My Sexy Girl and Naughty Man!

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It was something he never imagined he’d want, Rob, my strong, sexy, man opening himself to as yet unexplored desires; reaching deep within himself to uncover his feminine side and longing to feel how it would be to enjoy himself as “her”. I couldn’t think of anything more sensual that helping my man “doll up” to become the gurl he longed to be and had a night planned for him/her that was sure to be the beginning of a new chapter in our loving, committed and extremely erotic relationship! Living it out, which we did just a few weeks ago at the beginning of June 2010, with the help of some silky, sexy lingerie, a pretty wig, and an eager, young bi friend of mine, was just the first chapter in what will be a long and very naughty living story!

I had left some clothes out for her on the bed, a pretty white silk chemise with black embroidery, stockings, a long black silky robe. She had arrived only moments before me and was still catching her breath on the bed having changed just before I entered the bedroom. I greeted her with a passionate kiss, led her to sit in the vanity chair and applied finishing touches; lovingly adding a soft makeup pallet, a string of pearls, and a black bob wig to complete the look. She was so pretty all made up, like I knew she would be. Soft skin, pretty face, gorgeous eyes, her tall, lean body draped in satin and stockings; and the look on her face when she saw herself in the mirror, so pretty and feminine, my sweet Ashley, it made me so wet I couldn’t wait to have her.

Feeling the satin rub against my body as we kissed and made our way to the bed, I could feel her nipples harden at my touch, her body shudder lightly as we lay together, hands wandering, caressing, kissing, teasing, in such delicious ways. I could tell how much she loved me letting her be the gurl she so longed to be; how her voice softened and grew light and higher as we talked and teased, kissed and caressed, her passion growing stronger and deeper, her desire to be a sweet yet very naughty gurl as she asked me to touch her pussy, rub it, see how wet she was getting, which in turn was making me wetter.

Removing her panties, it was like a moment of freedom for her as she went from the somewhat shy gurl to a craving slut in one quick motion; begging me in her sweet, lilting voice to lick her pussy. Spreading her legs, feeling my soft tongue licking, penetrating, she spread wider, lifting her hips off the bed as passion overtook her and she needed more, she needed to feel her naughty girlfriend tease and pleasure her with their strap on.

Almost as hot as the idea that Ashley wanted me to let her share that slim, sexy cock, was her putting it on me! When it was fully on, she begged me to let her have it, to taste it, suck it. I slowly climbed on top of her, moving up so her lips could begin to touch it, and all at once her hunger took over and she was sucking that cock like a luscious candy, sliding it in and out of her glossed lips, deeper and deeper, eyes closed, moaning; her whole body moving to the rhythm of her lips. I couldn’t help but tell her how sexy it looked, how hot she was making me sucking and craving her girlfriend’s cock, the passion building to a fevered pitch Ashley quickly got up, turned around on all fours and demanded “fuck my pussy, please, put your hands on my hips and put your cock inside me!”

Her desire so strong, her passion so great, I was wild with wet heat grabbing her hips, lubing up my cock as she had done to her pussy just a moment before, slowly sliding in the tip, listening to her soft moans as I began to push in more… more… her moans growing more powerful, stroking her own clit/cock as I slid all the way in, grabbing her hips, thrusting my cock deep inside her, over and over as she told me how amazing it felt, gasping for breath, stroking as I fucked her deep and hard until she lost all control, lunging forward as I thrust hard and she squirted her sweet, sticky juices, her whole body convulsing with pleasure, surprise, amazement and crazed desire. The first time I fucked my “gurlfriend” and we both loved it!

He collapsed on the bed, naked, regaining his manhood as we softly chatted and he relaxed under the strong yet soft touch of my massaging hands rubbing every inch of him from head to foot as he gently slipped in and out of sleep. Turning over on his back, I began the same massage when a text message came in for which I had been waiting. I read the message, confirming a plan I had been working on, and my noticeable smirk gave way to me telling him I had a surprise for him. Over the next 15 minutes, he gently tried to coax me to tell him the surprise. Was someone coming? Was it another girl? Was it the boi? (a reference to a much younger casual friend bi-friend bahçelievler escort of mine who had an interest in getting together with us). I teasingly held my ground, not revealing my secret despite his very cute begging questions and sweet kisses. But then he whispered gently as I was rubbing him down, “you wanted me to wait to suck my first cock to be with you, and I did, so you should tell me.”

