Miss Megumi Ch. 01

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Megumi Part I, Uncensored

Well I should start at the beginning. I grew about around women who farted (a lot). It didn’t take long for me to become accustomed and immune to the smell’s negative effects due to constant exposure. I became indifferent to it. My naive mind concluded it was just something chicks did. So it was with great surprise that as I got older, I realized that “girls don’t fart”. At least, they were not supposed to. I was confused by all the fuss and taboos over something so harmless, but I shrugged it off. Unfortunately my attitudes had set the stage for the formation of my unusual fetish.

When I first discovered girls, I had the traditional attraction to the usual aspects of teenage women: their breasts, their asses, their legs, etc. I eventually started noticing their farts again, but again didn’t make an issue out of it. When I finally became exposed to pornography at 18, however, my attitudes toward what was sexy in women started to veer towards the bizarre. Reading various hardcore, extremely perverted lesbian stories filled my mind with morbid imagery. And the more I was exposed the more perverse my fantasies became. Lesbianism had already taken certain stage in my fantasies (as I was already fascinated by women making out with women), and now it became a central element of them.

Now my mind started to form a link between women and farts again, only this time it was rapidly acquiring a sexual connotation. One day, everything changed: something happened that cemented the link between the two concepts permanently. There was this one older woman in a miniskirt, bending over to pick something up. Her huge, meaty, bubble-butt (looking like a plump upside-down heart) was right in front of me, and I stared at it. Oh my God she was hot; I got a hard-on just looking that ass! The way her plump globes pressed against the tight miniskirt, lovely! I would definitely not mind humping that butt! I suddenly heard the woman grunt, and then it happened. It seems to happen in slow-motion now, as I remember it like it was yesterday. She adjusted her legs and butt. Her ass jutted out, and then I heard the noise. It was an incredibly loud fart, and I heard her gasp in surprise (she had obviously been trying not to make any noise). As she farted her bubble-butt continued to move towards me, angling upwards slightly. I saw her cheeks vibrate as the hot air escaped from her body. Although the gas was briefly trapped within her miniskirt, the dense air started to make itself known. I had heard the farts of women countless times, seen their butts go off, but this time was different.

The arousal hit me unexpectedly: her doing this in front of me was turning me on like nothing before. It was just so lewd, seeing this oh-so-proper woman doing something so taboo. She had farted, and chicks don’t fart. I knew that, and the incredible naughtiness of watching her break that taboo caused an amazing rush in me. This embodiment of womanly perfection had just done the most perfectly depraved thing (so taboo, and yet so harmless), and the voyeurism of watching a chick fart (practically in my face no less) was an astonishing experience. That naughty sound of her woman’s wind, blasting out of her hot-as-hell ass, the entire experience caused my cock to become almost painfully hard. What an unladylike act, what wonderfully naughty music….you nasty woman! And I absolutely loved her for doing it. Alas, the woman only had so much to unleash from her butt. Of course the poor woman in front of me was embarrassed as hell. She had no idea what she had just done to me.

In that moment, my mind had linked women and farts together in one perverse combination. The act of watching a woman fart (or better yet, watching lesbians fart on each other while making out) had become the ultimate thrill because it was so forbidden, so rarely witnessed in full force. After that incident, my fantasies abruptly changed. In my mind’s eye, I saw strange images. I saw Marilyn Monroe’s skirt fly up because she had farted (and of course she acted like a slut while doing this). I saw ladies who were so proper in public really put out in private (and love doing it). I saw lesbians (although I saw them all the time anyway) fart in every conceivable way on each other. I pictured women becoming ridiculously bloated with gas and then expel it all at once in earth-shatteringly loud, long pieces of womanly music. One of my particular favorites was the mass cheerleader farting sequence: a bunch of preppy cheerleaders pull down their panties, line up kneeling side-by-side, stick their fat asses in the air, and fart simultaneously like sluts. They were dirty, mischievous, perverse thoughts and I loved the audacity of the lewd visions. I jacked off to these naughty images of depraved women and forbidden acts. Escort Bayan I loved the fact that the imagery was so different, so unique, so bold, and so forbidden. That was the root of the whole fetish: watching (and hearing) women openly farting like crazy as if it was no big deal, and loving the depravity behind all of it. Thus every time a woman farted it was a joy to behold.

