Ms. Marca Ch. 22

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Chapter 22: Acts like a call girl

“What’s the matter? A sweet girl like you got a problem calling a old man, ‘Sir’?”



“No. Sir.”

“That’s better. Now, I believe you were in the middle of something back in that elevator.” I was getting hotter by the minute. The idea of calling this man, “Sir,” was a turn-on. It conjured up every rape fantasy I’d ever had, not to mention the sheer excitement of fucking a old man! He was right about one thing; I am a hot bitch.

The ideas of sucking off a old man, of letting a old man shoot his load down my throat. Letting his big wrinkle hands roam at will across my sexy body, touch my brown nipples, pull my pussy lips open and insert his fingers, his tongue, his Dick inside my pussy was a real rush! I didn’t need to be told twice.

I fell to my knees and started sucking his now somewhat deflated cock. It didn’t stay deflated long. As my lipstick colored lips closed around his old cock, I could feel the blood filling his manhood and making it hard again! It was getting hard again because it was in my mouth, pushing, twisting, trying to get as deeply in as it could. I was pumping it with my right hand, and raking the base of it with my left.

My bright red nails were scratching his shaft as the head of his cock pushed against the base of my throat. Suddenly, I wanted to feel this man come, I wanted to feel his come splash inside my mouth, and I wanted to taste his seed. He was no longer making me suck him…I was doing it because it was what I

“I had to do to get the good shoots, some of the older girls took me aside and told me the facts of life!” As a young woman you got some choice jobs, but you got to put out to the big clients to get the job. We are all good looking women; just what color skin/hair does he want for that shoot? If you don’t fuck him some other big set of tits will and they get to hold the can of dog food! So here I was having dinner and telling the big boss/owner that I was the girl for his next ad and how much I wanted to do that shoot.

I wanted to do. I wanted to do it very much! And just as suddenly, I was robbed of the treasure in my mouth. Without warning, Chad pulled his cock away from me, leaving me there, on my knees, my mouth still shaped into an obscene “O”, like a fish gasping for oxygen! “Strip.” I understood now why he’d stopped. I stood up, looking him right in his eyes, and allowed my hands to start on the buttons on my dress.

Slowly, very slowly, I undid button after button until the dress was held only by one small inner button. I hesitated, not out of coyness, but because I wanted his full and total attention. Softly I spoke. “I’m not wearing a bra. When I open this, I’ll be almost naked. Sir.” I didn’t wait for his reply. Instead, I slipped my hand inside the dress and undid the last button.

Removing my hand, the dress came open, revealing my body, almost totally to a man I’d met less than two hours before. With an almost invisible shrug of my shoulders, the dress fell off me, leaving me virtually naked in front of his very aroused man. I felt so small, so vulnerable. I hooked my fingers into the waistband of my panties. But before I could pull this down, he spoke. “Wait.” I froze. This man, this big shot, giant was my master for the night. Whatever he wanted, I wanted too! He stepped forward and reached down to my panties, putting his hand inside them, from the side, under the waistband, I knew what he was going to do.

And I wanted him to do it! In a single jerk, he ripped my panties off my body, exposing my pussy, my shaved, totally unprotected pussy, to his gaze. He looked at me in all my nakedness. I wore only my garter belt, my silk stockings, and my five-inch heels. His cock, hanging outside his trousers, started to jerk. And then I saw something I never saw before. His cock spurted come at me. Three hard spurts! And all three struck my body, the first on my stomach, the next a few inches lower, and the last hit squarely on my clit. And it was all I could do to hold back my own climax.

Some men ooze pre-cum, and I was used to that. In fact, it’s rare for rize escort a man to see me naked and not get excited. But this was something I’d never seen before. His cock had actually come, and come from nothing more than my standing in front of him…naked. “Fuck! I never seen a pussy like yours! It looks like a little girl’s!”

“It may look like a little girl’s, but I promise you Chad, I’m not going to fuck you like a little girl.” With that I reached down to his belt buckle and unhooked it.

Without giving my action any forethought I continued to undo his pants. Once they were loosened, I pulled them off his hips, down his buttocks, and let them fall in a heap around his ankles. He wasn’t wearing any underwear. Bending down in front of him, I pulled his loafers off his feet, first one and then the other. Then, as he lifted one foot at a time, I pulled his pants off each leg. He lifted his right foot again, and I knew what he wanted. I pulled his sock off, and then he lifted his other foot for me to do the same.

Now I was back in control. I gently pushed him back toward the bed, and he took the hint. His large frame lowered itself onto the mattress. Now he was sitting in front of me, wearing only his shirt. I fell back on my knees, in front of him and leaned forward. Only this time, I wasn’t looking for his cock. I continued to lower myself until I was almost prostrate in front of him, I reached up his leg, trailing my nails up his calf, over his knee, up his thigh. His skin was so tight, so hard over his muscular body. Finally I found what I sought.