Being that we have a very open relationship, playing with others together and separately when/if the situation arises, knowing our hearts are completely committed to each other, the opportunity for him to venture into this new realm was available and I’d asked him to wait until we could share it together. Not because I didn’t want him to do it, but because being part of something so new is exciting, and I wanted to share that with him. As such, his statement being true, I decided to share the surprise and told him that indeed, the young boi was coming in 30 minutes and he was dressing as a young gurl to play with his sexy momma and her gurlfriend Ashley.

After finishing Rob’s massage, it was time to get Ashley ready for company. I brought out another new outfit for her to wear, nude thigh high stockings, satin panties, a soft navy blue chemise, laying on the satin bed coverings illuminated by candles, she was in her element and I snapped her first photo. The boi, though bi, had limited experience, as did Ashley, so he wanted us to already be playing when he arrived. We were kissing and touching on the bed when he pulled up and entered the front door. A minute or two went by and “she” came into the room, Chrissy, in a t-shirt, padded bra, black skirt, panties and a long blonde wig pulled in a low pony tail. Her face unmade but sweet enough on its own.

She came to the bedside next to where we were laying, rubbing herself over her skirt, soft greetings passing our lips as I leaned over Ashley and Chrissy and I kissed fondly before my mouth was gently wrapped around her cock. Reaching down I pulled Ashley’s cock from her sexy panties and began stroking it while sucking on Chrissy. After a few minutes I pulled away and Chrissy reached down and started stroking Ashley’s cock while Ashley stroked hers until she could wait no longer and pulled Chrissy towards her to suck on her sweet, young cock.

Chrissy and I both stroked Ashley’s cock and Chrissy moaned lightly, her eyes wide and excited as she told me it felt so good the way Ashley was sucking her cock that she must have done it a lot before. I told her it was Ashley’s first time, but I knew it must have felt amazing watching the way Ashley eagerly took the cock in and out of her mouth, taking in as much as she could handle, over and over again, moaning her soft, high pitched cry of pleasure to be feeling that cock between her lips and our hands all over her growing hardness at the same time. It was amazing to watch my man, my gurl, loving every minute of taking a cock the way I knew she would.

Chrissy gently pulled away and crawled onto the bed, now between Ashley’s legs, she took Ashley’s cock into her mouth and began sucking eagerly. I watched Ashley’s face as she writhed in pleasure at another new feeling, teasing her nipples hard with my fingers, urging her on with teasing questions. “Does it feel good baby? Do you like it?” To which of course Ashley nodded in affirmation. I then leaned down and joined Chrissy to share Ashley’s cock. Both of us licking, sucking and teasing every inch of her shaft; our tongues dancing over each other, across the tip glistening with sweet precum at the pleasure. I looked up and watched her watching us, her eyes wide, feeling her harden even more at being so pleasured.

Ashley then signaled to Chrissy to come up and lay on the bed. Chrissy had removed her wig and clothing and was now a sweet, naked boi with me between her legs sucking on her hardness in the ways I knew how as Ashley stood up and came around behind me. Putting both hands on my hips I could feel Ashley slide her cock inside my wet, eager pussy. I moaned with pleasure feeling her fill me, and go from soft gentle motions to hard and fast pounding. Her cock thrust deep inside me over and over again, making me wetter as I continued to suck on the boi’s sweet cock.

Ashely furthered the excitement by occasionally giving my ass a hard slap while she pushed into me, and speaking out about what a good cock whore I was, taking two cocks any way they wanted; causing both myself and the boi to moan at the sites and sound of me being ridden hard by my hot, naughty gurl; I breathlessly wanted that sexy, raw motion to continue endlessly.

