Sexplorations Ch. 02

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Sexplorations – Episode 1 – Part 2 – Her Introduction


Men and women certainly are different when it comes to sex. I do enjoy it, but for me it is not the only thing to think about. But there are certainly times when I really get involved with it, usually after some convincing by my partner.

He understands that there is a lot more than the act itself. We have even just touched each other (I like my back rubbed, he really likes a foot massage) and not had sex!

Of course there are times when we don’t stop with a back rub. I can tell he has something more in mind by the way he does it. He gradually changes the focus of his work from my back to my ass. If I feel good and want to do more, I let him proceed.

As good as his hands feel, I really like it when he starts to kiss me. I’m beginning to feel excited and my whole body tenses up. He keeps rubbing as he continues to kiss me. I can feel the progression – he is moving closer and closer to my crotch with his kisses.

Soon he is kissing the top of my ass crack. Although I enjoy it, and know what is still to come, I sometimes wonder at his interest in my ass. But I’m not a psychiatrist, and as long as it is not hurtful I won’t object.

Soon the back rub is over and he needs to use his hands to pull open my buttocks. I feel somewhat vulnerable and exposed because I know he can see all of me. I can feel his breath on my ass, it kind of tickles me as he gets closer.

That first kiss on my anus sends chills up and down my spine. I let out small groans as he continues to kiss it and lick it. Soon that area is wet. Whenever the air hits it it feels cool. I don’t like that feeling, but it doesn’t last for long.

Suddenly he’s shifted around and is sitting on my legs. I feel his cock in my wet ass crack. He slides it back and forth. I can feel the heat of it, it keeps my ass warm. Then he moves his body down and I feel his tongue licking me again, making it even wetter.

I tell him to put his tongue in my anus. As soon as he starts to push it in I flex all of my muscles down there – I really try to grab on to it. He groans when I do this, I can tell that I’m turning him on.

He does this several times. My whole crotch area feels warm from the attention. All of a sudden I feel the tip of his cock at my anus. He starts to push at it. I like the feeling as long as he doesn’t push too hard – that will hurt me. But he is just teasing me with it. I begin to feel like I need more, even though I’ve been on my stomach the whole time my pussy is starting to get wet. I know I’m going to get fucked good, but I still like to play around.

He asks me, “Are you ready for a tongue in your cunt and on your clit?”

“Yes, how do you want me, on my back or on my knees?” I answer. I know he really likes it when I get involved in the action, in deciding what we’re going to do.

He tells me, “get up on your knees, and tilt your pelvis. I want to eat that cunt but that ass of yours won’t be left out.”

Although being up on my knees does get tiring after a while, I know that when I am like that he can get at all of me. It really makes me feel exposed with my pussy and ass in the air, but I know he is going to make me have a great climax.

He starts to lick my pussy, starting around the vagina. My clitoris is tingling in anticipation, and he soon acknowledges it with some strong licks. It feels very sensitive and I start to really need something inside me. His tongue is now in my vagina, he twists it into a barrel shape and pushes it in as far as he can. I try to grab onto it with my muscles and I hear him groan as he feels me flex.

His tongue starts moving up to my clitoris, he licks at it and then moves back down to my vagina. He gives it some attention and then he moves his head up. I feel his breath on my anus. I don’t want his attentions to stop so I move my ass and hips around. I squeeze my muscles and then relax them. Doing this feels really good inside me. I feel flushed all over and my entire crotch area is really hot and wet.

Suddenly his tongue is working on my anus, he twists and turns it and it starts to slide into me. It makes me feel really hot. I flex again to try to grab it and pull it into me. My pussy is also squeezing but there’s nothing there.

Soon he is moving back to my pussy and clitoris, and then back to my anus. He alternates between these two areas. I feel more and more excited. I want to climax but he’s got me on this plateau. It feels good but I want to move up.

While he is licking my pussy I feel a hand on one of my cheeks. He squeezes it and then moves it closer to my anus. I start flexing again. He puts the end of one finger against it and rubs it around. He’s teasing me with his finger, it feels good but I want more. He’s got to get going.

“Stick it in me!” I tell him. He quickly obliges. I feel his finger slip in all the way. It feels so good, I start flexing on it right away. I hear him groan as I do this, then he starts licking my pussy illegal bahis hard and fast.

