Our First Encounter

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I heard the knock on the door and I anxiously rose to get it. Opening the door slowly, I was greeted by a vision of beauty. Short curly brown hair framed a nearly impossibly beautiful face. Her face broke into an uneasy smile as she greeted me, and I quickly invited her into my room.

Sensing her nervousness at our first meeting, I could hardly take my eyes off of her to make her feel more comfortable. I offered to take her jacket, and when I put my hand on her shoulders to take it I felt her tense up.

“It’s ok Judy. You’re safe with me.”

I slid her jacket off of her shoulders and folded it neatly on a chair. When I turned around I nearly came in my pants.

Judy was wearing the black formal I had sent her when I had found out I was going to be in LA on some business. She had sent me her measurements and I had a tailor make it for her. It was made from pure silk, very expensive but I could tell it was worth every penny. I had asked for the tailor to make it a half size too small to accentuate Judy’s ample curves, and he had done a wonderful job.

Judy’s cleavage nearly spilt out over the top of the dress, and I watched in amazement as her large breasts shook with each deep breath. When she smoothed the fabric over her big beautiful ass to sit in the chair I had pulled out for her I saw that it was stretched tight and I couldn’t help but start to react. I smiled to myself as I thought of all the pleasure we both would be experiencing shortly.

I saw Judy’s eyes taking in the room behind her glasses as I poured us each a glass of champagne. We made some small talk as I continued to take in how beautiful she looked in the dress. I had specifically asked for the hem of the dress to be cut high, and from my carefully concealed glances I could tell I had made the right choice.

As we talked we both became more comfortable in each others presence. I knew we didn’t have much time and I was soon holding Judy’s hand in mine. Shortly I suggested that we retire to the Jacuzzi tub my hotel room had. I poured nice warm water into the tub and turned to help Judy undress. Undoing the zipper in the back of the dress, I quickly helped Judy step out of it. I held her nearly naked body next to mine for a moment before putting my hands in the band of her pantyhose and slowly rolling them down her legs. Judy’s ass stared me right in the face and I couldn’t resist smothering it in kisses.

Judy giggled like a schoolgirl and turned around to face me. I trailed kisses up her belly and between her gorgeous massive breasts before pulling her close for a deep kiss. Our tongues danced and I nearly forgot that I wanted this to be special, that I wanted to take my time and really enjoy this.

Before I could act on my impulse to lay Judy on the bed, she took things into her own hands. She pulled my shirt over my head and bent down to kiss my nipples. Next, she undid my belt and slid my pants down my legs. As I wasn’t wearing any underwear, my swollen manhood sprang free. I pulled Judy close and I knew she could feel my cock poking into her soft belly. Once again, our tongues intertwined as we kissed passionately.

This time I was the one who broke the kiss, and I climbed into the tub. The warm water felt wonderful on my naked body. I motioned for Judy to join me and I helped her into the Jacuzzi. She had grabbed the sides of the tub and was just bending over to sit down when I told her to freeze. She did so, and asked me why. Instead of answering, I merely stared. Her position was perfect for me to look right into her pussy. I could see her swollen lips parted, and her juices dripped from her bushy pubic hair. I wanted a taste of her before she sat down and washed it away.

I ran my fingers through her lips and I felt her quiver above them. I brought my soaked fingers to my mouth and inhaled the slightly musky scent. My tongue lapped at my fingers before I sucked them clean. Judy sat down and I pulled her close and told her how good she tasted.

We sat in the tub talking, my cock throbbing against her back as I slowly and gently washed her body. I paid special attention to her breasts, and once done, I began to play with her nipples. Judy began to breathe hard as I canlı bahis gently rolled them between my fingers, occasionally squeezing them fairly hard. I nibbled on her ear as I told her what I had planned on doing with her that night. My hands cupped the water and I brought it up and massaged the warm water into her big soft belly. My hands rubbed her beautiful body down as my cock hardened to nearly painful proportions.

With both of us extremely aroused we decided to get out of the tub. I quickly dried off and then did the same for Judy. I wasn’t surprised that when I dried between her legs that she quickly became wet. My cock had a long thread of pre-cum that continued to drip from its length.

I asked Judy to stay where she was for a moment and ran to grab a bag I got for her. I took out her present and smiled. Judy smiled a naughty grin and said that yes, she would wear it for me. I helped her put the black stockings over her legs. They looked so good against her creamy skin. When she was finished dressing, I asked her to lie back on the bed. Judy did so and called me kinky with a grin as I pulled out a blindfold. As I tied it gently to the side of her head, Judy’s hand found my cock and she stroked it. Her hand quickly became soaked as my pre-cum covered it.