Ashley pulled out after making me drip with my own juicy wet pleasure and signaling to the balgat escort boi she said “get up on it”, directing me up on my knees, to straddle Chrissy’s legs, then holding Chrissy’s cock in her hands as she slid it inside my hot, tight pussy, incredibly wet from watching my amazingly sexy gurlfriend and young boi embroiled in pleasure and having just had Ashley’s hot cock inside me moments before! As I began to slowly rock back and forth on Chrissy, Ashley was behind me working to slide her cock into my firm, ample ass.

Brief bursts of pleasure surged through my body to be filled in such a delicious way, if challenging to continue in a less than perfect bed set up. Ashley got off the bed and returned a moment later with a firm dildo which she promptly began to slide in and out of my ass, pumping me from behind as if with her own cock, moaning softly at watching me being filled by a real cock and the one she was sliding inside me at the same time, over and over.

Then she slid the dildo out, left the room for a brief moment, and I sat rocking back and forth gently on top of the boi turning to look for Ashley a bit hesitant at what to do next. Not that it wasn’t very hot having that sweet boi inside me, especially since Ashley had led that cock inside with her own hand; but wanting more for Ashley to be part of every moment of pleasure. She returned to the room, laid on the bed next to the boi, naked now as well and being his manly self and I leaned down and began sucking his hardening cock while sliding up and down on the boi’s cock at the same time. Hearing them both moan only served to turn me on more, making me wetter with each rocking thrust.

Suddenly the boi told me to get up and get on my knees, bending over so he was behind me, which I did obligingly. He was now sliding his cock in and out of my pussy from behind, his hands firmly on my ass, pulling himself in deeper while my mouth eagerly sucked Rob’s cock. Back and forth, a cock in my pussy and one in my mouth, having as sexy boi and my hot man to play with, I could feel my wetness practically gushing forth being immersed in such pleasure. The boi pumped harder, faster, deeper, pulling my hips towards him, his balls slapping against my ass as he thrust over and over. Each push of his hips met by me pulling Rob’s cock further into my mouth, feeling his body beginning to tighten, his hardness swelling even more watching his girlfriend getting fucked hard by another; the moment building to a heated crescendo of three bodies fucking and sucking.

The boi pulled out of my dripping wet pussy and with a few strokes of his burgeoning young cock, exploded his juices on my waiting ass. Rob spoke up at that moment, asking if the boi was cumming on his girl’s sweet ass; if he licked the feeling; telling him to cum all over his good little slut; his eyes glued on that nubile cock as it spewed forth sweet, hot juices on my creamy skin all while I was still sucking on his rock hard cock. And then, in an instant, as the boi finished covering me, I slid Rob’s cock deep into my throat and felt him no longer able to hold back the delicious pressure that had been mounting for so long. I could hear the boi urging him on as he moaned “oh my god, all the way down her throat!”I’m cumming deep in her throat!”which he was, and I was taking it, every sweet, hot drop of milky liquid coaxed out until he collapsed in blissful relief.

I looked up, a naughty, knowing smirk on my face a gently wiped a tiny drop from the corner of my mouth. We all laid on the bed together for a few moments, light conversation and a few school-girl giggles; then the boi got dressed, tucked Chrissy’s items under his arm and headed off… but the night was yet to be over…

We were both famished after a few hours of sexy alone time between “girlfriends” and sharing each other with the sexy gurl/boi and opted for a little Chinese downtown before returning and cuddling on the bed, watching TV, chatting about the delicious fun we’d had early with sweet company, then it was time for Rob to head home. We began kissing passionately to say goodbye, and his strong hands pulled at the tie on my dress, letting it drop to the floor, and I stood there naked, pressed against his fully clothed body as we continued to kiss. Then he pulled away and told me to get over his knee, reaching for a wide headed brush on the vanity, he sat on the end of the bed and told me again to get over his knee. We had talked a bit about his dominant side and my desire to be his good and obedient little girl, but had yet to explore that avenue — though it was all culminating in this moment.

