Sex and a Single Girl Ch. 01

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Hi, my name is Susan Marshall and I live in a little village near Woking in Surrey. This is the story of my life so far. While the sex has been exaggerated a little, and the names changed to protect the innocent, and even the not so innocent, the locations are very real and my story is absolutely true.

For ease of reading, and no doubt self-titillation (boyfriend’s suggestion!), I have divided this into several chapters. I hope you enjoy reading this as much as I have writing it.


Chapter One — Mutual masturbation

I was very young when I was first introduced to Richard, my step-brother-to-be. He arrived accompanied by his father who, like my own mother, had recently broken up with his partner. With this in common, Rich and I became very close friends and for most of our adolescent years we became inseparable. We had no secrets from each other and discussed everything together. Tall and good looking with long dark hair, but intensely shy, he was the envy of all my girlfriends, but he never brought any home. In contrast I was the outgoing one, and teased him relentlessly, endlessly insinuating that he might be gay.

By the age of eighteen my breasts had filled out to a C and I was getting very interested in boys, and for that same reason, they in me. Rich, nearly two years older, still only had eyes for ‘boys’ things like racing cars and computer games. It was around this time that one of my school friends remarked that her boyfriend had noticed that my brother had a longer than normal penis. With a laugh I was able to confirm that I already knew that snippet of information, adding that I had once seen it pointing in a completely different direction!

Nothing more happened after the shower incident, I was spending quite a lot of time with one boy David that I really liked, doing my best to defend my virginity but failing dismally on a park bench late at night on my eighteenth birthday. He called it an amazing experience but knowing what I know today it was nothing to write home about, very painful and decidedly messy. We broke up after that, but what I had noticed was how much smaller he was than my later boyfriends, and way out of sight of my brother.

One Friday, about a year later, there was a power cut at college and we were dismissed early. I had been snogging with a tentative new boyfriend in the lunch hour and arrived home soon after feeling extremely horny and anxious to get out a picture of my favourite pop star of the time, and do what a girl has to do in the privacy of her own room.

In the rush I couldn’t find my front door key and scooted around the house to find the back door unlocked. I knew my brother was home, he was currently working night shifts at the local Tesco while on a uni break. I heard the TV playing and imagine my shock to find Richard sat on the sofa with his pants around his ankles, furiously rubbing away at a long stiff cock. And of course he was watching porn. From the explicit heterosexual scene on the TV I immediately cancelled any of my previous gay thoughts of him.

For a moment we both froze, my hand to my mouth, he trying unsuccessfully to ram his huge lump back into his pants. Before he could say anything I ran to my room in a mixture of shock and delight, dropped my own pants and attacked my pussy with relish! But before I could really get going there was a knock at the door.

“What do you want Rich?”

“Please can I come in?”

I pulled up my knickers, smoothed down my skirt and opened the door to a very shaken looking brother.

“You better sit down,” I patted the bottom of the bed.

Hesitantly he perched on the edge of the duvet, looked at the floor and started to splutter.

“Sue, I am so sorry, I didn’t realise you…”

I patted his arm lovingly, interrupting his hastily prepared speech.

“Hey, it’s okay. What you were doing was perfectly natural. It’s no big deal, even if it was a bit public,” I grinned. The vision of that big cock was firmly embedded in my mind.

He looked up at me, looking only slightly relieved.


“Of course, I do it all the time. If you must know, I was just about to have a go before you came in. I’ve been horny all day, so now fuck off please.”

But he didn’t budge, his eyes widening in interest. Then he frowned.

“But why do you need to do that? You’ve got a boyfriend you sleep with.”

I laughed at his naivety.

“You mean David? We broke up, he’s a wanker.”

“He seemed okay to me, you said the other day that he was a good shag.”

“Yeah, but I know better now. Apparently a boy is supposed to make a girl feel nice when he fucks her. He only shagged me for himself. There’s a new boy in class who turns me on loads more just by kissing. That’s what we were doing at lunchtime.”

Richard remained silent. He always did for a while when I discussed sex with him, I knew he was envious of my sexual experience, limited though it was. Although I would never embarrass him by asking, I was convinced he was İstanbul Escort still a virgin.

“Anyway, I still like to touch myself, whether I’m having sex or not. It happens to feel nice for girls too you know, so bugger off please.”