But I wanted to see more than I was getting to see. I hoped to find a girlfriend who would be uninhibited, who would not hold back. For a while I was unsuccessful. As it turned out, when I was 19, a certain Miss Megumi (age 31) moved into the neighborhood. She was an amazingly gorgeous woman (hell she was beyond that, she was astonishingly beautiful). How can I describe her? She was like the sun, she radiated so much warmth. Her eyes were so soft, yet formal in a very feminine way. I felt like I could fall into those almond-shaped eyes, they were that beautiful. Her glasses were thin and square-framed. Her facial features were youthful and somewhat delicate. Her full, shiny lips were an intense shade of red. Her nose was cute but professional-looking; her chin was small and slightly pointed. Her face was shaped like a smooth oval. Her long black hair was astonishingly delicate and healthy, drawn back into a ponytail. A thin gold necklace was around her neck, she wore a pair of light blue gemstone ear rings. Megumi wore a deep blue miniskirt business outfit, and a tight but thin light grey shirt that greatly emphasized her full breasts. Her pantyhose were light grey and went up slightly past her knees. Her high heels were a very black cherry color. I wondered how a M.I.L.F like her hadn’t been married yet. I soon found out why.

I first met her when Megumi first came into the neighborhood, house-scouting. She was looking around, and seemed to be particularly interested in the house next door to mine. So I went up to her and said: “Good morning, miss.”

She turned around and nodded slightly, “Good morning to you young man.”

I smiled in mild embarrassment, “Haven’t been called that in a while. I’m not complaining or anything, I’m just commenting.”

She suddenly gasped in shock, “I can’t believe…I haven’t even introduced myself! My name is Megumi Komoshiro, and there is a very good chance I’m going to be your new neighbor. Can you tell me who you are, or is that a secret?”

I laughed mildly, “Of course I can tell you. It’s Galice Redgrave. And no, I have no idea why my parents named me that. Then again there were a lot of things about my mother and father I didn’t get. You have parents right?”

Megumi signed, “Unfortunately yes. I still haven’t completely escaped from their grasp. They seem determined to treat me like a child. I’m thirty-one for God’s sake. I think by now I can take care of my own affairs.”

I exhaled almost inaudibly, “Maybe they are afraid to loose you.”

Megumi nodded a few times, “Oh I know they want to. I am after all their daughter. They don’t like how westernized I’ve become. Freaks them out. But it was my choice.”

I shrugged, “True. I take it you are….married?”

Megumi looked slightly pained and she hesitated, “No.”

I was shocked, “How is that possible? I assume that is by choice?”

Megumi signed, “I have a problem that drives all potential husbands away. They can’t stand it, and I can’t cure it.”

I still was having trouble believing her, “It can’t be that bad.”

Megumi was grimacing slightly as if in sudden discomfort: “I…assure you it is. The longer I hold it back the…worse…it gets. It’s already starting again.”

I laughed, “What could possible be the problem?”

Megumi suddenly glared at me in anger, and said in a deadpan voice: “Do you really want to know?”

I shrugged, “It’s your call Miss Megumi.”

Megumi smiled slightly. But there was a slight bitterness in her words: “Very well then. I’ll show you just what my problem is.”

She suddenly swung around so that her butt was facing me. “Still want to see my…problem? Yes?”

I suddenly caught on, and I suppressed my excitement: “By all means Miss Megumi.”

Of all the farts I had heard from women before, this one (actually a chain-fart) was easily the best by far in all categories. I almost said, “Why that’s great Miss Megumi!” But of course I couldn’t, at least not right now. Maybe later.

Instead, I calmly said: “That certainly could be regarded as a problem. So you have difficulty digesting food?”

Megumi signed, “I was born with a digestive system that produced a great deal more gas than it should have. It wasn’t so bad at first, but the older I got the more inefficient my system became. Though, actually I’m kind of glad to talk to someone about this.”

I smiled Bayan Escort sympathetically, “Tell me everything. I don’t mind the gory details.”