My hand closed over the base of his cock as I continued my stroking, my pumping. My closed hand tightened around his cock, my nails digging into the hard flesh of his manhood. My pussy was gushing my own juices, anticipating, demanding his cock I spread my legs as widely as I could, and I waited this meat! He knew what I wanted, what I needed. And suddenly…it was there. My pussy gave me away, shuddering in a raging orgasm that made me drunk with passion! I don’t know if he hit me again or not. It didn’t matter. I was exploding my passion.

The last blow I remember cut right into my flaming pussy and pushed me into absolute abandon! Before I could recover from the body racking orgasm I’d just experienced; Chad was on his feet, pulling me off the floor. I could feel his hands on me, touching my pussy, and I could feel him pulling my pussy lips apart, exploring them with his fingers, fingers that dove inside me, inside the most private part of me.

I was flat on my back, sprawled across the bed, my legs hanging off the corner, one on each side of the corner of the mattress. Then I felt Chad take hold of my ankles, spreading my legs further apart, like a wishbone of a small chicken. My senses were coming back to me. I was fighting my way back to reality, and then, as if cold water was thrown on my face, I was suddenly very aware of what was happening. Chad was shoving his huge cock into my cunt! I started to struggle. The pain was so sharp, so recent. “No! Don’t fuck me!

Your too big Oh god yes your cock is a monster, Please, don’t fuck me! No!”

“Don’t fuck you? You gotta be kidding me, bitch! I’m not letting you leave here without shoving my cock right up your cunt!”

“Wait!” I begged. “Just wait a minute! Please wait!”

“You wait, bitch. I’m fucking your pussy right now!” And fuck me he did! I thought the pain would make me pass out, and I had a sex- crazed Old man, the size of your average NFL linebacker, shoving an eleven-inch cock into my pussy. And just when I’d decided I couldn’t take it anymore, a wondrous thing happened. Suddenly the pain was starting to turn me on. Suddenly, my pussy was soaking wet and this time because Chad was pushing his Dick into it, relentlessly, furiously!

“Oh, Yes! Fuck me. I need your cock!”

“What, bitch? What did you say?”

“I said fuck me! Give me that cock of yours. Fuck me hard.”

“Fuck me hard…Sir!” He taunted me. “Yes, that’s right. Fuck me hard, Sir!” He was hunched over me; fucking me with his cock that earlier I hadn’t thought would fit inside me. When I said that last statement, the one that ended with “Sir,” he straightened up suddenly, while his cock was buried deep inside me. The result was to lift my body off the bed, lifting me like a one pronged forklift, lifting me solely with the strength of his steel bladed cock! And when I realized what was happening, I came again! This time, however, my master came with me.

His hot cock shot it’s load deep inside me, deeper than most men ever reach. It was like a small volcano going off, over and over, erupting a constant flow of hot lava come, filling me up and then overflowing my cunt with its juices! His cock was out of my pussy, but I could still feel it in me. My pussy was so full of his come, his hot seed, that it was like he hadn’t pulled out of me yet! “That was so hot!” I realized how stupid that sounded, but it was the truth.

“Go close the drapes now.”


“God damn it close the drapes. Go do it.” Almost in a zombie like state, I staggered off the bed and made my way to the window. The lights were all still on in the bedroom. I knew I could be seen from the parking lot but I didn’t care. Just as I reached the window, I felt Chad behind me. He took me by the waist just as I was reaching for the cord to close the world away from what this man was doing to me. He pulled me back about six inches.

I froze as I realized how many people could be seeing me here, naked except for my garters stockings and shoes, naked even to my pussy, my shaved pussy, my recently whipped pussy, my full of come pussy! I felt Chad’s hands on the back of my neck, pushing me forward. My body accepted his direction and I found myself bent over the arm of the couch. What did he want like me in that position for? He came up behind me. Oh No! No! I suddenly realized what he was going to do. He was going to ass fuck me! He was going to take his huge Dick and push it inside my ass hole. And he was going to do it in front of the open window, with every light on in the room.

Anyone could see up, see into the room on the sixth floor, see the young woman getting it up her ass by this dirty old man! “Please. I’ll suck your cock. Please, I’ll suck your ass hole for you. I’ll lick the inside of your ass hole, but please, don’t ass fuck me. Not like this. Not now. Please!” He continued to push against my dry ass hole with his rock hard cock! I continued to beg. “No. Listen to me Chad. I can’t take it up my ass; I’m too dry!

It’ll hurt me too bad. Please listen to me.” For a moment, I thought I’d convinced him. He stood up and backed away from me, but kept his huge left arm on my neck, not letting me up. I felt him kiss the cheeks of my ass. This was more like it, more like the sex I thought I needed. Then I felt his tongue roll across the crack of my ass, lingering at my ass hole. I felt his tongue push inside my tight ass, and it felt so good, I relaxed a bit. It was all the encouragement he needed.

