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Damn, Alyson thought, she’s doing it again!

“She” was Melissa, Alyson’s roommate, and “it” was Melissa’s distracting habit of running around their apartment half-naked. Today it was just bra and panties, as she stood ironing some clothes for her date that night. They were pretty skimpy little panties that left nothing to the imagination. Well, actually, they left a lot to Alyson’s imagination. Melissa’s panties were tiny – not a thong but very low cut, just a thin strip of fabric stretched across her wide hips, barely covering her pubic mound and in the back, exposing the top half of her butt crack.

Melissa’s antics drove Alyson crazy. It wasn’t that she was a prude, not at all, just the opposite. The real issue was that Alyson wanted Melissa, wanted her badly, but she was afraid to risk their friendship by making any move to get what she wanted. “Melissa,” she exclaimed, “put some clothes on!”

Melissa responded with an annoyed frown. She didn’t seem to get it. Alyson suspected that she liked doing this. She wondered if Melissa walked around the apartment completely naked when Alyson wasn’t there. The thought intrigued her.

“The shades are up,” she added. “People can see in.”

“Oh, okay, okay” Melissa responded at last, a bit exasperated by Alyson’s concern, “just let me finish this!”

Alyson watched as Melissa flitted around the living room, picking up one article of clothing after another as she tried to decide what would look best. This date tonight seemed to be a really big deal to her, but Alyson didn’t understand why. It was just another guy, nobody special as far as Alyson could tell.

Perhaps it was important to Melissa because she didn’t get as many dates as Alyson did. Alyson could not understand that, either, but it was true. Alyson pretty much had all the men she wanted, and yes, more than Melissa. The guys were attracted to Alyson’s bubbly personality and her cute face, framed by her long, dark brown hair, and her big, brown eyes and wide mouth that just exploded into a smile. And they liked her body, too. Alyson had a very nice shape on her five-foot, four-inch frame, with nice, full boobs and a darling little butt. Alyson was very proud of her butt, and it got her a lot of attention from the guys.

So, yes, Alyson got more male attention, but Melissa had her own type of beauty. While she wasn’t the “cute little babe” like Alyson, she was hot in her own way. She had a pretty, heart-shaped face and shoulder-length chestnut hair, and while she didn’t always turn heads on the street, at this time of year, when the onset of summer brought out a girlish sprinkling of freckles across her narrow nose and lightened her hair to a softer brown, she looked adorable.

Ultimately, though, it was Melissa’s body that had Alyson enthralled. There were times, like now, when Alyson couldn’t take her eyes off her. Melissa was tall – five foot ten, but she was no beanpole. She had a dancer’s legs – beautiful, long legs that filled out her jeans with a delicious, muscular shape that was athletic but also curvy and feminine. She was smaller on top, at least for her size, but her hips – oh god, Alyson loved her hips! They were wide and womanly, perfectly proportioned for her height. Melissa was a big girl, and her pelvis was wide to match her size. Her hips did not look “fat”, not at all – just broad and full, accented by a surprisingly small waist that gave her bottom half the perfect curve of a classic “hourglass” figure. When she wore her favorite tight, low-cut jeans, she looked amazing.

The simple fact was that Alyson really wanted to do her. She had felt that way for a while, perhaps even a few years back, when they were roommates in college, though at the time it wasn’t so clear to her. Now though, she was just dying to get at her. All she could think of was having those luscious hips in her hands while she buried her face between Melissa’s legs.

Later that night, Alyson was home alone, drinking a little wine and watching TV. Melissa was gone on her big date and would not be back for several hours, or, if things went well, not until morning. Alyson thought about that, thought about this guy making love to Melissa and how Melissa would respond. It was a vision Alyson often raised in her mind, of Melissa moaning and writhing in pleasure, ending in the throes of orgasm. It excited her to think about it. And she was certain that she could make Melissa cum harder and more often than some horny, impatient guy. If only she could get the opportunity!

Just as those thoughts were going through her mind, the door suddenly opened. It was Melissa. She was wearing the sexy black dress that she had picked out for her date. She looked really, really hot in that dress, but the look on her face was not a happy one.

“Oh gosh,” Alyson said, “you’re home early.”

“Yeah,” Melissa replied sullenly. “That was a total bust. No chemistry whatsoever.” She stared straight ahead for a second, as if reviewing her disappointing night, then added, “I’m going to go change.”

Minutes later, Melissa was back, looking much more casual in cutoff jeans and a simple top. bursa escort As usual, the shorts were low-cut, and she had tied the top up in a knot, revealing about four inches of her bare mid-drift. That patch of skin had been driving Alyson crazy for months. Now, after the thoughts she’d been having, the sight cruelly teased her and further increased her desire. Melissa came to the sofa and sat down next to Alyson, completely oblivious to her best friend’s state of mind.

