Phylicia’s Arch Rival Ch. 02

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Author’s Note: This story continues from Phylicia’s Arch Rival. Thanks everyone who posted to my last story. Because of the excellent feedback I received last time, I wanted to write another one.

It had been the tea.

Or that’s what I’d been telling myself on my way home. Ever since I left her house, I had been in some bizarre state of shock. Questions, too many to handle, about my sexuality, my relationship with Audrey, my behavior, my future, my reputation in the school, they flooded my mind. What would my friends think? What would my mother think!? I went through these distinct stages of panic over and over.

I was walking mostly. Then I’d run. Then I’d run faster; until my thoughts changed, and I’d walk again. The trip home was, simply, an emotional rollercoaster. The scenery was beautiful, as always. I lived in a green, hilly suburbia. The houses passed, all unique, all well-dressed in picket fences and gardens. It was a high-middle class neighborhood. A dog barked somewhere, the sound of a sprinkler. In the distance, I could see our beautiful park. I really did like it here.

But not today. Today, I could only think of how I hated this place. I hated my school. I hated my teachers, friends, and parents. I hated Audrey. I hated my world, for giving me this loathsome situation. I hated myself.

I couldn’t believe I’d done the things I did. I was crying. It wasn’t a loud cry, just one of those soft ones you get when you stub your toe or watch a sad movie. I walked numbly into my house. Slowly, I sat down and put my bag beside me. I looked horrible. My hair was a mess, and I felt gross and sleazy all over.

I withdrew my homework and put it in front of me. Suddenly, I had a feeling of disgust in the pit of my stomach. My mood shifted as I looked at my tutor notes, the scribbles of diagrams and explanations, messy arrows pointing to the wrong things. All of this was wrong! I didn’t even give her a good tutor lesson. I was too caught up in lust or whatever you wanted to call it. I felt defeated. Everything I had worked for was meaningless.

I ran to the shower tearing my jeans and t-shirt off. I started it, freezing cold. Slowly, I dipped a foot into the spray. Tears were still coming as I stepped completely in. The cold water rattled my body. I fought against it, gritting my teeth. I put my head under the spray, viciously cold. I shampooed, conditioned, and washed my body vigorously. I couldn’t tell if I was still crying or not. My mind raced again. Right now, I just needed to be clean.

I washed again. The soap needed a second chance, a third, a forth. I sat down this time and scrubbed my feet. My left pinky toe wasn’t clean yet, damn it. Damn my fucking left pinky toe. This is all your fault! If it wasn’t for you, none of this would’ve happened. I collapsed, breathing hard. Beylikdüzü escort I laid there for a while, numbly cold. I stopped crying. My chest moved up and down and my arms shivered. I was sure I was smarter than this.

Finally, I reached up for the dials on the faucet. I lifted my head slightly to see. The water stopped, bringing my body back to life. Tomorrow I would have to talk to her, whatever that meant. This was a crisis. A very different crisis, but nothing I couldn’t deal with one way or the other.

The next day, Audrey wasn’t at school. I wasn’t really surprised, but it forced me to think about it more. I was miles away from getting work done in the library, and my friends were off in other classes. My first clear thoughts of the day began to surface. Clearly, I was afraid of being a lesbian. Also, I had this complex about liking and hating Audrey Porter at the same time. Mostly hating, I reassured myself.

I left school early to be alone, mostly hating. I went into my room and pulled out some homework. Everything was easy but Physics. It was all I had left. But every time I tried to start it, my thoughts went back to liking Audrey Porter. I remembered her perfect breasts more than anything, and her face, her smile. Her feet. The bulge of white underwear. I remembered the way she pinched my nipple.

I pinched my nipple. My body jumped a little at my own touch. I didn’t masturbate often, almost never, and I’m pretty sure my friends never did. I remembered Audrey’s face again. The way she looked buried in my pubic hair. The way she played with it. I could smell myself again. The aroma was so powerful. I loved it. I loved the way she smelled. I had on long black pants and a blue t-shirt. I unzipped my pants and slipped a hand down, the other hand still playing with my nipple.

I checked the clock, 2:17, plenty of time. I threw off my t-shirt and began to unsnap my bra. I remembered Audrey’s feet again. They rub up against mine. Then she looks at me and smiles. The white underwear she’s wearing is getting dark. I know she’s getting turned on. She’s breathing harder; I see her nipples through her turtleneck.

The fantasy got to me. I tossed my bra away, my breathing getting harder. My chest pumped up and down. I was perspiring already. Carefully, I let my other hand massage my pussy. My juices stirred and I felt my clit getting firmer. My body was heating up, especially my pussy. I could feel my mouth getting dry. I caught a few more breaths.

I turned around, my face buried in a pillow. I got up on my knees and pushed my pants over my hips. Slowly, I worked them down my thighs and then past my knees. I discarded my pants, socks, panties. I rolled over again, both hands pinching my nipples. I massaged my breasts the way Audrey had done yesterday. I pretended she was Beylikdüzü escort rubbing them, fascinated with them. My heart started beating faster.

