Occupational Hazards Pt. 01

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// Author’s note:

After receiving some thoughtful feedback, I decided it might be better to combine the first two parts of this story in order to hopefully improve the flow of the story and make a little more sense. I apologise that I tend to be long-winded at times and that my writing often suffers for it. I appreciate your comments and I’ll do my best to take them on board and improve.

Please be advised that this story contains explicit themes of violence, nonconsent and potentially upsetting scenes, view at your own discretion.

Love, Lezbait <3 // Kate yawned. 10:58pm. Approximately four hours had passed since her boss had cheerily plopped an impossibly thick stack of paperwork onto her desk before sauntering out the door. What kind of sick bastard would dump this amount of work on someone who was literally one minute away from clocking out for the week? Who the hell does that? “Ariane.” Kate sighed, answering her own question. Ariane was exactly that kind of sick bastard. Her boss might have been her junior by several years, but her conniving work-ethic and backstabbing skills were top-notch, enough to shoot her up the corporate ladder and leave Kate standing bewildered in the dust. Kate exhaled deeply, wondering why she even let Ari get away with pulling shit like this. On a fucking Friday night, for God’s sake? Whatever. It wasn’t like she had had any better plans for the evening other than going home, getting drunk and passing the fuck out. The thought of the half-finished bottle of vodka waiting for her at home in lieu of a lover provided another spurt of motivation, though before long even that thought served little to comfort her as she continued tapping away at the keyboard in front of her. She mindlessly typed up the week’s expenditures, careful to make little “corrections” here and there as she’d been taught to do. It was going to be a long, long night. ******************************************************************* 11:40pm. All of the lights in the office were already turned off, but pale beams of light from the corridor’s 24/7 neon panelling shone onto the floor from the hallway, stretching across the carpet of the pitch-dark office. Kate was jolted out of her work-trance by the sight of a long, slender shadow moving slowly towards her from the hallway. She blinked and rubbed her eyes, unsure if she had been staring at the monitor for too long, but when she opened them again the figure was still there, even closer than before. “Uh, Hello?” Kate called out, against her better judgment. “Ari, is that you? You come back to help me with this shit?” No response. Kate could feel the beginnings of little pangs of unease starting to claw at her stomach. Please, god, please let it be Ari, she hoped, praying silently that whoever was about to pay her a visit wasn’t too dangerous. “Hello?” Kate called out to the figure one last time before letting the panic set in. Fearing the worst, she scanned her desk for anything sharp or heavy that she could possibly use to defend herself against an attacker. Pencil pot- nope. Cordless phone- doubtful. Memo pad- no way in hell. Cactus- maybe(?) Shit, the figure was getting closer. No time to think. Kate nodded to herself determinedly and grabbed for the little ceramic flowerpot containing a lone and decidedly unthreatening cactus plant. Whoever that looming, shadowy presence was, she wasn’t going down without a fight. She had a half-finished bottle of discount vodka waiting for her at home, after all. The figure continued to wordlessly approach her, until Kate was horribly, horribly certain that the figure was definitely not Ari. The stranger looked to be a tall, slender woman, advancing towards her with an elegant, swinging gait. It was hard to tell, but from what Kate could make out it looked like she was wearing some kind of seamless black bodysuit- probably designed for sneaking into office buildings in the middle of the night, Kate reasoned. The black fabric hugged the woman’s athletic figure, drawing Kate’s eyes up her slender legs and clinging to the stranger’s modest bust. The garment stopped just short of her elbows, leaving a glimpse of well-muscled forearm exposed above a pair of sturdy-looking leather gloves. The woman’s face was obscured by a black mask over her eyes and nose, and her blonde hair was tied back into a low ponytail. Kate gulped. If it hadn’t been for the large pistol dangling from the strange woman’s right hand and the sinister grin on her face, Kate would have been tempted to describe her as attractive. All things considered, she didn’t look half bad. “Oh, damn.” exclaimed the shadowy figure. “When I staked out the place earlier I figured you for a guy. I’d have brought lots more fun things to play with if I realised that K. Walker was a cute girl.” Kate was too stunned to respond, but the figure continued. “Heeey, so~ Listen, I’m gonna need a favour from mobil porno you.”

The intruder’s singsong voice rang out in the darkness. Kate opened her mouth to speak, but the strange woman continued.