“God, I’m so fucking horny now!” she complained. “I really needed some fun tonight.”

That was the last thing Alyson needed to hear right then. She snuck a quick look at Melissa’s flat, bare belly, at her darling little navel, and felt a twinge of desire surge through her.

Exhaling with an exhausted “Whew!” Melissa lay back in the sofa, raising her arms over her head in a pose that caused her shirt to rise up even farther, exposing even more skin. It was too much for Alyson to resist. She reached out and playfully ran her finger over Melissa’s abdomen. Melissa’s stomach twitched in response and she let out a little “Eek!”

Unperturbed, Alyson gave her a bratty grin and did it again. This time with all four fingers, and lower, just above the low-slung waist of her shorts. “You’re pretty proud of this, aren’t you?” she said breathily, as her fingers moved boldly back and forth over the soft skin.

“What do you mean?” Melissa asked, her tone slightly defensive.

“Oh, I just mean that you like to show off your belly. That’s not bad,” she added quickly, “You have a really nice stomach, firm and flat. It is pretty sexy, if you ask me.” She tried to give Melissa an inviting smile as her fingers continued to caress her. Then she grew bolder, letting her fingers stray just under Melissa’s waistband. That drew a stronger response.

“Alyson!” she scolded, removing her hand with a laugh and a good-natured slap, “I’m horny already. You don’t need to make it worse!”

Now Alyson’s fingers trailed lightly on Melissa’s bare leg. She gave her a sly smile and said, “I’m sorry, Mel. I know you had a bad night. And I don’t mean to make it worse, babe.” She cocked her head in an inquiring pose. “Maybe I can make it better.”

Melissa looked at her friend skeptically. “Alyson, what are you thinking? We’re not lesbians. You’re just drunk.”

“Well, I am a little drunk, and no, I’m not a lesbian, but I have fooled around a couple of times. And beside … well … you said you were horny.” Her hand was firmly parked now on Melissa’s upper thigh, her fingers still moving just a tiny bit.

Melissa squirmed a little and ignored the hand – and the “horny” comment. She asked, simply, “So when was this?”

“Well,” Alyson proceeded cautiously, “Do you remember Stephanie, from my work?”

“Stephanie?” Melissa replied, “Oh yeah, Stephanie” She rolled her eyes. “‘The Blonde Bod’, right? Yeah, I remember her.”

Melissa’s nickname for Stephanie was not a compliment. The eye-roll reflected Melissa’s feelings about her. She thought Stephanie was full of herself and kind of a bitch, but in truth, she was rather envious of her, of her body, especially her large, firm breasts. Stephanie made her feel a little insecure about her own body. But Melissa had to ask. “So what about her?”

“Well, remember her party, the one you skipped? And I stayed at her place that night because I was too drunk to drive? Well, she was drunk, too, and well… we did it.”

Melissa eyed her sideways, thinking about what she had just heard. Finally, she asked, “And what exactly does ‘it’ mean?”

Alyson said nothing for a moment and then answered with a little smile, “It means I did her, Melissa. We had sex and

I went down on her. I ate her out.”

Melissa’s mouth dropped, her eyes wide, “Seriously?” she asked. “Alyson, seriously??? You did ‘The Blonde Bod’???””

Alyson raised her eyebrows playfully, and displayed a smug “look at me” smile. Melissa stared at her for a bit and then gave her own playful grin. “Why Alyson,” she said, “you little devil.” Then she asked, hesitantly, “So how was it? Did you like it? Was that the only time?”

“That was the only time with Steph, but I’ve done a couple of other girls, too. And yeah, I liked it. I really liked it. It was fun.” Alyson smiled mischievously, “I know you don’t really like her, but you can’t deny that Steph is really hot.” She let a few seconds elapse for effect. Then she leaned in to whisper the rest in Melissa’s ear. “It really was amazing. I made her cum. And she told me I was really, really good.”

She sat back to let that thought sink in. Then she added, in the most seductive voice she could muster, “So, don’t you want to find out how good I am?”

Before Melissa could answer, Alyson took the initiative, leaning in to place one soft, gentle kiss on Melissa’s neck. Melissa didn’t really respond, but she also didn’t object, so Alyson leaned in again, this time placing her kiss on Melissa’s mouth and running her tongue lightly over her lips. After another pause with still no objection, she went in one more time. This time, she opened her mouth bursa escort bayan against Melissa’s and pushed her tongue forward. To her delight,

Melissa’s opened up to let her in.

