New Experience at the Beach

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Ryan was awoken up by his girlfriend Leanna gently shaking him. He slowly opened his eyes to see her beautiful green eyes staring down at him while the sun shown through her flaming red hair like a halo. She looked down on her boyfriend with her beautiful green eyes that looked like a clear tropical ocean.

“Hurry up and wake up baby we need to get ready to go to the beach,” Leanna said to her boyfriend. This got Ryan’s attention as he checked out his girlfriend imagining her in one of her sexy bikinis. Ryan looked down to take notice of Leanna’s large double-D breasts, which were barely contained in her sexy babydoll nightgown.

Leanna then tapped him on the shoulder saying, “Hey you can spend all day checking me out at the beach but first you have to get up and get ready. I’m going to go put my suit on now. I better not find you still lying in bed after I get my bikini on.” Ryan lay back down in the bed and closed his eyes for a second. However, he knew Leanna really would be mad at him if he were still sleeping once she got her bikini on. Ryan got up and took his boxers off and threw them in the hamper as he walked to the bathroom. He relieved himself and once he was done he looked at himself in the mirror and ran his hair through his fingers to try and get rid of the bed head a bit. When he was done doing that he checked himself out in the mirror and thought to himself that he looked pretty good completely naked. He had been working out a bit more recently and he felt that some of his effort was finally showing up. Leanna then walked into the bathroom and saw Ryan standing in front of the mirror.

“Come on babe I know you look hot naked but we need to head out and you can’t be walking around naked yet. So cover up that big cock of yours and lets get going,” she said to her boyfriend. To emphasize her point Leanna walked up to Ryan and gave him a deep kiss while she reached down to pull on his long cock for a bit before pulling away.

“Come on let’s go,” she said as she smacked his naked butt. Ryan took one look at his sexy girlfriend in her teal green bikini and quickly went to get his bathing suit on so he could spend more time staring at her sexy body in her bikini. Once Ryan was ready he went into the kitchen to meet Leanna where she was putting the last few items in her beach bag.

“So where are we going today babe? Are we just going to Mack Beach?” Ryan asked his girlfriend.

“No I thought we would try a different beach today,” Leanna said as she zipped up her bag.

“I heard about this new beach from one of my girlfriends and thought it would be fun to go there. Now lets head out. I’ll drive to the new beach,” Leanna said as put her bag on her shoulder and went to the garage to get in the car. Ryan was surprised at how long it was taking them to get to this new beach that Leanna had heard from. Finally Leanna pulled into a parking lot down a long driveway and pulled into a spot. Ryan was curious why there was such a long driveway in front of a public beach until he looked around at some of the patrons who were going to the beach. He was very surprised to see that several of the patrons were in various states of undress. There was a couple walking in where both the man and the woman were completely naked, and the other direction there was a group of girls with no tops but they were still wearing their bikini bottoms.

Still somewhat stunned he turned to Leanna and said, “Is this a nude beach babe?”

Leanna chuckled at Ryan’s stunned reaction and responded, “Well technically it’s a clothing optional beach, but you can be nude if you want to. I think for right now I’m just going to take my top off. I want to get a nice tan on the girls.” Leanna then unbuckled her seatbelt and got out of the car and retrieved her bag. She then reached up and untied her bikini top and put it in her bag.

Ryan gazed longingly at Leanna’s beautiful big, pale breasts until she looked down at him and said, “So what to you think babe? Are you going to keep your suit on or take it off?” Without say anything Ryan got out of the car and slid his trunks off and handed his suit to Leanna to put in her bag. Leanna smiled at her boyfriend’s nakedness while gazing down at his long dangling cock.

“Good that’s what I hoped you were going to do,” Leanna said as she put Ryan’s trunks in her bag. Leanna then started walking toward the beach. Ryan then followed Leanna to the beach while admiring his girlfriend’s sexy butt in her small bikini. Ryan then followed his girlfriend to the beach and while he did enjoy admiring his girlfriend’s sexy topless form, once they were on the beach there were so many other attractive women to admire in various states of undress. To his right there was a slightly older woman with very large breasts who was completely naked and Ryan was surprised to see that she was tan everywhere indicating that she came to the beach and tanned in the nude quite frequently. In front of him there was a tall athletic woman with light brown hair halfway down her back. Though she was still wearing her whole bikini Ryan could see what a fantastic body she had. She didn’t have very big artemisbet yeni giriş breasts but the were still enough to fill her bikini top and she had a very tight muscular stomach and a nice round firm athletic butt that was barely being held in her bikini bottoms. To his left Ryan noticed two young girls who looked to barely be in college giggling together. Both of the girls were topless like Leanna and despite being college students Ryan couldn’t help but notice how attractive both girls were. One girl had long wavy brown hair and looked to be slightly taller with quite large breasts though with her youth she didn’t look like she even needed to wear a bra for her breasts to stand firm. The other girl had shorter light blonde hair and nice breasts as well hanging with slight sag without the support of her bikini top and she had a really nice round butt that was pushing out against her bikini bottoms. Ryan then looked over to where Leanna had set up both of their towels.

