My Sister Chloe

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My Sister Chloe

I like to think our relationship shows that consensual incest is not necessarily the evil degradation that some people want to believe. It really can be just a loving relationship between two people who happen to be related by DNA.


Chloe and I discovered this website and realized we both enjoy watching porn together. At night, while we cuddled in bed, we would try to watch, but usually, halfway through, we would end up having fantastic sex.

It wasn’t until one day, while exploring the site, that we discovered the forums and the stories, and we loved them both. The only problem was that sometimes the forum discussions and the stories having to do with consensual incest would piss me off. I was amazed at what some people would say or write about a subject they obviously knew little about. I was left with the impression that perhaps these people had had a bad experience, or it wasn’t what they had expected, or they were misinformed, or they were lying. Whatever the reason for their perspective, I wanted to let people know what our experience had been.


My sister Chloe has been with me since she turned eighteen years old. Both of our parents had passed away in a tragic boating accident two years before that. When the accident first happened, because I was working and traveling around the country so much, I couldn’t take care of her Chloe initially went to live with our grandmother. When my job responsibilities changed, and I returned home, I brought Chloe to live with me. Though I was older and had been grown and out of the house years earlier, Chloe and I had always had a close relationship, and after I moved away, we still kept in contact with each other and talked on the phone frequently.

I’ll be the first to admit that our parents, particularly our father, were very strict with Chloe, perhaps because she was a girl. Protective and overly sheltering, which probably added to her being so shy, having low self-esteem, and a general distrust and fear of anyone outside the family. I think it may partly have been these insecurities that a few years later would bind us together and set our unnatural relationship and desires in motion.

Sitting here now, I can so clearly remember that afternoon at the train station when I moved away to take advantage of an unbelievable job opportunity. My Mom, Dad, and Chloe had come to say goodbye.

My little sister clung to me as she cried her eyes out.

“Oh Mark, I’m going to miss you so much. I don’t know what I’m going to do,” she said.

“What’ll I do when I get scared at night? I’m going to miss you, Mark.” I knew then that Chloe, though she had never said anything, felt and shared that special closeness with me.

“It’ll be okay, baby… I’m your big brother, and I’ll always be there for you, just a call away.”

Chloe kissed me… on the lips, and I looked at her, maybe really seeing her for the first time. As I boarded the train, I thought about our closeness and knew I would miss her terribly.


When I first brought Chloe to live with me, she had trouble sleeping at night. Being her older, protective brother, I’d let her get into my bed at night, and she’d usually be calmed by the warmth of my body and the muffled sound of my beating heart. Sometimes though, the only thing to quiet and calm her was to have her lay on her back, open her legs, and let me slowly, gently rub her down there. I know it was inappropriate and wrong, but gradually over a few weeks, it became apparent how much she enjoyed this, and I discovered I liked doing it to her. I can’t say for sure how my oral indulgence started, just that somehow it did. We both found pleasure and satisfaction in this act, and neither of us ever felt shame or guilt for enjoying this loving intimacy.

Snuggled tightly against Chloe’s young, lithe woman’s body, feeling her react to my pleasuring her was a joy. Her small, warm hand would reach for me under the covers, and I wouldn’t be able to help myself. Yes… I was her brother, her older, experienced brother who should have been looking out for her, but I convinced myself that it wasn’t incest, it really wasn’t because we weren’t having sex… so it wasn’t incest. I enjoyed the building arousal when listening to the soft, almost purring sound she made when I would finally run my tongue over and between her soft folds and crevices, leisurely letting it slip into her tight, pink cunt.

At night, I would often have to get up, go into the bathroom, and jerk off. I know all of this might sound strange and perverted, but it wasn’t… it was me showing my love, concern, and respect for my sister Chloe. If by chance she did awaken, she’d let me go down on her, separating her puffy pink pussy lips, and with my mouth and tongue, lick her sweet pussy and suck her clit until she began to tremble and whimper, “Oh Mark… Mark.”

I Lefkoşa Escort think it was during this period that I think my fascination and overwhelmingly incestuous desire for my sister intensified.


