Shower Story

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“Well Karl” said Amanda. “Why dont you come over…everyone is out this weekend.”

Karl blushed to the core. Her voice of course, left him reeling as always, but now she was asking him to come to her…

How could he resist? “Well, I’ll leave the front door open…” she said as she hung up.

He threw the phone into the seat beside him, and started the car.. not far to go he thought.

As he drove, his mind was full of thoughts of Amanda. She was alone this weekend, he couldn’t believe it.

He raced to her house, and pulled up outside. 3 am, all was quiet, no one around, a stillness, a warm summer evening, just perfect.

His breath caught in his throat, and his heart was racing as he got out of the car.

Was she even there? The thought crossed his mind that she was simply teasing him, and was fast asleep curled up in bed

But the front door, it didn’t look completely closed….

He walked over to the door, and pushed it gently, it opened…and he stepped inside.

He could hear the sound of water coming from upstairs…

He quickly realised that Amanda must be in the shower. She was always so fresh and clean, he thought to himself.

He decided that he would sit on the couch and wait for her to finish, so he busied himself with looking relaxed.

But Amanda didn’t show. Not for a long time. And still the shower was running. 10 minutes….15

Karl decided that he should at least check on her, to see if she was ok.

He walked up the stairs slowly, making a little noise so as not to startle her.


Amanda hung up the phone. Her heart pounding. Had she really asked him to come over? What was she thinking?

She calmed herself and walked downstairs. Surely he wouldnt come, not this late at night.

Deep down though she knew he might.

After half an hour or so, and with no call or message from him, she decided to maybe get ready for bed.

He wasnt coming she thought to herself.

As she slipped out of her robe, and into the shower, she heard the unmistakable sound of a car pulling up outside….her heart raced, as she turned on the shower.

She waited a little, and heard the door open, and the sound of someone on the couch.

She carried on showering….nervous….wanting to finish her shower, but too scared to get out.


Karl got to the top of the stairs and stopped. The door to the bathroom was firmly shut. Was it locked?

He was aching to see her, and so he curled his fingers around the handle and pushed it open a few inches.

And there she was. And not just a normal shower either, a wet room, like he had been imagining….and there, kaynarca escort facing away from him, he could distinctly see Amanda’s shape.

Her hair was cascading down her back, and it stood out against her soft skin. He immediately felt his heart pull at him, that longing as he took in her beauty.

She didn’t seem to realise he was there, just a few feet from her.

The bubbles fell over her shoulders, and between her shoulder blades, down the middle of her back, parting at her hips, and running over each cheek.

She was so exquisitely made, her curves just killed him. He felt so wrong for staring at her like this, but he couldn’t move….he stood transfixed.

Her hips were so delicate, and the bubbles traced their way over her bum, onto her thighs, and trickled down the backs of her legs, sculpting themselves to her skin.

How he wished he could be one of those bubbles, falling across her body.


Amanda could tell he was right behind her…..she couldnt move. She carried on washing her hair, and her face, feeling the bubbles course down her back. They tickled her, and she kept imagining they were his touch, delicate and soft, caressing her skin.

She felt in control though, and knowing Karl was there only added to that feeling. She could feel his eyes on her, caressing her curves, and she liked it. She had him right where she wanted him.


Without realising it Karl had been breathing quite loudly, and without turning around, Amanda said very quietly…”why don’t you get in? shame to waste all this hot water.”

He looked at himself, and quickly shed his PJs, as he had been in such a rush to get here.

He felt the steam on his skin, as he walked closer to Amanda. His heart was beating so fast, he feared she might be able to hear it.

He could almost reach out and touch her now……but he leaned forward and without saying a word, he moved her hair to one side, and gently kissed her right shoulder.

Amanda immediately closed her eyes, allowing herself to enjoy the sensation of Karl’s lips on her skin.

He breathed in her scent, and relished the feeling of her warm soft skin under his lips.

She let out a little sigh, and Karl moved between her shoulders, dragging his lips as he did so, the tiniest of kisses making their way between her shoulder blades.

Amanda leaned forward a little, so the water was running down her back, and she pressed herself against the cool tiles of the bathroom, her breasts reacting against the coolness, as Karl continued to kiss…..

His hands came to rest around her waist….and the water fell across his face as he kissed the small orhanlı escort of her back.

Amanda could feel his mouth, so eager, so hot, reach her bum, and she let out a little whimper, biting her bottom lip as she felt him nudge gently between her thighs.