With no resistance, Alyson’s tongue did a slow dance in Melissa’s mouth, their tongues swabbing wetly over each other, their passions rising. Alyson worked a long, sexy lick around Melissa’s teeth and tongue, and Melissa responded with a deep, low moan, clutching at Alyson, pulling her tight against her. That reaction further inflamed Alyson’s lust for her. She could feel herself getting very wet as their kissing continued. Everything was going just as she’d hoped, just as she always imagined it!

Alyson returned to Melissa’s neck, placing light, sexy kisses there as Melissa closed her eyes and dropped her head back to give her more access. Alyson used one hand to caress her cheek while the other hand snuck down to run softly over Melissa’s small, A-cup breasts. It excited Alyson to touch them, even over her bra and through the fabric of her top. The mere fact that she was touching them was another indication of Melissa’s willingness, one more step toward what Alyson really wanted – to taste Melissa’s pussy.

Becoming bolder, Alyson slipped her hand down, across the smooth, soft skin of Melissa’s belly and up under her top. Both girls responded, Alyson with a little whimper of joy and Melissa with an involuntary, pleasurable contraction of her abdomen. Alyson’s hand moved higher, up to Melissa’s bra, and then under it to find her breast and nipple. Alyson broke their kiss and stared intently into Melissa’s eyes, searching for a reaction as she played with her titties.

“You like?” Alyson asked quietly, smiling warmly.

“Oh Alyson,” Melissa sighed. “I had no idea.”

Alyson’s smile grew wider. “I’ve been wanting to do this for a long time,” she said, gently twisting the nipple between her fingers. “You’re just so beautiful, so sexy!”

Melissa didn’t answer, but her fervent moan and the way she pulled Alyson back to kiss her said everything. They made out like that for a while, with Alyson taking the lead, fondling her breasts, then moving her hand down to caress the exposed flesh above the waist of Melissa’s pants. She let her hand move around her waist, to Melissa’s rear, where her fingers slipped into the back of her pants, playing lightly in the top of her asscrack.

“Oooh!” Melissa exclaimed in mock shock.

Alyson responded with a simple flash of her eyes. Her breathing had become deeper, heavier. Between breaths she said, “Why don’t we go to my room?” Melissa’s response was a simple nod.

Melissa led the way. Right behind her, Alyson eyed her swaying hips hungrily as she walked. She was trying not to let her desire show, but that was impossible. She just wanted her so badly. Luckily, Melissa didn’t seem to mind.

They plopped onto the bed in a sitting position. Alyson immediately began kissing again, her head bent back to adjust to their height difference. She broke off to whisper, “I’m going to do you so good, babe, so good.” Melissa smiled at her enthusiasm as Alyson tugged at her top, pulling it up and off. Melissa sensed what she wanted and reached back to undo her bra, slipping it off. Alyson immediately dipped her head down to Melissa’s chest.

Alyson worked on Melissa’s nipples, licking over and around the left one, then taking the little nub into her mouth, biting lightly, then sucking hard, making Melissa groan. Alyson let out a little whimper of her own. She was so excited to finally be doing this. Her hand worked on Melissa’s other nipple, twisting and rolling the little morsel between thumb and forefinger until it was hard and swollen. She could feel Melissa’s body trembling from the stimulation – from Alyson’s mouth on her breasts, but also from the hand that was now trailing seductively down her torso, over her ribs, to the smooth, soft skin of her abdomen.

Alyson let her hand wander down to the beltline of Melissa’s shorts. She slipped her hand inside, hardly believing that this was really happening, that Melissa was not stopping her. The shorts were tight, but not too tight, and Alyson was able to get her hand all the way in, until her fingers were in the heat of Melissa’s crotch. Slipping inside her panties, she was thrilled to find the warm, wet slit of Melissa’s cunt.

“Alyson,” Melissa started to object, “No… oh god, No … Oh god, Yesssss!!”

Alyson moved the end of her middle finger slowly several times along the length of Melissa’s pussy and then dipped inside. Damn, she thought, it feels so good in there! Melissa whimpered quietly as she coated Alyson’s finger with warm, buttery fluids. Then she groaned as Alyson pushed it all the way in, letting out an excited little cry herself.

Alyson held her finger there for a few long seconds, enjoying the feel of it, the tight, moist heat of Melissa’s cunt. She could feel it throbbing with desire around her finger. She rotated it inside and then stroked slowly in and out, making Melissa whimper. She kept fingering her for a while, but then she wanted more. “I think we should get escort bursa naked,” she breathed.