One morning, something happened that signaled a change in our physical interactions. I awoke a little after three in the morning to find Chloe in my bed, squirming around and rubbing herself against me. What was even more distressing was to feel my semi-erect cock between her thighs with the leaking tip nestled firmly between her parted pussy lips. She was asleep. Her small rounded womanly hips were swaying, and her thighs were pressing tight against my cockhead so that it was rubbing against her hardening little clit. I lay there mesmerized by what she was doing. I suddenly realized how stiff I had become and that my hips had begun to move subtly, pushing, pressing my cockhead against her slit. I hadn’t meant to, but I found myself masturbating her with the tip of my cockhead. Chloe’s sweet, eager young body began to shiver gently against me, and her beautiful pale grey eyes fluttered open, and though she was still half asleep, she smiled and ever so slightly opened her thighs wider for me. Unable to hold off any longer, I held my hard, bulbous cockhead tight against her parted slit and started to groan as I squirted rope after rope of cum between her legs and over her thighs. When my orgasm subsided, I lay there in shocked silence at what I had done. That had been close, but a line had been crossed, and I knew I would have to be careful.

In the days and nights that followed, though still only a relative innocent, Chloe proved herself a willing and eager student; She would unashamedly take the tip of my cock and place it in her mouth, where she would suck it, licking and swallowing the pre-cum that her warm mouth would draw from it. I loved this time with Chloe, and eventually, I taught her how to suck my cock the way I liked best. As much as I enjoyed this, I tried not to let it go any further than this innocent “play.” At the time, I didn’t think Chloe was emotionally or psychologically ready for any more physical complications, and I struggled with my desire to make sure the physical relationship didn’t progress.


When Chloe came to live with me, I was single, well-traveled, and the owner of my own growing construction business. I was a big man, tall, hard-muscled, brown hair, steely grey eyes, and reasonably good looking. Before Chloe, I never lacked female company if I wanted it.

Chloe, by contrast, was light to my dark. Chloe was beautiful now, and in a few years, she would become exquisitely so. Most people who knew us agreed Chloe had inherited her beauty from our mother; long, thick strawberry blond hair; large, wideset, grey eyes, with long, dark lashes; facial features highlighted by a small cleft at her chin and a full pouty mouth that one day might drive some other guy crazy when she turned her attention to sucking his cock.

In just the first year that Chloe had been with me, I had watched her emerge from her shyness and begin to evolve into a lovely desirable young woman, and she was mine. Chloe was intelligent, adventurous, and full of questions about life, love, and sex. Fortunately, she had no hesitancy in coming to me with issues, questions, or problems; we discussed and worked through everything.

We both loved the water, boating, swimming, that kind of thing, and spent a lot of time at our parents’ small lake house whenever I could get away. I remember we were up there several times during the summer when we were goofing around in the pool on one hot, humid evening, me tickling her and holding her up against me. My hand brushing across her mound when my fingers slid along the valley between her legs and began lightly rubbing her clit. Chloe looked up and smiled knowingly at me as my middle finger easily poked in and out of her pussy. She grew quiet, her eyes closed, her breathing became short and ragged, and her small body began to quiver against my hand. I took her in my arms and held her, making her feel the heat and pressure of my erection against her stomach. Still standing in the pool, I stripped off my swim trunks. Chloe reached down, and taking my cock in her hands, began playing with it, stroking it up and down until it was so engorged, she could barely get her hand around it. As she stroked me, I masturbated her, and after a few minutes, we both came hard, desperately holding on to each other as the thin threads of white cum floated to the top of the water.

“Mark?” She questioned breathlessly.

“Yes…. Chloe.”

“Mark, when are you going to put it inside me? When are you going to make love to me that way?” she asked, her warm breath feathering over the side of my face.

I stood in shocked silence, momentarily unable to speak. As much as I had waited and hoped for this moment… I found I didn’t know what to say.


