Sacrifices Ch. 03

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At first, Maya couldn’t believe her eyes. She ran her fingers through her hair, seeking reassurance, and it was as long and silky as ever. It was real. Somehow, she had managed it this time. She was a magician.

Magic or not, she still had to go to school. She put some clothes on, confident she would be able to protect herself. Her grandmother had taught her all the theory and exercises. She had only left out some of the practical requirements, saying it wasn’t the time yet. With that knowledge, now she had the necessary power, it should be possible to deal with anything people threw at her.

She took one last look at a picture of her grandmother she kept in her room; a bit sorry for thinking she had been making things up. One of its corners was glowing. Perhaps it was something she was only meant to see now.

She laid a finger on it, certain that her grandmother would never leave any dangers behind, and the picture came to life, like a film.

“Dear Maya,” her grandmother said. “This is a recording. If you are watching this, your powers have awakened. I regret I’m not there to help you through it.”

Maya sighed. She would have given anything to have her grandmother back.

“I hope you will never see this, but if you do, at least two things have gone wrong. First, I’m either unable to help you or… dead. At my age, that’s not such a surprise.” Her grandmother coughed.

“Second, you must have fulfilled magic’s requirements.” She paused. “I’m sorry, Maya.” She looked distracted, perhaps thinking of her own past. “There’s no point in hiding it from you anymore, is there? Four things must come together: selfless love, an injustice, a ready mind, and a sacrifice, freely offered beyond the bounds of duty. The greater each of the elements is, the stronger you will be.”

Maya groaned. No wonder her grandmother hadn’t told her. She would probably have tried to create the conditions for it, and who knew what would have happened then. She realised why her grandmother was sorry. Only those who had suffered to help others could practice magic, and she must have hoped Maya would never need to do that.

“Still, I made sure you would be ready if the time came. I don’t know who your Ward is, but I should tell you the bond between Ward and User is very special, and cannot be broken. The weight of the magical debt will probably… influence what you are to each other. Try to be patient, if you can. If you need more power…” She winced. “No, you shouldn’t have to do that. I love you, Maya.”

The picture went still, and became what it had always been. The corner wasn’t glowing anymore, and nothing happened when Maya touched it again. Worried she would forget, she took notes of her grandmother’s words, as close as she could recall them.

So, Sonia is my Ward, she thought. She realised she knew her precise position, just as if it were any other part of her body. She looked at the clock, and ran to school. She had to see her before things got messy.

Maya arrived at school a few minutes early, knowing Sonia would soon be there, too. It was one of the tactics they used to avoid the Judges. She stood there, panting, when she saw her friend arrive.

Sonia looked at Maya, with a sad expression in her eyes, and as she was about to pass by, turned her head and gasped.

“Your hair…”

“Yes, it’s back.”

Sonia raised her hand, wanting to touch it. She hesitated for a moment.

“Touch,” Maya said. “It’s real.”

Sonia ran her fingers through Maya’s hair, making her smile. It felt so good when she stroked her like that. Sometimes Sonia rewarded her that way when she had been especially attentive or submissive, and she had come to yearn for it, just as she enjoyed being called a good girl.

Sonia pulled a little on the hair, making sure it was not a trick.

“Ow! Not so rough.”

Sonia giggled, grabbed a handful of hair, and pulled a little harder, smiling at Maya, who winced, and meekly lowered her head. She was happy to have her friend back. She had hated betraying her, but she couldn’t see any other choice. She had missed her already, when she’d had to go to sleep without her nightly foot massage. She’d even had to make her own bed.

“So how did this happen?” she asked, patting Maya’s head.

“Magic,” Maya said, causing Sonia to snort. “Look.” One of Maya’s fingers began to glow.

“That’s… real?”

“Course it’s real,” Maya said, laughing.

Sonia hugged her. It was such a surprise. Who could have imagined it? Even if there were magicians, thinking of her mousy, docile friend as one of them was ridiculous. The same compliant, sensitive girl she had almost turned into her maid, who’d pick up after her or paint her toenails at a snap of her fingers, had the power to override the laws of nature? If magic existed, it should belong to someone like Sonia; someone strong enough to deserve it.

