Sister Crystals

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Double Penetration

“Hey! Check this place out!” Abby called to her sister, peering into a small antique store in the middle of a bustling boardwalk.

“Hold up, I’m coming!” Lilly replied, catching up to her older sibling. “Wow, cool!”

The shop was full of beautiful shells, hand crafted sculptures, and sparkling jewelry. The girls stepped in and started to browse the crowded shelves.

They were on vacation in Honolulu, and had taken the afternoon to venture off the beach and explore a bit of the city. Their sisterly vacations had become a sort of tradition, they’d been taking them together for a few years now. Both girls were in their early twenties, and lived in different cities, so they took advantage of the opportunity to see each other when they could.

“Woah! Check these out!” Abby exclaimed, pointing to a row of pendants made of large pink gems.

Lilly came over to see what her sister had found. “Wow! These are huge!” she said with a laugh. She pulled one from the rack, and found it was linked to a second, identical necklace. “Weird… they’re stuck together.” she said, holding them up to inspect more closely.

“That is because those are special pendants, my dear.” The girls turned and found an older woman smiling warmly at them. “Forgive me for intruding.”

“Oh, not at all!” Abby replied taking the chains from her sister. “What kind of gems are these?”

“Those are very special pieces. We call them sister crystals.” the old woman replied.

“Sister crystals?” Lilly asked.

“Yes, Dear. As you can see, they come in pairs.” the woman took the pendants from Abby. “They are two stones taken from one full gem.” she said, holding the two crystals together. “You see? They fit together perfectly.”

The gems did in fact mold together precisely in the woman’s thin hands. “The idea is that two sisters can each have a pendant, and as long as they each wear it, their bond will stay strong, no matter what happens.”

“Coooool!” both sisters said, their faces lighting up.

“Abby, we should totally get some!” Lilly suggested.

“Definitely! We’ll take them, Miss!” Abby replied, reaching for her purse.

“Wonderful! I’ll wrap them up for you.” the old lady said with a sweet smile.


A few hours later, the sisters arrived back at their hotel room. Abby set her bags down and plopped on the bed, tired from their afternoon excursion.

“That bus was too damn hot!” she said, stretching her arms over her head.

“I know, right?” Lilly agreed, sitting next to her older sister. She started to rummage through their purchases, finding the small box that held the pink crystals they’d bought at the antique shop.

“Oh yeah! I forgot about these!” she said, pulling the box out from the pile. She got up, walking to the mirror and clasped one of the pendants around her neck. “What do you think?” she asked, turning back to the bed.

“It looks very pretty.” Abby complimented, sitting up on her elbows.

Lilly wiped a damp strand of hair from her forehead, looking back at herself in the mirror. “Ugh… I reek. That bus was fucking sweltering. I’m gonna take a quick shower, then we can go lounge on the beach, k?”

“Sounds good.” Abby replied, laying back on the bed again. “I’ll be here.”

Lilly giggled and tossed the second pendant on the bed. “Here’s yours.” she said. “I’ll be out in a bit.” She grabbed a towel and disappeared into the bathroom.

Abby rolled on her side and reached for the crystal, inspecting it in her hand. ‘These things ARE really pretty…’ she thought to herself.

She pulled herself off the bed and went to the mirror herself, fastening the chain around her neck. She admired her reflection, tilting her body to catch the pendant in the light.

‘Wow! It’s really sparkling!’ she thought. As she stood by the mirror, she gradually began to notice a faint smell coming from somewhere nearby. ‘What is that?’ she wondered, turning to look around the room.

The smell grew stronger, and Abby breathed it in deeply. She found the scent intoxicating, but couldn’t identify what it was. Growing eager to find it’s source, she searched the room, finally deciding it had to be coming from Lilly’s closed suitcase.

She hesitated for a few seconds, then opened the cover, rummaging through it’s contents. She found a plastic bag filled with her sister’s dirty clothes, and tore it open. She pulled out a pair of used panties, grinning excitedly as she determined it was the origin of the smell.

Without thinking, she brought the material to her nose, breathing in deeply. The smell caused her to tremble, her body igniting suddenly with arousal. She noticed a slight stain on the inside, and sucked it greedily into her mouth, tasting the crusty flavor of her sister’s crotch.

Abby groaned and closed her eyes, shoving her free hand into her bottoms. She began to masturbate frantically, sucking on her sister’s panties in the middle of the hotel room floor.