Chloe Kıbrıs Escort had long ago started sleeping in my bed at night. Most nights, we would lay in bed with me reading or on my laptop, her absently watching TV. She took particular pleasure in getting me hard, watching how my cock, as if with a mind of its own, would go from limp to rigid and pulse in her hand. After a while, I’d have to put my laptop aside when I felt her warm, soft fingers begin to caress me and play with my cock through the fabric of my pajamas before she slipped her hand inside, freeing my cock, lovingly kissing and teasing its crown. Her mouth could barely cover my cockhead, but she would get as much of it into her mouth as she could, get herself comfortable, and begin to suckle. I enjoyed these evenings immensely. Despite her relative inexperience, she could regularly bring me to orgasm with her mouth, making me cum, filling her mouth to overflowing. Even now, it makes me smile when I think of how cute and sexy she would look after swallowing my load… her grey eyes darkening and sparkling with accomplishment as thin, white threads of cum trailed down her chin.

I couldn’t seem to get enough of her. I’d dream about fucking Chloe and wake during the night with a throbbing cock and an overwhelming urge to be inside her. Knowing I couldn’t do that, I’d roll her onto her back and go down on her, inevitably waking her and hearing her say sleepily, “Mark? Mark, I’m sleeping, Mark.”

Hell, just hearing her voice would make me even harder.

“Go back to sleep, Chloe,” I’d tell her as I continued to lick her until I felt her begin to tremble against my mouth. I’d press my already swollen cock between her thighs and thrust vigorously until I ejaculated and found relief. Afterward, I’d lay there, touching myself, trying to understand this “thing” with Chloe. Most times, it felt like a normal relationship between a man and a woman, but it was more than that. Maybe the attraction was so strong because we were the older brother and younger sister; there was a special sibling bond, coupled with some primal biological urge to mate with her. I knew Chloe looked to me for guidance and trust, and I knew she wanted to please me, her older brother. I also knew in her growing emotional maturity that she was ready for me to fuck her.

Pulling her closer to me, I spooned behind her pressing my now flaccid cock against her butt cheek and brushing my fingers over her hard, erect nipple as I closed my eyes and fell asleep.


Chloe had just celebrated her twentieth birthday when we had sex, real sex for the first time.

She loved it at the lake house. By the time we celebrated her birthday, we were just about living at the lake house, becoming a part of the community there. Years ago, when we were kids, our folks had built us a two-room treehouse located a short distance from the lake house. We still frequently took advantage of the treehouse. Sitting high up in the treehouse, you could see the people down at the lakeshore and, with the window opened, enjoy the warm afternoon, the faint sound of drifting music, and the gentle breeze. On a warm, muggy night, we took our clothes off and stretched out on the floor, enjoying the quiet and the closeness.

“I love coming here,” Chloe said as she rolled onto my chest and kissed me innocently on my cheek and then not so innocently on my mouth. I closed my eyes and savored the feel of her soft lips, and before I realized what I was doing, I had put her on her back, eased my dick into her mouth, and quickly come in a copious, oozing ejaculation.

I pulled out of her mouth and went down on her, licking, sucking, teasing her with my tongue, and gently finger fucking her.

“Hmmm, that feels good, Mark,” she moaned.

“I love you, Mark,” she said as she pulled me to her and kissed me. The people below were oblivious to us in the treehouse where I used my mouth and tongue on her until her hands became entangled in my hair, and she orgasmed, pulling my mouth tight against her pussy until my face was covered in her juices. We could hear the people out on the lake shouting and laughing, having a good time.


Though it was approaching the end of the summer, we were having an uncharacteristically warm day and decided to run a few errands in town first and then go down to the lakefront for a swim. Later in the day, with a chilled bottle of wine and a couple of glasses, we went to a secluded portion of the beach and spread out a blanket.

I lay there next to Chloe, enjoying the light breeze off the lake, and turned to look at her. She lay with her eyes closed and a faint smile on her face, and I thought about us, the bonding that had continued to grow and strengthen between us. Chloe and I had always been emotionally and physically close despite our age difference. I thought about the way she would laugh and giggle when I tickled her, the way we enjoyed the Lefkoşa Escort innocent touching, kissing, muffled whispers, and secrets that we had always shared.


