My Twin Sister is a Cheerleader Ch. 03

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If you have not read Chapters one and two i suggest you do so. This chapter will make a lot more sense. If you are looking for a lot of sex this is not the place for you. There is significant sexual activity in this chapter, but no actual intercourse. Enjoy! Please do me the kindness of constructive comments to help me with improving my writing.


It was rather late in the evening, but tomorrow was Saturday. Knowing my sister, I knew these girls weren’t planning to go to bed anytime soon, and with five naked girls here, who had to stay with me until they went home tomorrow, I was in no hurry to go to bed either! I had wanted to dive in and taste my first pussy the whole time I was diddling them, but intentionally held off.

I actually had not intended to go nearly as far with them as I had, but they had insisted I continue, and now that the genie was out of the bottle I had no intention of trying to put him back in! From this point on I intended to make everything I did with them optional. While they had forced me I did not want to go the same route with them. From this point on it was all going to be fully consensual, not a coerced consent under threat of being reported for what they had done to me.

I stood up from where I had been kneeling between Sally’s legs. My rock-hard cock had my shorts tented out for fair, and there was a large wet spot on the front of them showing how turned on I was. Sally saw it and licked her lips.

“I want to say ‘thank you’ for what I’ve experienced tonight, the second half of it anyway. From this point on I will consider all debts paid, with the exception you cannot dress, and you have to stay with me. I will never have an opportunity to spend the night and morning with five beautiful, naked, girls again, and I’m not going to relax that.” Actually, having my sister dressed in her cheer outfit contrasting with their nudity made it all that much more spectacular. “That is not to say I may not touch you from time to time in an intimate way, but any other activities we indulge in will be totally voluntary. If you don’t want to participate you are free to pass. I will not be party to forcing anyone, nor do I want you to pressure anyone to do anything they don’t want to do. Clear? Fair?”

There were nods all around, and some looks of anticipation, mixed with looks of uncertainty.

“Ginny, why don’t you call and order a couple of pizzas? I don’t know about everyone else, but I’m getting hungry.” Everyone seemed to like the idea. “I’m sure you will make the pizza delivery guy’s night answering in your cheer outfit. I bet he would like it if the others went up too.” The look of horror on the girl’s faces was priceless. “Just kidding, girls! I’m not sharing!”

When Ginny went up the stairs to order pizza Marissa stepped over by me. I couldn’t help looking at her puffy nipples. They were absolutely scrumptious! The rest of her body was awesome also. None of the girls were bad looking, but Marissa always turned my eyes. “Jimmy, can I ask a favor?” Anything Marissa asked would be difficult for me to refuse.

“Sure. What do you need?”

“All of us are naked, but you aren’t. Would you take your clothes off, too, and let me see your cock again?” I blushed crimson. All the other girls perked up, and were looking at me, hopeful. The idea of exposing myself to their gaze was horrifying. “Please, for me? It wasn’t easy for me to get naked in front of you either.”

Had it been any of the other girls, refusal would have been easy. Marissa, however, was a different story. For me to refuse her anything would be hard, but to expose myself willingly in front of all these girls. . . I didn’t know if I could do it. I tried to answer, but the words stuck in my throat.

She stepped closer to me so she could speak softly in my ear. Seeing those magnificent breasts next to my arm, and thinking of holding her in my arms, with them nestled against my chest caused my cock to pulse. She put her hand on my shoulder and leaned in to whisper, with her breath tickling my ear. I thought my knees would buckle. “You don’t know how much it would mean to me. I’ve never seen another cock, before tonight, and I thought yours was very nice. I’d really like to get to touch it. I’ve never touched one before.”

When she said touch, it lurched in my shorts. How could I say “no,” but how could I bring myself to take my clothes off. I couldn’t even talk to people. Yes, I was able to talk with these girls tonight, but that was extraordinary. I was now comfortable enough to talk with them, but disrobe? Have them looking at me? I wanted to please Marissa, and if it was just the two of us I would not have had as much difficulty, but . . . It was just too much!

