Morning Coffee

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Cindy had come once before I entered her. I could tell she was getting ready to come again when I heard voices on the stairs outside the door.

“It’s definitiely coming from here,” I heard. “Yep, I smell it too.”

Knock knock.


Knock knock.

“Nobody’s home!” I said.

“We smell coffee. You guys got coffee in there?”

D’uoh. It was Susan. She and her partner Carol had arrived the afternoon before from Boston for a long weekend. And indeed, the coffeemaker in our room had made our customary weekend morning coffee, and I wasn’t ready to think about it yet.

“We’re still asleep. Go away!”

“You don’t sound asleep.”

“Communicable diseases. There are communicable diseases in here.”

“Ready or not, we’re coming in.”

And come in they did.

Sometimes when this happens, you can just pull up the covers and act like you were indeed sleeping, but this wasn’t one of those times. Or more precisely, not one of those positions. I was up on my knees, with Cindy’s right leg between mine. She was on her back, with her hips turned to the right, and her left leg at a right angle, to my left. One of our favorite positions, where I can reach just about everything that counts.

The four of us had gone out to a nice dinner the night before, enjoying the visit, and consuming more bottles of wine than we had planned. Susan and Carol had been together about three years. This was the second time we had met Carol, and we enjoyed her company. Cindy had known Susan since they were in grad school together, and Carol was completely unexpected. Susan’s past lovers were a collection of overly intellectual, androgynous, mostly mean-spirited and ill-adjusted women with names like Sid and Bobbi. To meet Carol, a well-adjusted mother of several grown kids, with a warm sense of humor and no obvious neuroses or self-image confusion, was a wonderful, unexpected surprise.

“Don’t mind us,” Carol said, as they found the coffee pot. “Where are the cups?”

“On the shelf to the left,” Cindy said.

“Downstairs in the kitchen,” I said.

After dinner the previous night, we came back here and played cards and drank some more wine. Claiming jet lag and time zone lag, they headed off to bed fairly early. We went upstairs, and it wasn’t long before we could hear the unmistakable sounds of love making coming from the guest room, which was right below our room. Not to be outdone, we had made some noise of our own.

Outfitted with their cups of coffee, rather than leave, they both plopped down in the couch near the foot of our bed.

“Grrrr. This isn’t a spectator sport,” I said.

“Oh, don’t be such a dud.”

Huh? This last comment was from Cindy, and she accompanied it by a contraction that resulted in a noticeable squeeze on my member.

Never having been particularly bashful, I figured why not? So I tentatively pulled out of her slowly, and then pushed back in. Cindy responded with a contented-sounding murmur.

After a few more strokes, Susan said, “Eeeuw, he’s got that thing inside of her, doesn’t he?”

“Yes Susan, that’s how boys do it,” responded Carol. “Eeeuw,” Susan repeated.

“Hey, if you guys aren’t going to leave, or aren’t going to help, please don’t distract the participants,” I said.

“Help? You guys need help?” said Carol.

That one stopped me dead. Cindy looked up at me, and I looked questioningly at her. A slight shrug and a twinkle in her eyes was her response.

“Sure. You two couldn’t make it any worse than you’ve already tried to.”

They both took another sip of coffee, and put their cups on the window sill. Carol came around the right side of the bed, and Susan around the left. Carol started rubbing Cindy’s back just above her hips, and Susan began working on her stomach.

Susan said, “After she’s gotten a taste of what the girls can do, she might find you superfluous.”

“I’ll take my chances,” I said. “Not bloody likely,” said Cindy.

With that, Susan reached over and took one of Cindy’s nipples in her mouth. Carol started kissing Cindy’s side, working up to where Susan was. Not to be outdone, I started even more vigorous strokes.

Pretty soon, Susan was vigorously mouthing Cindy’s left breast, and Carol was working on her right. And it was fairly clear that Cindy wasn’t going to last long under this assault. I could feel her breath coming harder, and her hips moving more insistently. I reached down with my left hand to her clit, and was surprised to find a hand already there.

“Ahhh. Ahhh. Oh god. So good, so good. YESSSS!” And with that, she went over the edge. Her eyes were open, looking at my face. Both Susan and Carol had stopped, and watched with me as she enjoyed the feelings coursing through her.

When her breathing had settled down, she gave out a slight laugh. Then Susan bent over and kissed her on the lips. Then Carol did the same.

