Old Man Cheating on His Wife

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Big Ass

Hi my name is Mark I am 65 years I am gym instructor at a gym I have be doing this for 10 years and at my age I like to keep in shape.

I leave with my wife Debbie and I have one name Robert he has moved out my wife Debbie is 63 and at our age we not Sexual romantic as we used to be together I well come home after work and give my wife a kiss and say hi how was work today we like to talk a lot and do things but wan it came to sex in bed will put it this way we have had sex for two years I just don’t find her attractive any more in bed.

Wan I am at work at the gym get a lot of young Females working out nice bodies and most of them “are good looking being a personal instructor you get a lot of hot young Females that want to keep in Shape can get tempting to have sex with a young Female be a man and at my age.

One Females I work out with is a 19 years old her name is Lorena she has a nice body she sexy brunette she goes to university she is nice Female she outgoing and she got a good sense of Humor I have been her gym personal instructor for about one year she’s got a boyfriend name Jack.

Lorena and I like to chat a lot personal staff like Mark how was your wife today and I say good how is Jack he is good.

One day Lorena doing her work out with me she did like happy like most days and said to her what’s wrong my boyfriend cheat on me with another female I said that’s no good do want to talk about it I said she said no how about we talk about it over coffee she said OK.

We want to a cafe near I work she went on about Jack and his relationship with this other female then told her that your only boyfriend and girlfriend she said I no you will find somebody else then she said to me I like chatting to you and you listen to me not like Jack he always wanted sex and he always All ways told has friends about it than Lorena said to me Mark would you like to go out some time I side to her I’ve got a wife Lorena my wife want like that if I go out with other Female she said to me I know you find me attractive do you I said yes I do then she said look I give you my mobile number and I said OK we’d left a cafe then she said to me I got to do home work now remember giving me a call I love to chat to you again see you soon when.

Wan I got Home that day I want küçükçekmece escort in to Bedroom making sure that my wife did see me close the door and than I rang Lorena on my mobile phone Lorena and I cat for 10 minutes then she said have you change your mind about you and I going out I said no good she said were do you want to go out to I said any were good for OK we go to the movies than Lorena said I pick a movie than how about this Friday at seven OK with me see you there OK than she said love you love you to I didn’t believe I just said that that I love her.

On that Friday we I have to tell my wife that I be working late I got some nice smart casual close and put it in my sports bag after I finish work I got in to my smart casual close and nice men’s fragrance on all over my body I want to the movie with Lorena it was good to have a younger female accompany me after the movies we went talking over coffee and then after she said do you want to go out again I said yes than she said call you choose the place than OK I give you a call than OK she went back to apartment I want home my wife was sleeping got change and went to bed was a thinking about Lorena did not thinking about wife I was falling in love with other women.

The next day wan I was at work it was 12:00 pm it was brake time and Lorena study at university brake time for her I gave her a call I told her that I started to fall in love with you she me to she said you listen to me all the time like that in A man my hart was pumping fast but I told her let’s go out on a date tomorrow night she said were to a nice fancy restaurant she said I live that I got to go now love you love you to baby I feel really good inside this is the first time was about to cheat on my wife I got Lorena some red roses from the flower shop I wear a suit and tie told my wife that I am doing a split shift change at work and want to pick up Lorena went to pick her up she was beautiful she nice blue dress on the lipstick and a nice smell of women’s perfume she gave me a kiss them win-win offer to the restaurant I gave her the red roses she said think you kiss me I kissed the back and kiss her on the neck started to hold it covers hands then she said to me if you want have affair with me küçükyalı escort you going to tell your wife sooner or later she said six months time you can move in with me I said than Lorena said I love.

We Eat our meal together than take Lorena back home when we got back to the apartments near the university we kissed in the car for ten minutes look into each other’s eyes and how much we love each other she got fingers and rubbed it through my hair and did the same thing than said to her may I masturbate you she said yes baby can I do the same thing and I said yes I put my hand up her Dress I saw her blue G string I got my hands on the front of her G string she was wet I Rub my hands up down than I got my hand under her underwear I did the same thing she was really wet than she got her hands on my pants she Rub were my dick was up down with hands I got a hard on than she unzipped my pants than removed my underwear than she said you have a nice old dick and is nice big than she got her hands rub my dick up down I rub her wet Pussy we did this for 20 minutes and we kissing as well we having a orgasms I haven’t had a orgasms in 2 years I was like a teenager again Lorena cum on my hands than I cum on her hands ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh yesssssssss I love you Mark I love you Lorena we kiss she I got to go now OK I love you love you to I got home my wife was sleeping got away with it from the second time I took a shower so my wife can not smell female on my dick got cum all over it.

The next day Lorena going to gym after She finishes university wan she got to the gym we kissed we did our work out it was like it used to I just used to chat to her now she my girlfriend I can touch her after the work out took her home and I want to her apartment than we kiss I give her a love bite than I said to her I want to give something to remember me I said she said OK what is it a Blow job I take your clothes off I take my clothes off to we naked she said to me you need to be quick my friend well be back soon I said OK I got my fingers up her Pussy up and down she goes ohhhhhhhh yes mmmmmm yes Baby I got my Tongue in her Pussy it tasted sweet mmmmmmmm ohhhhhhhhh yess love you Mark than I use 2 of my fingers in her Pussy and my Tongue and she ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh maltepe escort yesssssssss mmmmmm she cum mmmmmmm you are so fucking hot she was exhausted after that than she said to me did your wife ever give you a blowjob not in 10 years she has it how would you like young girl to suck on your old dick I said yes rub her hands up down my cock than she got her mouth in my cock and she suck it good I go ohhhhhhhhhhhh yesssssssssssss yes fuckkkk she did that for 10 mines I cummmmmm in her mouth than I said to her I book a Hotel room for as to have sex she said to me I want you to fuck as hard as you can she said want home that day saw my wife she suspected that I was working late she knew that I was having affair but I did care as long she did follow me I talk to Lorena said to her that book the Hotel room for this Saturday I pick up ok there she said how log are we going to be just for the day she said ok I go saying do you want me to get protection I said she said no I want you to give me a Cream pie I said yes honey love you babe good buy love you love you to

It was Saturday toll my wife that I have to work today she ok don’t be to late ok she go ok I want to see Lorena pick her up we kiss in the car we want to the Hotel is was nice 5 star Hotel want to the room holding hands we took a shower than we naked in bed I gave her a Massage than she Massage me we were relaxes than I tool her may I give you a 69 Standing she said yesss babe I she want on top of me my tongue her Pussy she was sucking on my cock than her height was 5’2 I was muscle man so I can pick her up than I fuck her we did a Inverted Missionary Position she was going ohhhhhhhhh yessssssss fuck me you old fart yessss mmmmmmmmmmmmm ohhhhhhhhhh than I want on top of her gave her a Drill Position ohhhhhhhhhh yessssss yes yesssssssssss than gave her a head to toe than a rear entry and spoon position and a side-by-side position we having sex for 3 hours than I cum in her young pussy yesssssssssss she cum to ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh yesssssss the room smell like sex there was cum all over the bed we kiss and kiss and we want to sleep for 5 hours than we took a shower got changed than left the Hotel and I took her back to her apartment.

We continued our affair for 6 months having sex 3 days a week I told my wife that I was having affair that I don’t love you any more I told my son he did like it but is my life I am in love with Lorena not your mother any more took my wife to Court for the divorce papers wan that was resolved Lorena move in with me after 5 years I proprietors to her she said do we got Married and happily ever after.


Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32