This treatment is really getting to me. I start moaning a lot. I feel that I’m getting closer to my climax. My body is tingling and I want to come. But he slows down. I know what he is trying to do, he wants me to keep building and building until I get a body-shaking climax, but I want it now!

Suddenly he shifts his body around and I see his hard prick come close to my face. It has lubricant oozing out of its slit and I want to suck it. I twist around and start licking it off. The lubricant is real slippery and tastes good. I smack my lips and then suck it into my mouth. It feels big and hot. I keep it in my mouth and lick at it with my tongue.

He reciprocates by licking and eating me harder. I try to concentrate on getting to my climax but sucking his prick is somewhat distracting, even though I like to do it and he likes it.

I feel like I’m on my way, especially when he sucks my labia into his mouth and then inserts his tongue between them – right to my clitoris. My pussy muscles keep flexing, and then he starts to finger fuck my ass with his finger. He never takes it all the way out, which he knows I don’t like, and every time he pushes it back in I grunt. I want to have more in me. Right then he pushes something into my pussy. It feels good, but doesn’t go in too far. I can tell it’s his thumb because I can feel his hand reaching between my anus and pussy. I move my head up and down on his prick. I really like it all and I am getting closer. I let his prick slip out of my mouth so I can take a close look at it as it pulses, then I lick it with my tongue. He is still eating my pussy and pistoning that finger in my ass. It is so good.

“I’m coming, eat me, fuck me.” I groan, as the climax starts to hit me. He quickly repositions himself and puts more into me. My pussy has two thumbs in it and he stretches my anus as he puts another finger in. It hurts just a little but I’ve got more to grab onto. My climax is going full as I squeeze his fingers and thumbs.

I’m moaning a lot and feeling really good. Wave after wave comes over me. Slowly it drops off some and my body slows down. He gently pulls everything out.

I feel really empty, but he gets behind me and I feel his prick push into my pussy. I’m very wet and he is very hard, so it slides in all the way very easily. He starts fucking me with it. I’ve finally got something big in me – I feel full as he slowly moves it in and out.

I start moving my body back and forth in time with him. Every time it comes in it seems to establish new territory. I want to feel it inside me so I start to wiggle around. I feel it hitting different parts of me. By now he has stopped his work so I have to do all the moving.

He says, “You’re fucking me real good with that cunt. I like the way you squeeze me, and bounce it around. Are you feeling good? Are you hot?”

“Yes I am, it feels so good. You push too, I want to be fucked.”

But he doesn’t, he slows down. He is teasing me with his prick. He wants me to work on it.

He says, “You know, your cunt is getting all the action now, but earlier other parts of you were involved.”

After he says this I feel him put a finger on my anus and start to rub it. It isn’t too wet now so it doesn’t feel too good. He reaches around under me. He gets to my labia and starts to rub his fingers there. My pussy has been getting wetter from his prick sliding in and out so I know his fingers will be real wet. His wet fingers are now circling around my anus, which feels good. As much as I like the prick in my pussy, I know he is going to put it in my ass.

“I think I’m going to have to fuck this ass. I liked it when it grabbed onto my fingers. I know it makes you really hot when I mess with it. Do you want me to do it?”

With that he holds his prick completely still. I want to feel it moving so I start to push back. He responds to any movement by me with his own so his prick stays in the same place, just inside my pussy.

“I’m getting close again. It feels like a big one. Fuck me!”

He keeps teasing me. “I’ll bet that if I fuck your ass you won’t even come. You need to be educated about this. You need to learn how to do it right.” Then he pushes his prick into my pussy, but real slowly and then he pulls it right back out.

“Come on, tell me you want it.” he says.

“You fucker, I want it. Give me your prick.”

Suddenly he pulls out of me and puts his mouth on my pussy. He licks it and my clitoris. It makes me feel even hotter but I am still empty inside. He moves his tongue around to my anus. I am flexing it and he rewards me with a tongue hard up against my anus. It starts to go in and I love it. But it is all part of the tease, I can’t climax with just a tongue in me just a little. He puts some fingers in my pussy and that feels good too. I’m moving my hips around and flexing like crazy.

He stops doing it. “Are you ready? Do you want my cock? I’ve illegal bahis siteleri stopped eating you. I’m getting ready to put my cock in your ass. Do you want it?”

