My Wife’s New Office Friend Ch. 03

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I woke the next morning David still sound asleep, all I could think of was David’s huge cock fucking my ass, I could still feel his drying cum still inside my ass. Slowly pulling the covers off David’s own hot ass was spread open in the air as he lay asleep on his belly.

“Mmm that ass is so inviting,” I thought to myself before bending down flicking my tongue across his tight hole. His musky manly scent was driving me wild as my hands gently spread his cheeks before my tongue slid into his hole.

David began stirring as his ass wiggled before pressing it firmly into my face, “God Robbie that feels so fucking good. This is such a wonderful way to wake up,” David said in a quiet awakening tone.

“Mmm,” I moaned as my tongue buried deep flicking inside my new hot lovers ass his scent driving me wild as I felt my own cock growing rock hard. I could feel David’s ass raise higher as if he wanted my tongue even deeper but I had other ideas as I rose up pulling David to his knees.

“God yes my ass is yours Robbie do with it as you please,” David said as he spread his knees apart wide.

Leaning in I pressed my throbbing head against his saliva soaked hole, pushing hard it resisted my initial attempt but I pushed even harder and my cock head slid in. His ass was so tight as his muscles contracted almost pushing my cock back out but I drove even harder barley keeping it in. As his muscles released for a moment I drove my cock harder burying half of my shaft inside him before meeting with reluctance from his muscles again causing me to hold that pressure until he relaxed for a moment again.

“Fuck that pain feels so good, don’t stop I want you to fuck me hard. You’re the 1st guy to ever fuck me and I want you to cum in me so badly,” He screamed so loudly I was sure the entire hotel heard, maybe even the whole town!

As his ass relaxed once more I made one driving plunge and my entire shaft drove inside him, now buried balls deep I paused holding it in him. “God your ass is so fucking tight and hot. My cock feels so warm inside you and I am so honored to be your 1st,” I said.

David pushed bursa sınırsız escort his ass back against my cock and I began slowly pulling it out just a bit before driving it back in. Each time I pulled out just a tiny bit more until my cock pulled out with just my head inside him then driving hard I would bury myself to my balls. David’s ass began moving down as I pulled out and then driving up as I plowed down inside him. I could feel his hands as they wrapped around his own cock as he slowly began jerking himself off and I wanted to watch so badly.

“I want you to turn over and pull your legs up, I want to fuck you as you jerk off so I can see that beautiful cock of yours explode,” I told David.

I pulled out and he rolled over raising his legs over my shoulders, I lined my cock up pressing it to his ass which now gladly accepted my swollen head and shaft with almost no resistance. As my cock began sliding in and out of his hot ass he reached for his own cock slowly jerking himself off smiling at me when he saw me watching so intently.

“God I love this so much Robbie, thank you,” he said as he ran the fingers of his free hand through my hair.

“Fuck no thank you David you brought out a passion in me that has laid dormant for so very long,” I said as I continued to fuck this wonderful mans ass.

Finally after what seemed like forever I could feel my cock begin to twitch and knew I was so very ready to fill this wonderful mans ass with my steamy hot cum. Just before I shot my 1st stream David’s cock tensed as his ass clenched around my cock then his 1st stream of cum shot out landing on his chest followed by another stream again landing in the same area. As his 2nd stream of cum landed on his chest my own ass clenched as my own cum began shooting inside him.

“Yes of God yes, fuck your cock is so fucking hot,” David screamed again as his ass clenched tighter as my load shot over and over inside him.

After I was finished ejaculating inside him he slid his legs from my shoulders as my cock began slowly softening inside him. Now bursa escort bayan free I laid down on top of him his cum mashed between out chests as I leaned in kissing him as the head of my cock slid from between his cheeks. David slid his tongue into my mouth as we held our passionate kiss for several minutes before we both needed to take in some air.

“Fuck that was the best sex I’ve ever had, your cock felt so right inside me like we were made to do this to each other,” David said his fingers again running through my hair.

“Yeah I agree, I love Anna’s cunt but man your ass is as hot maybe to be honest a little hotter than her hole,” I said softly before kissing him again.

After laying in bed for a while longer I said, “I think we need a shower, would you like to join me?” I asked as I stood up offering him my hand.

“Yeah I think so too,” David said with a little laugh as he stood and followed me into the bathroom.

After running the water until it was warm David and I stepped into the tight tub, we kissed as the water ran down our bodies. Taking the bar of soap I lathered David kneeling as best I could kissing his cock before lathering his balls taking his shaft inside my mouth.

David leaned back against the shower wall as my mouth drove deep onto his cock, “Fuck your mouth is so fucking hot,” he said.

My hands reached around slowly soaping his ass and legs as I began bobbing my head on his cock. His bottom half all lathered I stood up so we were belly to belly leaning in taking both his and my own cock in my hand, which barely wrapped around the two, holding tightly as I jerked us both off. David leaned in kissing me as my hand moved faster on our 2 shafts. This was so hot for the 2 of us that in what seemed like seconds rather than minutes we both unloaded, his cum squirting onto my balls as my cock lying atop his covered his pubic hair saturating them.

We both collapsed into each other holding the other up as we both grew weak in the knees standing there for a few moments before we were able to finish showering.

Stepping nilüfer escort out of the shower David grabbed a towel and began drying my body off, when he was finished I did the same for him. Then we both dressed packing our bags before checking out.

“Let’s go across the street for some breakfast, I know I could use some after that workout,” David said winking at me as he pointed at the diner,

We sat at a secluded table in the corner as there wasn’t many people there, David sat to my right and put his hand on my leg. The waitress came over and we both caught her staring as he slid his hand up and down my thigh.

“Um can I get you some coffee?” she asked almost sounding nervous.

“Sure we’ll both have some, thank you,” David answered as he smiled while continuing to massage my thigh.

“God you are bad,” I whispered as she walked away.

After eating we left and headed out onto the road for the long drive back.

“So Robbie you gonna tell Anna what we did?” David asked.

“Yeah if she asks I will,” I answered.

“Wonder if she will let us get away sometimes,” David said.

“I don’t know but I hope she does,” I said.

“Hmm I was wondering something, maybe it’s too far out there,” David said.

“Wondering what?” I asked.

“Do you think Anna might at some point be interested in the 3 of us getting together?” he asked.

“Yeah I’m sure she would, she liked having dinner with you that Sunday,” I said before my brain kicked in and finally got what I thought he might have meant. “Wait you mean together as in hooking up?” I asked.

“Well yeah I did, you think she would be into something like that? I wonder what she would think of the 2 of us hooking up in front of her, maybe your can suck my cock while you fuck her or whatever,” David said kind of stammering a bit.

“To be honest I don’t know and Jesus how would you ask someone something like that?” I said.

“I don’t know to be honest, I just thought it sounded kind of hot having her watch and then maybe join in if she wanted. That’s ok though it could just be the 2 of us cause God knows you’re more than enough,” David said.

“Who knows maybe someday,” I said.

As we drove home my mind was imagining so many scenes of the 3 of us together while I wondered quietly if she would ever go for something like that. To be honest I was sure it was something beyond her scope of imagination……………………………………

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