Lilly had started the shower and was stripping naked in front tricky masseur porno of the mirror. She admired her body, wearing nothing but the sister crystal around her neck. As she checked herself out, her mind drifted suddenly to thoughts of her beautiful older sister.

‘She really is amazing…’ Lilly thought, imagining the older girl’s gorgeous face. Wanting suddenly to see it, she grabbed her cell phone and thumbed through her photo album, finding a picture of Abby she’d taken on the beach the day before. She was smiling sweetly, laying in the sun in her skimpy blue bikini.

Lilly bit her lip, finding her pussy was beginning to feel warm. Her stomach felt tingly, and she absently ran her hand over it, sliding it down to her smouldering cunt. “Oh… Abby…” she whispered, as her fingers sank into her gooey folds.

A noise from the other room suddenly startled her, and she snapped out of her trance, remembering the shower. She put down her phone and decided to take off the pendant, setting it on the counter top.

As soon as she did, she felt her arousal evaporate, and shook her head in confusion. ‘That was a weird thought… I need to get a fucking boyfriend.’ she told herself, before climbing into the shower.

Lilly’s suitcase lid had fallen back, hitting the beside table and knocking over a bottle of suntan lotion. Abby jolted at the noise, her hand still buried in her shorts. She still had Lilly’s underwear shoved in her mouth. She sat frozen in place, her mind beginning to clear, and her arousal almost instantly faded away.

Surprised with herself, she pulled her hand quickly from her pussy and spat out her sister’s panties. ‘Jesus, Abby… What the fuck was that about?’ she thought to herself as she quickly repacked Lilly’s clothes and pulled down the lid of her suitcase.

She stood, fidgeting nervously with her pendant and sat back on the bed, striving to make sense of what the hell she’d just been feeling and doing.

A few minutes later, Lilly emerged from the bathroom dressed in her bikini and ready for the beach. “You showering?” she asked, still patting her hair with a towel.

Abby turned to her sister, still in shock, but snapped out of it and stood. “Naw, I’ll just take a dip in the ocean.” she said, walking over to the mirror again. She pulled her shirt off, revealing the bikini she wore underneath. “I’m ready whenever you are.”

Lilly tossed her towel into the bathroom and grabbed her sunglasses. “Let’s go, then, Girlie!” she said, and the two headed out into the hall.

“Hey, where’s your sister crystal?” Abby asked, noticing it missing from around Lilly’s neck.

“Oh, shit! I took it off when I showered. I must have left it in the bathroom. One sec!” Lilly quickly disappeared into the room, leaving her sister waiting just outside their door.

“You’d forget your head if it wasn’t attached!” Abby called after her, shaking hers with a chuckle.

Lilly grabbed the pendant from the counter, once again clasping it around her neck. The crystal glimmered again. Spinning around, she rushed back out of the bathroom to catch up with her sister.

Before she reached the door, though, Lilly paused, turning back to look around the empty hotel room. She’d gotten a whiff of something, and she had a sudden need to find where it was coming from.

Her eyes scanned the room, and stopped on Abby’s suitcase. She hesitated, then started to walk towards it slowly.

Abby was still waiting in the hall for Lilly to come back from the room. After a few seconds, she found she suddenly missed her sister intensely, and fidgeted as she waited impatiently for her return. She tried to resist for as long as she could, but finally had to go see what the hold up was. She opened the room door and poked her head inside.

“Lilly? Are you coming?” she asked.

Lilly was standing in front of Abby’s luggage and spun around at the sound of her sister’s lovely voice.

“Yes!” she blurted. “I was on my way!”

The sisters locked eyes, and their bodies quickly grew hot as they gazed at one another. Their crystals shone brightly as they hung around their necks.

Abby cleared her throat, her face burning with discomfort. “Um.. I see you… fo-found your necklace.” she said. ‘Has she always been this sexy?’ she wondered.

Lilly reached up, grasping the gem in her hand and smiled shyly. “Yeah… It was… er… right where I left it.” she replied. ‘Fuck, why do I think my sister is so hot?’

There was an awkward silence, the two sisters blushing as their eyes roamed over each other’s slender bodies. “Well… w-we should get going while the sun’s up, I guess.” Abby finally said.

Lilly nodded vigorously. “Yeah. Let’s do it!” she replied, walking towards her sister.

The two girls walked to the beach in silence, their minds clouded with perverted thoughts about one another. Abby couldn’t stop glancing sideways at her sister’s chest, her own nipples throbbing as hard as pebbles in her tight bikini. Lilly’s türbanlı porno cheeks burned as she walked just behind Abby, wishing desperately she could see what was hiding beneath the girl’s tight cut off shorts.