His mouth was so gentle, and she arched her back a little as Karl’s lips touched gently against hers.

His hands held her bum now….as his tongue flicked against her, lapping like a kitten, tiny little movements.

Amanda could feel his tongue edging inside her now, and suddenly he pressed it all the way, snaking inside her….as she pushed back against him, plunging deeper and deeper, then teasing her.


Karl looked up at Amanda, and his hands reached round to her belly, holding her, as he tasted her, his eager mouth devouring her with a sense of wonder.

His hands carried on up, under her breasts, and finally, he could feel her nipples, cold from the tiles, stiffen in the palm of his hand.

She felt his hot hands cupping her heavy breasts, and her head fell back as he gently squeeze them, his big hands holding them, her nipples just aching to be touched.

He squeezed them, running his fingers around them and then pulling softly on them, as his mouth still devoured her….

Amanda trembled, her knees buckled a little, as she gave into his touch. His slightly rough chin against her, and his tongue probing her, swirling gently inside her, as she pushed back.

Karl loved her taste, like the sea, but also of her. His tongue plunging in and out now, as she pushed back. Her long legs shaking a little as she moved…

How he wished this moment would last forever.

How much more he wanted too.


Amanda sighed, and she shook a little as she pulled back, and stood up straighter….still with her back to him.

“I want….” she said, but her mouth was stopped as Karl spun her round to face him and kissed her full on the mouth, deeply, and passionately.

She couldnt talk, or make sense of words.

He pressed himself against her, and she touched his chest lightly, feeling his furry skin, and his hard nipples under her touch. Karl sighed, closing his eyes, as Amanda reached down onto his belly, and further, until her slender fingers curled around his shaft.

She encircled it, and smiled at him, feeling it throb and grow. She moved her hand up and down ever so slightly, feeling every ridge, pulsing in her hand.

In complete control, he was at her mercy, as always.

He kissed her again, their breath mingling, the water cascading between them, and running down their bodies.

She licked her lips, and tepeören escort her thumb stroked his tip. She got down onto her knees, and lovingly just kissed the tip…her tongue flicking over the head, savouring him.

He couldnt take her eyes from her, her hand holding him firmly, as her mouth slowly opened, letting in just an inch. Her mouth looked so small all of a sudden, and she smiled as her tongue licked across it again.

Her eyes we so deep, and she knew the hold she had over him.

She wanted more…..and slowly she pressed more of him into her mouth, and just enjoyed the feeling of him pulsing in her mouth.

He was thick and heavy…and she wanted him to be inside her so much.


“Karl”….”please” she said, “I want you”……..and she lay back against the tiles, sliding to the floor, as she held his neck, pulling him to her.

She lay there, the water pooling on her perfectly oily tummy, pulling Karl down against her…opening her legs, as she reached down and guided him, his whole length deep inside her.

It took her breath away, he was so big, but fitted perfectly. He shook as he entered Amanda, and they both watched as he disappeared inside her, filling her completely.

Amanda sighed, closing her eyes as her head fell back, Karl pulling out a little way and then plunging inside again and again.

She could feel every part of her filled with Karl, and she gave herself completely to him.

He leaned forward kissing her, her neck, biting softly at her nipples, as he pulled her up to straddle him. Her legs each side, as she lowered herself onto him.

Her arms around his back, as she slowly eased his length in and out of her, his tip entering her, pulsing, so deep, and she felt that completeness, that fullness deep inside her.

Karl had his head between her breasts as she bucked and rocked on top of him, drawing him deeper, her soft lips caressing him, as he filled her completely over and over.

She wanted to feel him release inside her, and longed for that familiar feeling, that heaviness, and of being filled.

She shook as she got closer to release, and clenched around him. He stiffened too, and they kissed as she felt it rise inside her, that beautiful release.

Karl’s lips suckled hard on Amanda’s breasts, feeling them on the roof of his mouth as he felt himself getting close too.

“I want you Karl”, sighed Amanda..”now…please….”Amanda sobbed.

Amanda felt him tense inside her, ready to explode, and she started to convulse, ready for his release, shaking, her breasts shaking too as she felt him explode deep inside her. She screamed his name, biting his shoulder as she came hard against Karl. Over and over, pulsing, releasing, milking him, taking him so deep inside as they came again and again.

They held each other long afterwards, the warm water still falling on them as they lay there.

They had all weekend. No one around for days.

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