Sins of Emission Ch. 01

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He was a wiry man seated on a bar stool, Frederika judged him about sixty: but he was seventy.

His aim, he had mentioned it casually, was still to be sexually active at ninety and fuck an eighteen-year old on his birthday. “Imagine that,” he had said with his ever-engaging smile, “a girl a fifth of my age!”

Frederika had looked shocked – and was, “Get to 108 and she’d be a sixth of your age!” She meant it as a criticism.

He had not taken it that way. “Unlikely I will be alive, very unlikely at 100 almost impossibly unlikely at 108, let alone get it up and do the deed. I would need help.”

“Nurses in white uniforms?” A little scathing.

“Preferably! Probably need the same at ninety.”

“Girls mature younger than eighteen these days.”

“Sexually mature?”

“Yes, that is what I meant. A fourteen-year old or even a twelve-year old can be deceptive – look older – have the enlarged breasts, developed pudenda and pubic hair of a woman.” She had made her language almost technical.

“I would not wish…”

“But would you know? And what if those white uniformed nurses were assisting?” She had thought he would be attracted to the idea, the idea of young girls, and then she could really let rip. Was it the drink fuelling her?

“Unethical for the nurses. Wrong… let alone the girls”

“But you are paying them well. Money talks. At 84, six years early, you could be pleasing yourself with a fourteen-year old not five but six times younger than yourself or a twelve-year-old seven times younger. Does that not fit into your plans even better?”

“Remarkable really. Six years’ earlier and seven times younger. But, no, I shall stick to 90 and the eighteen-year-old. I think that is a good enough goal!”

He had not fallen into her trap of fantasising about under age sex: not that many young people waited patiently to be eighteen before exploring sex!

“A virgin?”

“Not a requirement. She can be sexually experienced. There with her boyfriend even.”

“What, at the same time!”

“Why not? Nice to see the virile young man at work before I creak into action. Pleasing to watch copulation. Fine young bodies. Let him do the donkey work, loosen her up…” He smiled his engaging smile. “Stimulating to a 90-year-old I am sure! Will help me along.”

He wasn’t going to shock her.

“Another drink?” he had asked.

“Well, yes please, um…”

“Justin, Justin J. Jeffreystone.” He had held out his hand and she had shook it and then he turned to order from the barmen.

Frederika had watched the transaction. ‘Loosen her up,’ indeed! What a peculiar conversation. She was not quite sure why she had been talking to this man at all. Frederika had seen him in the hotel before but had only been vaguely aware of him. But now Sasha had gone home – gone home early to look after her mother – and Frederika was a bit on her own for the last few days of the holiday. Not necessarily a good idea to talk to strange men in hotel bars but that had partly been what Sasha and she had come to _____ for. Sun, sea and sex. If ‘sex’ was replaced by ‘wine’ then the holiday would have been absolutely as planned. There had been plenty enough of sun, sea and wine.

The ‘sex’ had been non-existent. The wine had flowed but not their cunnies or the semen. It had not been as they had planned or hoped. They had just not paired up. Neither had paired up. As Sasha had remarked, “Just one fit young man between the two of us would have done – at a pinch.” They had laughed a lot at that. The idea of the three of them in a bedroom together. It might well have been quite like that had they ‘paired up,’ because Sasha and she had a twin room but fucking men on adjacent beds was not, again as Sasha had remarked, quite the same as fucking the same boy in the same bed together. It would be a bit intimate for the two of them. A bit more intimate than they had hoped for but, ‘at a pinch’…

They had been so frustrated. They had talked on and on about sex and what might have been and Frederika was sure Sasha had masturbated after dark just as she had. The two of them on adjacent beds trying to be as quiet as anything. They had worked themselves up, just a bit!

“Pity we’re not lesbians or bi.” Sasha had remarked.

“That would have made it much easier,” Frederika had laughed her reply.

It was the ‘Shall we?” added by Sasha that had brought Frederika up sharp.

“Nooo. Don’t be silly.”

“Only joking.”