She smiled at Ryan as he approached her and once he reached her she smiled and said, “Enjoying the view huh babe.”

Ryan smiled and said, “Of course I’m enjoying the view baby. You definitely picked a good beach to come visit.”

“Yeah I can tell you are enjoying yourself,” Leanna said to her boyfriend with a big smile on her face. Ryan was slightly confused for a moment until Leanna motioned her head down and Ryan looked down to see that while he was completely hard his 8-1/2 inch cock had hardened quite a bit and become more noticeable. He blushed slightly as he lay down on the towel next to his girlfriend.

Leanna giggled at his discomfort and said, “Don’t worry about it babe. I noticed at least three different women staring at your cock while you were walking over here. Its kind of a turn on knowing that these women want your cock babe.” Ryan was slightly surprised at his girlfriend’s comments and felt proud that she wanted to show him off.

“Thanks baby I’m glad you brought me here,” Ryan said as he reached down to kiss his girlfriend. Just for a little fun as he kissed Leanna Ryan reached down to cup one of his girlfriend’s big breasts.

Leanna laughed into his kiss before pushing his hand away and saying, “Baby you can’t do that here. You are allowed to be naked here but they have a very strict rule against open sexual behavior.” Ryan frowned at his girlfriend but pulled his hand away before anyone noticed. Ryan then relaxed on the towel next to his beautiful girlfriend and thought he would continue enjoy people watching at the beach. He always enjoyed people watching and had always enjoyed people watching on the beach cause it meant he could check out attractive girls in their small bikinis. However, there was even more viewing pleasure for him at the clothing optional beach. Ryan lie down and put his sunglasses on so he wouldn’t get noticed checking out the other girls at the beach. He noticed the older woman was rubbing more sunscreen on her large breasts and he noticed that her nipples had gotten harder. Wow this is going to be a great day, he thought to himself.

“Baby I know you’re enjoying the view but you can’t just have a huge erection poking up to the sky,” Leanna said to him motioning to his very hard cock. Ryan looked down and was slightly surprised to find how hard his cock was already.

“Let me turn over maybe that will help it go away,” he said to his girlfriend. Ryan then flipped onto his stomach to hide his erection but he knew his view certainly wasn’t going to help with getting his erection to go down. Behind him was a gorgeous girl who was lying on her back relaxing in the sun. She was completely naked and had beautiful long golden blonde hair. He couldn’t see her eyes but he was sure they would be amazing. She had large full, heavy breasts that only showed the slightest amount of sag and a nice flat stomach. Her legs were also slightly spread so he had a perfect view of her pussy, which had just a slit of an opening though her lips had spread a bit and he thought he could see some moisture there though whether it was from the heat of the sun or her own arousal he wasn’t sure. Ryan continued lying on his stomach hoping that his erection would go down but he knew with all the gorgeous naked women around him that wasn’t likely to happen. He kept fidgeting hoping his erection would go down but he knew with so many beautiful naked women around him he would have a very difficult time getting his erection to go down.

Leanna noticed him fidgeting and said, “Its not going down is it?” Ryan shook his head at his girlfriend.

“I should have known better than to bring you here so pent up when I knew there would be many beautiful naked girls for you to look at,” she said to her boyfriend.

“Would it help if I sucked you off?” Leanna asked Ryan.

Ryan was stunned and confused by this sudden question and asked, “But I thought you said that there was a rule against any open sexual behavior on the beach?”

Leanna smiled at her boyfriend and said, “There is a rule against any open sexual behavior on the beach but there isn’t any rule against secret sexual artemisbet giriş behavior in the bathroom.” Ryan stared completely stunned by what his girlfriend was suggesting and even more aroused by her suggestion.