Reluctantly I pulled away from the wonderful feelings her hand was giving me and got off the bed. I knelt at the side of the bed between her spread legs and gazed at her gorgeous body. Her beautiful pussy was wide open and soaked, just begging to be licked. Judy’s belly heaved in ragged gasps as I slowly rubbed her pussy, carefully teasing her with only the barest of touches on her clit. I bent in and spreading her lips apart, I began to trace my tongue around her pussy.

Judy’s breathing quickened some more as I found her clit and sucked on it. I slowly slid one, then two fingers up inside of Judy as my lips and tongue worked her swollen clit. Judy started to shake after a couple of minutes and she started screaming at me not to stop. I had no intentions of stopping and worked her clit even harder. All of a sudden Judy quit talking and even breathing. I knew then she was cumming as her entire body began to quiver under my touch.

I didn’t stop until Judy begged me to, and by then I was so horny I knew I had to have my release. The sight of her orgasm, the fact that I knew that I made her cum had turned me on, to the point that I nearly climaxed as Judy did. I didn’t waste any time standing up and laying between her spread legs. My swollen cock quickly found her soaked pussy and as I looked into Judy’s half-open eyes I quickly shoved in my entire length. Judy’s eyes opened as I began to fuck her pussy hard.

I wanted to take it slow and easy my first time with this beautiful woman but I just couldn’t restrain myself. Every hard thrust shook her big tits and I knew it was ok with Judy as she reached down and grabbing behind each knee she pulled her legs up toward her body, offering herself to me completely. I could hear my balls slapping against her asshole as I thrust, her pussy so wet that my balls were soaked.

I could feel my cum boiling up my cock as my own orgasm peaked, so I reached down and began to squeeze Judy’s hard nipples roughly. Her pussy clenched my cock as I started to cum. I buried my cock as deep as I could inside Judy’s warm and wet pussy as I felt her juices flow around my cock. I kept trying to shove in deeper and deeper into Judy as my cum flooded inside of her. Spent, I bent down and we kissed deeply.

I pulled back and as I pulled out, I watched my cum slowly escape from deep inside Judy to run down the crack of her ass. The sight was so erotic that I felt my cock twitch in anticipation. But with my hunger sated for the moment, I lay down beside Judy and ran my hand over her big beautiful body as we kissed and talked.

We lay naked together for some time talking about what had just happened, how incredible the sensations were. My hand kept roaming her naked body, every so often I would tweak her nipples, teasing her. Judy would pout when I wouldn’t keep it up. I just smiled and kept rubbing her, but as I was starting to get really horny again myself, I spent more and bahis siteleri more time focusing on her beautiful breasts.

Her breasts were so big and full, with these huge erect nipples that begged to be played with. I got up and kneeling beside her, I licked and sucked Judy’s hard nipples. Taking them into my mouth I rolled my tongue around them, occasionally taking a quick sharp bite. Each nip elicited a sharp intake of breath from Judy. I looked down and saw that it wasn’t just my cum running from her pussy anymore. Judy was soaked, and I wanted to make sure she stayed that way.

I got up for a second and came back to bed with a small bag. I took out a small bottle and turning it upside down, I let it drip out onto Judy’s big beautiful belly. I began to massage the oil into her skin and I loved how good her naked flesh looked as the light reflected from it. I pushed the oil all around her, making sure to spend some extra time on her breasts. I bent down to taste her nipples once more and as I suckled, my hand made its way down to her crotch. I teased her, tracing my hand along her mound of pubic hair but never touching what she was begging me to.

Kneeling by Judy’s head, I started to massage her breasts, my hands never straying from them. I stopped only long enough to reach in the bag once more. Looking into Judy’s eyes with a playful smile on my face I clipped her nipples with a pair of clothe spins. Her eyes went wide and she moaned loudly. I watched as her pussy got even wetter. The look on Judy’s face was one of pure lust and before I knew it, she had my rock hard cock in her mouth. Judy sucked my cock as I played with her breasts, and I knew that I had to taste her again.

I straddled her head and buried my face in between Judy’s thighs. I dove right into her sopping wet pussy and I could taste the mixture of her warm juices and my own spent cum. I stopped long enough to tell her how good her pussy tasted with my cum dripping from her before I went back to running my tongue along her pussy. I heard a pop as my cock came out of her mouth and Judy panted as she told me that she could taste our sex on my cock as well.

I redoubled my efforts and I could feel Judy do the same. I started thrusting slightly into her mouth while I begin to finger fuck Judy’s pussy in time to my own thrusts. Her pussy was so wet that my face had gotten soaked. All of a sudden Judy began to shake under me and I watched in amazement as her pussy gushed around my fingers. Her slit grabbed hold of my fingers and I could feel it convulsing around my digits. That alone and the fact that her own orgasm caused Judy to suck even harder set me off. My cock twitched inside Judy’s mouth, and I could feel her gobbling down my cum. I popped out of her mouth still rock hard and I let her suck on my balls for a moment before getting off.