Still he didn’t make a move. “I’m still sorry you caught me though, I wasn’t expecting you home.”

“Obviously not.” I grinned pointedly at his crotch, “Nice cock though, that one would keep any girl happy!” I could clearly see the outline of it in his joggers, and my pussy was really tingling, now in desperate need of my attention. All of a sudden I wasn’t so keen for him to leave so I started to tease him.

“Now if that had been Mina, she wouldn’t have been as polite as me, I bet she would have stayed and watched you finish.”

Mina was Asian and a friend in a previous class but had left school early. She was now a supermarket cashier who had recently told me that she had the hots for Rich, but he had missed the opportunity because she was now shagging some married guy who had chatted her up while doing his shopping. She was an incredibly sexy girl and a self-confessed bisexual, the first of many I was to meet over the next few years. Mina often came on to me equally strongly, I guess she must have sensed there was something lurking deep down in me wanting to be awakened. If I had been that way inclined at the time I would have gone with her like a shot. So I guess Rich and I both missed an opportunity there. Many years later however, when I did eventually emerge from the female closet, so to speak, I sought her out and we spent a very pleasant sexy weekend together, much to the envy of my boyfriend of the moment, and the ignorance of her own absent husband!

Richard surprisingly gave me a disgusted look. “She wouldn’t like to watch something like that, she would think it weird, she’s too nice for that sort of thing.”

I hugged his arm tightly with mine.

“Richard, dear brother, no one is too nice for sexy games, I happen to know that all boys like to wank, and sometimes it turns us girls on to watch them do it. I bet she would love to have seen you stroking that big cock of yours, and I don’t think it’s weird at all. I would certainly enjoy watching you.

His eyes flared. “You’re kidding. Would you really?”

I grinned, “Yep, really.” To tempt him I uncrossed my legs, giving him a quick glimpse of my panties. They were damp, but not visibly so.

“You’re not serious.”

“Yes I am. David and I used to do it all the time before we started full sex. I would watch him stroke himself while he watched me finger myself, it was dead sexy. And fun too. I used to cum very quickly when I saw him shoot his cum into the air.”

Immediately I said that I saw a distinct movement in Rich’s pants. He knew I had seen it and placed his hands in his lap. Suddenly I wanted those hands to be mine, I wanted to see that magnificent cock close up, my hands wrapped around it, stroking it, making it shoot lots of cum, maybe even suck on it. I decided it was time to get personal.

“What do you think about when you wank, Rich?”

He looked at me in amazement. “God, I can’t tell you that.”

“Why on earth not? I am your sister, we have always shared.”

“But not like this, this is different.”

“No it isn’t. I just saw you playing with yourself and am asking what you were thinking about while you did it, that’s all. Or was it just looking at the porn?”

He remained silent, turning it over in his mind, my fingers had strayed under my skirt and between my legs, non-too discreetly teasing myself through my panties.

Mesmerised by my blatant action he relented, his cock clearly getting interested. “Okay, promise you won’t tell?”

“Hey, we are sister and brother, remember? Secrets stay at home. And who the fuck would I tell anyway?”

“Okay, sorry. If you must know its Frances, that’s who I think about a lot, especially in bed.”

I looked at him in surprise, “Frances? My cousin? She’s married!”

“I know, but one day she touched me up in the kitchen when she was over for Dad’s birthday. She’s given me funny looks ever since and I can’t get away from the thought that she wants to go with me.”

On reflection, I guess I shouldn’t have been shocked. Cousin Fran used to jump anything on two legs, male or female, married or otherwise. I wondered if I could arrange something, she would be the perfect one to take his long overdue cherry.

So here we were, brother and sister sitting on my bed, me as horny as hell, and Rich was clearly still horny from his unfinished wank. I decided to go for broke.

“Do you ever think about me when you masturbate, Rich?”

He turned to me with eyes full of guilt and immediately coloured up. I knew it! He remained silent but the answer was provided very visibly by the lurch in his pants.

“I can’t tell you that!”

“You remember that day we caught each other naked in the bathroom? I saw your cock all erect and I know you saw Anadolu Yakası Escort my tits.”

He nodded slowly. To this day I still wonder if he had masturbated after seeing me half-naked.