This was almost doktor porno as good, though. As she embraced her, Sonia kept tugging on Maya’s hair, giggling as she hissed from pain. She wanted to see if their new status would change anything between them, or if she could go on bossing her around just like before. After all, there was nothing Maya would deny her, no matter how horrible she was to her, as she had learned yesterday. If someone had to have magic and it wasn’t her, it might as well be someone who belonged to her.

“Please, stop it,” Maya said with a whine.

Sonia smiled. No matter what powers Maya had gained, she was still the same where it counted. Brute force meant nothing. Plenty of people held sway over much stronger friends who hang on their every word and would never dare contradict them. Maya was still that silly lovestruck girl eager to please her. She had simply become more useful, and Sonia planned to take full advantage of it.

“But it’s fun,” Sonia said. “I’m so happy to have you back.” She ruffled Maya’s hair. “Are you going to be able to keep me safe from that lot?”

“Sure!” Maya said. “Watch!” She looked absent for an instant.

Sonia turned around and saw the Ruthless Judges walking towards them. She had to admit they were intimidating. Last night she had dreamed of them, and the things they would have done to her if Maya hadn’t intervened. She hoped with all her heart that her friend could deliver on her promise, or they were in for a tough time.

“So,” Nicole said. “You think a wig is enough to avoid us? You should have let us take Sonia instead, though it looks like she’s going to be ours anyway.”

She stretched her hand to pull on Maya’s hair, thinking to rip off her wig, but she couldn’t touch it. Her fingers were not able to make contact with it. At first, she thought she had misgauged the distance, and tried again, but then she gasped.

“What the hell?”

“Why are you playing around?” Heather asked. “I’ll do it.”

As Heather approached Maya, Sonia was on her way, and rather than going around her, she tried to shove her off. If she’d had the time, Sonia might have flinched. Instead, Heather bounced back and fell on her arse. Maya began to laugh.

Rachel and Cara were ready to start a fight, but Nicole got on their way.

“Let them be,” she said.

“What, are you kidding?” Rachel asked. “No-one messes with us.”

Sonia giggled, now convinced that her Maya was a match for these girls.

Rachel tried to slap Sonia, who was still giggling. As her hand was just about to smash against her cheek, her arm hit an invisible barrier and her whole body span around like a top in the opposite direction. There was a loud snap as Rachel’s palm landed on Cara’s face, followed by a yelp, and Sonia’s laughter. Nicole had to get in between her two mates to stop them from fighting each other.

“We’re going,” she said. She gave Sonia a respectful nod, turned around, and left with her bewildered friends.

“That. Was. Awesome!”

“Wasn’t it?” Maya said. “They think it was you, though.” She pouted.

“Of course,” Sonia said. “They can see who’s in charge. You were a very good girl.” She pinched Maya’s cheek.

Maya sighed. After everything, Sonia was still treating her this way, and a part of her was still liking it. It wouldn’t do, though. Things were going to change.

“Stop that,” she whined.

“Oh, shut up, silly,” Sonia said, laughing. “You’re so cute when you get angry.”

Yes, things really did have to change.


The Judges avoided them that entire day, which suited the two girls just fine. They walked fearless through the school, knowing if anything happened, Maya would be able to take care of them.

When it was time to go home, Sonia held Maya by the hand. She really regretted what she had done to her. It was true she hadn’t been given much choice, but she had decided to participate in her friend’s humiliation. It was only Maya who had saved her, first through her kindness and bravery, and later through her magic. After having made fun of her for believing in fairy stories, it was a little awkward.

“Hey, Maya,” Sonia said. “I know I haven’t been very good to you. Not just yesterday, either.”

Maya nodded, making Sonia worried. Without magic there was no way she could protect herself.

“So, tell me all about it,” Sonia said. “Could I get magic myself?”

Maya explained the basics to her. Magic worked best on people or living beings. Affecting inanimate objects took a lot of power. No way to create things out of nothing. There went Sonia’s plans to get rich.

“As to getting it yourself,” Maya said, “in theory, maybe. In practice you’d have to go through the exercises and fulfil… certain requirements. It is rather unlikely. It took my grandmother a couple of years to prepare me.”

“Forget about it, then,” ensest porno Sonia said as they got to her place. “I trust you to wield it for me. So, it’s mostly an ability to deal with other people?”

They both sat together on the sofa, side by side.