I’m ready, I’m more than ready. I know with that prick in me I’m going to climax really big. It has been building for a time and he’s done a good job of bringing me along. But I want it to happen. I wish he would stop talking about it!

“Put that thing in me. I don’t care where, but fuck me with it.”

He is motionless. “You really need to convince me that I should do this. I could finger and eat you for awhile.”

“No, I’m really close. It is going to be big. I want that prick in me.”

“Well, I know. But if we mess around some more, maybe you can have some more orgasms.”

I know what he wants. He wants me to beg him for it. What a game! But I like to play it too. And I really want that prick in me. In fact I want it in my ass.

“I’m ready. Put that prick in my ass!”

He doesn’t stop talking. I know he likes to talk about it, it gets him more excited. His tongue is out of my anus, he repositions himself and I feel the blunt head of his prick against my wet anus.

“I’m getting ready to do it. Can you feel the head against your asshole? I’m pushing it it just a little.”

He pushes in and my sphincter lets him by. His prick head is in me. He puts some more in, maybe another inch. It feels good. My anus is stretched, and all of the extra blood in the region helps make me feel real hot. He starts to pull it out, but leaves the head in. Then he puts some back in. He is starting to fuck my ass but I need it to be faster. My climax is getting so close. I reach down to my clitoris and rub it very lightly. I’m tingling all over.

“Is that OK? Does it feel good?” he asks.

“Yes, it’s fine. Put it all the way in.”

He pumps it part way in a few more times and then he pushes it in all the way. I feel his testicles up against my labia. He’s really got it in me. I feel really stuffed. I flex on it and let out a long groan.

“Are you OK? You don’t want me to push it in any further, do you? Maybe I should rub your clit.” He reaches around and meets my fingers. I let him do the work on my clitoris. He rubs it hard and my whole body spasms. His fingers are also playing with my labia, they are hanging down and my pussy is wet and open. Sometimes I wish he had two pricks.

He asks me, “You want me to fuck it a little?”

“Yes, start moving it. It feels really good.” I want in and out action.

He starts to fuck his prick into my ass. He has a steady rhythm to it. I can tell exactly when it is going to come in and when it is going back out. I keep flexing my muscles on his prick. It feels really good when I squeeze him tightly.

“Would you like it a little faster?”

I don’t answer him, my whole body is caught up in the beginning of my second big climax. I just want it to keep happening and to go higher and last longer. My whole body flushes and my toes start to curl up.

He says, “You are coming. I think I’ll really start to fuck your ass. I’m going to stroke it hard and deep. You’re hot, so hot. I know you want it.”

Of course I want it. My ass feels red hot. It is spasming deeply and clenching his prick. He starts to really pound my ass with his prick. I can’t believe how strong this climax is. I want it to go on and on. His prick feels so good, I want it deeper, to really move me.

“I’m fucking your ass real good. I’m driving it in and you are opening it up to me.”

My head is pushed into the bed. I hear myself screaming but it is muffled. I gasp for breath as his arms come up and grab my shoulders. He pulls my body back so his prick can get even farther up my ass. He is driving it in and out very fast and my climax goes up another notch.

I can tell that he has started to come – he pushes his prick as far in as he can and it starts to spasm. I’m amazed I can feel it at all, I seem to have lost touch with all of my nerve endings.

He collapses on top of me and I finally let my legs down. His chest is on my back and I can feel all of the sweat from both of us. We’re both still enjoying the aftermath of this. His prick is still in my ass and it stays hard for a long time. I gradually regain some sense of control and uncurl my toes. That felt so great.

I’m amazed that I still feel like I can do some more. Usually two big climaxes are enough for me, but I feel like teasing him and turning the tables on him. I know he’ll get a kick out of it.

I say to him, “You know, when your prick finally comes out of my ass I’m going to grab on to it again, I don’t want to lose it.”

He groans at me. “If you do that it’ll really pinch the head. It is real sensitive right now.”

“I know. I’d like to see you ‘suffer’ a little. By the way, when it does come out, it might pull along some of your cum. Please lick it up.” As soon as I say this, I feel him tense up. For me, a little tongue afterward can be real nice. He’s talked canlı bahis siteleri to me about all he’s going to do to me, now it’s my turn.

