More than Photography Ch. 03

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The ride home was short and quiet as we were both a bit tired.

When we got home, Sam poured some wine and we relaxed in the den. Conversation was kind of centered on the video we did with Kyle’s participation.

I said to Sam, “You know, I was pretty impressed with Kyle’s performance. He really gave it you pretty good. What’s more, it didn’t bother him that he was fucking his mother. He had no misgivings about it at all.”

Sam replied, “True. I was worried that he would freak out or back out, but he wanted to fuck me and that he did. Do you know I felt his cum streaming into me, something I never felt before.”

I told her I was looking forward to seeing the video.

Sam wanted to know when I was going to call John for our video with them. I told her I thought about it and was now thinking that we should invite them over for dinner first to discuss the possibility of an ongoing swapping arrangement. She thought that was a good idea. I told her I would call them this evening.

Kyle came home and after dinner, he showed us the video which was great.

After the video, Sam said, “Kyle, your father and I were talking about you and how much you have matured. We are both very proud of you.”

Then I said, “Son, your mother and I want to know if you would be interested in joining us regularly as a threesome?”

Sam added, “Not only would you join us, but I would be available to you whenever you wanted me, anytime, for one on one’s with me.”

Kyle looked at us and said, “I don’t know what to say. First, I would love to join you guys in threesomes. You could teach me a lot. Secondly, there is nothing more that I would like than to have one on one’s with you mom. Today was the best day of my life thanks to you.”

So, it was all agreed. Kyle would join us in bed and our son could have his mother any time he wanted her.

Later that night, I called John and invited him and Susan for dinner the next night at 7:00 and he accepted.

As it was time for bed, and as Sam showered, I asked Kyle if he wanted to join us in bed. His eyes opened wide as he said yes. I told him to join us in a half hour and he said he would be there.

After Sam showered, I took a quick shower and joined Sam who was already in bed. Just as I got into the bedroom, Kyle came in. He was wearing his briefs. Sam looked at him and said, “Kyle, I don’t think it’s necessary for you to join us all covered up. In the future, you can come in here naked. In fact son, it would be ok for you to be naked in the house and, if you want, I will be naked too.”

Kyle just smiled as he joined us in bed.

Sam was in the middle as my son and I started playing with Sam. I was kissing her as Kyle was sucking on her nipple and fingering her pussy.

She held both our cocks as she was getting felt up by me and her son.

Then Sam whispered to Kyle, “Baby, go eat your mother.” Then she pushed his head down to her pussy and he began licking and eating her. She helped him a bit finding the right spots and soon, he was driving her crazy with his tongue darting in and out her cunt.

Sam managed to get my cock in her mouth and started sucking me. After a few minutes, she told me to get on my back. Then she told her son to get on his back.

Sam then straddled me and impaled her cunt onto my cock as it disappeared Sivas Escort into her. She rode me awhile then went onto Kyle’s hard cock and straddled him. I watched as his big cock slowly disappeared into his mother’s cunt.

She rode him and as she did, I sucked her nipples. Then Kyle said he was going to cum and Sam shuddered as her son filled his mother’s cunt with his cum.

She quickly moved over to me, Kyle’s cum oozing out her cunt and slid my cock into her cunt. She rode me for a few minutes and then I shot my cum into her. When she rose off of my cock, our cum poured from her cunt.

That night my son and I fucked Sam a couple of more times before we fell asleep.

The next morning, we all got up, showered and had breakfast. Both Kyle and Sam were naked and smiling.

Soon, my wife and son headed off to the studio and I went to my office to work.

After a full day, Sam got home and started preparing dinner for our guests who would be here st 7:00. Kyle had called and said he would be late.

John & Susan arrived a bit early so we had some wine and chatted.

Sam looked at me and I started a conversation when I said, “Sam and I invited you guys here to discuss something. Many years ago, Sam and I used to have friends who we sometimes swapped partners with. Recently, we decided to try and get back into that with friends, if possible. Now, the one time we got together, we felt that it was a really good time. So, we were wondering, even though we are older, would you guys be interested in swapping every now and then?”

The room got quiet and then John said, “Even though there is an age difference between us, Susan and I feel very comfortable with you and Sam. We know we could learn a lot from you. This subject came up after the first time and we decided then that if you ever asked us, we would be happy to swap with you.”

Sam said, “We are so pleased that you agreed. Over dinner we can discuss the arrangements and, if you want, we can see how it works out later tonight.”

They agreed as we went into the dining room.

Sam brought out dinner and as we ate, we went over the ground rules.

I started, “First, we must agree that there is no need for jealousy. The arrangement is for consensual sex. No means No.”

Sam continued, “One on one’s are permitted as long as their partners are advised first and they agree.”

John then said, “One on one Get togethers can only be no more than twice a month.”

Susan added, “Full swaps can be as often as everyone agrees and overnighters are encouraged.”

With all that being said, we had a wonderful dinner with plenty of wine and a lot of laughter.

After dinner we cleaned up and went into the den with some more wine. Sam sat next to John and I sat next to Susan.

We enjoyed some laughs when John said, “Have you guys come up with a timeframe to do the video?”

I looked at him and said I was thinking of a Sunday next month. I told him I would check Kyle’s schedule and then see about a place.

Then Susan said, “Why don’t we just get our own video camera, set it up to record remotely and take our own video?”

Sam said that was a great idea and then we could use our house and we could do it when it was convenient.

By now it was getting late when the phone rang. It was Kyle who Sivas Escort Bayan told his mother he wouldn’t be home tonight as he had a lot to do at the studio and would sleep there.

