roomate secret

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roomate secret
He came to drop his stuff in his room after my last roommate drop from the program
i had received txt and emails telling me i would get a new roomate from the University administration

he was a bit on the chubby side , taller than me and dark skin as night

I watch him get his stuff in and offered some help

he was cool. he went to get some beer after we finished and went staight to his room , one of the box i moved had made me curious

the sissy word with a sharpen on the box side made me too curious

and i hide it back away as soon as i open it, the bright pink lingery and various butt toy too much for me too handle being caught with

i spent the weekend with him making him visit the facilities , the student club i was in and anything he wanted to see before the semester start

All the time , i was wondering about that box, under his bed , trying not to think to much of going to check about it more

It was sunday evening , he drive away to ”get dinner with him mom”

i waited and fought the urge for 30 min before reaching for his secret box

i never felt so weird

the cardbox open taking out so many cute lingery , so smooth and sexy

the bottom of the box was assorted with toys, but one was making me so tingly

taking out the fat black suction cup dildo

i didnt know why , holding it in my hands i felt the urge to wrap my mouth on it, it smelled soap and clean

mouth open slowly helping the tip in my mouth

i felt stupid but horny sucking on the toy

the guilt took a hold on me and i replaced it all before going to my room and play some games

a week goes by, school had started and i went back to his room saturday morning when he went out

i had just put on one of the pink panty when i ear the keys in the door

i kicked the box , pull up my jean and ran out of the room , just in time to sit in the living room my roomate getting in saying he forgot his fone

back from his room , smilling at me

”hey wanna come with me to the brunch ,Im going to meet mom, iam paying ”

”yeah sure ”

i was in panty under my jean getting in the car with him

”what a nice day”
”yes it is”

we got there , his mom was so nice , we ate and chat all morning

i felt so smooth in the panty and kinda like being in panty more than my usual boxer

he kiss his mom and paid for the brunch

”thanks for coming with us, its a bit boring with mom sometimes”

we got in his car and went back to to our place

”you have anything to do today? ”

”no not much”

”cool because this place dirty as hell, kaçak bahis you better get that vaccum out and clean if you dont have any plan”

i dont know why but he slap my ass hard 3 times

”go boi, i wont say it again”

and i oblige and get the vaccum out

he sat in the living room made himself a cofee and was on his phone looking at me get the vaccum out and start to clean

”wait wait what are you doing?”

”im doing the vaccum like you ask”

”get undress first, i wont tolerate this boi, i like my cleaning done by cute fairy boy ”

i froze looking at him

”get out of your jean now”

”fuck i swear i was just curious dude that box under your bed , …when we move your stuff …I jus”

”shut up, get your jeans down, if your wearing my stuff, you gonna show me , that is simple , its my stuff i wanna see what you choose to wear ”

i tremble getting my jeans down , showing the small pink panty i choose from the box

”ohhhh your so cute, comon get that vaccum done now, your sexy like this”

in my white tshirt and pink panty getting the place clean

i felt caught, stupid and afraid of him

everytime i tried to stop this he insised it was ok , that he like me in these

i was done
he stood up and kissed me

”thank you baby , you did a nice work, my room a mess and i need some laudry done, come ill show you”

”but Mike this is..”

his hand took my ass cheeck firmly walking toward his room, telling me to stop and be a good boi and stop

i felt small and weak, walked in girly pink panty to his room, getting told what to clean and get his cloth clean

he sit at his computer and played video games , and i did what he ask feeling rip from control and needed to comply

i came back in his room after starting the laudry

”your such a good boy, put the camisole on, its on the bed”

he help me, telling me i did a great job, like all of this was just normal behavior

”here get under the desk sexy”

and i was help down crawling under on a smooth pillow , then he sat legs spread his fat black cock out not saying a word and get back to playing

my head was turning from the event , his fat cock right there all for me to worship

”let me make it all tasty for you, you been so good today”

and jelly cherry smelling candy ooze was drooling down on his cock

”here this is going to taste very good, i want you to like this my sexy boy”

i was speechless, he offered it like a candy, making it smell so good

”dont be shy, its our secret , get a taste”

my lipse collided with the fat cock head casino oyna and it was too late for me

i took his cock in my mouth savouring all of it, the jelly candy taste making this really nice , he continue playing , leaving me to suck him under the desk like he was a lolipop

in the smooth girly pink camisole and panty , feeling cute mouth on his nice cock

starting to like being his cute sissy

”you want more candy jelly to suck or you like my bbc already”