But had she been? Frederika thought, perhaps, looking back, she might have accepted getting in the same bed as her friend, giggling of course but then a bit of mutual fingering. Nice perhaps to have had another’s hand on her breasts or touching her ‘down there.’ At least another girl knew what to do and would take her time. But doing anything more? French kissing? Not really. Nipple sucking? Well Sasha did have wonderful breasts. Getting in the shower together and washing each other? Perhaps quite nice – really. Soixante-neuf? No! Mind genç porno you Sasha’s tongue would know what to do – which most men did not. But having to do the same… sucking Sasha’s and sticking her tongue up… No, no, no!

But had Sasha not gone home to her mother? The two of them had been getting very frustrated together. There had perhaps been a danger that they might have woken up one morning and regretted things or, perhaps worse, just started up again – cuddling and other ‘things.’ There had been anther three days in prospect without men… but Sasha had gone home.

What about in the dark of their room if Sasha had come over to her bed. What if she had said, ‘pretend I’m a man.’ Could she have done that with Sasha, gone through with the pretence? Not seen Sasha in the dark but felt her lips on her own, felt her tongue pushing through her lips like a man. Felt Sasha’s fingers stroking her breast, her lips nuzzling her nipple and then her fingers and perhaps her lips on her sex. Like a man: only not.

Frederika was so desperate for sex. Particularly that evening.

She sipped her drink. “I want a penis.” She said and then realised she had said it out loud.

The man was looking at her quizzically with a half-amused smile.

She had been talking to him all evening. Every other evening she had been out with Sasha. Had drunk in the bars and gone to pretty little restaurants down by the water. With Sasha gone she had not wanted to simply sit in her room with a bottle of red. Had thought the hotel bar ‘safe’ enough and when the man had started talking at the bar to her it had been fine. A 60 or so year old was hardly a threat to a girl, a pleasant interlude whilst she looked for the young men. But the young men had not come and she had found the conversation of the man strangely compelling and it had gone on. He had not led the conversation at all towards sex. It had only been her talk about her plans which had led her to ask what his own plans were and his ambitions. He had certainly been rather direct.

“Oh – did I really say that?”

“I thought you did.”

“Oh, sorry.”

“You want a penis?”

And she had told him. It had all come out, the lack of success she and Sasha had found, even, half-jokingly, what might have happened between them. He was attentive and, for someone so loquacious, a surprisingly good listener.

“At a pinch.” He repeated, he had clearly liked the phrase and the idea of the lesbianism.

Frederika moved around on her bar stool, crossed her legs and sipped her drink. It was just about comfortable in the bar, the night was warm and her cotton skirt and white linen top were cool enough. She knew her knees and legs were attractive enough to a man. Long legs tended to have the right effect in a skirt. Frederika’s were long, perhaps a little too long as she was a tall girl. Perhaps that was what had put men off: yet, as she was tall, so Sasha was quite short. Frederika blond whereas Sasha was dark – dark in hair and darker in skin despite Frederika’s carefully nurtured tan.

Perhaps Frederika’s shape was a little boyish – she did not have Sasha’s wide hips and big bust – but she knew she was feminine enough. Neither of the girls were unpretty, both wore their hair long.

“You don’t think…” Frederika paused. The thought had just come to her. Perhaps it was the drink. “… you don’t think men thought we were… together?” Perhaps wearing matching ribbons tying back their hair had been a mistake. They had thought it a giggle. Had men been put off from asking them out for fear of a rebuttal thinking they were ‘together?’

“I can’t imagine, and I am sure the local lotharios would not have been put off – would be confident in their masculinity to turn you both to heterosexuality, just like that! What did you want in a man?”

“Tall, handsome, funny, gallant, courteous, caring, generous, well mannered, big nose…” she giggled and looked up at him coquettishly.

He smiled, “So you want a large penis attached to this man – these men? Does size always count in your requirement?”

Frederika laughed, he had picked up on the ‘big nose,’ just as she had intended. Why had she said it if it was not her intention for him to get the allusion? “The bigger the better! But just normal size or even undersize will be fine. Just like all of my boyfriends.”

“What, undersize? Little dicks?”

“No, of course not, I meant normal.”

“What do you mean, normal, have you measured?”

“Course not.”

“Would you like to?”

“Not the opportunity,”

“You are welcome to measure mine.”

It was, Frederika realised looking back, the turning point. Up to then it had just been conversation – just that: nothing more. She either had to look offended and stalk off or carry on the banter with the potential that would lead somewhere, somewhere more than banter. Did she want that? She crossed her legs again on the bar stool.