Sam told everyone that Kyle wouldn’t be home tonight and the house would be free.

I asked everyone if tonight was a good night and they said yes. We finished our wine and took our guests upstairs.

As soon as we got upstairs, I took Susan and pulled her to me and kissed her.

As a reminder, Susan is 20, 5’6″, about 115, maybe a 36c, nice ass, smooth pussy, black hair, brown eyes.

John is 20, 5’8″, about 150, brown hair, brown eyes, and a cock that was about 7″ hard.

Susan met my kiss with her tongue and I immediately started undressing her until she was naked.

Out of the corner of my eye, I saw John removing Sam’s thong and placing her on the bed.

I whispered to Susan, “While John is fucking my wife, let’s take a shower.”

Susan nodded a yes and in a few seconds we had the water cascading over our bodies. We hugged and kissed and enjoyed each other’s bodies. Then Susan knelt down and started sucking my cock. It didn’t take long for me to cum in her mouth.

She stood up and kissed me, as I tasted my own cum.

Then I knelt down and spread her pussy lips and started to eat her. I sucked on her clit and in a short time, her legs buckled as she had an orgasm.

We finished and dried each other off and headed back to the bedroom where we saw Sam on all fours with John’s cock deep in her ass as his balls hit her as he was fucking her. Her tits swaying back and forth.

Susan went over and got under Sam and started sucking her nipples.

John yelled out that he was going to cum and pulled his cock out and shot stream after stream of cum all over her ass, his cum dripping down to her cunt.

I quickly replaced John and got my cock in my wife’s ass and started pounding it. In a short time, I came in ny wife’s ass. When I pulled my cock out Susan went over and tried licking up our cum from Sam.

That night the four of us swapped partners often, fucking them as much and as often as we could before we all fell asleep, naked and covered in cum and female juices.

The next morning, Kyle came in early before we got up and saw the four of us in bed and took some pictures of us just as we awoke.

I saw him laughing and shaking his head.

Finally, we all got up, showered and got dressed. We headed downstairs where Sam started coffee.

We all said that last night was great and was very enjoyable.

Kyle came in and handed us some of the pictures he just took and smiled.

We looked at the pictures and laughed. Then I said, “Look, I was thinking, this is a large house and we all get along, wouldn’t it make sense for you guys to stay here and then we could get together any time we wanted.”

Sam said that she was ok with that. John and Susan looked at each other and said that it was ok with them too.

Just then Kyle came in.

I told him that John and Susan would be staying with us for awhile.

Then Kyle said, “I am glad but there is an issue.”

I asked him what it was and he said he would tell me later. I told him he could tell us now.

He said, “Well, you know the arrangements I have with mom. Won’t Escort Sivas John and Susan being here be causing a problem?”

I looked at everyone and said, “While everyone is here, let me put everything in the open and then decisions could be made.”

I continued, “Kyle and his mother enjoy each other sexually. Kyle also joins me and Sam in bed for threesomes. They also have decided to stay nude in the house.”

I finished by saying, “So, John & Susan, that is how things are in this house. If you want to stay here under those conditions, we would love to have you. We would understand if you decide otherwise.”

John said, “Well, that is a lot to digest but speaking for Susan, I think we could live with that. In fact, I kind of like the idea of being nude in the house, if that is ok with everyone. Also, if Kyle would like to join me and Susan or have one on one’s with Susan, that would be fine, as well.”

Sam said, “Well, I think everything is settled. Kyle, are you ok with what John said?”

Kyle replied, “As long as everyone understands, I am ok with it.”

Then I said, “Ok folks, how about we get everyone together tonight to see how it goes?”

Everyone said that would be fine.

It was now almost midnight and time to go upstairs. We all sauntered to the bedroom. I was the first one to undress, followed by Sam, then Kyle, John and Susan.

I looked at Sam and said, “I told you it was a good thing to get the king sized bed.” She laughed.

Kyle’s cock was already hard and John’s was getting erect, as was mine. I could see Sam’s nipples were erect and so were Susan’s.

I got on the bed first and Susan joined me. Sam grabbed her son and they wasted no time playing. John got close to Kyle and Sam.

After about a half hour, things really got going. Sam and Susan were on all fours as John and I took turns fucking them from behind. Kyle got into the act after John and I came in their cunts.

He knelt behind Susan and lubed his cock with some cum and slipped his cock into her ass and started fucking her.

In the meantime, John and I got in front of the girls and made them suck our cocks to life again.

Kyle went from Susan’s ass to his mother’s ass and started fucking her ass.

The girls were moaning and by now, highly excited. Now, John and I were ready to cum again, as was Kyle.

We told the girls to get on their backs. As the three of us stood over them, the girls were rubbing their clits and ready to come when the three of us just about came at the same time, covering their hair, faces, tits and their mouths with our cum.

We all rested for a bit before Kyle was ready to go again.

He got on his back and told his mother to ride his cock. She straddled his cock and lowered her cunt on it until it was completely inside her.

As she rode him, me and John and Susan started playing with her bouncing tits. Susan started kissing Sam and Sam returned her kisses. We could see their tongues playing together.

Then Sam stopped for a minute and started sucking on Susan’s nipples.

Then she continued riding her son’s cock. Kyle let us know he was about to cum and Sam got off his cock just as he started streaming his cum. After several streams of cum fell on his cock and balls, each one of us started licking and lapping up his cum. It was completely decadent but enjoyable.

Things slowed down and then we paired off. I went with John and Susan and Kyle spent the night with his mother.

The next morning we all got up, showered and went to breakfast, all of us naked. That set the tone from then on.

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