Her body had trouble digesting food, and so she constantly farted explosively as a result. Megumi had never been able to go for long without breaking wind; she didn’t even have complete control anymore. Frequently Megumi let loose without warning. Her stomach was literally a manufacturing plant for her all-natural divine wind. This was better than I could have hoped for, and I resolved to pursue this angelic woman as soon as possible. So when she did move in, I walked up to her door hoping I had gotten to her before anyone else.

“Hello again, Miss Megumi.”

“Hello.” Megumi smiled, she was quite a nice person. I was starting to love her already.

“You know, I meant to help you moving your things in. You seem like you could use another hand.” I said in a warm tone.

Megumi briefly grimaced, holding her stomach. I heard a very faint fart escape from her. I had to suppress a grin, as the sound of her letting loose delighted me. Her sexy instrument had hit the right note.

“I’m sorry. I’ve….never been able to not embarrass myself. Doesn’t exactly make me attractive does it? That’s what all the guys seem to think. They don’t like a woman who farts more than she should.”

“I don’t think it is up to them to decide how much you should do something, Miss Megumi. It’s your decision, not theirs. Don’t tell yourself any different.”

“That’s very kind of you.”

“I aim to please. I like to talk to women. It helps me practice, and perfect, the act of conversation. For what is speech but the ability to tell…”

Megumi raised her hand, “Please. No sermons, my family was traditional. Very traditional in fact, very preachy. It drove me crazy. I couldn’t the endless lectures on what a proper Japanese woman should be. I wanted to make my own choices.”

I titled my head slightly, “As do we all. But it’s all out of our hands..”

Megumi laughed slightly, “What are you a preacher?”

I shook my head, “No. It’s not my job to convert people. I’m here for more worldly concerns.”

Megumi smiled suddenly, “Are you hungry? There’s some food on the table.”

I frowned, “Wait a second. You hardly even know me miss. Is it a good idea to let someone into your house without knowing who they are?”

Megumi laughed, “You think I’m far too trusting?”

I nodded, “In a word, yes. But if that’s what the lady wants, I will accept her generosity. What is it anyway?”

Megumi shrugged, “Basic junk food.”

I raised my eyebrow, “That’s it? That’s all you have in your home? A person needs more than that. Megumi, you can’t just live on junk food.”

I paused, “I’ve got an idea. I’ll bring something back. For the both of us, it’s only fair. Is there anything you want?”

So I brought back some food, with considerable variety. Of course there was more than benevolence behind my actions. I intended to stuff her face with food. I was going to get some farts out of that M.I.L.F’s ass. And I wanted them to be big ones at that.

It was a relaxed, informal dinner. Much to my surprise (and delight), Megumi was moving around a lot. This had the benefit of stirring up the contents of her already bloated belly. It protruded outwards from her body pressing against the tight cloth. Her belly looked beautifully bloated, like an inflated blimp. I could only guess at how gas was trapped within Megumi, just waiting to be released. I couldn’t wait…all that hot air! It was only a matter of time before Megumi started to fart before me. She really was quite endearing, especially the ladylike way she ate.

“So Ayumi….do you need any help around your house? I’d be glad to assist you.”

“That’s fine. I could use another set of hands. What kind of drink is this?”

“It’s called a suicide: a mixture of various sodas.”

“It’s really hard on my system.”

It was no accident that I had served her such a volatile concoction. A drink like that could indeed wreck a woman’s system, and Megumi had downed it very quickly. She wasn’t even giving it time to settle: perfect.

“I’m sorry Miss Megumi. I’ll remember to…”

“No…it’s all right. Really. Don’t trouble yourself.”


“Oh God my stomach….it’s really bloated. I really shouldn’t have eaten so much.”

Her words reminded me of all that dense gas stored within her hot, strained body. My erection returned. Hopefully she wouldn’t notice my arousal at that thought.

“No Megumi, you shouldn’t think that way. The important thing is that you enjoyed the meal in front of you.”

“Yes. It was a pretty good meal. Simple yes, but I really liked it.”

“I Escort did my best. I’m not a very good cook; I just understand the basics…nothing exceptional.”