“Mind letting me plug this USB into that computer right there? Pinky promise I’ll be gentle.”

“Uhh… what?”

Kate was startled by the woman’s seemingly innocent request. She didn’t know very much about computers other than the standard-issue knowledge needed for office and filing work, but she found it hard to believe that inserting a tiny USB pen drive like the one the woman held out to her could really do that much harm. No, stop, she reasoned. No-one would come waltzing into company premises in the middle of the night swinging a pistol if she was about to request something innocent.

“Um, I don’t think I should do that.” Kate protested.

“Awwww, pretty please?” The woman asked again.

She almost seemed to be enjoying this, Kate thought, the way she smirked and leant over the desk.

“Y’know, I’m gonna have to take them, whether or not you let me.” The woman continued, still smiling. “The only difference is whether or not I have to play dirty to make you cooperate.”


Kate genuinely didn’t understand. Take what, exactly, she wondered. Seeing the bewildered look on her face, the woman elaborated.

“I need to grab a couple of the records from that PC there,” the stranger smiled and held out the USB once more. “Can you do me a teeny tiny favour and plug this in for me?”

Kate said nothing, unsure of how she could respond to the woman’s seemingly-harmless requests.

“I’d really, reaaally like it if you and I could be friends, y’know?”

The mystery intruder proffered her hand to Kate. Kate couldn’t see the woman’s eyes behind the mask to decipher her intentions, but she seemed pretty sincere.

“People usually call me Widow.”

“Uh, Kate,” Kate replied. “Though I guess you already knew that.” she said, gesturing to the brass nameplate on her desk.

“Ehehe, what a cute name.”

Kate felt her cheeks flush at the unexpected compliment. “Um, thanks. But I really don’t think I can let you take these files.”

“Aww, but we’re friends now!” The woman exclaimed, seeming almost genuinely hurt by Kate’s refusal. “Fine, I guess I’ll have to be a little forceful with you after all.”

Widow smiled as if she had been expecting this outcome from the start- looking forward to it, even. In an instant, the armed woman’s masked face was inches from Kate’s own, her hot breath casting the beginnings of a fog across Kate’s glasses. She was impossibly close now, close enough that Kate could smell the taller woman’s lightly-scented herbal shampoo. Without meaning to, she inhaled deeply, enjoying the feeling of physical contact with another woman despite the unfortunate circumstances.

“Hehe, your glasses are all steamed up,” Widow laughed teasingly. “Am I making you feel all hot and neeeeervous?”

Kate gulped, unsure of how to respond. She really was feeling nervous, but she was afraid that it was for all the wrong reasons. The taller woman was leaning over her now, effectively trapping Kate between the desk and her body.

“Hey,” she grinned. “I’ll take off my mask if you take off yours~?”

“Huh?” Kate didn’t understand.

Widow smiled and lifted her gloved hands to gently pluck the now-useless steamed-up glasses from Kate’s face, before bringing her hand back up to stroke her cheek. After a short pause, she brought her hand up towards her own mask and slipped it upwards and over her hair. A pair of fiery orange-brown eyes framed by rows of dark lashes met with Kate’s blue ones, causing Kate to blush and avert her gaze.


Kate was unable to stop her awe from showing on her face. Whoever this woman was, she had the most beautiful, intense gaze that Kate had ever seen. Kate’s breaths got shorter and shallower as she felt the other woman’s eyes pierce her entire being, transfixed by Widow’s passionate stare.

“Beautiful…” Kate murmured, before realising that she had said that out loud and blushing even more furiously.

“Hehe, what a cute reaction.” Widow seemed pleased with Kate’s flustered response. “After all, it’s like I always say: the only thing better than making friends with a cute girl is making friends with a cute girl who also happens to be a sexually frustrated lesbian.”

“H-Hey!” Kate blushed. “Am I seriously that easy to read?” she wondered. “I-I’m not.”

“Not what? Not a lesbian? Ahaha, sure.” Widow laughed, stroking a finger behind Kate’s ear to feel her close-cropped hair.

“No, uh, n-not that.”

Kate’s cheeks were burning now.

“The, uh, the other thing.”

“What, sexually frustrated? Well, didn’t you just say so! But I have a hard time believing that a woman who was having her needs attended to on a regular basis would be this geared-up because a big mean assassin made some flirty comments and pinned her against a desk.”