I continued, unsure in my mind where I was taking this, “I spent many hours visualising you playing with yourself. You have a lovely cock, you know that don’t you?”

I glanced down at the lump in his pants, it must have been at full erection despite his efforts to conceal it. I plunged on and pointed to his groin, knowing he was nearly at my mercy.

“Rich, since that day I often think about your cock, and I want to see it again, and it looks pretty obvious you want to show it to me.”

I pulled his hand away from his tented pants, allowing his cock to leap to its full height.

“Wow,” I exclaimed, “Who has a tiger in his pants?”

He looked down, clearly undecided whether make the embarrassed part of him hide it, or the macho in him to leave it on display like a huge hidden tent pole.

Almost out of my mind with sexual desire I went for broke, “Would you like me to watch you finish your wank Rich? I’ll do it as well if you like.” Not that anything was going to stop me, I was beyond caring what he thought!

With a sly look at his crotch I lifted the hem of my skirt, “Would you like to see me touch my wet pussy? Is that what you think about when you stroke that big cock Rich?”

His face full of guilt, he looked away, “Sue, we are brother and sister, this is wrong.”

But I could see he was weakening, and since he could no longer hide his erection he was gripping it as if trying to conceal it from my eager gaze, but two hands were nowhere near big enough!

“Would you do it if we weren’t? Just you and me, a nice secret wank, no-one will ever know. Watch me touch my wet pussy, Rich.”

For a moment he was still, then he nodded slowly. I knew I had him.

“Well there we are then, you seem to forget you are only my step brother.” I raised the hem of my skirt, once again exposing my pants. “Come on, let’s do it, I am so fucking horny, and it’s obvious you are too.”

With that I leaned forward and started to pull down the front of his pants. Richard offered a token resistance but when he saw my skirt ride up further, fully exposing my knickers, he was distracted enough to allow me to expose him in full glory. Fuck, he was huge! I wanted nothing more at that moment than to grab that monstrous cock and take it into my mouth, even somewhere else, but I was aware he held this sibling nonsense dear to his heart, so I reluctantly resisted the temptation. Maybe another time, I consoled myself. As it happened that wasn’t be too far down the line.

“There,” I gasped as his amazing fuck-muscle pointed to the ceiling.

Although I had seen it only minutes ago I still couldn’t come to terms with its size. It seemed twice the size close up!

Richard looked from my face down to his cock and then back at me again, in a total daze. I took his hand and placed it around the long shaft and, as if on cue, it started to dribble at the end. God, the desire to lick it up was overwhelming, but I knew that could easily spoil the moment. As if he had sensed my thoughts, or even to hide his pre-cum, he smeared the slippery liquid over his cock head with his thumb, making it glisten in the sunlight streaming through the window. I felt my own little dribble of excitement ease into my pants and put a finger to the new damp patch.

“Come on,” I urged, taking his hand attempting to move it up and down his shaft, “Do this for me. Look, I am going to play with myself too.”

He watched in a dream as I lifted my bum and removed my soaking pants, my naked crotch now on full wanton display. Imagine my excitement when at last his hand started to move up and down of its own volition, his eyes glued to my fully exposed pussy, my lips already wet from seeing him earlier. Then, just as suddenly as he started, he pulled up his pants, stuffing his erection back inside them.

“Sue, this is wrong, we are still family.”

I sighed impatiently, my finger poised over my clit, “So what, who cares? What difference does it make? It’s not as though we are fucking. Just pretend I am Frances, I bet she would watch you. I know she would love that big fucking cock.”

Probably fuck you too given the chance, I thought. Working on his soft spot for my cousin I teased him further, no way was this going to stop right here.

“In fact I caught her doing it with some bloke she was with when we went camping once. He had a big one too, perhaps she likes big cocks Rich?”

My brother remained silent, his eyes glued to my pussy.

“I saw her pussy Rich, you would love it. It was smooth and clean shaven and her lips were all glistening wet from fingering, just like mine are, see?” With two fingers I obscenely spread my own lips, exposing my swollen clitty. “I watched them through a gap in the tent and came at the same time as they did, that was fucking Kartal Escort horny.”

Richard found his voice at last, “Didn’t they hear you?”

“No, I did it quietly. In a way I often wish they had, they might have asked me to join in, Frances is into things like that.”

His eyes lit up and his cock twitched in his pants. I was dying here. “Did you see them fuck?”

