Sarah’s Journey

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Sarah sat outside the chain coffee shop sipping her latte. She was supposed to be meeting a friend on their weekday, day off, but was increasingly convinced that she had been stood up. While she was checking messages on her phone, the sky darkened, momentarily as a woman asked, “May I sit here with you?”

“Sure, of course” Sarah looked up to see the woman, a little older than she was, in perhaps her early 40s, but stylish beyond measure. The woman smiled, put her espresso down, and said “Hi I’m Maddie, you?”

“…Oh, I’m Sarah.” Was the small hesitant reply. Maddie laughed, sucking the crema off the short black coffee, leaving a large bright red lipstick transfer on her cup.

The two women appraised each other. Sarah saw a successful, rich and gorgeous alpha woman, in a short low cut, but not slutty office dress, that looked to be silk, with for Sarah too much make up for a Wednesday morning, but gorgeous 5″ heels and black stockings, the tops and garters just peeping under the hem of Maddie’s dress, as she touched up her make-up, while sitting. Maddie saw a tall frumpy mumsy woman, with a hot full body, badly dressed. Sarah’s clothes did her no favours in any measure of attractiveness. Her dirty blonde hair simply pulled into a loose pony tail, no make-up & ill-fitting clothes from the lower end of the chain store ladder. She also had wonderful bright blue eyes, begging to be made up.

A young waitress bought a sandwich to Maddie, who gave her a fat tip, asking for another coffee. During the time it took Maddie to eat the sandwich she found out Sarah worked part time in a small shop had been married for twelve years & that she had twin daughters aged eleven. Maddie gave nothing away of her life or partnerships.

After eating and checking her phone, Maddie reached into her commodious bag taking out a large silver box & a matching lighter. From the box she took a short plump cigarette lighting it with the heavy gas lighter. She drew heavily on the cigarette tapping the lighter on the silver box absently. Sarah noticed Maddie’s cleavage swell, as she exhaled Maddie tapped her tongue stud on her teeth, her eyes never leaving Sarah she said, “Sarah, I’m so sorry, it’s so rare, now, to meet a fellow smoker, please do have one.” Sarah shook her head, having not smoked since she was pregnant, but at Maddie’s insistence took one. Maddie lit it for her, Sarah drew on the cigarette, immediately coughing. Maddie smiled. “They are French and unfiltered, I can see it’s been a while, take it slowly.” Sarah would at this moment do almost anything Maddie asked, she was inexorably drawn to her sophistication and beauty, Maddie knew this & was wondering what do. She was fascinated by the blank canvass that the married woman offered and wondered how far from her comfort zone she could take Sarah.

So, Maddie leaned over and kissed Sarah full on the lips their exhaled smoke mingling. Maddie’s tongue found her way into Sarah’s mouth, dragging the tongue stud around her mouth. Sarah groaned… “You like?” Maddie whispered Uzun porno casually, but deliberately used her free hand to run across Sarah’s breasts & down to her crotch. Only garbled sounds came from Sarah as Maddie drew on the cigarette for the last time. She stubbed the gloriously reddened stub out, and beckoned Sarah to do the same.

Maddie, took two new cigarettes lit them both and just put one in Sarah’s willing mouth. Again, she appraised her. She mused, about Sarah’s life wondering when she last orgasmed. Did her husband satisfy her? Was she interested in a different kind of life?

Sarah for her part, was a little scared, exhilarated too, by the cigarettes & Maddie’s ability to make her feel like putty. Sarah knew that at that moment her husband and daughters were not at all important, as she needed something from Maddie, but what?

Looking across at the married woman Maddie felt a sensuous woman trying to get out, but to where. She knew that she could take Sarah so far away from her marriage & kids that she would never be able to get back, even if she wanted to. How far would Sarah go? Time to begin to find out…

Maddie’s hand went back to Sarah’s crotch, she leaned into Sarah, whispering through the smoke, “Open your legs for me, I want to feel your cunt”. A little shocked both at the coarse language and the request, but intoxicated Sarah obeyed without comment. Maddie pulled the zipper on Sarah’s jeans and in full view of anyone bothering to watch slid her hand in, pushing Sarah’s cotton panties, aside touched Sarah’s labia with her expensive nails, dragging it upwards until Sarah gasped as Maddie pinched her clitoris, then plunged three fingers deeply and forcibly into Sarah’s willing cunt letting them roam around. She then pulled her hand out, and after taking a pull on the smouldering cigarette leaned over to Sarah, and said “lick my fingers clean, taste your hot wet cunt on me”. Sarah leaned forward and felt Maddie’s hand stuffed into her mouth as she licked tasting the almost forgotten scent of her sex. Ooh, where was she being led to?

Maddie stubbed out her cigarette and made a phone call, “Yes, now!” were the only audible words. She turned to Sarah, and simply curled the index finger of her right hand and beckoned her to follow. Sarah moved to pull up her zipper & Maddie shook her head. A large black car pulled up to the kerb, and a driver opened the rear door closing it after the two women entered. “Sarah, let me help you, mould you, perhaps. If you don’t say NO!! immediately, we shall go…” Sarah, in a frenzy of uncertainty hesitated until Maddie interrupted her reverie. “Fuck, Sarah, say something… I can’t take you if you don’t accept!”

“Maddie, pass me a cigarette, and make me your…Ahh slut!” Sarah, shocked by her own words felt her cunt run with juice, soaking her panties. (No other name would do at this time, Sarah knew if Maddie had asked her to fuck a passer-by, she would.)