Eventually his prick starts to exit. I grab it as much as I can and feel him wince a little. As soon as it is out he pulls his body away from me, the sweat makes our bodies stick but he’s off me. My back starts to cool off but then I feel some warm breath by my ass. I move it around a little and turn my head so I can watch him. I see his head poised over my ass. I keep wiggling it and then say, “Let me get up on my knees. That will give you better access. Now eat my ass, clean it up!”

I’m up on my knees and still watching him. I see in his eyes that he’s got a lustful look. He licks his lips, and then his tongue comes out. His head gets closer to me and I can’t see what he is doing.

“Wait a minute. Go get a hand mirror so I can watch you clean my ass.” He’s off the bed real quickly and back with a mirror. Although it is somewhat awkward, I position my head and the mirror so I can see it all. I tilt the mirror so my anus is clearly visible. It is still somewhat distended and I can see that some of his cum has already come out. “Get busy, it’s already leaking.”

He knows that I am watching so he keeps his head at an angle to not block my view. He extends his tongue and then I see and feel it as he starts to lick my ass. Soon my anus is clean.

“You know, there is probably some more cum just inside. Maybe you should get your tongue in a little deeper.” I’m beginning to feel warm and sexy again, even lustful. I put the mirror down since his head will block my view. But now I just want to feel it. I push my ass out towards him at the same time his tongue goes in. He starts moving his tongue around and licking. This is making me feel hot. I want more of him in me. I look at his prick and it is getting hard again.

I tell him, “Lie down on your back and put a pillow under your head. I’m going to sit on your face with my ass over you. That will help you get it all clean.” He is quickly positioned as I told him. I straddle his chest and rub my clitoris and labia against it. He’s looking right into my ass. I tilt forward and now he’s looking at my pussy. I feel his tongue licking my lips and trying to get to my clitoris. I straighten up and put my ass right over him. “Clean it up!”

His tongue really starts licking my anus and burrowing into it. I start to move my hips back and forth and push my ass down. I want it in me.

While he is doing this I notice his prick is now fully erect and is throbbing slightly. I lean forward and put it in my mouth. I hear a muffled gasp from him as I suck on it forcefully and then lick it with my tongue as I move my head up and down. Soon he starts thrusting it into my mouth. If I let him come here I won’t get a climax with his prick. I pull away from his prick and ask him, “Is it clean? It feels clean to me. Your prick is clean too. Why don’t you fuck me with it?”

Where do I want it? My ass has been well fucked but so has my pussy. His orgasm in my ass was very powerful for both of us but I don’t know if I want it there again. I don’t want my anus to get too stretched but I also am feeling very lewd and hot.

“On your knees again. You are all cleaned up and ready to go.”

So maybe the tables have turned again. I don’t care too much because all of this has really made me hot. I want to have an even bigger climax than the first two, if that is possible. I know he’s going to try his best to do it.

After I’m in position I can’t wait. I hear him open a dresser drawer and wonder what he’s doing. Suddenly I feel his prick rubbing between my labia and hitting my clitoris. It feels good but I want it in me. He pulls it back and then starts pushing it into my pussy. It feels tight and then I feel it go farther in then usual. I look down between my breasts and see it’s not his prick, he’s got a dildo in me.

“Take that out. I want to see it.”

He obliges and we look at it and compare it to his prick. It looks real life-like, but it is substantially bigger and longer than he is. I start to get chills thinking about it up my pussy. As long as he manages it carefully, I should be able to take it all in. But I want his cum in me when I climax. I look at him and see real lust burning in his eyes. I feel a little afraid but I also want to do it, whatever it is.

“We’re going to have fun with this tool. I’m going to use it to complement the work of my cock. And you are going to take it all in!” With that he pushes it into my pussy again. At the same time he starts licking my clitoris which makes me really hot. I flex my muscles on it, it doesn’t feel quite the same as his prick but I like the way he pistons it while licking me.

I start to move my hips around, but I want his prick too. He slows down the dildo movements and pulls his head out from under me. He moves around and then I feel his tongue on my anus again. I’m still loose and it slides in easily. I want more in me as he starts to move the dildo more slowly.

Then he pulls it out and starts talking again. “Your ass needs some more attention. Now we’re going to really stretch it because I know that you need to have your ass fucked hard by this tool!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32