Mona Woke

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Mona woke up with an uneasy feeling the next day. Something had not been as she thought it should be. Her pussy was red and swollen from the obvious pounding she had taken and her ass was certainly sore too. Something had happened, but why had she woken up at home? Why wasn’t her man more surprised to find her lying naked in the pool of urine? And more importantly, why did he call Dr. Faust to come and check on Mona instead of their regular family doctor?

Mona looked over at her sleeping husband and was reminded of how desperately she loved and worshiped him. He was a good provider and excellent lover but their life simply did not afford him the opportunity to satisfy her as often as she needed it. She had always considered him to be a bit more prudish than herself but as she snuggled closer to him in bed, she started to think about her recently found perversions. She had never really thought about how she started to have her desires to service men, any men, many men singly, several at a time or in one large never ending group.

Mona slid the sheet from her body and lying naked, let the warmth of the morning sun heat her. She loved the feel of the sun on her nipples and freshly shaved sex. It was only a matter of minutes before she started to feel it’s effects and, nuzzling into her husband’s side she could feel the nectar of her essence leaking from between her thighs. It started as a slow trickle and soon she could feel it dripping down past her tight little brown star. She breathed in and could smell nothing but the scent of her man’s sweaty armpits and became even more aroused. Soon her smells combined with his and she realized that she was breathing hard; again.

Mona was almost in a trance, why was she so needy all of the time? What had happened to her? She was such a prim and proper lady. She had high moral character, was successful and just wanted to please her man. As she pondered her questions, she found herself somewhere between sleep, dreams and awake. She was having sharp mental pictures flash through her mind in microseconds and tried in vain to slow them down to determine what was going on. The more she tried to focus on one picture at a time, the less she could see it and the more her body tingled and yearned to be touched, used, and abused. She felt her skin warming and her legs began to quiver and then it happened. Just lying in the warm morning sun, smelling her husband’s scent – Mona came, and hard. Mona came for what felt like five full minutes and she new that she was gushing and either couldn’t or wouldn’t stop it. It felt divine.

As Mona slowly gained control again, she again began to have the mental flashes and in frustration decided that if slowing them down wouldn’t work, maybe speeding them up like a movie would. Mona stopped trying to focus on just one image at a time and surrendered to the script playing in her subconscious. When she did, Mona realized that something had changed recently. Mona saw that she was a quiet almost mousy little wife with a normal job and an average sex drive. She saw and heard her husband complaining about their boring sex life and her lack of adventure in it. As Mona watched, the entire story played in her head muğla escort of how she and her man had argued over better sex. Mona was devastated he was pretty much her first and she just didn’t know how to do the things he wanted. He wanted her to be open to her own desires, to be the sexual dynamo that he knew lived within her. He knew from the moment he met her that Mona was a submissive wanton slut waiting to be unleashed. Bless his heart, he had tried for most of their marriage he had slowly tried to introduce her to new things but her up-bringing would never allow her to let go of her inhibitions and become the whore that deep down she new existed and fought every minute of every day to control.

As she watched this mental movie continue, Mona saw a clinic, cold and sterile where everything was stainless steel. She was dazed maybe even drugged but she could hear her husband talking to “that voice”. There it was again – she new instantly that whatever that voice told her to do – she would. She would not question or hesitate, she would simply obey. As she relived the events in her head, she could her the conversation and gathered that her husband wanted to be certain that they could reverse whatever was about to happen at any time and that absolutely nothing harmful could befall his perfect wife. Then she heard it. Her hubby said “OK Dr. Faust – if you are that certain let’s do this.”

Oh My God thought Mona – He knew Faust first. He had taken her to him. He had drugged her and taken her to see Faust and Faust had done something to her. Hypnosis maybe? No not exactly because she wouldn’t remember any of this – it must have been something else. Then she heard his voice again. “Mona, I am Dr. Faust. Your husband tells me that will do anything to please him and save your marriage. Is that correct?”

She heard herself answering “Yes, Dr. we have talked and I want – no need to release the inner whore in me. Can you help?”

“Of course I can Mona” she recalled him saying. “Just relax and take off your gown.” Mona felt herself hesitate and than heard the harshness in his voice “Slut – I Said NOW – do you understand”.

Mona saw herself nod and disrobe in her mental movie and then Faust was touching her. He checked her pulse and blood pressure, weighed her and recorded her breast size and mass, measure her nipples and placed a sensor in her slit and attached one to her clit and another to each of her nipples. Faust spoke in a soothing voice the entire time and really didn’t matter what he was saying it was the flow and tone that made the difference. Mona was inspected thoroughly and than told to sit, naked on the cold steel table.

She listened to the now soft tone of her husband’s voice as he reassured her of their decision. Soon Faust returned and without so much as a by your leave, he listed her right breast and injected something warm and soothing into the bottom of it. Mona felt her juices begin to flow instantly and tried to pull her husband to her. She wanted someone, anyone to caress her nipples, bite her neck, spank her ass, she didn’t care she just wanted to be used, a lot.