Leanna then handed him an extra towel and said, “Here wrap that around your waist to cover up that big hard cock of yours and come with me to the bathroom.” Ryan needed no second thoughts before he wrapped the towel around his was trying to discreetly cover up his extremely hard dick and he followed his girlfriend back up the beach to the bathroom close to the parking lot. He was surprised to find only one bathroom but he assumed that since most people were naked on the beach a little privacy between the sexes in the bathroom didn’t matter. When they went into the bathroom they were both surprised to find how clean it was, much more clean than most bathrooms by a beach.

When you first entered the bathroom there was one big shower room where anyone could easily wash the beach off of one’s self before returning to their car. Once you went around the corner though there were more private shower stalls along with all the toilets. Leanna quickly snuck Ryan into one of the private stalls. She quickly pulled the towel from around his waist and hung it up on the wall before standing there and admiring her aroused naked boyfriend. She then pushed him to sit on the bench in the shower stall and wrapped her hand around his impressively large hard cock.

“Wow seeing all those naked and half-naked girls really mush have turned you on cause you are hard as a diamond right now babe,” Leanna said to her boyfriend as she gently stroked his hard cock. At one point she brushed her thumb over the head of his cock and he almost flinched from so much pleasure.

This made Leanna giggle and she said, “Wow you’re not just hard today but really sensitive as well babe. Let me take care of this hard cock for you before you bust in my hand and I don’t get to have any fun with you.” Leanna then took Ryan’s hard cock in her mouth and started sucking on him. Leanna was doing such a good job on Ryan’s cock and he was so sensitive from all the stimulation from viewing all the attractive women. He always loved how good Leanna was at giving head. He still remembered the first time she gave him a blowjob and he had been somewhat surprised to find she was so good at giving head. He continued to enjoy Leanna giving him a blowjob and knew he wouldn’t last long.

“Ohhhh Leanna you are sucking me so goooood! I’m getting close now don’t stop,” Ryan moaned to his girlfriend. Leanna smiled around her boyfriend’s cock and then moved her mouth up to the head of his cock and started stroking it with one hand while she licked all around the sensitive head of her boyfriend’s cock. Ryan looked down and watched her big breasts bounce slightly as she sucked on his hard cock. She knew her boyfriend loved this and it wouldn’t be long until he was cumming.

“Ohhhh yeahhhh Leannaa! Keeep working that head. I’m soooo close. Ohhhhh! Here it issss! I’m cummmmming!” Ryan moaned as he started ejaculating thick ropes of cum into his girlfriend’s mouth. Leanna for her part tired to keep up with her boyfriend’s ejaculations but was surprised with how hard and much he was cumming. Eventually she felt Ryan’s shots start slowing down and licked around his cock to clean it off before giving his deflating cock one last hard suck before she pulled her mouth off of his cock. Ryan just relaxed on the bench in the shower room breathing hard.

Leanna licked her lips and said, “Wow babe you really mush have enjoyed checking out all those hot women cause that was a lot of cum that you just shot in my mouth.”

“What can I say baby, you are really good at giving head and that was definitely some really good work,” Ryan said to his girlfriend as he relaxed on the bench trying to catch his breath.

“Come on babe. Now that we finally have you down,” she said glancing at his deflated cock, “it’s time to get back to the beach. I want to keep working on my tan” Leanna reached her hand down to help her tired boyfriend back up. They then left the bathroom and walked back down to the beach. For most of the walk back to the beach Ryan had his hand grabbing Leanna’s ass. At least until they go where they were around other people. Then Ryan let go so they wouldn’t get into trouble. Once they got back to their towels Ryan quickly laid down but was surprised to see Leanna remove her bikini bottoms before she lay back down on her towel. She then rubbed sunscreen on her newly exposed skin before she put her sunglasses back on and relaxed on her towel. Ryan was surprised she had removed her bikini bottoms now since she didn’t when they had first came to the beach. He was still looking at her nice tight pussy when he noticed that there seemed to be some moisture there. He smiled to himself realizing that was probably why she had decided to remove her bikini bottoms.

Ryan noticed that Leanna was shifting around as she got into place on her towel as well. He really enjoyed admiring his naked girlfriend and even though there were many other very artemisbet güvenilirmi attractive women on the beach he had to admit that he still thought his beautiful girlfriend was the most attractive girl on the beach. He also realized that staring at his naked girlfriend was starting to revive his once limp cock. He decided to turn over and relax in the sun before the sight of his naked girlfriend and the other naked women fully revived his cock.