Susan looked over at Carol, and leaning over Cindy, gave Carol ataşehir escort a deep kiss. As they kissed, Carol started pulling Susan’s shirt over her head. They broke their kiss as the shirt reached her neck, then pulled the shirt completely off.

Lots of trips to the beach and nights in the hot tub together in years past meant Susan’s body held few surprises for us. And while many women’s bodies can be compared to an hour glass, Susan’s was more like an egg plant: small, almost adolescent breasts, somewhat thick through the middle, and a fairly ample butt. When her shirt was off, she laid back on the bed next to Cindy. Carol came around to the other side, and slipped Susan’s panties off.

To both Cindy and my surprise, Susan was shaved smooth. In response to our looks, Susan told us that Carol preferred her shaven.

Carol, meanwhile, standing beside the bed, was pulling her own shirt off. When it came off, Cindy and I could just stare. Her breasts were exquisitely beautiful, full, round, firm, with dusky reddish nipples. I could hear the intake of Cindy’s breath. To realize Carol was the far side of forty made it even more impressive.

“Beautiful, isn’t she?” asked Susan. “Wow” was all Cindy could manage. “Mmm hmmm” was my contribution.

Carol looked at me as she took off her own panties. “Pay some more attention to your wife over there while I work on Susan and you might get some of this.” With that, she climbed on top of Susan and started kissing her deeply, her hands roaming over her body.

Cindy watched, transfixed, as Carol kissed Susan. First, her lips, then her neck, then her shoulders. By the time Carol reached Susan’s nipple, I had gently spread Cindy’s legs and planted a few tentative kisses on her stomach and breasts. As Carol headed lower, so did I. Watching her out of the corner of my eye, I timed my first lick of Cindy’s pussy to Carol’s own first contact with Susan’s. Both women stiffened and inhaled. Carol glanced at me with smiling eyes.

Trying to match Carol’s rhythms with my own, we both went about our tasks with care. Susan was first to respond with moans and heavy breathing, but Cindy wasn’t far behind. I lapped at her clit, teasing it with my tongue, then plunging down and putting my tongue as far as it would go inside of her.

As I could feel her getting more and more into it, I slowed, playing more around the edges, teasing. As I heard Susan get louder and move faster, I quit teasing Cindy and started working in earnest. I put first two, then four fingers inside her as I licked and sucked on her clit.

Cindy probably started coming first, but Susan was only a second or two behind her. And Cindy’s seemed to last longer. She pulled my head into her and I licked and sucked and nipped until she pushed me away.

As the two women slowly recovered, Carol and I looked at each other with satisfaction. “Is that what they mean when they talk about simultaneous orgasms?” Carol asked. “I don’t think so,” and we all laughed.

I felt myself being pushed backwards on the bed, and soon Cindy was pulling me into her mouth. Slowly, she licked up and down the length of my cock, and then she took it into her mouth, then out again. Susan and Carol were both sitting up watching. Susan said, “Eeeuw, he even puts it in her mouth.” “Shut up Susan,” I said. “Shut up, Susan,” Cindy said. Carol looked at her. “Shut up Susan.”

Then Carol said, “You know, I think it’s been 5 years since I’ve seen a hard dick.” “More like 15 for me,” Susan replied. Then they both watched in silence as Cindy worked on me. Just as I was beginning to squirm, Carol said, “Mind if I have a try?” Cindy didn’t miss a beat. “OK with me. What does Susan think?” “OK I guess.”

“Isn’t anybody going to ask me?” I said. “Shut up Bill,” they said, almost in unison.

So Cindy sat up and Carol moved over me. At first, she just ran her fingers lightly over my dick, watching as it jumped in response. She touched the small drop of pre-cum on the tip, and felt it between her fingers. Then she put it lightly on her tongue.

She put one hand beneath my balls, and lifted lightly. Then she reached down with her mouth, and slowly licked me from my balls to the tip. She ran her tongue slowly around the head, licking the tip, and spending some time on the sensitive underside. Then she took me slowly into her mouth, pulled back, then further in, pulled back. She shifted her position slightly, straddling my legs. As she did that, I could feel the hair of her pussy slide across my shins, and her breasts brushed across my thighs. She came down on me from almost straight above, and with one motion, she buried my cock in her throat. Her lips were touching my public hair, and I could feel her tongue tickling the underside of my balls.

I almost sat straight up, I was so shocked and so enthralled at once. It was one of the most incredible feelings I can ever remember. I could feel her fighting her gag reflex as avcılar escort she pulled slowly up, and then slowly this time she came back down. She repeated this about five or six times, then settled back to licking my length and playing with my balls.