As the car pulled away Maddie smiled at Sarah, and said, Öğrenci porno “That’s the best decision you’ve made in years. I am going to make you rich, desirable and fulfilled. At this moment you are only one of these things”. She pushed a button on the door and a glass panel appeared closing them off from the driver, and to all intent the outside world. Maddie looked at Sarah, smiled, kissed her lightly on the cheek and said simply, “Strip, lose your old self, now”. Sarah like a frightened rabbit looked at the black windows on the car and still entranced by Maddie, complied, beginning with her Converse shoes, working upwards she was soon sat in an ill-fitting blue bra and too often washed, greying, white cotton knickers. Maddie, not impressed flicked the bra, so it too was removed, leaving Maddie to admire Sarah’s large full, slightly sagged but magnificent, natural 36D breasts. She smiled, offering Sarah the requested lit cigarette. Then in a movement of practiced grace Maddie reached over with a small pair of scissors and cut away the front of Sarah’s panties leaving her naked and exposed to whoever could see. Sarah smoked, wondering what she had done to herself & her family. Maddie gathered up the clothes, stuffed them into a carrier bag & passed it through the partition, towards the driver. Sarah inwardly smiled, drawing in the smoke, she opened her legs wider, exhibiting herself to Maddie. Maddie like petting a dog casually fingered the naked woman, heightening her arousal.

The Car was pulled in through a roller shuttered door, and as the door closed the car opened and the two women one naked got out. Holding the door was not the driver, but an older woman, with short dyed blonde hair, immaculately dressed in a short skirt, high heels and a corset, which exposed the tops of her nipples leaving her with a ludicrously tiny waist. Sarah gasped, as she saw the woman who was tattooed and had rings in her nipples sitting outside the corset, which Sarah had heard about but never seen. She turned to Maddie, and asked “Can I call my husband or Mother?” Maddie smiled, shook her head and said, “It’s all done, you are auditioning for a new reality show and need to be incommunicado, for a while, we have sent a registered Childminder to look after Zoe and Abbi, while you are away.”

Sarah gasped…” Are you kidnapping me?!!”

“No, nothing that dramatic, but until you are certain of your path I can’t allow you to compromise my organisation. Anyway, what we told David and Sharon is not entirely untrue, you are auditioning for a new show, but you may be the star. However, if you are not willing to follow the advice we offer, you can be returned to your drab life with no sustained damage…except to those dreadful knickers. Until then you are a guest at our HQ where we shall fully appraise you for the offer I want to make. I hope that you are able to repay my faith in you little Sarah. Now, let’s go upstairs.

A lift was summoned, and Sarah offered a tiny robe in transparent white silk, it barely covered her bum and did not disguise her full breasts, her hardened nipples digging into the silk. It made her feel much more sexual and the other two women smile. They rode upward in silence, Sarah relieved that though she was not at home her daughters would be looked after. Dave could go hang, he’d be in the local by 7pm if someone, anyone would mind the girls.

When the lift stopped the three emerged into a converted warehouse space with several exquisitely dressed women sitting at desks, like any other upscale office. There were no men! Maddie looked at Sarah, then at the corseted woman, and asked “Caroline, where should we begin?”

“Hair, waxing, make-up, Doctor, then clothes I think, though some measurements may be a good idea, first.” Caroline picked up the phone and asked for a measurement to be taken now. She turned to Sarah, “Stand on the box there. You will be measured fully; your clothes tell us nothing. They are now being washed & vacuum packed.” A young woman appeared from across the office, again in a tight short skirt and revealing top, with high heels came and carefully measured Sarah in all kinds of ways, Sarah more than a little shocked when asked to stand with her legs apart the girl made several measurements of her pussy, then inserted a wooden stick, like a chopstick into her pussy’s folds. Taking a measurement from the stick.

The next few hours were a whirlwind for Sarah, Caroline guided her to a hair dresser, who highlighted and cut her hair, then before finishing it, lay her down, waxing Sarah from the waist down, making for a more than a few gasps. Caroline smiled, offering Sarah a cigarette afterwards told her “The first full wax is always the worst. If you grow too quickly we can have it zapped permanently, but we don’t do that here. her Sarah was particularly embarrassed at being made to turn over and having her bum crack waxed, then having a chemical applied that seemed to burn her bum.

Between draws on her cigarette, Sarah now again a comfortable smoker, asked Caroline “What did she put on my bum?”

“Oh, that, yes, it’s err, a bleach, so that your skin is whiter there, rather than brown, it makes your anal entry more desirable.”

A little aghast Sarah shuddered, but felt her pussy flood with juice. Caroline smiled, envious of her boss who would get to pop that clearly virgin arse.

Sarah asked Caroline, like an old friend, “Did your tattoos & piercings hurt?”

“Of course, but aren’t they worth it? Soon you will see all of them…” Sarah looked on admiringly, she had seen young girls with ink & thought about something to turn Dave on, but as always money and the children intervened.

As Sarah’s hair was finished and set, Maddie entered the room, now in red latex, with zips across her nipples, fishnets and impossible heeled boots, her make-up emphasising the scarlet of the dress. Her cigarette was in a holder, and she held a piece of black leather in her other hand. Caroline smiled, Sarah only noticed Maddie’s curves.

“You look better Sarah, not finished yet, but I want to have fun with you first…” The hairdresser vanished and Maddie Stepped close to Sarah, kissed her full on the lips and then reached behind her neck fastening the collar.

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