One Night at the Gym Pt. 01

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It was well after midnight in mid-August when Jamie McNaughton finished her paperwork for the gym she owned and headed for home. Passing the various pieces of exercise equipment on the way out, she paused. With employee shortages caused by a lack of everything, she hadn’t worked out for nearly a week and she was feeling it. Tomorrow, she wasn’t scheduled to start until noon. Maybe a good workout would induce her to sleep better tonight in her husband’s absence.

Phillip, her husband of twenty-three years, was gone this week attending DefCon in Las Vegas. Despite the rough spots, she still missed him while he was gone. They went through the tough times that nearly every relationship today goes through. And they’d survived, although both of them had doubted it at times.

He should have returned earlier today, but he called this afternoon saying he needed another day to talk to a big client. They had already agreed that another case of cheating and a divorce followed.

All she needed to do was a few stretches before she started because the building stayed warm. After a blistering hot day, the building had finally started cooling down.

Finished with her stretches, she started her routines, working quickly through the various machines, ending at the barbells in an area with mirrors on the wall to watch her posture. She finished a set of standing lateral raises with ten-pound weights, before moving back to the weight stand to replace those and pick up the twenty-five-pound barbells for shoulder shrugs, the last of her routine for the night. As she returned to the mirrored area, she noticed a black shape appear behind her. When she turned, the shape was nowhere to be seen.

A person called the “Black Panther” had been entering businesses and stealing items at night recently. Few had seen the person in action, only to find the effects of the Panther’s efforts the next day. No one knew if this person was male or female.

A few times, a woman had been inside the business who later refused to talk about what happened. Police said when they interviewed her after she reported the theft – because it was always a woman – she always had a goofy grin on her face and never appeared frightened or upset. To Jamie, that meant the woman got a good orgasm somehow, something that was getting harder and harder for her to get these days because both she and Phillip were so busy. They’d both gone through the cheating, the swinging and the third-partner stages of their marriage and decided no one else was worth their time.

There. She saw a black shape in the mirrors again. But now the person was not alone. Three of them moved around her. Someone put a hand over her mouth, while another pushed her back to a seating position onto the large, padded workout table. An indistinguishable voice whispered, “We won’t hurt you. Just lie back and enjoy.”

Today she wore a purple tank top that fell to her hips with her sports bra underneath and a pair of cream yoga pants and a thong with only a piece of elastic down her butt crack. She hated panty lines and how people leered at the person who showed them.

One person pulled the top off, and another undid the sports bra and let her breasts out. She heaved a sigh of relief. Felt good after her workout. She felt both fear and delight at being topless in front of three unknown people. Her pussy throbbed and got even wetter; from the fear or from the erotic nature of being nude in front of unknown people. Did it matter? She was more turned on than she had been in years. The music that usually pulsed through the gym was gone, and all she heard of the creaking noises of the building cooling. Made the place seem eerier because only a few lights still shone.

A person behind her eased her back onto the table while another tugged her yoga pants off. When the fabric stuck to her damp skin, a smooth hand slid under the pants to loosen them, a hand too smooth and small to be a man. That turned Jamie on even more. Despite her deepest desires, she’d never been courageous enough to be alone with a woman without her husband there.

Without her even being much aware she got pulled completely onto the table. She was caught in the deep, black eyes of the man standing right between her legs, his large bulge obvious in his skintight pants. Her wrists quickly were bound by soft material, probably a silk scarf by the feel, and tied to the legs of the table. Same with her legs and feet. One of the people placed a loose gag in her mouth. She felt a blindfold rest on her forehead and watched as the person between her legs pulled out a long-curved knife of the same type as Phillip kept at home from his Army days. This person ran the tip hard enough down her slit to feel the pressure through the fabric of the thong front. She couldn’t tell if her moisture came from blood or her pussy, but since she felt no sting, she figured it was from her juices. Screaming was futile and lost in the gag, but she screamed anyway. Even her insides shook. istanbul escort Goosebumps and shivers traveled through her body. She writhed in fear, real fear because of the threat.