“No, as soon as I came I ran off. I remember wishing it had been me in instead of Fran, he had such a nice cock,” I stared at the monster he was trying to conceal, “But not as nice as yours.”

Returning to the subject in hand, so to speak, I obscenely spread wide my lips, and slid a large finger deep inside, slowly starting to finger fuck my aching pussy. “Pretend this is Fran’s pussy Rich, imagine she wants you to put that big cock of yours inside her wet cunt.”

He still looked a little unsure, but the dirty word together with the thought of fucking my cousin prompted him to resume his stroking, albeit still through his pants. I teased him further.

“I know her husband is away a lot, so she must be gagging for it, she must be desperate for a lovely big cock like yours, filling her up with your hot cum.”

He stared open mouthed as I inserted a second finger inside myself after lewdly licking it first.

“Rich, you really do fancy my cousin don’t you?”

He nodded, his eyes fixated on my pussy.

“Wouldn’t you like to fuck her? I just know she would love that big fat cock of yours up her pussy, and in her mouth. She asked me about you once and I can set it up for you if you want. She obviously fancies you.”

I removed two sodden fingers and waved them under his nose before placing them in my mouth. I swear his nose twitched as he caught a whiff of my scent. At last his eyes flared.

“God, yes, I want to fuck her!”

“If she asked you to masturbate with her, would you?”

“Bloody right I would.”

“Then it’s easy Rich, simply pretend I’m her, and it’s her pussy you are looking at while you wank that cock.”

“Hmm.” He weighed up the prospect. “Yeah, but if I did that with Frances we would probably have sex, and you and me will definitely not do that.”

“Nothing further from my mind,” I lied. To feel that delightful cock inside me was now my greatest fantasy, but it would take many years for that to become a reality. It was time to get down and dirty.

“Come on Rich, I want you to wank that fucking big cock for me, look how wet my cunt is. I want to see you shoot your spunk, fucking loads of it.”

I am not over keen on the ‘c’ word, but I knew the lads liked it and I needed to shock him into motion. His eyes hadn’t shifted from their focus on my rapidly moving fingers. In desperation I chanced on a bluff and, grabbing the corner of the duvet, covered my crotch from his gaze. He shook his head.

“What are you doing Sue?”

“If you don’t get your cock out right now, I am going to kick you out and do this on my own.”

And that did the trick. He lowered his pants and started to stroke his swollen shaft as fast as I had seen him playing with it earlier. I so wished my brother had just a grain of dominance in him and that he would throw me back on the bed and impale me on that stiff pole. His eyes were glued to my fingers flying over my clit and I decided to accelerate my orgasm in order to enhance his own, all the time encouraging him with further dirty talk. I didn’t want him cumming and then running guiltily away before I had reached my own bit of pleasure. As it happened we delightfully came together. My orgasm was excruciating as my hips bucked up and down in total ecstasy while Rich paused for a moment, then shot three great spurts of semen high into the air, followed by some shorter bursts. So far in my limited sex life I had not really seen much cum, it was usually deposited into my mouth or a condom. Most of Rich’s contribution had landed on to his stomach, but one splodge had splashed on to my leg. With a sheepish grin he quickly leaned forward and wiped it away.

No more was said as we cleaned up in silence and Richard, pulling up his pants, returned to his room. I was still high as a kite and right away rubbed off another one before heading for the shower and doing the same again under the cascading water. Even after that my hunger for his cock wasn’t totally appeased.

Later, and in silence together, we ate the dinner that Mum had left in the oven for us. She too was working a shift, at the local hospital, and my step-dad was away up north on business.

I fetched us both a Haagen Dazs from the fridge, ruffling his hair on return.

“You okay Rich?”

“Yeah,” he muttered without looking up. “You?”

“Uh huh. I think what we did was really cool, and we didn’t hurt anyone. No-one needs to know, do they?”

“I guess you’re right. It was pretty much out there, but okay. In my room I thought about it and realised that we only showed feelings that we had bottled up. And as you said, we are not true brother and sister, and we didn’t fuck or anything.”

“That’s right. We’re just like a normal horny couple who fancy each other.”

Richard frowned, “That doesn’t mean we can have sex Sue.”

That very thought at the forefront of my mind, I reluctantly agreed with him.

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