Then Mona felt touch him other breast and lift it as well and longed for him to stroke her erectness to pull, squeeze, suck fondle it didn’t matter which – she just wanted him to do something. Instead, she felt another prick underneath her boob and then more warmth radiated throughout her body. She heard the two men speak and felt almost drunk but without the loose of control. She was free, wonderfully uninhibited and wanton all at the same time. It was like closing time without the DWI and it didn’t matter to Mona who fucked her as long as she got fucked, hard – fast and continuously. It wouldn’t hurt if the guys looked good and were well hung, but a dick is a dick is a dick and Mona suddenly wanted them all. All together, all of them in any hole in her body as long as they came in, on or over her. She needed cum, everywhere and she needed it now. Mona new they men where there somewhere and that excited her. She was naked, they were men, Mona started to pull on her nipples and instantly felt her pussy flowing. “Damn she thought – this is good. I pinch a nipple and have an orgasm” She wondered what would happen at the sight of throbbing member thrusting in and out of her mouth.

That thought sent her over the edge and Mona started to finger her clit, rubbing faster and harder. She wanted to cum for the men and wanted her scent in the air. She understood now that we are all animals and that if she could emit her pheromones, the men would come to her. She was right of course, It didn’t take long before she felt the familiar prick of her husband rubbing against her side. Mona knew that the old Mona would NEVER let anyone see her so brazenly in public and feared that her new found courage and wantonness would soon dissolve so she did what any self respecting slut would do and grabbed his cock and inhaled it. She wasn’t just sucking it, she was trying to swallow it. Mona had never deep throated anyone before but now here she was being face fucked by her man in front of God knows who else and loving it. She heard her husband say something and nodded as she felt another cock pressing against her. She knelt on the table and shoved the dick into her hot honey hole and began to fuck back and forth. Mona love the feeling of being impaled on two cocks at once and suddenly wanted more.

Mona sensed more dicks in the room and as she reached her hands out, found one in each. She began to stroke them with resolve wanting to feel the warmth of cum covering her body. She could feel her hair screaming for the juices of man as a conditioner and her skin felt as though it was drying up and the only soothing salve must be the seeds of cum. She stroked the cocks in her hands and swallowed her man with abandon whilst someone unknown fucked her tight box. She was almost disappointed when whoever that was pulled out and shot his goo all over her back and ass, but was relieved when his cock was replaced by one bigger and fatter. She could tell that this guy was heavier because his gut was pushing against her ass as he pounded her hard. Her husband said something of a warning and began to pull out of her mouth when Mona thrust her head forward capturing his throbbing member.

He unleashed his flow and came like he never came before. Mona Swallowed and swallowed and drank from his man hose and than felt him begin to soften but before she could be disappointed, the cock in her right hand pulled away and impaled itself in her gullet. Instantly, her hand was filled with yet another hard-on. Mona stroked and rocked back and forth on the dicks at hand (no pun intended) and felt the guy pounding her pussy as he pulled out and walked / ran to her head shooting his cum in her hair and on her face and nose. Another cock poked her from behind but this one prodded her asshole, he pushed into her with a sense of urgency not caring that his cock felt like it was tearing her in two. Her hole had been lubricated from the previous cum shot on her back and ass and soon she loosened up accepting his manhood to the depths of her bowels. Mona was happy.

Mona became remotely aware that hers where not the only hands playing with her clit as she dreamed of being a slut, but her body told her to relax and let the warmth of the sun and the hands stimulate her ’til she came. As much as she tried, she was not able to keep her eyes shut and she lost focus of her thread of fantasy. Suddenly, Mona jerked into reality, she WAS a SLUT. She HAD fucked those men and her husband had convinced her to do it. Dr. Faust was a specialist who only worked with certain patients willing to become completely uninhibited and desirous of fulfilling any and every fantasy any member of the opposite sex put to them. She remembered wanting to please her man, and to satisfy him in any way she could and that they had talked about this for months and even met with Faust on multiple occasions.

Mona remembered and than felt those hands on her clit again. As she opened her eyes and let them adjust to the morning sunlight, she saw her man stroking his cock near her mouth and realized how happy he looked this morning. Then she realized that if he were there, stroking his member, he could not possibly be playing with her pussy. Mona smiled coyly and looked down to see the Fed-Ex driver, a very large, extremely fit black man with a monster tool licking her puss. Well at least one of the myths about black men was proven true and the other false this morning Mona thought as she simultaneously encompassed her mans meat in her mouth and ground her pussy into the delivery mans chin.

Soon, Mona was being fucked in the pussy by the Fed-Ex guy who had to have been 11 inches long and at least 4 inches around. Her pussy was stretched further than she could ever recall, and at the same time, her husband was slamming his meat into her ass. Mona couldn’t recall ever being this full. She was in a constant state of orgasm as the men continued their assaults on her pussy and ass. Mona passed out briefly from the intensity of it all and when she came too, she realized that neither man had slowed down when she did. Neither man had even grasped the fact that their piece of meat had cum so hard that she lost consciousness and more importantly, it made her insanely hot to know that she was a true slut – someone to be used to satisfy the desires of her husband and anyone else he so choose. It really wasn’t about her – but she got off harder knowing that fact, knowing that her function was to please men, for them to use her like the true cum-slut she was becoming and to love it. She was perfectly content.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32