I could feel his mouth kissing, sucking my ass. His broad oral digit was literally screwing me, fucking me back there. I may not have been wet before, but I was soaking now. Then he stopped. Damn! That had felt so good! No sooner had he taken his tongue out of my ass hole, I felt him stand against my ass, felt his cock against the tender cheeks of my backside.

Then I felt his cock assault my ass hole again. But it was different this time. This time I was well lubricated, and my ass muscles had relaxed as a result of his licking and kissing me there. Before I could tighten up, it was too late. He had his cock head inside me, inside my ass. I knew better than to think it was only the head he wanted inside my ass. As he continued to fuck me there, as he continued to rape my ass, more and more of his Dick slipped inside me.

His hands reached down, under me and grabbed my tits. He was interested in only one thing, pushing his cock as deeply as he could before spilling his seed again. He continued the fucking, the punishment of my ass hole, his cum was leaking out of my pussy. I was aware I was leaking but couldn’t stop it. I tried to squeeze my pussy tighter, to hold in the liquid treasure I held there, I didn’t want it to all come out. Not yet. But the more I concentrated on keeping my pussy’s liquid in tack, the more Chad punished my ass hole. Miraculously, I felt the hair of his pubes scratch against my tender ass cheeks. I knew he was all the way in. And I felt so full! I no longer cared about the window, about the lights on in the room.

I no longer cared that I was a young girl being impaled on an old dirty man’s cock. All I cared about was coming and coming again with this stranger’s Dick inside me. It didn’t really matter inside where. I didn’t care if he came in my pussy again, or in my mouth, or even between my tits. All I cared about was getting another load of his hot creme!

I wasn’t even sure he could come again. Boy, was I wrong! I felt him tense, grab hold of my nipples and squeeze them harder than a nipple clamp would. It was all right with me. Pain had to take a back seat to pleasure. I pushed my ass against him, trying to get him in even deeper. I could feel him, I could feel him as if he had been born up my ass, and had been there ever since. It was pure and unadulterated pleasure. And the best part was I was thinking about having a cock up my pussy at the same time, Oh God! Chad shot his load into my bowels.

There wasn’t near as much this time as when he came inside my snatch, but there was plenty. I tensed as he came, knowing I was about to slip into the oblivion of passion within seconds. But I just couldn’t get over the top. I was so close, but something was holding me back. It was the exposed window! My eyes were closed as this man finished inside my ass. I knew he would be pulling his Dick out of me within seconds.

And I still had a massive come of my own, frantically trying to escape my body. I asked the question that could bring me off with the right answer. “Is anyone looking up at us?”

“Sweet cunt,” my fucker answered, “everyone’s looking up.” I came. I don’t mean I just came, I mean I CAME! “Oh fuck! Do me. Do me hard! Don’t pull out yet! Please. Fuck me some more. Just a little more. Please! PLEASE, SIR!”

That did it. I was over the edge and couldn’t get back. As I felt his cock convulse inside me, I called out how I felt. I came so hard, my pussy blocked out all other senses. If I hadn’t been bent over that couch, I would have fallen to the ground. The next conscious thought I had was waking on the bed, Chad’s fingers rubbing my clitoris. I woke with a feeling of spent passions.

“You okay?”

“Yes. Yes, sir.”

“Oh, you can knock off that “sir” stuff. I only like that when I’m fucking or getting my cock sucked off. I hope you didn’t mind.”

“No, I didn’t mind. That was an incredible fuck.”

“Thank you. You probably need to go home. It’s almost two.” I sat straight up. I had lost all track of time. Leaping off the bed, I started to gather up my clothes. I slipped on my dress, buttoning up only four of the buttons. My panties were in shreds. I started to put them in my purse, but Chad stopped me. “I’d sure like to keep those if you don’t mind.” I started to protest, but what the hell. “Sure, if you want.”

“I want.”

I didn’t really know what I was supposed to do next. I looked at the door, and back at Chad, who was still naked, he’d even taken off his shirt. Chad walked to the door, his cock swinging between his legs. I couldn’t believe that thing had fit up my ass! I picked up my purse and walked toward the door myself. I noticed the drapes had been drawn. When I got to the door, I had an inspiration. When Chad reached over to open it for me, I placed my hand on his arm to stop him.

I fell to my knees one last time in front of this massive cock. Taking it in my mouth, I began the fastest and hardest blow job I’d given in my life. I wanted a tip from this man, and the tip I wanted was between his legs, inside his balls. The moment my finger started up his ass hole, he rewarded me with still one more load of come. I took it inside my mouth, allowing him to spurt his come between my lips like a common whore. When he was finished, I stood up, without a word, and walked out the door. I couldn’t say anything actually. My mouth was full of Chad’s sperm. BY THE WAY I GOT THE JOB OF HOLDING THE DOG FOOD CAN!

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