“P-pinned alman porno me against…wha-“

Kate’s words melted away in her throat as the other woman’s slender thigh slid between her legs. If she had to guess, Kate would have said that she could probably outmatch the slim woman based on physical strength alone, but unfortunately her mysterious assailant had other advantages. Kate let out a quiet gasp as she felt something poking her in the ribs through her shirt. She looked down and stifled a yelp when she saw that what was poking her was the silencer of Widow’s pistol. Widow grinned devilishly at her.

“Hey, hey. We’ll have no need for this as long as you play nice with me and help me out. You like, me, right Kate?”

Widow was centimetres away from Kate’s face now.

“I, Hey, I…Stop…”

Kate’s objection was cut short by Widow’s lips pressing against her own. Before she knew it, she was kissing her back, lips parting to accommodate Widow’s insistent tongue licking and stroking her own. It was a hungry, passionate kiss. Kate shivered as she felt Widow’s gloved hands wrap firmly around her waist, pulling her closer as if the two women were lovers. She wasn’t used to being kissed like this, and the soft, slick feeling of the other woman’s tongue caressing her own sent delicious chills down her spine.


Kate found herself moaning into the other woman’s mouth as the two continued to kiss deeply. Her hand began tentatively moving towards the small of Widow’s back, drawing the other woman even closer as she felt herself surrendering to the growing heat between them. The kiss continued for several long moments until Kate broke the silence once again.

“Hey,” she panted as Widow’s tongue found its way along the curve of her jaw towards her ear, “I, ahh, fuck…I really c-can’t let you have those f-files, y’know…”

Her voice trailed off as Widow began kissing her way down her neck, licking and biting as she found sensitive spots Kate didn’t even know she had.

“F-fuck” Kate sighed. “I, ah, I…I…”

“Wow, what a loyal employee.” Widow cut her off, raising her eyebrows with a smirk. “I wonder if your money-smuggling boss would show the same concern for you.”


Kate wasn’t sure what to say. Money smuggling? Could Ariane really be guilty of something like that? Widow spoke again.

“Say, did you ever wonder why Ariane asked you to cover for her tonight at such short notice?”

Widow had stopped kissing her and was breathing softly into Kate’s ear.


Realisation slowly dawned on her.

“A little birdie told me that a certain somebody got a tip from my employer that one of her people would be paying a visit to settle some debts.”

Widow’s face was dead serious now as she met Kate’s eyes with her own burning gaze.

“I…She…She knew someone was coming tonight?”

Kate looked back at Widow, unsure if her assailant was being truthful or just trying to manipulate her.

“You catch on surprisingly slowly for someone who does math for a living.”

Widow laughed and took Kate’s hand in her own. “You can give me the files I need, or I can take them by force. Whether or not your asshole boss is gonna get what’s coming to her is up to you.”

“Stop it.” Kate frowned. “Look, Ariane may be a piece of shit, but she isn’t a…a criminal. She would never send me to…to get hurt in her place.”

“Oh, she’s a criminal all right,” laughed Widow. “Then again…I wonder- if ‘money-laundering’ is so evil to you, you must think I’m Satan herself.”


“I think you’re a good person-” Kate stopped herself before she could respond. Why on earth she had been about to call her mystery assailant a “good person” was beyond her. This woman had groped her, held her at gunpoint, and tried to threaten her into surrendering critical company documents. And yet…Kate just couldn’t shake the feeling that this woman was genuine. That she might actually be a good person.


The other woman seemed disappointed by Kate’s response, as if she had known that Kate had been about to say something more but had held her tongue.

“Look, I get it. You’re a good citizen, a good girl who would never hand over confidential documents to someone like me. I really don’t have a choice through. I don’t want to hurt you, Kate.”

Widow looked at her again. The expression on her face was a strange mixture of pity and wistfulness.

“I really, really do want to be friends.”

Kate felt a pang of emotion at the woman’s unexpected sincerity. Silence. Several moments passed, the two women just gazing wordlessly into one another’s eyes.


Kate started again, but Widow cut her off almost immediately.

“If you aren’t willing to cooperate with me, I’m going to have to at least make sure to keep you out of my way.”

Impossibly quick, Widow spun Kate around to face the desk. She grabbed her arms with one hand and held them alexis texas porno together, gently wrapping the other around Kate’s body to caress her throat.

