My New Sister

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My name is Rachel and I just turned eighteen. My parents divorced when I was nine and three months ago my mom informed me that she was getting married again. I have met her so called boyfriend Kevin, a number of times when he picked her up on dates but until last night I never knew about Tiffany. Apparently, Kevin failed to mention the fact that he too had a eighteen year-old daughter away at boarding school. So now I am dealing with the fact that I will have a “father” figure around the house and a new sister sharing my room. To say the least, I was not too thrilled about either one of the ideas. I liked my bedroom and didn’t want to share it or fight with someone else over bathroom time.

I needed my privacy more than my mother realized. I depended on my nightly masturbation rituals to fall asleep. I love running my fingers up and down my bare skin as I lie in my bed and fantasize about my best friend Morgan. I have wanted to seduce my friend for over a year now. Morgan’s curls locs, gorgeous grey eyes and dark ebony skin sparkled next to my black hair, eyes and caramel skin. We are both cute girls and I am convinced we would be even cuter together! We have come so close so many times in my bed while she spent weekends with me and this particular weekend I was sure would be it but now….*sigh* now I will have an unwanted roommate disturbing that.

That night, I begged my mother to put Tiffany on the pull out couch until we could fix something etiler bdsm escort more suitable up for her in the basement but I was informed that it was rude. My room was rather large and could be shared. So when I went to bed that night, I knew it would be my last night alone and I fingered myself until I collapsed into a deep sleep.

A knock on my door woke me that morning. My mother told me that she and Kevin would be moving some of his things in today but were going to stop and pick Tiffany up at the airport first. I moaned and rolled over as she shut the door. I heard the car drive away minutes later and decided it was time to get up. As I walked past my full-length mirror on the door I

got a glimpse of my naked body and became aroused. Standing on my tiptoes I rubbed my crotch on my doorknob. My clit was hitting the cool metal knob and becoming so sensitive. I rocked my hips and pressed up against the door. My nipples were hard and pressing on the wood. I screwed the handle for minutes before cum ran down my leg. “Mmmm that was good,” I thought as I cleaned up my juices and jumped in the shower.

Two hours later the car pulled into the driveway. I watched out of my bedroom window. My mouth must have hit the floor when I saw Tiffany getting out of the backseat. She was stunning! Her long silky black hair hung down her back like a waterfall. She looked about 5’7 and had a slim perky body. etiler elit escort She was wearing a blue plaid uniform skirt, a white blouse that showed her

nipples, and white knee socks. My mother pointed to my window and Tiffany looked up and waved. I felt like a fool but smiled and waved back. I felt a wetness form in my panties as I waited for my new sister to come up the stairs. She did and I helped her unpack. I loved watching her bend over to put clothes in the drawers. She didn’t seem too uncomfortable with the thoughts of sharing a room with me. After all, she did share a school with 500 other females.

We all went to dinner that night and got to know each other. Tiffany called it an early night since she had a long flight that morning. I decided to go to bed too since I wasn’t ready to let her out of my sight yet. I tossed and turned for an hour before hearing the faint squeaking of her bed across the room. I rolled on my side to get a better view. I could not believe what I was seeing! My new “roommate” was laying nude across her bed cupping her breast with one hand and rubbing deep in her slit with the other. I ached for her as I watched. My own nipples grew hard with the excitement. Her eyes were closed and she was in heaven. I could smell her musky scent by then. I threw my own blanket on the floor and lifted my nightshirt off. I never wore panties to bed anyway, so I began to caress my etiler escort breasts. I cupped them and licked the tip of my nipples with my own tongue. My hands slide down and my legs spread. I ran my fingertips over my bald cunt. I let my middle finger slowly separate my lips and then I felt it. It startled me and I began to sit up.

“Just relax,” she whispered. So I did. I closed my eyes and let Tiffany lick my pussy lips apart and slowly suck on my clit. Now that I think about it I didn’t hear the bed moving on her side of the room once I began to undress. She must have been watching me too. I felt her mouth suck and almost french kiss my pussy. I moaned as her finger pumped inside me and her tongue flicked all over. She ate me out until I came and then she drank that up as well. I went down on her that night too. She was so wet but it was sweet. I licked her like crazy and she bucked her hips on my mouth. I playfully put her clit between my lips and sucked it while I put two fingers inside her hole. I fingered her in a fast rhythm stopping once in awhile to lick her creamy juices. She wrapped her legs around my head and I probed my tongue deep inside her. Tiffany groaned with cum. She pulled my hair a bit but shoved my head into her dripping mound for more. We rolled over and did a sixty-nine before falling asleep. The taste of her still in my mouth.

The next morning I woke up and Tiffany was in her bed again. My mother knocked on our door to let us know breakfast was ready. “Is Morgan still staying the weekend with us?” Mom asked.

“Yes, I replied. “She will be here this afternoon.”

“I hope you three girls can get along”, my mother said.

“Oh I think we will Mom”, I answered as I winked at Tiffany and we both began to giggle.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32