Eventually Leanna leaned over to Ryan and said, “Hey baby I’m going to go for a short walk. Do you want to come with me?” Ryan looked up at her admiring her naked body for a moment.

“No I can’t really get up right now,” Ryan nervously said to his girlfriend.

It took a moment for Leanna to gather her boyfriend’s meaning but once she did she looked back down at her boyfriend and said, “Really you’re hard again?” Ryan adjusted and leaned to one side to show Leanna his once again very hard cock. Leanna smiled as she checked out her boyfriend’s big hard cock but then she understood why her boyfriend wouldn’t join her on the walk.

“Its okay baby just relax here and I’ll be back in a moment. Maybe without me being naked beside you it will give you a better opportunity to get down,” Leanna said as she leaned down to kiss Ryan. Ryan kissed her back while admiring her sexy naked body. Ryan watched his girlfriend’s sexy naked ass as she started walking down the beach. This view certainly wasn’t going to help his cock go down. Ryan turned back around and tried to doze on the beach so he wouldn’t be distracted by any of the other beautiful naked women on the beach. As Leanna started her walk down the beach a slightly older completely naked woman walked over to her. Leanna took in the woman and realized by her all over tan she must have spent lots of time completely naked on the beach.

“Hey I’m Vivian,” she said as she introduced herself to Leanna. Leanna greeted the woman back and they started walking on the beach together.

Finally Vivian turned to Leanna and said, “So I couldn’t help but notice your boyfriend’s predicament back there and I think I might have a solution.” Leanna looked at the slightly older woman very surprised at her suggestion.

“What do you mean? I thought open sexual behavior was expressly forbidden on the beach,” Leanna curiously asked Vivian.

“Well it is forbidden on this beach. However, you see that ridge over there on the beach?” Vivian said as she pointed down the beach to where there was a significant rise in the beach.

Once Leanna noticed where Vivian was pointing she said, “I see it but what’s so important about that ridge?”

“Well a few months ago there was a wealthy investor who enjoyed coming to this beach but he wanted a beach for the people who wanted to be a little more open with their sexual desires rather than just wanting to be naked. So he bought the property just over that ridge and built a house there, but he still lets the public use his now private beach if they want to come from the nude beach and engage in a little bit more explicit sexual behavior,” as Vivian was telling Leanna this story Leanna couldn’t help but notice that one of Vivian’s hands had slipped between her legs.

Surprised and curious by this revelation Leanna asked Vivian, “So have you ever been over to that part of the beach?”

“Yes, there was a guy I was seeing a while ago and we took several trips over to that part of the beach. It was always an amazing experience and let me tell you I lost count of the orgasms I had over on that beach,” Vivian told Leanna as she rubbed her pussy in a relaxed way since she was clearly reminiscing about the times she had visited the beach.

“Wow that sounds really hot. I think I’m going to have to try and convince my boyfriend to go over there with me,” Leanna said as she could already feel her pussy dripping in anticipation about what would happen on the secluded private beach.

“I’m sure you and your boyfriend will have lots of fun over there. I know if I had a guy with a tool between his legs like what your boyfriend is working with I would have lots of fun having him deep inside of me,” Vivian said to Leanna as she gently played with her pussy and Leanna felt like she was looking past her possibly trying to get a look at Ryan. Leanna blushed slightly but it was actually a huge turn-on knowing that this very attractive woman desired her boyfriend’s large dick.

“Well thank you for the information,” Leanna said to Vivian as she started to walk back to Ryan so she could convince him to visit the other beach.

“You’re welcome sexy girl. I hope you and your boyfriend have a wonderful time over there,” Vivian said to the sexy redhead as she admired the younger woman’s beauty. Leanna noticed that Vivian was still toying with her pussy and she had stopped walking along the beach and was walking back toward the parking lot. Leanna then realized that just like she and Ryan had done a moment ago, Vivian was probably heading to the bathroom to go masturbate while thinking about her and Ryan having sex on the beach. Leanna quickly made her way back to where Ryan was laying on the beach. Leanna took some time to admire Ryan’s naked ass as he was still laying face down on the towel, obviously still trying to hide his erection. Ryan heard his girlfriend approaching him again but continued lay face down on his towel for a while longer.

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