said…”See, I told you so.”

Both their nipples and areola were clearly noticeable. Even at about sixty feet as they made their way towards us. And both looked terrific, albeit dressed casually as we were in shorts and simple tops. A baby blue tank top for Rita and a light pink jersey for Teresa, while both were wearing denim shorts.

Once they reached us we all greeted each other with big hugs and kisses. Including Brenda, who Teresa embraced like a new found friend.

After the usual pleasantries were over, Brenda couldn’t help say…”Seeing you both together for the first time I’m amazed how much you look like twins. A pair of bookends for sure, even down to your hair style. If it wasn’t for Teresa being bigger busted I’d have a hard time telling you apart.”

Teresa responded first…”Just the opposite with you two. Not even by chance would someone mistake you for sisters. I’d swear there had to be a mix-up in the maternity ward.”

Rita then added…”Brenda and Lacey might not look alike, but there’s one thing both have in common. Their sexuality.”

“Seems my little sister, knows something I don’t. I hope someone will be kind enough to share it with me.”

Since Brenda seemed embarrassed by the remark…”We’ll leave it up to Brenda. And I’m sure once she gets to know you better, she’ll be glad to. Now with Rita’s help, let me get some towels, robes and wine for everyone so we can use the hot tub to relax and hobnob for the rest of the afternoon. Brenda and I have been looking forward to it all morning.”

Rita followed me in the house and as soon as we were I asked if she made sure to advise Teresa not to mention anything about our husband swapping and extracurricular sexual activities.

“Of course I did Lacey. Besides, I doubt she would mention anything even if I didn’t. And so you’ll know, Teresa was pretty excited on the drive over about getting to know Brenda better. Almost like going on her first date. Must have asked me a hundred times how she looked.”

“Brenda was the same way this morning. Even had me shave her pussy and anus again once she knew we wouldn’t be wearing bathing suits. When they first met at the Electric Percolator, I never saw two people who were attracted to each other so fast. It’s going to be an interesting afternoon watching how they interact with each other.”

Once we gathered up everything we went back out on the patio. As soon as we were I suggested it was time to undress and get in the hot tub. We all did, but Brenda slowly at first. Which I didn’t find unusual since it was probably the first time in ages she’d be naked in front of other women besides me. Especially two she didn’t know very well. At least not yet.

As we undressed, you couldn’t help but notice how Brenda and Teresa were paying particular attention to each other. And neither of them was being coy about it. And between the four of us, both Brenda and Teresa are bigger busted than Rita and I. They almost make us both at a respectable 36C seem small in comparison. Particularly hemşire porno Brenda with her 38D breasts, although Teresa is nearly as big at 38C. What caught Brenda’s eye was Teresa’s cleanly shaved pussy. Something her husband Rodger asked her to do, and she reluctantly agreed, but only if he shaved his own pubic area, which much to her surprise he did. As for Rita and I, we’re both au naturel, but with Rita having a much hairier pussy. Very bushy actually. About as hairy as they come, albeit flaming red hair. Although she does trim it somewhat during the summer months to wear a bathing suit. But barely enough.

Once we were all naked, but not before we all made sure to use the bathroom first, we made our way to the hot tub with our towels and wine. Of which the latter was safely contained in plastic tumblers. Since the hot tub is above ground there is a pair of stairs on the outside and two stairs built into the hot tub on the inside to make it easy to enter and exit. With the hot tub being square in shape, and the stairs taking up one of the four sides, someone was going to have to sit right next to someone else. I let the other three get in the hot tub first, after which I did and sat next to Rita. As soon as I did, she put her arm around my shoulder before kissing me, and very lovingly. It might not have been the right thing to do because of Brenda, but I wasn’t protesting. It obviously didn’t go unnoticed by Brenda, who I’m sure was caught by surprise the way we kissed so openly. Might even have been the first time Brenda saw two women kiss so intimately up close and personal.

After we did, Rita removed her arm from around my shoulder and once it was back in the water I felt her hand on my thigh. Of which she gave it a gentle squeeze as though to say thank you and I’ve missed you. Fortunately, with the water being aerated by the jets, Brenda couldn’t see her hand as it moved between my thighs and began stroking them.

Before Rita got too carried away I spoke to Brenda…”Since we’re here so Teresa and Rita can get to know you better, why don’t you share a little about yourself. Not your whole life story, and if you feel comfortable with it, explain why you’re staying with Walter and I since I know they’re curious. If not, that’s fine too.”

She did, but rather nervously at first. Fortunately after she talked a while she regained her composure and normal charming personality. Not long after both Rita and Teresa were captivated listening to her. Especially Teresa, who stared intently at her while she shared a short version of her two failed marriages and the reason for staying with us. Her eyes never left her for a second, which I sensed was somewhat out of admiration for what she’s been through, but also due to how much she was attracted to her.

Once Brenda finished…”Now that you both now know a little about me, why don’t you share a brief synopsis about you two?”

Both Rita and Teresa did. And thankfully nothing was mentioned about swapping partners for sex, or anything about our intimate circle of friends. Not that I expected either would, but I was fearing a slip of the tongue relative to how we became friends, which was mainly due to our extracurricular sexual activities. Actually, nothing at all was mentioned about how we first met, which Brenda was curious about. And after Rita and Teresa finished, she asked me how we did.

“Rita and I met at the massage parlor. I actually made Bill’s acquaintance first not long after he and Rita started working there. Bill gave me a massage when my regular masseuse Paula, had to leave for an emergency just prior to me arriving for my regular appointment. Fortunately Bill had an opening and filled in for her. Obviously Bill introduced me to Rita, which is how I eventually met Teresa. Ever since, Rita and I have been the dearest of friends.”