”you have fun, ok here more for you baby”

it was so nice watching him pour some down on his cock

i like the sight of his black cock drooling juicy candy ooze

”we need to keep some for later before sleep, i like getting suck watching netflix”

listening to him talk about my sucking more later, mouth already loving his cock way to much sliding deep

i spent an hour but it seemed to me so quick, just having fun sucking his very hot warm big cock
i really like this , i never tought id be loving sucking on a big cock so much

it filled my mouth so right, i believed him when he said i was made for this

walking me to the bed

pouring lube on his cock laying down looking at me nervous but wanting to try it

”you sure you want to try, i dont want to hurt you, you are so sexy”

it took me 3time to lube him more , mouted on him trying to sit on his large black cock

rubbing my lil eager hole over his fat tip , poping it him moaning , hurting just right now

”ohhh baby baby its in , its in, het that cock in , dance on me baby ”

i bounced down and deeper on him, in my lil pink camisole and panty , looking at him enjoy the tight feeling of my ass

pleasig his rock hard cock with my wet no more virgin hole, on my own pace, impalling myself on the bbc , moaning as i hit my ass down on him , now fully deep in jumping up and down getting myself fuck

”you love it ,get that pussy gaping , gonna be my lil pussy forever”

i didnt care of anything but jumping up and down feeling him deep in me, hitting that spot so good

”you wanna be my sissy secret girl?”

and i moan yesss looking at him smile

”you my girl cindy, get my cum in you, get it all in cindy, im so close, yes yes that it gimme that cunt cindy, fuck your really a lil slut cindy, i love that”

flipping me around ass up face down, told to arch my back and feel all of his cum load

i squeal when he cum, his grip getting firm on my waist pulling me on the splurting hard cock in me

i look back at him cumming deep in my ass, making it its property as a sissy cunt, repeating i would canlı casino siteleri crawl as cindy around the place cleaning and getting fuck all the time, pushing all the cum in me, still hard as a real cock should be

keeping it fucking in my hole, so wet , so open, just weak ass up in his hands getting shown what a sissy boy iam

i didnt think this was possible, he had cum twice now and was still pumping in me down on the bed legs up kissed and called cindy, between our moaning

he kept fucking in my wrecked hole all evening until it was dark outside

getting the last cum drip in my mouth, rubbing on my hair calling me a good sissy

making me feel under his spell, mouth around his bigger stronger real man cock

making me feel it was ok to be his girl, netflix on , spending the rest of the night emptying the rest of the candy ooze bottle

watchig tv mouth sabouring his nice cock , my pussy full of cum inside my tight panty

”i love you cindy, im very happy like this yoy know”

taking his cock out

”me too , i like this”

he kissed me and rub on my hair watching me get down , sucking his cock because i really liked how big and warm he his

feeling hot being his sissy

”damn i like you so much come here”

pull on him facing the tv, sit on the cock

”lets watch tv like this all the time , sit on my cock dress sexy for me ok”

”yes ok , mmmmm ahhhh i love your cock mike”

”i love you cindy go slow, stay on it all night baby”

kissing and getting rub, sit all night on a cock is what i needed in life

i never tought i would fit this good on a cock

i lost myself completely to him, sit on his way bigger cock, getting mine rub on my panty , getting kissed and treat like a girl

he cum one last time in me before walking me to my room with the sissy box

looking at him put all my boy boxer in the trash and put the lingery inside my drawer

”you will wear panty all the time now cindy, its very important for me, i really love to see my sissy in cute pink panty all the time when shes with me”

i listen carefully , mouth and ass drooling , looking at him get me naked and lock me in a white cages with pink hearth on it

”you dont need this anymore, my cock is the only cock you need , you understand?”

holding my paddlocked cock waiting for me to answer

”yes i understand”

”good girl cindy, go choose new panty , and plug yourself with the hearth shapped buttplug”

”we gonna sleep now”

he help me bend over my desk looking at myself in the mirror ass up and plugged before sleep

keeping the cum in me he said pushing it in place easy

pulling my panty i choose over it

”good choice of panty, it will help keep it down there all night”

cuddling with me closing the light

plugged and in chastity , sleeping feeling owned

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32