“I’ll help you.” I turned my head toward her and looked into those captivating blue eyes, and I knew I was a goner, but how could I? I would freeze, just like I did in Speech class, and I would be a mockery again before these girls with whom I had finally Gaziantep Mutlu Son Escort broken the ice. “I c-c-c-can’t,” I murmured. Marissa placed her other hand on my chest and lightly stroked it back and forth. “I’ll do it for you. Please??? For me?” She reached her head forward and nipped at my earlobe.

I melted inside. I could feel my cock leaking more precum. It was that intense. Gently I nodded my head, just a fraction, but it was enough for Marissa. “Thank you,” she breathed.

I expected her to just start pealing them from me as quickly as she could, but that was not Marissa’s style. She had understanding and empathy. I know she understood what a tremendous undertaking it was for me to agree. Instead of just dropping my shorts right there she gave me a little squeeze, oh how delightful her breasts felt, and a little kiss on the cheek before undoing the one buttoned button on my polo, and gently started to pull it up, sliding her hands up my sides as she did it.

The feeling was exquisite until she got the shirt just above my belly button. The dried cum on my chest and belly had stuck to the hairs and to my shirt. I don’t have a lot of body hair, but from my navel up to mid-chest I had enough of a smattering of hair that it pulled. When I flinched she stopped, and then giggled when she realized what the problem was. Her giggle, not at me for a change, broke the ice. The tension was released, and even though I was getting naked in front of these girls it didn’t bother me any more.

Marissa slipped her hand under my shirt at my belly and gently separated the hairs and the shirt before slipping it up and off over my head. I heard a couple of the girls complimenting my chest and abs as the shirt went over my head.

“Jimmy, why have you been hiding all this time? I promise you, you have nothing to be ashamed of!” Sally continued, “I haven’t been out with any guy who was built like you yet! I wish I had known!”

Marissa just rested her hand on my chest and said, “You snooze, you lose. Finders keepers.” She winked up at me and then brushed those nipples against mine. I almost shot my load right then and there!

“May I do the shorts, now?” she whispered.

I just gave her a little smile and millimetric nod.

She could have just unbuckled the belt, unfastened the button and zipper and pulled them down, but Marissa was much more thoughtful and considerate than that. She knew what it was costing me to do this, and she showed her appreciation by kneeling down and reaching for the belt while looking me in the eyes. She held my eyes as she unfastened the belt, and then glanced away to find the button. Then, she looked back into my eyes and smiled gently as she unfastened my shorts and lowered them.

Looking in to that girls eyes was my undoing, I already had a crush on her, but when she looked at me that way there was no way I could deny her anything. There was also no way any other girl could ever take the place in my heart Marissa had just taken.

When my shorts were around my ankles I stepped out of them as Marissa put them to the side. She put her soft little hands on my calves and slid them up my legs, across the backs of my knees and on up the back side of my thighs until they went inside my boxer legs and up to my ass, where she gently caressed my cheeks. That brought her face up to where my cock was directly in front of her face. She still held my eyes and whispered, “May I?”

All I could do was nod. I was speechless, but this time for an entirely different reason. I was enthralled by this girl, this lovely maiden, who had embarrassed and demeaned herself, not out of necessity as the others, once she had removed her sweater, but rather because she thought it the right thing to do, and because she wanted me.

Marissa smiled the most lovely smile and slid her hands around from the back to the front, caressed my cock one time and then slowly and teasingly slipped her hands down the fronts of my legs and out of my boxers. She grasped them by the waistband and gently pulled them down and out over the head of my cock. I heard a gasp and a moan from behind her, but I don’t know who it was, for I was still looking into the eyes of the beauty who was looking deeply into mine. It was not until she had pulled them to my knees that she looked down to be certain I could step out of them without tripping.

Once I had my feet free of my boxers and was standing there starkers, just as were the girls, Marissa looked back into my eyes again and mouthed “Thank you.” It was not until then she looked back down to take in the sight of my rampant cock as it bobbed and dripped before her face. Marissa reached out with an almost tentative hand and gently grasped my cock right behind the head, feeling the ribbing of the shaft, tracing the urethra all the way from the base of my cock, at the ball sack, and up to the glans.

“It’s amazing. It is so hard, but the skin is soft and the skin moves like it is loose.” She hefted it in the palm of her hand while reaching down to feel the ball sack with her other. She squeezed just a little too hard, and drew back quickly when I winced. “I’m sorry! I didn’t mean to hurt it!”