“Right,” Maya said. “For example, earlier I shielded us. Any attacks against us would rebound. I can do all sorts of things to people, like slowing them down, or projecting illusions into their senses. Dead matter is much harder to touch. Things like electronics or engines are a bit easier.”

“That’s great,” Sonia said. “You were a very good girl today. I’ll let you cuddle me tonight in bed as a reward.”

“Er, I think we should talk.”

“Talk? What about?”

Maya gulped and dithered a little.

Sonia chuckled. “What is it, silly?”

“I… kind of don’t like the way you’ve been treating me? And… now that I have magic…”

Sonia began to laugh.

“You don’t think that’s going to get between us, do you?”

“Nah, I mean… I have power now, right? You have to start being… nicer to me.”

Sonia went on laughing.

“Please?” she begged.

“Look, just because you can do magic now doesn’t mean it changes who we are. Can you hear yourself, whining and pleading? If anything, it goes to show how you belong to me.”

Maya clenched her fists, steeling herself.

“If you… if you don’t stop being mean to me… I’ll… remove my protection from you.”

Sonia looked intently at Maya, trying to gauge the truth of her words.

“No,” Sonia said. “You won’t, and that’s a very nasty thing to say to me. Very naughty, Maya.”

“I will! I mean it.”

“Yesterday I made you lick my shoes in front of your enemies. What did you do afterwards? You saved me. Later I broke off our friendship to protect myself. What did you do this morning? You came to make sure nothing would happen to me. Face it, Maya. I can do anything to you, and you’ll still take care of me.”

Maya pouted and looked down. Her friend was right. Even worse, the bond was pulling on her. When she seriously thought of leaving, it pulsed with a surge of devotion, like Sonia was the cutest, most helpless creature in the world, and at the same time the most alluring, attractive partner she could ever have.

“You say you can affect people,” Sonia said. “Could you make me tell the truth then? Let’s clear the air.”

“Sure. There are different levels. Making it impossible for you to say false things, making you speak the truth instead of the lies you planned, forcing you to answer questions fully-“

“Set the first one on me,” Sonia said.

Maya looked at her and she felt a slight tingle in her head. It was pleasant, and she might not have realised it if she hadn’t been paying attention.

She tried to say she was thirty years old, but her lips wouldn’t move. There wasn’t even a sense of resistance. It simply wouldn’t happen. Maya laughed, seeing her quiet.

“I think you’re cute,” Sonia said.

Maya blushed furiously.

“I like bossing you around.”

Maya was mortified.

“Your foot rubs are wonderful, and I like how submissive you are.”

Maya tried to interrupt.

“I enjoyed all I did to you yesterday, and I think you liked some of it, in spite of how humiliating it was, or maybe because of it.”

“Stop it!” Maya said.

Sonia laughed. She held Maya and got her to lie with her head on her lap. She stroked her hair, and smiled down at her.

“I know you like me,” Sonia said. “I think we could have a lot of fun together, if you only accept what I want from you. Maybe we can be girlfriends one day, but for now what I want is for you to serve me, wait on me, and do as you’re told.” Sonia tugged on Maya’s hair to emphasize her words and her control

Maya groaned.

“I removed the spell,” Maya said. “That wasn’t very nice.”

“Look, Maya. You’ve been pining for me for ages. It’s a little pathetic, to be honest. I was wrong to betray you yesterday, but I don’t think I’m wrong to treat you like a doormat. Otherwise why do you let me do it?”

Maya moaned, and Sonia stroked her cheeks.

“Don’t be sad. I’ll make sure we both enjoy it.”

“Do you only care about me for my magic?” Maya asked.

“Right now, the only magic I’m interested in are your wonderful, soft hands on my feet.” She nudged Maya off her lap and pointed at the floor. “You missed my foot massage yesterday night and I expect you to make it up to me now.” She giggled.

Maya sighed. She didn’t want to be treated like that, but it seemed to be the only way she could please Sonia. At least she knew that she had some genuine affection for her, even if she thought of her as more of a servant or pet.

She knelt at Sonia’s feet, as usual, and took her shoes off. As the feet came out, the smell reached Maya’s nose and she recoiled a little, erotik porno making Sonia laugh.

“Oh, no, none of that,” she said. “Put your little nose on my soles and tell me how wonderful they smell.”

Maya blushed, but she grabbed one of Sonia’s feet, raised it to her face, and took a sniff, barely suppressing a cough.