She could smell herself now. And if she could, they could also. That stimulated her more. Her entire body quivered with a mixture of fear and desire.

With a quick upward movement, the knife sliced through the thong and the person pulled it off with a gloved left hand. She felt the eyes of all three on her. While she wasn’t an exhibitionist, this thrilled her. Then the blindfold slid over her eyes and her world went dark.

Two mouths descended onto her C-cup breasts, licking circles around them before finishing with a quick nip of teeth on her nipples. She groaned and hissed, heaving her chest upward after those mouths left, but the restraints held her in place.

She felt someone’s breath close to her bare pussy before a tongue began its journey along her labia. From the touch, it felt like a woman. When two fingers joined in, she knew it was a woman. No man kept his fingernails that long. No pain, however, meant this woman had experience. The fingers slipped inside her cunt and found her g-spot unerringly. The mouths, different now because she felt the burr of whiskers on one of them, returned to her breasts to continue the same patterns as before. Even when they added a third partner, they’d never had this many people involved nor had they used restraints while blindfolded and gagged.

Right at the edge of her orgasm, the mouth and fingers disappeared. The noises she made right now weren’t screams but protests at being left alone. She couldn’t even demand what she wanted. Powerless at the complete mercy of three unseen people.

She was higher sexually than she’d been before, right at the breaking point. One more touch and she’d disappear into the biggest climax of her life.

Instead, all the stimulation vanished. She heard clothes rustle and felt their knees walking on the table, all of them making what they were doing impossible to ascertain. She quivered in need and moaned in want; real, deep, down need that came from her core.

She smelled a faintly known scent of a woman near her face and felt the woman lower herself to where Jamie could reach the woman’s snatch with her tongue before the move ended right next to her lips. She felt the dew from the woman drip into her mouth.

Another person had one hand on her left breast and a mouth on her right soon thereafter, with a touch so soft she couldn’t tell if the hand and mouth were from a man or a woman.

Then she felt the first nudge of the head of a cock being moved up and down her slit. It felt huge in her present condition before the owner pushed against her opening and he worked it inside her until she felt his pubic bones press against hers.

She screamed, at first in protest, but then in pleasure at the feeling. She screamed so hard and so much that she started getting hoarse.

That meant the man was clean-shaven around his equipment as she was. That turned her on more. One of the biggest arguments between her and Phillip was about his unruly body hair, so thick and bushy she had a hard time giving him head. She’d lost the battle but won other fights over things like this. All part of being married.

Now the man picked up speed until he pounded her so hard, that she felt the pull of the restraints around her ankles and wrists each time he bottomed out. She couldn’t keep from screaming now, but in pleasure not in pain. A finger touched her clit, and from the angle, it came from the person licking and fingering her boobs. Another hand felt between her ass cheeks and sought out her rosebud, teasing the edges.

How could three people reach all those spots like that? Was there a fourth? She hadn’t seen anyone else. But then, she hadn’t seen or heard the people before they appeared in the mirror.

She felt that mother of all orgasms building inside, deep in her belly as he pounded on her. As if the man knew she was close, he paused, drove his finger into her ass as deep as he could and held it there as he commenced pounding again.

That was it. She went over the edge. He still pounded. Oh my, what devilish kind of man had this level of stamina? Phillip certainly didn’t. None of the other men she fucked did either, not even Leroy, her Black fling. This man’s cock dwarfed Leroy’s which she thought was huge.

She felt him cum and flood her pussy. She felt like she was being bred, although she was post-menopausal. She and Phillip had waited to get married and have children because of his military career.

Before she passed out, she felt the touch of two different mouths, licking her pussy right to the edge of orgasm before another took over. They each held her labia open wide and drank the man’s cum from her hole. She felt used, spent, and wiped out. And absolutely, entirely sated.

From then on, she didn’t remember anything, istanbul escort bayan for how long she didn’t know, except when she looked at the clock, it showed one-twenty and she had started her thirty-minute unfinished set of exercises at twelve-thirty. She lay nude and unrestrained on the table, partly submerged in a puddle of her juices with bits of sperm floating in the puddle.