I leaned over his lap, draped exactly as I remember as a little girl getting spanked for doing something wrong, batıkent escort my heart began racing, my pulse quickening not knowing what was in store, how hard he would spank me, if it would hurt; combined with feelings of excitement at the newness, the spontaneity, and my desire to be controlled however my man wished. Then, the spanking began, a firm but somewhat gentle swat, then another, and another; he questioned me in between spanks, “How does it feel? Do you like it? Do you want more?” My head was spinning, searching for the answers, wanting to say whatever would please him and receiving more swats, each a little harder if I didn’t answer in the right way, or fast enough, beginning to whimper with each successive slap of the brush against my full, naked ass, yet feeling myself moisten at the same time.

I could feel him rubbing the head of the brush against my now hot ass, teasing lightly as he turned to the bristle side and rubbed the tiny heads across my red cheeks. Then I could feel him moving down further, something rubbing a little between my legs as he told me to spread them a bit for him, which I did, as a good girl should. He continued to tease, rubbing around between my ass and my now wet pussy, gently touching my swollen clit, then back to my pussy, where I suddenly felt him begin to push.

At once I felt the slim handle of the brush begin to penetrate me, slowly sliding inside me, further, further, and then he began to move it. In and out, in and out, he was fucking me with the handle of the brush with which he had just finished spanking me, and the more he moved it in and out, the more I wanted it, laying there helpless, over his knee, my legs spread, being violated by a brush handle and the only thing I could think about was wanting more, doing anything he desired to continue to feel that good.

Then he stopped, slowly pulled the brush out of me and placed it at my mouth, telling me to lick my juices like a good girl, which I did, closing my eyes, licking and sucking on the brush handle for his pleasure. He got up told me to put on only the long black robe and walk him to his car, which I did. The night air was warm and wet having recently rained and my driveway was dark but illuminated a bit by the streetlight and passing cars being situated on a busy main road. Rob’s car was parked nose in and as he walked to the driver’s side door, around the front of the vehicle, he stopped at the hood with me in front of him, kissed me, opened my robe and told me to get on my knees.

He unzipped and let his hardening cock slip out of his pants and I eagerly took it in my mouth, licking and sucking his sweetness, enjoying his cock as much as being outside, practically naked, and with the chance that my next door neighbor, who spent a lot of time in his garage workshop just a few yards from my driveway, could stumble upon the action. After a few minutes, Rob told me to stop and get up, he then led me a bit further in the driveway to my car, and told me to lean over the hood because he was going to fuck me right there!

I spread out over the hood, my naked breasts pressed against the cool car metal, my rob hiked up past my hips, my legs spread wide as Rob slid his cock inside and I moaned at the amazing feeling of having him once again, for the third time in the same evening. I was bent over the hood from the passenger’s side of the car, just a few yards from the road and easily in view of my neighbors from three sides and any drivers passing by who happened to look. There was no denying, laid out over the hood, with my big tall man behind me, his hands on my hips, I was being fucked, and I didn’t care. The more he grabbed my hips and pulled me in, the more I felt my hard nipples rubbing against the hood, the deeper and harder he fucked me while asking me if I liked being his naughty girl, out in the open, where we could get caught, the more I wanted it, and the wetter I got.

The excitement was palpable, our breathless moans beginning to intertwine as our bodies meshed together like a well oiled machine, in and out, grinding, pumping, thrusting over and over again. My hips rocking back to meet his every move the closer he came the more I wanted to pleasure him. I leaned my head down, my cheek touching the coolness, pressing myself firmly against the car, raising up on my tiptoes to allow him even deeper penetration, until he grabbed hold almost violently, forcing his sweet, hot cum upon my welcoming pussy, drinking it in like nectar, filling me to overflowing with his desire as my pussy bathed him in return with my creamy juices.

I turned around and he pulled me close, wrapping his big, strong arms around me, kissing me so softly and passionately having shared some truly special moments together, opening up to trust each other fully. I knew at that moment I loved this man completely, in all his iterations, wherever, whenever, however I could be with him, and am doing everything to make that happen. There are far too many very sexy, naughty adventures yet to be had!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32