As they walked, the sisters reached for each other unconsciously, interlacing their fingers together. They held hands the rest of the way to the beach until they found a pair of lounge chairs that were a bit away from the crowd.

The girls laid down their towels and stretched out in silence, trying to relax and soak up some sun. Relaxing proved difficult for the two horny women, however. They couldn’t stop themselves from raking their eyes over each other’s bodies, exciting themselves further. They tried to be discreet, but couldn’t help staring. Both girls were grateful they wore large sunglasses, which helped mask their smouldering gazes.

After fidgeting uncomfortably for several minutes, Abby decided what she needed was a cold dip in the water to cool off. “I’m going for a swim.” she said in a shaky voice.

“Ok. Have fun…” Lilly replied. She watched Abby get up, her eyes glued to Abby’s ass as she slid her shorts off to reveal her bikini bottoms.

Abby started to walk down the beach, eager to get away from her sexy sister and try to clear her mind of the taboo thoughts consuming her. She grabbed her pendant and squeezed it as she made her way to the shoreline.

Once she was a few paces away, Abby was hit with an incredible urge to turn back to her sister. She suddenly couldn’t bear to be away from the younger girl, and froze in place, her heart pounding in her chest.

She turned around, looking back at her sibling. Lilly was sitting up on the lounge and staring back at Abby. She looked anxious, not wanting her big sister to leave her alone.

“Hey, Lilly!” Abby called out, still holding the crystal in her grasp. “You want to join me?”

Lilly beamed at the older girl and jumped up from her seat, running down the beach to catch up with her. “Definitely!” she said, taking Abby’s hand with her own once again. The two sisters trembled as they slid their fingers together, unable to deny their increasing desire.

“Ok, let’s go!” Abby said, and they waded into the ocean.

They kept going until they were submerged up to their shoulders, and started to playfully splash around in the cool blue water. Their part of the beach was virtually deserted, without a soul in sight from where they were swimming.

“This feels sooooo nice…” Lilly groaned, leaning back and dipping her hair in the water. Abby stared at her sister’s neck as the girl held her head back and licked her lips. The crystal still glinted in the sun just above Lilly’s chest.

Unable to resist any longer, Abby suddenly lunged forward and wrapped her arms around her sister, clamping her lips to the younger girl’s throat. Lilly squealed in surprise, then moaned deeply as Abby sucked hungrily at her flesh. She wrapped her arms around her sister’s neck, pressing their bodies tightly together.

“Fuck! Abby… What are you dooooiiiiiing…” Lilly groaned, her fingers twisting in the girl’s wet hair.

“I want you, Sis. I want you. Right. Now!” Abby gasped as she planted kisses on her sister’s throat.

Lilly sighed, pulling Abby’s face up to her own, and they crushed their lips together in a feverish kiss. The sisters whimpered into each other’s mouths, their hot tongues plunging into each other’s throats as they ground their wet bodies together.

Lilly wrapped her legs around Abby’s waist, pushing her mound hard against the older girl’s. Their cunts slammed together as they started to hump frantically, their bodies twisting and splashing desperately in the water.

Abby grabbed Lilly’s bikini by the straps, tugging it down over her shoulders. “I want to see your tits!” she moaned, tearing the material away and tossing it in the water. She pulled Lilly up out of the water, running her tongue over her soggy breasts. Lilly gasped, her nipples throbbing against Abby’s eager lips.

“YES!” she cried. “Suck them! Suck my fucking tits!” She held Abby’s face to her chest with one hand, and fumbled to untie the older girl’s top with the other.

Abby devoured her sister’s breasts, sucking and licking them energetically. She left trails of warm saliva over the pliant flesh, panting as she bathed them with her tongue.

Lilly finally pulled Abby’s top away from her chest, abandoning it to float away in the ocean. Her hands dug into her sister’s naked boobs, squeezing the squishy mounds indulgently. Abby groaned as Lilly mauled her chest, and grabbed Lilly’s face, plunging her tongue back into the younger girl’s mouth.

The sisters thrashed against each other as they made out, their bodies writhing with unbridled passion. They both reached down into the water, shoving their hands clumsily between each other’s legs.

Lilly groaned, pressing her cunt down hard against Abby’s searching fingers through her bikini bottoms. “Take them off!” she whimpered, türk porno before crushing her lips back to her sister’s.