Megumi’s loud, fragrant fart came out of nowhere. Christ that was hot! Just thinking about her doing it made my cock harden. There’s no act more heavenly than when a woman lets go and blesses the air with her innermost unseen product: her most private, potent and intimate perfume. The sound of her divine wind was like the greatest piece of music ever composed, no other set of sounds could measure up to what her instrument could play. Megumi’s forbidden sound stimulated my very being. My only regret was that I didn’t see her ass when it went off like a bomb. Almost immediately the feminine aroma of her fart flooded the room. All was right with the world. An added bonus was that a few brief miniature explosions followed. Megumi was rapidly loosing her composure, starting to panic.

“Oh no! I’m really sorry! It’s just that I…I sometimes have trouble..with..with…damn it.”

If only she knew. I smiled, “It’s all right Miss. You couldn’t help it.”

Megumi smiled pleasantly, but there was a hint of confusion in her voice: “I…I really should go to the restroom and get all of that gas out of my system! It would be rude for me to keep farting while we are eating!”

I nodded, “If that’s what you feel is best Miss Megumi, then by all means. I have no problem waiting.”

I, of course, had no intention of not listening in. I quietly crept up to the restroom door (after she had shut it). I heard her removing various items of clothing. Although I could not see what was happening, I could easily picture it in my mind: her enormous cool bubble-butt flattening itself against the toilet seat, her hands spread her ass cheeks apart, her grunting as she tried to break wind, her asshole flexing in and out with her efforts, her facial expression alternating. My thoughts were interrupted by the sound of a soft toilet fart, almost a reverberating hiss. I heard Megumi sign, then grunt. I had already freed my cock from my pants and had my hand on my erect member; ready to begin jacking off in earnest: the thought of listening in on her shitting (another unladylike act) exciting me to no end. Another soft hiss as gas abruptly escaped from her bubble-butt. I could swear I heard her quietly sign in relief. Hot! Now the farting began in earnest. A series of her very deep toilet farts had me silently masturbating like crazy, hopefully she wouldn’t hear me. I could hear her slowly forcing out her shit: yet another aspect of women that is concealed from view, and precisely the reason why it excited me. More farts erupted from her ass, and I heard loud splashes. I was about to cum right then and there!

Then I realized that she was about to get off the toilet! I quickly (and quietly) got to my feet. I secretly rushed off in search of another bathroom, and upon finding one I locked the door behind me. I grabbed my hard cock and, thinking about Megumi’s toilet farts, jacked off until I blew my load onto the bathroom floor. After I had spent sufficient time to remove the evidence, I flushed the toilet to deceive her (as I heard Megumi getting close to where I was, looking for me) and left the bathroom. “Hi Megumi. Ready to resume?” So we went back to eating, and afterwards I helped Megumi bring some of her stuff in. Then I said goodbye, and left…but not before promising to help her out further. Thus began the slow development of a relationship between us. Gradually we became friends, and Megumi now visited my home as much I visited hers. She was especially fond of my swimming pool, as Megumi had always wanted one. I said I had no problems with her spending as much time as she liked in the water.

For one thing, Megumi frequently used the water as a way to conceal the sound of her farts. She was not as uncomfortable farting around me when she was in the pool, as she all-too-correctly assumed the water disrupted the aroma and the sound of her gas (leaving me largely with experiencing only the visual aspect of Megumi’s farts, unfortunately). Still, it was quite erotic to see the large chains of bubbles periodically erupt out of her bikini (no she was not wearing a thong, we weren’t that close yet). It was the only in the water that I could actually see her gas: long processions of large, clear, very wobbly, slick spheres of hot air. I secretly watched her whenever Megumi farted. While she was swimming around, I also took the time to ask more about her. Megumi was a multi-talented woman in terms of the arts: she was a decent pianist, an imaginative painter, and an extremely good poet. She’d spent a good part of the spare time in her life perfecting her art.

“I really look forward to seeing your work sometime, Miss Megumi.”

I had to have this woman…that I was certain of. I was in very much in love with Miss Megumi and the more time I spent with her the worse the feeling got. I just hoped I wouldn’t screw up, and lose her forever.

End of Part I

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