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Big Tits

I was in my local lingerie shop looking for a new set of bra and panties for a party I was going to that weekend. As I made my way to the back of the store where the changing room was, I walked through the closed curtain and walked straight into a gorgeous blonde woman who was standing there as naked as the day she was born.

“Oh sorry, please excuse me, I didn’t know there was someone in here” I said, as I took in her beautiful naked body and deep blue eyes.

As I about turned to walk back out the closed curtain, she put her hand on my shoulder stopping me.

“Seeing you are here; do you think you could help me with my bra and fasten it up at the back for me?” She asked me, and I was only too happy to help her out as I took in more of her hot body.

I have to say that her ass was to die for, as I began fastening her bra. Little did I know though that she was watching me in the mirror in front of her and saw me looking her up and down as I licked my lips then bit my bottom lip.? She must have been about at least half my age and had long sexy legs to go along with her tight ass cheeks, and at least thirty-six DD boobs. She was slightly taller than me at around five foot ten, as I was five foot eight. She had long blonde hair that went halfway down her back. As I looked up, I saw her looking in the full-length mirror, our eyes met and I knew she had seen me eyeing her, she just smiled at me. I nervously smiled back at her, as I stood there rooted to the spot, at being caught ogling her.

“Like what you see honey?” She asked me in an American accent.

“Oh…yeah…” I sort of mumbled back in reply.

The smile on my face got a little bigger, when she turned around and my eyes dropped to her hairless pussy.

“Eh, my eyes are up here” The American woman responded, my eyes moved slowly up her hot body until my gaze found her face.

“Nice bra by the way, would you like some help putting on the panties to go with it?” I then asked her as she smiled back at me.

“Call me Alice” The American woman said.

“Hi Alice, I’m Lynn” I replied with a big smile, as I took the panties from her hand and held them out for her to step in to.

“Why don’t I help you out with your bra and panties Lynn?” Alice responded as she took my selections from my arms, and out of the three pairs she picked the black ones for me to put on.

I just stood there as Alice began helping me out of my clothes. All too soon she had me down to my bra and panties, and was undoing the clasp on my back, letting and my bra slide down my shoulders and hit the floor at my feet. Seconds later istanbul travesti I felt my panties joining my bra at my feet, as I now stood there completely naked. as she checked me out like I had her, only minutes ago.

“Mmm, very nice Lynn, very nice indeed,” Alice purred, as she turned me around checking out my whole naked body.

She then helped me on with the bra I had picked and then the panties to match.

“Very sexy Lynn, they sure do suit you” Alice said, with a smile on her face and a twinkle in her eye.

“Thank you kindly” I replied to her comment as I again began to ogle her hot body again.

“Is everything ok in there madam?” The sales assistant suddenly asked Alice, who tried to stifle a giggle as I stood there with a shocked look on my face.

“Yes, everything is fine, I’ll be out shortly” Alice finally answered back. We heard the sales assistant walk away from the other side of the changing room curtain.

“Are you free this afternoon? “Alice asked me.

“Yes, I’ve got nothing else to do for the rest of the day, why do you ask?” I asked her curiously.

“Well, I was thinking we could go for a coffee and a bite to eat, then go to my place afterward” Alice said as her smile got a little bigger.

“Ok, the coffee and a bite to eat sound good to me, but I’m not sure about your place after it, as I don’t really know you Alice” I replied to her.

“Oh, I think we just got to know each other quite a bit in the last few minutes” Alice retorted, as she leaned forward and kissed me full on the lips.

Again, she caught me by surprise, but the feel of her soft lips on mine did feel so nice, so I agreed to her place after a bite to eat. We got redressed and paid for our underwear before leaving the store, giggling and laughing about the saleswoman not knowing what was going on behind that curtain., I had a feeling though, that if she had popped her head through the curtain, Alice would have pulled her in to join us, and gotten her as naked as we were at the time. While we had a coffee and a snack, we chatted about our lives, and it turned out that we were both married with no children. Her husband was away on business, which was why she had invited me back to her place for the rest of the afternoon, and my husband was working in the city.

Alice lived in a big, posh house with four bedrooms with en-suites. Out back she had a nice swimming pool which would be great during the summer months, but as it was now the autumn it was a bit on the cold side to go for a dip in it. Alice poured us both a drink as we checked out our purchases, istanbul travestileri and Alice decided to put hers back on again. Instead of going to her bedroom to change, she just stood up and stripped off in front of me. Once naked she gave me a twirl and I have to say, that I began to feel my panties getting a little damp.