She would match up to him. He was not going to full hd porno shock her. “Why, is it anything special?”

“I like to think so.”

“OK, go on, elaborate.”

“It is quite large.”

“You don’t just mean now do you?” She deliberately looked down, down at his trousers. This man, Justin J. Jeffreystone, was not going to get the better of her. “How large?”

“I’ve not actually measured it!”

“Bet you have. I’m sure all boys… men do.”

“Have you measured your clitoris?”

“No… not the same thing at all.”

“It’s very much the same thing anatomically.”

“Maybe but it’s not big at all.”

“Some women’s are. Is yours?”

“I don’t know, I haven’t any comparison.” But that reminded her that she perhaps very nearly had; had very nearly had more than a comparison, perhaps; it could very well have been, with Sasha. Could it have been? She was not sure, but now she sort of felt it might well have come to that. She could perhaps that very night have been measuring Sasha’s clit with her tongue. Frederika shuddered. That was not her at all. It could not have been – that would not have happened – would it? She liked men with flat chests and with penises – and all that went with men. Yes, things that were different from women: attitudes, physicality, single mindedness, infuriation. OK perhaps not all that went with men.

And he had turned the conversation away from him to her.

She returned from her thoughts, “And I can’t imagine you are any bigger in the penis department than other men.” She knew it was a challenge.

“Well, you might like to think that but… it is!”

“No, it’s not!”

“It is!” He smiled. It was a challenge.

She could not help it. Her eyes dropped again to his smart cream linen trousers worn over sandals. Of course, they betrayed nothing. The trousers were loose and whether tumescent or not, it was unlikely she could gauge anything. They were not tight trousers and certainly not ‘Speedos.’

“No, it isn’t!”

The stage had moved on. It was an amusing Pantomime like exchange. A thing only actually resolvable in one way. It was now a question of proof. Proving it! Was it to be, ‘You show me yours and I’ll show you mine’. So childish – or rather not.

“What if it is?”

“Do you have a ruler?” She was not going to be fazed.

“We could ask at Reception.”

Crunch time. Frederika looked at the man. He was a man, he looked fit enough, no flab, seemingly a tight bottom – allegedly a large penis, but he was seventy! A man, yes, but did she really want to bed a man three times her age? But she did want a man. She desperately wanted a fuck. How crude, how animal like, yet that was how she felt.

But he was so old.

But a large penis – not just any penis but a large one. Wouldn’t she like to try? She had not, ever, tried with a really large one. Would it make any difference apart from visually being – impressive?

But it would lead to intercourse. Could she really – with a seventy-year-old man?

“OK, six inches – I think that’s normal and if so you put it away, six and a half, no seven and it’s a handjob, seven and a half it’s a blow job, eight you fuck me. But you don’t come until I do.”

“What a menu. And if it’s bigger?”

“Well it wouldn’t go in my bottom would it!”

He laughed. It really was an attractive laugh.

“But what else if it is bigger?”

“What else is there?”

“You become my sex slave for the rest of your holiday.”

Frederika laughed. It was clear from his smile and twinkling eyes he was joking.


“For how large?”

“Oh, nine inches I suppose.”

“And if its larger?”

“Don’t be silly. You tell me.”

“You make love to a woman.”

Somehow that seemed the worst idea. Yet Frederika was aroused now. She had been aroused before in the bar with Sasha when they had talked in low whispers about what they would like to do. Uninhibited girl talk.

“Where shall we go – to measure?” She could still see nothing to tell her his size in the loose linen trousers he was wearing.

The barman watched them go and smiled. He had seen Mister Jeffreystone walk out of the bar with quite a few young women. He wished he knew his secret. He had watched that particular young woman and her friend on other evenings and behind the bar thought many things. Had even had an erection as he had served them. Had talked to them with his penis almost poking out of the top of his trousers. He could have given them a good time – or he, at least, liked to think so.

They went, sort of inevitably, to the old man’s hotel room. It was, perhaps unsurprisingly, a much better room than Frederika’s. He had spent more. Perhaps his was not even a package holiday.