Despite the absurdity, she went to get her phone for a picture, only it was gone with her life on it. Phillip would never believe this otherwise. In the search, she realized her watch and the Forever in My Heart pendant with pictures of their two children inside were missing as well. That was all. Except for the phone, nothing had much monetary value. Even the phone could be replaced, and all the contents restored. But she hated the loss of her pendant the most because inside were individual pictures of her twin children, photos she foolishly had no other copies of.

She cleaned up the mess with disinfectant, took a quick shower discovering hickeys on her neck she didn’t realize were there and dressed in her spare exercise outfit with a light jacket because the outside air would be cool now.

How she made it home and in bed, she didn’t know, but by two AM she was snoring. She slept so hard that she was stiff when she woke up, but the pain from the pounding was the main cause.

Despite not wanting to beg off, there was no way she could work at the gym today. An office job perhaps, but not instructing students by example. Using Phillip’s work phone at home, she called the gym and got Clare, her top assistant.

“I’m not feeling that well. I can come in if needed, but…”

“No, no, no, dearie. You’ve been working overtime lately. Our new shift is starting in about thirty minutes. We can work something out to cover the times if we all pitch in. Besides, doesn’t hubby come home tonight? Use your time to plan something special for Phillip.”

“You have my eternal gratitude, Clare. I know I can count on you.” When she interviewed Clare, the woman said she was a lesbian, which didn’t matter to Jamie. In the three years, Clare had worked for her, her conduct was above reproach. Originally from Alabama, Clare flirted with everyone, her conversation sprinkled with dears, honey and sweethearts. Except she knew which people not to use those terms with.

“Oh, wait, Jamie,” Clare caught her as she got ready to say goodbye and hang up. “A messenger just brought a box in for you. There’s no return address. On the front, the block-printed handwriting says, Open in private – Only for Jamie McNaughton. Kevin’s leaving in a few minutes, and he’s headed that way.”

“No, not ever handsy Kevin.”

“Agreed. If you don’t mind waiting, I leave just after one PM. I went to your house at the last Christmas party, so I know right where it is.”

If it hadn’t been for the shortage of employees, she would have fired Kevin. He got handsy with both men and women, but more so with men. One more time and she would.

“Sure. I can’t think what it might be. Usually, packages I get at work are machine addressed.”

Fifteen minutes after one, the doorbell rang. Jamie checked her video camera on the porch. It was Clare, still dressed in her work outfit, still, extremely fit for her sixty years.

“Isn’t your place the other direction?” Jamie said.

“Yea, but that doesn’t matter. I got nothing else to do.”

She gave Clare a big hug, and because she was being expansive, she brushed her lips against Clare’s as the woman’s eyes got big. “Thanks again, girl,” Jamie said. Clare reluctantly left.

Jamie got a cutting blade she once used to cut fabric and sliced open the first layer only to find another layer with the same wording in the same hand. One more layer and a large-sized packing box came into view. Slicing the tape holding the two sides, Jamie folded the four sides back. There, resting on top of what looked like thin wet suits rested her phone, her watch and the precious pendant, still bearing the pictures of her son, Ben, and his twin sister, Beth.

Pulling the suits out, she smelled her scent and the scent that triggered her memory from last night. At the very bottom, under everything else, she found an unaddressed nine-by-twelve-inch manila envelope. Inside was a single sheet of paper and a USB drive, an eight gigabit if the legend was correct. Phillip passed these out with his company name imprinted on them like candy, only this was blank.

The note looked like a printed-out email with the recipient cut off. She read the words in disbelief. It was from Phillip to someone.

My dearest:

I hope last night wasn’t too traumatic and that you had an enjoyable time.

I know we’ve had a rocky relationship over the years, but I still love you more than anyone all the time we’ve known each other. I’m sure you suspected I cheated on your last night, but I didn’t. On the USB stick, you’ll find videos escort istanbul from last night and of the people I met successfully. Plus, I found not three, but four high-quality employees to work for me, several of whom have spouses who have worked in gyms.