“Ok your turn to strip off again honey,” Alice told me.

A little bit hesitantly I stood up and began to slowly take my clothes off.

It didn’t go down well with Alice though. She emptied her glass and put it on the coffee table next to her, before walking right up to me and like in the store, she was helping me out of my clothes as fast as she could. Both of us now naked and our purchases forgotten about, Alice wrapped her arms around me. Looking me right in the eye as our breasts pressed up against each other’s, Alice began kissing me again. This time it wasn’t just a kiss on the lips she was also slipping her tongue between my lips, and into my mouth to find mine. I just stood there and let her do her own thing for a minute or so before she broke the kiss.

“Come on Lynn, at least act like you’re enjoying yourself” Alice told me, as she fondled my breasts and began to kiss me again.

Now in a bit of a panic I pulled out of her kiss and looked at her.

“I’ve never been with a woman before…if it’s going to happen could you please take it slower?” I said to an astonished Alice.

“You have never been with another woman, oh Lynn you really don’t know what you have been missing out on honey.” Alice smiled at me and again pulled me against her naked body, as our tits pressed together again.

Taking a hold of my head she slowly began kissing me once again, slipping her tongue between my lips to explore my mouth. I copied her lead. We were soon kissing passionately as I too wrapped my arms around her hot body, standing there in the middle of the living room. A few minutes later Alice broke the kiss between us, she took a step backwards making me think that I had done something wrong.

“Why don’t we go upstairs to my bedroom honey, and be more comfortable” Alice said, as she took me by the hand and led me naked up the stairs to the bedroom.

As I followed Alice up the stairs she wiggled her bare ass in my face, not that I was complaining one little bit. Once we were in her bedroom, she got me onto the bed then joined me. Alice was kissing me again as she held my head and lay her naked body on top of mine. Moments later she began sliding down my body until she was level with my tits. She began kissing my travesti istanbul hard left nipple, while her fingers caressed my right one. Alice was sucking gently at first and I was beginning to respond, running my fingers through her hair. Pushing my tits together, Alice began sucking on both of my hard nipples for about the next five minutes as I began to writhe below her.

She let go of my tits and began tweaking my right nipple, as her free hand slid down over my stomach, until it reached my mound. I opened my legs a little bit more to give her better access to my pussy. By this time, I was so fucking horny my juices were dribbling out of me, running down my ass crack onto the sheet below me. Feeling how wet I was, Alice slipped a finger inside me, and began to finger me. A Few minutes later she pulled her finger from my pussy, now lubricated with my pussy juice and she began strumming my clit. I was so turned on that I would have let her do anything that she wanted to me. Closing my eyes, I began moaning out loud and arched my back in surrender to the feelings she was giving me. I tried to reach down and get my hand between her legs, but she just pushed my hand away.

“Oh no, let me do this for you,” Alice whispered into my ear.

That set me off right there and then, as I tensed up and found it hard to breathe as my body arched off the bed. I stayed like that with just my shoulders, head and my feet touching the mattress, as the rest of me arched off it for I don’t know how long, before I dropped onto the bed gasping for breath, just before I passed out. It was by far the most intense orgasm of my life, and I had to fight to keep from screaming out loudly. The walls of her room were almost paper thin, so I had no doubt that half of the damned street must have heard me.

As I looked up at Alice, I could tell I was still flushed, because I still felt faint. For the first time I experienced first-hand, the difference between making love and having sex. Alice sat up beside me and bent over my waist, I gasped as I felt the most amazing sensation, as she began licking my clit, rolling it randomly with her tongue.

“Oh my god, that was incredible,” I said to her, as I lay there with my arm across my forehead, trying to catch my breath and stop the room from spinning.

I eventually got up onto my elbows and then sat up and reached for her. Alice scooted forward until we were both on our knees facing each other.

“Tell me what to do for you Alice,” I said, a little afraid as I had never done anything like this before, although I did have the odd thought about it. Alice leaned in and kissed me lightly, and just smiled back at me.

Our affair lasted about three years, before she moved away with her husband when he got a promotion, and they had to move from the suburbs to the city.

I will always remember her though, with her being my very first woman.

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