“Uh, Susan? I’ve got some bad news,” I said. “Carol’s done this before.”

“Yeah, I can tell,” she replied, trying to sound icy.

Carol looked at her and said, “Your turn.”

“Oh no, you don’t. I’m not doing that to no boy.”

“Oh, Susan, come on,” said Cindy. “It’s just Bill. Sex is about the only thing we’ve never done together. You might as well.”

Carol had continued to stroke and suck on me as Susan looked on, doubtfully. “Does it taste yucky?”

“Not at all,” Carol said. “Try it for yourself.”

Carol moved back, and Susan moved forward, slowly. She reached out her hand, and touched me, first with a fingertip, then with her whole hand. She tasted some of the pre-cum, as Carol had. A slight shrug, as if she were thinking, “that’s not so bad.” Then she reached forward and took me into her mouth, her tongue working busily. It felt good, but not quite like what Carol had done.

Susan continued to work on me, and she used her hands as well. She was coming at me from my left side. I reached over and started toying with her nipples, taking one and rolling it between my thumb and forefinger. She moved her bottom perceptibly closer, and I responded by reaching over and running my hand lightly over her smooth cunt. I pulled the lips apart, and lightly rubbed her clit. She seemed to like that quite well, and she let my cock slide out of her mouth as she looked up in enjoyment of what my fingers were doing.

Just then, Cindy reached over from the other side and kissed me full on the lips. Then she moved up slightly and let her boobs hang over my face. I sucked on one, then the other. She looked at Carol and said, “He loves it when I hang over him like this.” Then Cindy moved back, and Carol took her place. First one, then the other of her beautiful breasts were offered for my enjoyment. Susan, meanwhile, had found her stride and was seeming to enjoy both what she was doing with her mouth and what my fingers were doing to her.

About this time, I could feel a second mouth joining Susan’s. She and Cindy started to take turns sucking on me. Then they started kissing each other with my cock in between. Carol moved higher, so I was kissing her stomach, then her belly button, and finally, her pussy came into view. With one knee on each side of my head, she settled into place. I started to slowly lick her slit from top to bottom, then back up again. I lightly teased her clit, then moved back down her slit. Back and forth several times, until finally she roughly held my face and pushed her clit toward my tongue. “Cut it out,” she hissed. “Suck it.” Suck it and lick it I did, as best I could. She looked back at Cindy and said, “He does lick pussy pretty well.” “Mmm hmmm” was all I heard, and felt, from her.

Almost on cue, Cindy and Susan let go of my dick, and they moved toward each other. Susan started kissing Cindy’s breasts, and Cindy ran her hand over Susan’s smooth mound. At the same time, Carol was starting to get going. She looked at Cindy and asked “Do you mind?” All we could hear from Cindy was an indistinct murmur. Carol then lifted herself off my face, and moved down, over my cock, and sat down, till she was impaled on me. She closed her eyes and enjoyed the feelings for a moment, then she leaned over and kissed me on the lips.

The feelings that ran through me when she had taken my dick in her throat was one thing, but when she kissed me, electricity seemed to flow straight to my core. Her lips were light on mine, but insistent. Her tongue followed, and it seemed like my whole being was centered on the sensations coming through my mouth. Her breath was sweet, and she smelled good, musky, feminine, so good. There was a slight taste of coffee, and of me, and of Susan, all mixed together. Then she pulled back slightly, and lowered her breasts over my mouth. I reached up with both hands and started kneading and kissing them, teasing the nipples, playing around the edges.

These were the breasts that every boy dreams of, programmed by Playboy and Penthouse, but often disappointed by reality. Here they were, almost perfect breasts, in my mouth, in my face, in my hands.

Slowly, ever so slowly, she lifted her hips until I was almost out of her. Almost as slowly, she came back down. Again, and yet again, almost excruciatingly slowly. With each up-stroke, almost like a game, she tried to see how close we could get to us losing contact. The last time it was almost as if there was nothing holding us together but the lightest touch of her outer lips, or just the moisture between us. At the wrong moment, my dick gave a slight jerk, and I was out of her.

“Damn,” she whispered. She reached down to try and join us again, but Susan’s avrupa yakası escort hand was there first, holding me up so she could lower herself on me again. This time, however, we were through with slow and lingering, and into hard and insistent. As her tempo increased, her eyes became less and less focused, and the sounds went from whispers to moans to short cries and whimpers.