Melissa smiled meekly and stood up to undo her belt, then unzipped her shorts and stepped out of them. She was about to take off her panties when Alyson stopped her. “Wait,” she said, “leave those on for now. You look so hot in them!” Then Alyson took off her own clothes, all the while devouring Melissa’s near-nakedness with her eyes.

Alyson moved back to the bed and pulled Melissa down with her. She rolled on top of her, their bodies rubbing hotly against each other. “You’re gonna like this,” she said, “Skin on skin, all the way down – it feels incredible.” Alyson moved her body against Melissa’s, her larger breasts rolling against Melissa’s smaller ones, the silky softness of both their bodies feeling just as good as Alyson promised. Melissa uttered a low “Mmmmm” and let her hands roam over Alyson, up and down her sides, briefly feeling her tits, and finally settling on her cute little butt, squeezing and fondling the soft, round buns. Alyson gave a quiet cry. She loved having Melissa caress her, but what she really wanted was to explore Melissa’s body.

She moved down, kissing lower until her tongue probed delicately into the recess of Melissa’s navel. Melissa whimpered quietly, and her stomach undulated in response to the touch. She was totally aroused now. Alyson played a bit in Melissa’s little crater, then slid down to Melissa’s hips, her hands passing lightly over the soft curves, her lips and tongue working sensuously into the small hollows of her hipbones. Melissa responded with a delightful little pleasure-cry that really got Alyson’s juices flowing.

Alyson moved down farther, just an inch or so, to nuzzle her nose and mouth into the warm crevice between Melissa’s upper thigh and her mound. That drew another whimper, more urgent this time. Melissa obviously knew what was coming. She knew that Alyson was going to eat her out, and now she really wanted it. Alyson could smell the delicious fragrance of Melissa’s aroused pussy, and it was driving her wild. She wanted to just tear off her panties and plunge face first into her luscious snatch.

Finally she could wait no longer. She reached down and slowly pulled Melissa’s panties from her hips, down over those long, long legs, and finally off. Now she was presented with a full-length view of Melissa’s lithe, naked body. From this angle, her lovely legs dominated her vision, two long, shapely columns that led Alyson’s eyes once again to the wide curve of her hips, which tapered sharply to that narrow, trim waist. Between her thighs, she caught a quick glimpse of the narrow slit of Melissa’s womanhood, before she instinctively closed them, blocking her view.

Alyson gave her a sly smile. “You’re not going to get shy now, are you?” In response, Melissa gave her the cutest expression, a playful grin and coquettish rise of one eyebrow. Then she slowly parted her thighs to give Alyson a clear view of her cunt. Alyson gave a little cry and began to lick eagerly over Melissa’s legs, starting at the back of her knees, down over her calves, and then back up to her long, muscular thighs. She licked her thighs slowly, tortuously, placing tiny kisses on the inside of each one, moving upward, licking closer and closer to the pink treasure of Melissa’s pussy. Alyson let her tongue trace one long lick up her inner thigh, and Melissa tensed and let out a pathetic, high-pitched “Ohhhhh…aaaa!”

Alyson looked at Melissa’s slit there between her legs, so wet and swollen with desire. God, she wanted it! Her fingers traced gentle caresses over Melissa’s legs as she moved into the best position. Her hands trembled as she cupped Melissa’s lovely hips in her hands, those hips she’s been drooling over for all the past months. And then she leaned forward, bent in and licked into the dripping font of Melissa’s pussy. It tasted wonderful – full and fragrant, earthy and sublime. And so wet!! Alyson knew that Melissa was enjoying what they were doing, but she had no idea just how aroused she was. Alyson’s first lick into her pussy extracted a copious glob of cunt cream. She closed her eyes as she took the sweet elixir into her mouth, savored the experience for a moment, and then gulped it down. An intense shiver ran through her as she thought about what she had just swallowed. Then, with a little cry, she dove back between Melissa’s legs.

Melissa spread her legs wider, her feet flat on the bed, her knees up, trying to get more of what Alyson was giving her. She looked down at her friend’s face between her legs and their eyes met, Melissa’s wide with wonder and pleasure, Alyson’s smoky and intense with pure, unadulterated lust. Alyson’s eyes closed and an urgent, muffled moan escaped her lips as her mind was absorbed in the carnality of the moment. Her tongue twirled in the moist slot, licking every slick surface she could find, then plunging deep into the hot, wet hole. She could feel the soft tissues pulsing around her tongue as she probed inside. Melissa responded with a stifled whine. Her eyes remained fixed on Alyson, amazed at her friend’s skill and passion. She cried out as Alyson’s tongue found her clitoris, her body arching in response, and finally her head fell back and her eyes closed as she focused on the pleasure she was getting from her best friend’s tongue.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32