“Not a problem. The balls are sensitive, especially right now. You just have to handle them gently.”

“Shall I kiss them and make them better? Mommy used to kiss my boo-boos to make them better.” I moaned at the thought and my cock jumped in her hand. She giggled. “I think he likes the idea.” Lifting my cock up against my belly Marissa leaned in and gave my left nut a gentle kiss before looking up at me with a cheeky smile. I thought my eyes were going to roll up in my head and my knees collapse! This was only the second time my cock had ever been handled by anyone other than miss hand and her five sisters.

The other four girls were gathered around behind Marissa, watching closely. Jessica and Tracy both had their hands over their pussies, but I didn’t say anything about it, because they were doing other than trying to hide them. Both hands were moving rhythmically as they stared at what Marissa was doing with my cock with glassy eyes. Sally was licking her lips, clearly wishing she was in on the action. Tricia was just standing there with her mouth open in amazement, drinking it all in.

Next Marissa lowered my cock back to its normal position, which wasn’t all that much, it was so hard it was pointing up a good 450. Precum was running down my shaft now that I didn’t have my boxers and shorts to soak it up, and Marissa started running her finger up and down the bottom of my shaft, delighting in the feel. With the stimulus I had been experiencing all evening I was already on pretty much a hair trigger, and her ministrations were causing me to moan in ecstasy. She found the glans to be fascinating, and pinched it top to bottom a few times to make the meatus open and close like the mouth of a fish. She thought the bottom of the glans, where it splits at the frenulum was interesting and she started stroking it with her fingertip while she held my cock up with her other hand so she could see what she was doing.

“I’m going to cum if you keep that up,” I warned her, but she just giggled and gathering more precum from the end of the glans she continued to rub it. It wasn’t thirty seconds and with a loud groan I shot off a spurt of my semen up into the air and over her shoulder, where Jessica was leaning in watching avidly. That first shot hit Jessica’s forearm just above the wrist, which was busy rubbing her pussy. That was enough to trigger Jessica’s orgasm, which she announced with a wail and a shudder.

My next blast went over toward Sally when Marissa jerked my cock to the side. On my third shot Marissa had turned it back toward her, now that the surprise was over, because she wanted to watch it. She got to watch it all right, because this one hit her right at the hairline, and down across her face, with the tail end of it again hitting her in the open mouth. The next spurt was much weaker, and landed between her breasts, and then the rest just dribbled out over her hand. Marissa was attacked by a case of the giggles from the let-down of all of the tension. I was afraid she would be upset by getting my cum in her mouth, but she wasn’t. She just kind of tasted it and said, “Not bad. I thought it would be gross, but it’s really not bad.

Sally turned to the side a little bit and dipped a finger in a blob that hit her and thinking no one would see her lifted it to her mouth and sampled it too. She didn’t say anything, but she didn’t recoil in disgust either.

Jessica was sitting on the floor with her hand cupped between her legs, just holding her pussy. She looked very satisfied and content. Tracy still had her hand buried between her legs, but looked frustrated. She obviously had not gotten off, and with everyone’s attention no longer focused on Marissa and me she was very self-conscious. She looked at me with pleading in her eyes, as if asking for help. “I’m so close, Jimmy. I’m so close. I don’t have my vibrator, and I can’t get myself off with everyone watching. Will you help me?”

I moved over a couple of feet to her. “I don’t know what to do. You’ll have to show me.”

“You remember what you were doing earlier when you were looking at my pussy?” I nodded. “Just do that some more.” She flopped down on her back, still working her pussy with her hand and writhing in frustration on the floor. I knelt down between her legs, which were spread wide and looked at a wide open pussy for the first time. I could see the vagina twitching, spasming, as she rubbed furiously.

I reached in and put a finger into her vagina as I had before. She had seemed to like it. I only went in to the first knuckle again, afraid to break her hymen, but she would have none of it. “I broke it a long time ago with a vibrator. I’ve just never fucked a guy. Go ahead and put it in. Use two fingers and the rub my clit. I started doing as she requested, which caused her to gasp and writhe harder, raising her pelvis from the floor, reaching as it were for more contact. She was very wet with her secretions, but seemed to be getting no place.