It wasn’t the “complete” story, but close enough for Brenda’s benefit.

“Well you could have fooled me about you and Rita being the dearest of friends. All kidding aside, it’s easy to see how fond you are of each other by the way you kissed. And in case you don’t know it Rita. Lacey’s eyes light up like a Christmas tree at the mere mention of your name.”

Teresa then added her two cents…”Same with Rita, when Lacey’s name is mentioned. And yes they do have a unique relationship. Unlike any I’ve ever seen.”

“Enough about Rita and I. Besides, you two haven’t taken your eyes off each other since you arrived. It’s easy to see you’re both attracted to each other. Not that there’s anything wrong with it. But you’re acting like two teenagers at their first high school dance. Both of you seem afraid to make the first move for fear of being rejected.”

Brenda and Teresa first looked at each other, after which Teresa moved to sit right next to her. Once she was, Brenda completely surprised me, and I imagine Teresa too, by kissing her. Something I would have expected from Teresa, who is more assertive, but not Brenda. Not a deep passionate kiss, but hikaye porno the way two people would on their first date. A short and almost innocent kiss while they both looked each other in the eyes.

After a short pause of a second or two, and without anything being said between them, Teresa leaned forward to kiss Brenda. This time it was a much longer kiss and more intimate with slightly open mouths. After about ten seconds they separated, but only by a few inches before they kissed again. This time more passionately with wide open mouths and probing tongues while from the movement of their upper arms it was easy to surmise they were feeling each other under the water.

Finally, after what seemed like five minutes, but shorter in reality, they stopped kissing and when they did, both were breathing heavily. But from what I could tell, their hands remained busy with each other.

Brenda was the first to say anything…”Wow Teresa…I don’t know about you, but I’m blown away emotionally right now.”

“Me too Brenda. And if you don’t mind me being frank. My pussy never tingled so much from just kissing someone.”

Brenda then looked at Rita and I before saying…”Sorry we got carried away like we did. I’m embarrassed since I was the instigator.”

Rita responded before I could…”No reason to be sorry…or embarrassed. It was a beautiful moment between you two. Why don’t you just pretend Lacey and I aren’t here and continue with what you were doing. If you don’t, I’m sure you’ll hate yourselves later.”

Which would have been true.

They both looked at each other, smiled, and began kissing again. And very passionately while continuing to grope and feel each other. At which point Rita and I began kissing, and just as passionately. All while one each of our hands found its way to the other’s pussy.

When mine did, I immediately searched for Rita’s clitoris, and as soon as I found it I began rubbing it with two fingers.

As I did Rita spread her legs wide before saying…”Whatever you do Lacey, don’t stop as I need to orgasm…and the sooner the better.”

We stopped kissing so I could concentrate on her cute little nub, which I continued to finger, and more rapidly. In the meantime Rita abandoned my pussy for my tits and nipples. Albeit with only one hand because of the position we were in, and with her face nuzzled in my neck under my right cheek as she tenderly licked and nibbled on it.

On the opposite side of the hot tub, Brenda and Teresa continued to kiss and grope each other like two long lost lesbian lovers. It was hard to tell who was enjoying themselves more, although I’m sure Brenda was experiencing feelings she never knew existed. While Brenda and I didn’t have a follow-on conversation this morning relative to the one we had late yesterday, she seemed to have decided to finally explore her bi-sexual curiosity, and obviously with Teresa.

Suddenly I felt Rita stiffen before she raised her ass and let out a deep sigh followed by a guttural moan. When she said she had to orgasm and soon, she wasn’t joking. And very intently as I felt a steady stream of vaginal fluids shoot out her cunt. Along with a series of groans as one orgasmic spasm after another pulsated from deep within her vagina.

Finally her orgasm eased and if we weren’t in the hot tub she’d probably have passed out like she often does after an intense orgasm. Not sure why it was so intense since I didn’t finger her clit very long. All I can figure is she became overly aroused from watching our sisters or was just plain horny to begin with.

Hearing Rita orgasm, both Teresa and Brenda looked at us before Brenda asked if she was alright since her head was slumped on my shoulder.

“She’s fine. But it’ll be a few minutes before she’s totally responsive again. Until then, why don’t you two continue to enjoy yourselves.”

Before they did, Teresa whisper in Brenda’s ear as though she was asking her something.

Afterwards, Brenda looked at her before saying…”Are you sure?”

“Yes I’m sure, and be disappointed if I couldn’t.”

Brenda then looked at me before saying…”But what about Lacey and Rita?”

“They won’t mind. I’d be surprised if Rita doesn’t do likewise to Lacey. Besides, they’ve seen me in more compromising situations.”

Oops, is all I could think to myself. It was a slip of the tongue I was worried about. Nothing I could do about it except hope it didn’t register with Brenda since she was preoccupied mentally with other things.

Brenda then asked her…”How do you propose to do it here in the hot tub?”

“Let me show you.”

Which she did by standing on the bench before sitting on one of the four corners of the hot tub where there’s a triangular area to sit. She also made sure to place two folded towels there first to cushion her bum. She then lifted her legs out of the water and raised them up and outwards before leaning back. While she held her legs it put her in a perfect spread eagle position with her pussy raised upward and fully exposed. It was raised so much, even her bumhole was clearly visible.

Seeing Teresa’s cunt so openly displayed caused Brenda eyes to open as wide as I’ve ever seen them. Not that I blame her as it was quite the view of Teresa’s cleanly shaved pussy.

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