“I really, really don’t want to kill you. But if I do have to kill you, Kate, I want to fuck you first.”

Kate’s eyes popped open upon hearing this shocking revelation.


Widow continued, seemingly unaware of her squirming quarry’s sudden terror.

“It’d be a real shame to let such a nice body go to waste, y’know? Plus…I guess leaving a naked and well-fucked employee for that shitbag boss of yours to discover tomorrow morning is a pretty good way to send a threatening message, if you ask me.”

Kate was too stunned to respond. She felt bile start to rise in her throat after Widow’s nonchalant remark, and tried not to let her fear show.

“Awww, did I scare you?” ?Widow smiled tenderly into Kate’s hair as if she were comforting a startled child.

“I much prefer my girls alive, y’know. So really, you have nothing to worry about~ Besides, I think we’re gonna get on great. I really meant it when I said that I wanna be best friends forever!”

Kate said nothing, suddenly terrified that the wrong response would result in her, as her assailant had so delicately put it, ending up as a “naked and well-fucked” threatening example.

“Hey. It isn’t polite to ignore a lady when she’s talking to you y’know.” Widow scolded her, feigning annoyance with a slight flounce.

“Uuh… Uh…” Kate panicked and tried to remember what it was that Widow had been saying before she started threatening to dispose of her.

“Do you want me to kill you, Kate?” Widow asked sweetly, stroking a leather-clad finger across her pale throat.

“N…No! Of course not!” Kate stuttered, tears beginning to form in the corners of her eyes.

“Then let’s play nice, kay? Why don’t we get to know each other a little better?”

Widow loosened her grip on Kate’s arms, allowing her to turn slightly to face her attacker.


Kate found herself short of words as Widow brought her lips to hers. Before long, the two women had resumed kissing deeply. The electricity was still there, even stronger than before, but Kate was struggling to process the mixture of arousal and terror that she was now feeling. Tears rolled down her cheeks as she moaned into her assailant’s mouth, unable to constrain herself and overwhelmed with emotion.

“Ohhhh…” Kate found herself starting to pant again as Widow’s gloved fingers explored her body, stroking up and down her sides and tracing the curve of her ass through her suit pants.


Kate’s moans stopped once again when she felt a familiar poking at her ribs. She looked down to see Widow’s gun once again digging into her shirt.

“Why don’t we make things interesting?”

Widow smiled, as though proposing to a friend that they bet on a card game. Widow gently drew the gun up Kate’s waist to her breast. Kate gasped as it trailed across her sensitive skin. She could feel the cold metal through her thin cotton shirt.

Kate didn’t know why, but she was starting to feel a definite something other than fear. Perhaps this was her body’s way of lessening the terror, but somehow she doubted it. This didn’t feel like relaxation. Kate felt a spark of heat in her stomach as the other woman delicately circled her breast with the metal silencer. Excitement?


Kate was silenced again by Widow’s lips pressing roughly against her own. Despite her best efforts to remain focussed, she could feel her thoughts begin to melt away in response to Widow’s skilful touch. Her pulse quickened as gloved fingers began to work their way from her ass down between her legs, kneading her firm thighs in a way that made her shudder with pleasure and anticipation.


Kate couldn’t help but imagine those strong, slender fingers roaming all over her body. Cupping her breasts, stroking her inner thigh…Slipping further down into-

Wait, what the fuck am I doing?! Kate frantically attempted to pull herself together. This woman is about to fucking murder me and here I am mentally writing fanfiction about her???

Energised by her own somewhat-delayed wake-up-call, Kate quickly raised her hands until they were around Widow’s shoulder level and then shoved hard. Although the other woman was a good few inches taller than her, the shove seemed to be sufficiently strong, and Widow was knocked back several paces. Attempting to make the most of her surprise attack, Kate lunged forward and reached for the gun in the other woman’s right hand. If only I can knock the gun down, that should buy me a few seconds to dial 911. The thought served to spur her on further and she swung her leg up in an effort to surprise her assailant into dropping the gun.

Had she been up against a normal human being, this plan might have been successful. Against a professionally trained assassin with a masters’ degree in Blowing People The Fuck Up, however, her chances were significantly worse.


With a disturbingly cheerful giggle, Widow deftly caught the leg and spun it upwards before thrusting it away from her body, knocking Kate off her feet and onto her back with a thud.

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