“This is nice.” Frederika looked around, even went out onto the balcony. She stood looking at the scene, her hands on the stone balustrade. So, this was it. The sex she had been craving, the integral part of her gangbang porno holiday was about to happen. Out across the harbour she could see fishing boats at sea with their lights and down below the many parasols and awnings of the open-air restaurants clustered around the old harbour, with people eating and drinking and no doubt some holding hands or flirting. People on holiday enjoying themselves. Below her, a restaurant she had eaten in a few times with Sasha. She could see where they had sat. A nice little table for two, with a candle giving light, right by the water. The sea had been lapping at the concrete edge right by their feet. A pleasing sound in the darkness. They had even seen shoals of fish swirling in the dark water hunting for any scraps of bread dropped by the diners. The waiters had been attentive, but none had flirted – enough.

“I love being here. Have been coming here for years and to this hotel – for the view.”

The man was behind her talking, telling her about the town and the scene. It was only gradually Frederika became aware the thin cotton of her skirt was being slowly lifted. She let it be. She was here for the sex after all, though she did not want a ‘quickie,’ not by any means. She would not allow him simply to pull her knickers aside and insert. She was certainly wet enough for that but had, at the very least, to measure ‘it’ first.

The sliding of the penis against the silk of her knickers, across and under her sex was certainly pleasing and not totally unexpected. It, though, revealed he had either undressed or had ‘it’ out of his fly already when he came up behind her. Clearly not a man to hang around. What did surprise her was the way, as his penis slid and kept sliding, her skirt started to tent out before her, well before she felt his naked thighs against her silk clad bottom.

Frederika looked down and swallowed at the sight of the tenting. It was as if she had a penis, a hard, erect penis pushing out at the front of her skirt. The man’s organ was between her legs and pushing out at the front, but there was not simply a bit of a bump in the material where his knob was pushing but a real tenting. Yes, as if it was a man in her skirt not herself – well, it sort of was!

“Oh,” she said, “oh.” It was obvious even without a ruler that she had lost the wager – unless, unless he was tricking her with a dildo. Slowly she reached and lifted the material of her skirt upwards with both hands to see what it was. It was not a dildo – most certainly not. It was a penis. The thing she and Sasha had been looking for the whole holiday and there was one, looking almost like it was her own. Certainly, without knickers it would have stuck out from her curls just like the real thing. Her fingers reached, and she fondled. “Mmmm, cock,” she said out loud. She was more than a little drunk.

The man nuzzled her neck. “Yes,” he said, “you like?”

“I’m trapped.” And she was – “between a cock and a hard place!” She giggled. She could not turn because of the cock between her legs and could not go forward because of the hard stone of the balustrade.

“Have you even been fucked leaning over a balcony?”

“No.” But she knew she would be. Knew in the next few days she would be fucked a lot. The prospect was pleasing. It would get the frustration; the sexual frustration Sasha and she had felt out of her system. Of course, there would be plentiful semen getting into her ‘system’ but both Sasha and she were on the Pill. That had never been a holiday worry – the two of them had come ‘prepared.’ Sasha, though, would be missing out. Frederika knew she had already lost the wager – big time. The old man’s cock was long. She could see that. She could feel that. It was sticking out between her thighs.

“Can you let me go. I feel trapped.”

Should she leave now? Was this all a terrible mistake. Slowly the penis was withdrawn from between her legs and Frederika turned. The man was completely naked, he had even removed his sandals. A grey haired, seventy-year old – but looking sixty – man, in not bad order, even his stomach did not protrude much, though perhaps he was holding it in a bit. Not much sag anywhere least of all to his penis – his unbelievably long penis. It stood not at forty-five degrees but certainly not below the horizontal. It was raised and business like, foreskin retracted and its quite bulbous head looking very ready for penetrating women… at a distance. It certainly protruded. The man’s chest hair was grey but, clearly, he shaved around his penis. Perhaps he did not like to be grey there – or was it to make his dick look even longer?

Frederika shook her head. She had not seen the like. It would be something to tell Sasha. She had missed out – there was enough length for two!

“It must be…” she said, but she did have a tape measure in her handbag. A small one, not for measuring penises, carried in case she had to measure… something. Thoughts of leaving had vanished as she turned and seen him and his penis. She knelt. And why not? She knew she would be sucking it at some point in the evening. She liked sucking cock, liked the feel of them in her mouth. So, did Sasha – their talk had got rather personal as they had become the more frustrated. Both swallowed – she did know quite a bit about her friend!

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