Abby obliged, untying the strings and letting the material float out of the way. She immediately shoved two fingers up Lilly’s oozing cunt, causing the girl to cry out with pleasure.

“FUCK!!” she screamed, fumbling with Abby’s tight bikini. It didn’t untie, and so she had to work it down over Abby’s hips and past her knees before she could dig her own greedy fingers into the older girl’s pussy flesh.

Abby bucked her hips against Lilly’s hand, struggling to kick her bottoms the rest of the way off. Once she was finally free of them, she doubled her efforts on her sister, pummeling the girl’s cunt with her thrusting fingers.

The two sisters grunted and squealed as they finger fucked each other under the water. Their wet, naked bodies slid together gloriously, their noses crushing together in an intense, hungry kiss.

They ground against each other, their pussy cream seeping out into the ocean as their open cunts were impaled repeatedly by each other’s eager fingers. They scraped their thumbs into each other’s clits as they fucked each other, and the slippery buds throbbed and stuck out from under their clitoral hoods.

The whole time they fucked, their crystal pendants swung around their necks, getting knocked between their mashing breasts repeatedly. Their hard nipples sliced into each other’s firm tits, sending shock waves of pleasure through their flushed chests.

Lilly was the first to throw her head back, her eyes rolling into the back of her head as her orgasm exploded. “I’m… I’m CUMMIIIIIIIIIIIIING!!” she screamed, her pussy writhing on her sister’s invading fingers.

She sped up her own furious thrusts, curling her digits and scraping them along Abby’s g-spot. The older girl whipped her head back, too, and let out a desperate howl as she plunged into her own powerful climax.

“HOLY SHIIIIIIIIIIIIT!! ME TOOOOOOOOO!!” she squealed, her body convulsing in the surf.

The two sisters pumped their bodies together, their fingers drawing out their orgasms exquisitely. They pressed their wet bodies together tightly, clinging to each other’s slippery flesh.

In the throws of ecstasy, Lilly’s hand clutched tightly around her big sister’s neck. Her fingers brushed against the clasp of Abby’s necklace, and it came loose, falling to the water between their bouncing tits.

The girls gradually came down from their orgasms, their bodies sinking lower into the cool ocean water. Their fingers slowed their manic thrusting, and slid from each other’s drooling pussies.

The girls gasped for air, their chests heaving against each other as they continued to hold each other tightly. Their eyes slowly opened, and they looked at one another through a blissful haze.

With Abby’s gem now on the ocean floor, the spell they were under was once again broken. Realization started to dawn on the sisters, and their expressions changed from blissful to revolted. They both screamed frantically, and pushed their slick bodies apart in horror.

“What the fuck?!?” What the actual fuck?!?” Abby yelled, before attempting to search for her swimsuit in futility. “Fuck! We’re naked!! Where are our clothes?!?”

Lilly joined in the search, but it was hopeless. Their bikinis were long gone. She felt something with her foot and dove under to grab it.

“What is it? Did you find something?” Abby asked anxiously.

“Just your necklace.” Lilly replied, holding it out to her sister. Abby hesitated, then grabbed it, still trying to keep her distance.

“What the fuck just happened?” she asked.

“I don’t know, ok? I don’t fucking know! Let’s just get the fuck out of here!”

“How?!? We’re fucking naked!!”

“Let’s… let’s just get to our towels. We can wrap them around us and make it to our room, and then we can figure this shit out!” Lilly replied.

Abby looked around. Thankfully, they still appeared to be alone. “Fine, let’s go.” she said.

The two sisters swam for shore. They quickly covered themselves with their towels and collected the rest of their things before rushing across the beach and back to the hotel.


The girls burst into their room, embarrassed and disgusted with themselves. Abby stomped over to her suitcase, taking out a long t-shirt to pull over her naked body.

“You like, fucking raped me, back there!” she shouted while rummaging for a clean pair of underwear.

“What?!? Bull shit I did! You started things back there, in the water, you know!” Lilly shot back, opening her own luggage and dressing as quickly as she could.

“I didn’t… You… you made me! Somehow… I’m not a fucking pervert!”

“Well neither am I!” Lilly spat, marching back to the door again after covering herself. “I’m going for a walk! I can’t… I just can’t be here right now!” she said, slamming the door on her way out.

Abby squealed in exasperation, throwing her crystal necklace at the door as hard as she could after it swung shut.

For the rest of the day, Lilly stayed away from the hotel room, not wanting another confrontation with her sister. She went for a long walk, then sat at the hotel bar, playing over what she and Abby had done over and over again in her mind.

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