To compensate for all the hassle of me being gone so much, I came up with a composite of your fantasies and convinced some people special to you to perform them. Their joint picture will be at the end of the video.

Love with all my heart and soul, Phillip.

The next thing Jamie knew, tears streamed down her face, tears she could not stop. She made her way into their bedroom, put a towel down and cried in it until there weren’t any tears of joy and love for her husband left. She drank two large glasses of water and still felt thirsty.

When she got up, she went back to the table where she opened the package, took the printed email and wrote on the back a checklist of her previously unfilled fantasies.

*Constraint by an unknown person without getting raped but still fueling that fear.

*Getting pounded by a huge cock. Phillip’s was okay, but that wasn’t the issue. Just like men craved huge breasts sometimes, women liked big cocks.

*Engaging in sex with more than two other people at the same time.

*Having sex with a woman, both getting orally stimulated and stimulating the woman without her husband.

Phillip often stuck a butt plug in her before they fucked, and he sometimes fucked her rear, but he wasn’t strong enough to hold himself up on one arm and pound her as this man did.

There were more, but those were the main ones. Despite her urge to go to the end first, she wanted to know how long they’d played with her. He said the video was there and it was.

She timed the entire episode. Thirty-three minutes, a period she would never forget. The video stopped when they finished, which meant she lay unconscious for a long time. She seldom passed out anymore, and even during their BDSM experimental days, she’d never gone that long before she got control back.

She recognized the customers at the end. It was a large company with locations all up and down the east coast that he’d been trying to convince for years to use his services. Good for Phillip. He persevered when others gave up.

A picture of a man with two women, all of them with their arms over each other shoulders, finished the video. All of them are clad in suits without headpieces. She laughed and laughed until she wet her sleep shorts. In the middle was Phillip’s younger brother, Jeremy, aged forty-four. The two women were her best friends, the twins’ Beth and Barb, age forty-six. Jamie was forty-eight. Beth and Barb were happily married, but Jeremy was single.

The sisters were five feet six inches. Jeremy, a former Army Special Services member for twenty years, was five feet eight inches. He took after his Italian mother. He presently worked as director of security for an Atlantic City casino. Barb lived in Trenton, was a teacher, and her husband worked for the State of New Jersey. Beth lived in Philadelphia and worked for the city while her husband worked for the state. Jamie and the twins had been childhood friends and never even talked about having sex together.

Jamie took after her Scandinavian father at five feet ten inches, with pure blonde hair now streaked with a few strands of gray at forty-eight. In her high heels, she towered over Phillip who was six feet. He liked that.

She almost stopped, but they began talking on the video.

“We had a great time, Jamie. When Phillip broached this idea, we found it hard to believe, but we couldn’t resist after all the pranks your family said you pulled on them during their childhood. We’ll do it again if you want.” That was Jeremy, the mouthy one.

Now she had to call Beth, her friend who lived in Philadelphia. They didn’t see enough of each other these days.

“Beth, I just watched the most scandalous video. Was that truthfully you?”

Beth laughed. “Absolutely. I’ve wanted to do something like that for a long time. “

“Doesn’t John care? Or does he even know?”

“Yes, I think you’re forgetting that before this present job, he was a videographer for the State of Pennsylvania. He and Mark filmed the whole thing. And no, they didn’t touch you. We wanted your closest friends only.”

“Well, you devious little slut. I’ll figure out a payback.”

“As long as you don’t go too far, I eagerly await your pleasure.”

All this provoked some ideas, and concepts that needed others to assist her in carrying out. The many independent gyms in the greater Camden-Philadelphia area had set up an employee exchange to cope with perpetual employee shortages.

They often swapped employees to ease temporary shortages. Sometimes an otherwise excellent worker ran into personality conflicts with other employees or clients. When that happened, they counseled the employee to move elsewhere. If the move was caused by a real problem, they shared the issue. It was up to the other gyms to perform their due diligence. This is how she got Clare three years ago. The woman in her late fifties had called a younger man “honey” one day and the extremely jealous wife refused to accept the apologies and demanded Clare be fired.

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