“I think she’s getting close,” Susan said. “Can we help?”

“Yes, and hurry,” Carol replied, slowing somewhat. Susan straddled my legs, coming up behind Carol, running her hands up and down her ribs, cupping her breasts, teasing her pussy, kissing her neck. Carol looked over at Cindy and made an inviting move with her head. Cindy swung one leg over me, straddling my chest, face to face with Carol. As Carol continued her rhythm with me, Cindy started kissing her neck and breasts, and then slowly moved down her tummy toward where we were joined. As she moved down, she moved her bottom back towards my face, until she was positioned right over my mouth. I took the hint and started working on her with my tougue, sometimes teasing, sometimes attacking.

I could feel her breath on my cock as Carol lifted off of me, and then I could feel her fingers. Then from behind, Susan’s fingers started playing around the edges too.

All this stimulation was too much for Carol, and like an explosion she came, gasping and crying out. I could feel her pussy clenching and unclenching, and could feel her grab Cindy’s head to hold her still, as she went into that too-pleasurable overload.

Slowly, her breathing settled down, and gently she separated us and almost fell to her side on the bed.

Cindy said, “I’m getting close too.” She sat up and moved off of my face and soon I was inside of her, her back to me. Meanwhile, Susan was still atride my legs, and she and Cindy pressed together as Cindy slid up and down on me. Susan had both of her hands on the sides of Cindy’s ass, and she was moving together with Cindy as one. I could tell from her rhythm and sounds that Cindy wouldn’t last long, and I helped her along with a finger at the entrance to her ass. When Cindy felt my finger there, she settled back on it, and soon it was in up to the knuckle.

It seemed like fewer than ten strokes, and Cindy was over the edge again, her moans muffled by Susan’s mouth on hers. As her orgasm subsided, she looked back over her shoulder at me and smiled a contented smile. Then she too disentangled from me and fell onto the bed, on the other side from Carol. Thinking she may have fallen asleep, I looked over at Carol. But her eyes were open, a contented look on her face.

Before any of us knew what was happening, Susan moved her smooth pussy over my dick and I was soon buried inside of her. “Susan!” Carol said in surprise.

“Well, I figured you guys were going to make me do this anyway,” she replied.

“When was the last time you did it with a boy?” Cindy asked.

“Probably back in 1980 or so,” she replied.

“Twenty years? Yikes,” I said. “I think that makes you officially a virgin again, doesn’t it?”

“Well, if you want to count this as deflowering another virgin,” Cindy said to me, “feel free.”

“I will,” I said smugly.

Susan’s motions were a bit awkward, but effective nonetheless. She laid down on top of me and we kissed, tentatively at first, then with more and more insistence. Slowly, I rolled her over toward Carol, until I was on top. Then I began a deliberate stroking, playing my own game of almost out, back in again.

After a few minutes of this traditional missionary, I started to rearrange her. I lifted her left leg up, almost over my head, then crossed it back over to the other side. Sitting up, I then started pumping in earnest.

“This is where I came in,” said Carol, noting that I had Susan back in the same position I had had Cindy when they first barged in. Susan’s torso was turned toward Carol now, and Cindy had free access to Susan’s butt. Both started taking advantage of the situation, and attacked Susan with vigor. All the while, I was keeping up a steady stroking rhythm.

I could feel Cindy’s fingers working their way around Susan’s ass, and soon she was inside. Carol had worked her way down from Susan’s breasts, and was starting to lick Susan’s clit.

It was clear that Carol knew just how to make Susan respond. I could feel Susan start to squirm, and hear her moan, then Carol would slow down and Susan would back away from the edge. Carol sped up, and Susan responded; Carol slowed, and Susan’s responses followed her lead.

Carol reached up a hand and put it on my bottom, holding me in place. I stopped my strokes. She then went to work in earnest on Susan, this time bringing her much closer than she had before. Just as Susan was about to explode, Carol stopped, and then pushed me forward with her hand. I took the cue and started pumping Susan hard and fast.

As Carol had wanted, Susan fell over the edge in response to my strokes, and to Cindy’s fingers buried in her butt. Susan let go completely, and had the longest, loudest and most uninhibited orgasm of the morning.

She came down slowly, and my intensity slowed, until I was back to a slow, almost forgetful stroking.

“We’ve all had our little organisms but you,” Carol said to me.

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