Judy had a satisfied look on her face, one of pure bliss. She looked so erotic, smiling at me with a small bead of my cum trickling from the corner of her mouth. I looked down and saw I was still rock hard and raring to go. I asked Judy to roll onto her side and I pushed her top leg towards her body. I slowly worked my way into her tight pussy, all the while marveling at how wet she was. I fucked her slowly at first, then with steadily increasing speed.

Reaching behind me, I grabbed my final goodie from my bag and slid it between Judy’s legs. She jumped as I switched it on, her mouth stretched open and her eyes wide, and I could feel her pussy gush again around my cock as she came once more. The electric toothbrush had sent her over the edge instantly. My balls were soaked by the time Judy was finished cumming. She looked up at me with a grin and told me that wasn’t fair.

I laughed and replied that it wasn’t fair she was so hot, and I needed to even the playing field any way I could. I just left the brush on her clit and kept pounding away as I looked into Judy’s eyes. I reached down and with my right hand I started squeezing her breast while my left hand squeezed her sweet ass. I lifted her up a bit to get better leverage and really started to fuck her hard.

I had to stop for a minute and I had Judy get on her hands and knees at the end of the bahis şirketleri bed. I entered her from behind and with my hands on Judy’s shoulders I pulled her up into me. Her arched back made her chest stick out and looking into the mirror in front of us I watched with lust as her large breasts bounced with every hard thrust. Judy fucked me back as hard as I fucked her. I told her to open her eyes and she noticed the mirror. We stared into each others eyes in relative silence for several moments, her brown eyes looked on my green ones, the only sounds were our heavy breathing and the wet sounds of our joined bodies.

“You look so fucking hot,” I whispered in her ear while staring at her eyes in the reflection.

Judy flushed, and her face took on a look of pure animalistic lust. She continued to stare me in the eye as her entire body shook with the effort of our passion. She kept grunting at me to fuck her pussy harder and she fucked me back as hard as she could. I reached in front of her with my long arms and cupped her breasts. I felt my orgasm coming and told Judy so.

“That’s right baby, cum in me. Let me feel you cum.”

Judy didn’t look like the woman I knew, she was a woman possessed. At that moment, I knew that she was a sex goddess in the flesh. I fucked her with all my strength, squeezing her breasts as my cock pounded into her. With a last gasp I pulled her into me as my body was rocked by orgasm. I was buried deep and stayed there as we kissed and I held Judy close.

We stayed joined until finally I slipped out, pushed out by Judy’s tight little pussy. Getting off the bed I grabbed my glass of champaign and handed Judy back hers. Toasting our continued friendship, we both polished off the glasses and I filled each again.

I handed Judy back her glass she smiled at me, her perfect teeth shining. I pulled her close once more and we kissed tenderly. Judy told me that she had to leave very soon as her husband would be home shortly. I smiled and told her she could leave soon if she wished.

I bent down to kiss her again and as I did so I pulled her into me by her big beautiful ass, massaging it while our tongues danced. Judy couldn’t handle it anymore and pushed me on the bed, and quickly jumped on me. Her big naked body felt good on mine as her mouth attacked my neck, working its way down my chest and over my belly to tease me by licking my balls.

“Please do it Judy. Please…”

She laughed at me as she continued her tease on my newly hard cock. Finally she took me into her mouth and staring me in the eyes sucked me. For long minutes I watched her work my cock, until I warned her that I was going to cum.

“Not yet baby, I want you in me one more time.”

Judy straddled my waist and looking into my eyes she slowly lowered herself onto me. I reached out to play with her gorgeous breasts but she stopped me. Smiling, she told me to keep my hands to herself and just enjoy the show.

She rode me for minutes, slowly rising up the length of my cock to slowly glide back down. Her tight pussy clenched at my skin, it felt so good to be inside her. Her big breasts bounced with each downward thrust, and she ground her clit against my pubic hair. Slowly her gentle fuck had started me on the way to orgasm. Her eyes never left mine the entire time, and her beautiful smile had never left her face. I told her I was close and Judy rode me only slightly faster.

All I wanted was to thrust deep up into this beautiful woman, to cum inside. I forgot about everything but her gorgeous body. As I was just about to peak I reached out quickly and grabbed hold of Judy’s large erect nipples. Squeezing hard I pulled at the same time.

Judy came hard, screaming out my name as she did. Her pussy took me all the way inside and the rhythmic convulsions sent me over the edge. We came together, my orgasm had caused me to squeeze Judy’s nipple harder, which in turn made her clench her pussy while in the throes of passion, which set me off more.

Several minutes after we had finally finished our orgasm, as Judy and I lay together on the bed, we talked about what we had done over the course of the day, and what we hoped to do in the future. Looking over at the clock, Judy swore and then got up and quickly dressed. We kissed in the door before she left, making plans to call each other the next day. I smiled to myself at the thought of what our next encounter might entail.

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