Gradually, my nipples turned into rocks. I moved my mouth to one of them and licked. It felt amazingly warm and wet. My other hand moved down to my slit again. It was soaking already. I took a sample of the liquid coming out of my vagina. I tasted it, savoring the flavor. It reminded me of her, the way it tasted. I could smell my aroma getting stronger and stronger. I ran my hand through my straight, light brown pubic hair. I was getting so wet, it surprised even me. I dipped two fingers deep into myself, running them in and out, while my other hand played with my clit. My breathing became even rougher, and I could see beads of sweat forming on my breasts.

I masturbated like this for a while, repeating the fantasy in my head. Seconds turned into minutes and I could feel that I would need something more if I wanted to get off completely. Slowly I got up, and headed for the kitchen completely nude. I opened the refrigerator door, my arm still trembling a little from stroking so hard. I spied a cucumber in the crisper and quickly grabbed it. I slammed it on the counter and began skinning the top portion. It was so thick in the middle that my fingers could barely grip around the whole thing. I took a knife out and drilled a hole in the other end, big enough for my thumb to fit through. I finished skinning and threw the vegetable into the microwave.

This was my absolute favorite thing to do. I’d only done it once before with a carrot, but it had given me a very good orgasm last time. And if this cucumber thing worked, I would be in heaven. The cold tile of the kitchen chilled my entire body. Goosebumps now accompanied my trembling, sweaty arm. The microwave beeped. I reached for the cucumber, it was definitely hot enough. I hugged it on my way back up the stairs into the bathroom. I started a shower, a hot shower.

I grabbed my hose-style shower head and brought it down to the bottom of the tub. I had a seat at the bottom of my bathtub. I turned the pressure down on the shower head a couple notches and grabbed my cucumber. My entire body was tingling in anticipation of what was to come. This was a very elaborate operation for such a short girl like me; I couldn’t help but smile. I could feel my pussy throbbing as I aimed the hot, light spray of the shower at my chest. I let a long, deep sigh go as the water trickled down my body.

I probed the entrance of my pussy with the cucumber. Slowly, I worked my way down my body with the spray of the water. I imagined it was Audrey Porter’s beautiful hands massaging, working their way to my slit. First, they fondled my breasts, pulling at my nipples lightly. Then, they rubbed my stomach and played with Escort Beylikdüzü my belly button. I put the shower spray to my clit and held it there with one hand; I kept rubbing the outside of my pussy with the cucumber with the other hand.

The tension was mounting. I wasn’t sure if I was going to be able to take in this massive vegetable. It was huge by my standards, but my pussy was aching for something to be inside. I knew that was the only way I’d cum. It was the only reason I’d set all this up. Carefully, I began to push the cucumber into myself. The end of it was smooth, and relatively thin. The first two inches went in fine, it felt amazing. The combination of the water and my new toy was incredible, like nothing I’d ever felt before. But I knew that I’d need more if I wanted to cum like I did yesterday.

I pushed harder against the cucumber. It went inside another inch. God that felt good. But it was starting to stretch the walls of my pussy. I could feel there wasn’t much room left, but there was only another inch or so before the vegetable evened off. Then I would be able to go as far in as I wanted. I stuck my thumb in the hole I’d drilled for it earlier. Just one more push. I psyched myself up for it, gritting my teeth. I was still a virgin, though I’d broken my hymen last time with the carrot, I was by no means experienced with this sort of thing.

It went in easier than I thought it would, my pussy was stretched to the max, and I let out a small breath of mixed pleasure and surprise. The thumb hole made it easy to pump in and out, and I turned the heat up on the water slightly, to feel my clit again. There was an explosion of pleasure coming. As it was, I was already about to cum. But then, just seconds before, I thought of her again. Audrey making love to my pussy, her beautiful face drenched in my juices, sucking and licking at my clit. Her tongue dragging alone the folds of my outer labia. Then, her fingers slamming themselves deeply into my cunt.

I exploded. My hips jolted upwards into the shower head and the vegetable. It lasted forever, me thrusting and bucking myself into the air. My whole spine seemed to contract and release. My mouth let out an extremely loud, lustful moan. At times my vocal chords failed and nothing came out. My arms gripped the tools with more intensity than ever before and I had the best orgasm of my masturbating life.

As the pleasure receded, it gave way to exhaustion. My arms trembled and dropped what they were holding. My hips met the bathtub again. And my head too, slowly came back down to the bathtub. I could hear the sound of the shower and my heavy breathing. I felt like I’d just run a marathon. My muscles didn’t respond right away. For the first time in a long while, I wondered what time it was.

I cleaned myself and fixed the bathroom. Some things had apparently gotten wet during my fun. I cleaned the cucumber shavings and managed to actually salvage part of the cucumber for myself afterwards. Come to think of it, as I was finishing my physics homework a half hour later, the cucumber tasted great.

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