The portion of the shore where large boulders surrounded us provided great places for diving and prevented anyone passing from seeing us. After swimming out to the buoy a little way from the shore, standing on the submerged platform, we began splashing each other and playing around. Since we were alone, I pulled her closer to me and, pulling her swim bottoms down, eased my hardening cock between her slim thighs and began stroking her from behind. Chloe started to moan when my cock head rubbed between her pussy slit. She let her head drop back onto my shoulder as I rubbed her clit with increasing pressure, “That was wonderful,” she repeated in a barely audible voice as an orgasm blossomed within her. “Oh Mark,” she breathlessly said when she climaxed, her body trembling and squirming seductively in my arms.

“Oh, Marky, she whispered, I love you so much.”

We came back to our place on the shore and lay there in the warm night air holding each other for some time. Without being conscious of it, I had been rubbing my erection against her and suddenly became aware of my growing, consuming need for her. I leaned over and kissed her hard and deep on her mouth and felt her lips part, the tip of her tongue touching mine.

I could feel Chloe’s body soften under me, and I knew it was inevitable; I knew what was going to happen. I rolled on top of her, and with my knee, opened her legs. She momentarily gasped at the heat and pressure of my engorged cock pressing against her mound. My cock caressed and teased her slit, and I slowly eased my now bulbously swollen cockhead forward, separating her cunt lips, and felt the slight resistance as her lips tentatively enveloped my cockhead. I pressed forward and felt her body relax even more as it welcomed me.

She looked at me questioningly, “Mark?”

“Oh, baby… I need to be my cock inside you, sweetheart,” I said.

She stopped moving, growing silent and still beneath me, her sexual understanding and intuitiveness arousing and exciting me. Her hand reached down and traced the outline of my thick, jerking member. Taking a deep breath, she looked up at me and said, “Mark, you’re too big…”

“Do you trust me, Chloe?”

“Yes, Mark… but I’m scared.”

“There’s nothing to be afraid of, baby. I want to make you feel good, make both of us feel good. I’ve never deliberately hurt you, have I? I would never do anything that hurt you,” I said, trying to reassure her.

“Open your legs wider for me, Chloe.”

After a few seconds of hesitation, Chloe opened her legs, and I positioned myself between them. The tip of my cock, oozing pre-cum separated her pussy lips and kissed the small, tight opening. I pulled back and let my cockhead tease her pussy and rub against her clit until she was wet and her pussy ready for my deeper penetration. After a few minutes, I saw her eyes roll back in her head and felt her body quiver under me.

“I love you, Chloe,” I said and felt her tighten her hold on me as I pushed further into her. Because I had inadvertently broken her cherry the year before with my fingers, fortunately, the actual pain of penetrating her for the first time with my cock was minimal but still uncomfortable.

She tensed.

“Its okay, baby… it’s okay,” I repeated as I continued to inch my cock into her tight, resisting pussy. Thankfully her juices and my abundant pre-cum made my entry easier, and little by little, I was able to work my cock inside her. Gently encouraging and coaxing her, I pushed in deeper and deeper, all the while aware that my hot demanding cock must have seemed massive to her. I stopped to let her body become accustomed to being filled by a man’s… by my cock and then began again easing into her warm, velvety channel. I started to gently stroke in and out of her, establishing a rhythm that she quickly matched.

“Ohhhh, Mark,” she said with a hint of surprised pleasure in her voice.

Despite this being our first time together, I couldn’t hold back any longer and gave in to the lust. I rode her. I… rode her, slamming my cock back and forth inside her, stretching her, teaching her pussy who it belonged to as I fucked her hard. Her young body shuddered, and then I began to cum, and I felt the hot, wetness of my ejaculation as I emptied myself inside my sweet, sweet Chloe.

Afterward, I lay with my head on her chest, gasping and trying to catch my breath. I knew her no longer innocent pussy would be sore and bruised, and pulling myself out, I lowered my mouth to her abused pussy and began to lick and kiss her there as my cum poured out of her. When I had cleaned her, we rose, gathered our things, and walked hand in hand back up to the lake house.

After showering, I fixed us a light dinner, and we went to bed and made love again. Sometime during the night, Chloe awoke and mounted me. She positioned my cockhead at her entrance and let it slide inside her as she lowered her pussy onto my pole. This time it was Chloe’s turn to ride me. Hungrily, desperately she fucked me… Oh my God, it was hard to believe that just hours before, she had been a virgin.

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