“So?” Sonia asked playfully, with a mischievous smile.

“Your feet smell like roses,” Maya said, softly mumbling from embarrassment.


“Your feet-“

“No, sniff louder.” Sonia giggled. “Make me believe you love it.”

Maya placed her nose in between Sonia’s toes, and felt her wiggle them against her. She took a long, deep breath as hard as she could. There was something exciting about submitting to her friend. She didn’t really like the smell, or the humiliation, but she loved obeying and pleasing Sonia.

“They smell great,” she said, more confidently.

“Miss,” Sonia said. “Call me Miss from now on.”

“I love smelling your feet, Miss.”

“Good girl. Now open your mouth.”

Maya looked up to her, hoping she wasn’t serious.

“We agreed that you’re my doormat, my slipper. I want you to suck my toes now, and you will. In fact, beg me. Beg me for it, Maya.”

“Please, don’t make me do this?”

“Do it, silly girl.” Sonia sounded completely indifferent, though deep inside she really wanted Maya to stay and serve her. “This is what you’re meant to be. My little submissive foot slut.”

Maya whimpered, torn. She could not bear the shame of humbling herself like that, but she desperately needed Sonia’s approval. She looked up to her, begging with her eyes, only to find a firm, dominant gaze that made her yield.

“Please, Miss? May I lick your feet?”

“You can do better than that, slave.”

Hearing the word ‘slave’ made Maya whine.

“Please, Miss Sonia, your slave needs the privilege of lapping up the sweat and dirt from your unwashed feet. I’ll make it feel really good. It’s my favourite flavour. Please, pretty please?”

Sonia cackled as she heard Maya debasing herself. She prodded Maya’s lips with her bare, grimy toes, and pushed them in her mouth, feeling her tongue obediently working as her toe-rag. It felt so good to have a slave witch. Maya could toss people around with a thought and a flick of her finger, and there she was, kneeling at her feet, sucking on her toes and swallowing her foot filth. It went to show, some people were meant to rule, and others to serve, and she knew which one she was.

“Just like that,” Sonia said. “You’re really good at licking feet. You must have been born for this, just to suck my toes and keep pampering me and pleasing me.”

Maya did not reply. The only noise coming out of her mouth was slurping and slobbering, as she went on thoroughly but softly scrubbing Sonia’s toes with her warm, moist, delicate tongue. The flavours and smells were unpleasant, though not as bad as Maya feared. In fact, she was almost used to smelling Sonia’s feet, though tasting them was something new that she had never imagined she’d be forced to do.

Seeing the placid, satisfied expression on Sonia’s face as she looked down on her, with a possessive, triumphant smile, Maya felt a twisted sense of pride in being so good at pleasing her. It was humbling to know that, whatever her powers were, what she really longed for and desired was making her friend happy, even if it took abasing herself before her. The more pleased Sonia looked, the more excited Maya got, driving her to ever greater efforts with her tongue and mouth.

“There, there,” Sonia said. “Such a good puppy.” She rubbed Maya’s long hair with her other sweaty foot. “I love soiling your hair like this, using it like a foot wipe for my sweat. Next time we have to make sure you wash your hair first so my poor sore toes feel fresh and soothed. Now use that soft tongue of yours to give my sole nice, long, slow strokes.”

Maya removed Sonia’s toes from her mouth, and stuck her tongue out. For a moment, she hesitated. She could hardly believe this was what she was becoming. Still, she was getting more and more excited from submitting to her friend. And even if she felt it was not quite what she wanted, she couldn’t deny that she got pleasure out of it.

She laid the tip of her tongue on Sonia’s warm heel, making her giggle, and dragged it all the way up through the arch and the ball of her foot, to finish at the edge of the nail of her big toe, that she had been painting and drying only a couple of days ago.

“More,” Sonia said. “You’re doing very well. I think I may even let you be my foot pillow tonight again. Maybe I’ll even allow you to wash my socks in your mouth through the night.”

Maya looked horrified, and Sonia laughed at her expression, knowing that no matter how bad she treated her, she would still let it happen.

“So precious.” Sonia giggled. “At last, you are just where you belong.”

Sonia closed her eyes as she felt her friend, whom she was beginning to think of as a slave, continue to lick her sole. She blindly nudged her face with her other foot, and Maya obediently started working on that one instead.

That was real magic.

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