Silk Cloth

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Silk cloth wrapped slowly, precisely around her wrists, binding her to bed posts above her head. She was unable to see past the darkness created by another silk cloth over her eyes. The scent of candles drifted to her; a sweet, spicy scent that soothed and relaxed her. She was pleasantly warm, having drunk two glasses of wine earlier that evening. She had been seduced. Lovingly, willing, subtly seduced. A tickling sensation intruded upon hazy thoughts. A voice whispered in her ear.

“Relax…let sensation flood your body…don’t be afraid to let it in…”

The voice trailed away.

She sighed as the tickling sensation came again.

“Oh…” she whispered, “What is that feeling?”

He chuckled low, “Shhh…Trust that I will not hurt you, only pleasure you this night. The soft touch you are feeling now is a feather…now…no more questions. Just feel.”

She nodded consent and submitted her body to the care of his capable hands. The feather trailed down her cheek, crossing to trace her collarbone. Further down the feelings trailed, tickling her nipples until they hardened, caressing her belly. Her legs were nudged apart and the feather swooped down lingering between her thighs. She shivered and cried out softly as it tickled her sensitive clit. The feather dropped further down touching upon her knees and ankles.

Hands replaced the feather causing her to moan as they glided up and down her body soothing and teasing. A finger slid inside her escort ataşehir wet pussy. She writhed against the touch and he slipped two more fingers in her, twisting his palm up until he could cup her mound and drive his fingers into her.

“So wet,” he murmured, “Tonight, you are completely and utterly mine. When I say feel, you will feel. When I say suck, you will suck whatever is put in your mouth. If I stop, there will be no pouting or pleas to continue. Just feel…taste…drown in sensation. You will stay tied down, unless I decide otherwise.”

His hands continued to caress her, massaging her body.

“Your body is mine tonight, no longer your own.”

He tilted her hips upward and lazily licked her clit. Her hands tightened around the silken cords. Her back arched slightly trying desperately to move closer to the delicious sensations he was causing. He withdrew his tongue from her and pulled away. She nearly moaned before she remembered his earlier statement. She heard him laugh softly then heard his fading footsteps as he left the room. Her body was on fire. Even the simplest touches he bestowed upon her aroused her heavily.

She never heard him return, just felt a sudden cold wetness on her stomach. She let loose a small squeal as the cold trailed down to her thighs. She shivered then gasped as ice rubbed against her clit. She nearly came with the sensations produced in her body as the ice left her clit and his warm mouth replaced kadıköy escort it. The ice slid into her pussy, melting quickly in the warmth as he lapped the water mixed with her juices. She came suddenly, her pussy tightening around the cold ice and his warm tongue. Her body tensed and she cried out with the most intense orgasm she had ever had. He was merciless, his hands grasping her hips as she twisted, his tongue plundering her dripping pussy. Wave after wave of feeling washed over her until she was limp and near exhaustion.

“Do you like that, my love?”

“Oh yes…” she stretched her body as well as she could.

The bed dipped as he moved his body closer to hers. She felt the tip of his cock against her mouth. Eagerly she flicked her tongue out to taste him. He pushed his cock slowly into her mouth. He was so hard and her warm mouth encased him fully. He felt like he was being swallowed as he touched the back of her throat. He moved in and out of her mouth; her tongue driving him crazy. Groaning, he reached down and gripped her hair, his other hand on the bed railing. He groaned as he felt himself near to cumming in her mouth, but he slowly pulled out and slid down her body. His teeth nipped at her neck then he whispered softly in her ear,

“What do you want from me this night?”

She shivered at the feelings his whispering caused, nearly melting at the desire she felt inside, “I want your cock buried deep inside of me,” she moaned.

“A maltepe escort bayan very good suggestion, my love,” he whispered to her again. Then he moved lower to nibble the sensitive area on her neck and traveling further he flicked his tongue against her nipple. She groaned arching her back slightly begging silently for more. His cock nudged against her pussy, seeking entrance into her wetness, and then sliding inside her. He teased her for a moment letting his cock rest there, right on the edge of sliding deep inside her. She tried arching her hips but he moved away each time then slid a bit deeper each time she let herself fall back upon the bed. She strained against her ties and listened to his harsh breathing. She moaned in protest and he chuckled softly.

“Do you want this?” he asked taking his cock in his hand and rubbing it against her clit.

She cried out and whimpered, “God, yes please…”

He braced himself against the bed and slid into her in one swift stroke. Her breathing suddenly matched his and in the darkness behind her blindfold she fell into ecstasy. Her hands were released and she hugged him close raking her nails down his back with each deep stroke he gave her.

“Let go, my love…cum for me,” she pleaded.

He groaned softly and stiffened above her driving into her so deep she came with a scream as his cum shot deep inside her. He ground his hips against her making her orgasm last longer with the aftershocks then slowly lowered himself to lie next to her. She took the blindfold from her eyes and turned her head to look at him. Her knee brushed his cock and she felt it stir against her. Grinning impishly she reached down to caress his cock and to start the fun all over again.

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