I had heard about guys licking their girlfriend’s pussies, but had no idea how to go about it, but I thought she needed something to help her, and maybe that would do it. Leaving my fingers in her pussy, she had had to tell me to move them in and out, I leaned down and experimentally swiped my tongue from the top of her vagina up and over her clit. She acted like she had been hit with an electric shock. Her hands flew down and she grabbed my head, holding it in place and pressing me in to her pussy. I think she liked it, so I did it again.

She gasped and squealed, and between holding my head down and bouncing her pelvis up and down I thought I’d get whiplash. I grabbed her clit between my lips and sucked on it, and that was all it took. She let out a wail, squeezed my head between her thighs, then relaxed and was still. I thought she was dead, but her breasts continued to rise and fall softly. She was just passed out. I glanced over at Marissa, who looked at me in awe.

Ginny came back down the stairs right then, carrying two pizzas, and looked over at me questioningly, having noticed my nudity. I felt funny having my sister looking at me nude, and felt like hiding. “What’s going on down here?”

Sally, being the most outgoing of the bunch spoke up quickly. “You missed out, Ginny! Marissa talked Jimmy into letting her undress him so she could see his cock, then while she was looking at it and playing with it he came all over the place. You should have seen it! Tracy was trying to get off from all of the excitement, but she got stuck since she doesn’t have her vibrator and she asked Jimmy for help. He ate her out, and she passed out. I wouldn’t mind letting him do me, either.”

The incredulity on my sister’s face was priceless. “Jimmy actually went down on Tracy? Wow!” She looked over at me with a newfound respect. I still felt a little funny being nude in front of her, but it was already done, and I wasn’t going to dress now. I liked the feeling. Tracy opened her eyes, and looked up at me with unfocused eyes, then rose unsteadily, hugged me straight on and gave me a toe curling kiss.

“Thank you, Jimmy. That was awesome! I’ve never had anyone make me cum before, and I’ve never had an orgasm like that.” Next thing I knew I had five naked girls joining her in a group hug, rubbing their bodies against me. Overwhelmed, describes my feelings pretty well. Ginny looked on, still holding the pizzas, with a forlorn look on her face, feeling left out.

“Let’s eat.”

Our group hug broke up and we all gathered around Ginny, who strangely looked out of place and strange wearing her cheer outfit. Normally I would have thought she looked sexy, but tonight it was different. It was funny how quickly one adapted to the change in attire. If you would have asked me five hours before if I would be comfortable naked, and with naked girls I would have laughed at you, but here we were, all naked together, and Ginny looked out of place, whereas I was comfortable.

“There are five beers left on the steps. Jimmy and I had ours. They are a little warm, but you can have them if you want them.” The girls all looked at each other, and broke out laughing. With all that had transpired the beer had been forgotten.

I grabbed a couple of pieces of sausage pizza and sat down on the end of the couch to eat them. For some reason I felt ravenous all of a sudden. Marissa got hers and sat down next to me, and leaned her head on my shoulder. Sally came over to us also. “Hey guys, slide over a little bit. I want to sit next to Jimmy, too.” I looked up at her, surprised, and got a little rueful smile. “Is it OK with you, Jimmy? I really want to, and I’m not teasing.” Still surprised I nodded and nudged Marissa over a little. Sally squeezed herself in between the end of the couch and me, not caring about the skin to skin contact. I felt my cock stirring.

Marissa ate only one piece, then sat with her hand on my leg, just above the knee. The other four girls slid the longer couch around to face us and then sat just a few feet away. Ginny was between Jessica and Tricia, and again she looked out of place, and I could tell she felt so as well. I put an arm around both Marissa and Sally and let my hands dangle over their shoulders until I had a breast in each hand. Gently, I stroked them with my fingertips, and occasionally plucked at their nipples. I wasn’t really trying to do anything other than I was enjoying the circumstances.

“Jimmy, you’ve got to stop that!” said Sally, softly. “Don’t get me wrong. I like it, but you have me so horny I don’t know what to do with myself. I’m about to explode.”

I grasped her nipple firmly between my thumb and fingers and twisted it lightly, while pulling it out and letting it slip through my fingers. “You mean like this? Nobody is even holding you down and covering your face.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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