Memorable Pt. 03 – Conclusion

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He was thankful for the hot water, but she had raised his body temperature so high, he could have jumped into a tub of ice and it would have turned to steam instantly.

The steam billowed behind him as he exited the bathroom. He imagined himself as Darth Vader entering through blasted doors with the smoke rolling behind him. “I wonder if my Queen Amidala is ready to experience some of the dark side?” he thought with a smirk. He turned the corner and was met with a site of pure euphoria.

All silly thoughts of him teasing her by recreating the breathy Darth Vader sound and saying “Come here baby girl, I am your Daddy.” left him.

She was laying back with her legs open, her eyes on him, her hair splayed out on the mound of pillows she was laying against, her hand rubbing and circling her hardened clit, his sweatshirt pulled up in the front exposing her hardened nipples and pulled down in the back. The excitement that flowed from her open lips had darkened the part of his sweatshirt under her butt.

The towel got caught on his hardness as he attempted to un-cinch it from his waist.

“Hi baby.” He said as he arrived at the bed and began to lower himself between her legs.

“Hi Daddy.” She replied as he enjoyed his first taste of her offering.

She lifted her legs as his mouth explored her holes. His tongue licked and probed. Swirled and thrusted. Her moans encouraged him to flick his tongue quickly then slowly licking her back side as his finger entered her and caressed her g spot. His thumb massaged her clit sporadically to get her over the edge. She rewarded him with her juices cascading down his chin.

Like a creature on the prowl, he looked in her eyes and crawled up her body. Her hands automatically gripped each side of his waist when he thrusted into her deep and hard. The wet sound of their connection propelled him to take her faster and harder.

As he felt his tiptoes dangle over the cliff of orgasm, he slowed his pace and stopped.

“No Sir NO!!” She pleaded as she tried to pull him back ataşehir escort into her. “Sir!! Please!! Do you not want me any more?” She wailed as tears formed in her eyes.

He answered her by closing his lips on hers with his hand gripping the hair on the back of her head. All thoughts of him not wanting her dissipated from her mind as he consumed her with as much animalistic desire as he did when his face was between her legs. He wanted her and he was taking her. He was pleasing himself with her in the exact way he wanted.

Without warning, he rolled them over. She immediately reached back and gripped him. After directing his wet head between her lips, she began to thrust and ride him. She rewarded him again with her liquid of delight. He lifted his shirt off of her so he could see her body move in time. Each bounce pleasing his eyes. Each gyration giving him a pleasurable view of her body.

Once again he was close to taking the leap into the orgasmic depths when he stopped her.

“I need to taste you again.” He said then maneuvered her so that she was over his face, dripping onto his lips as she watched him stroke himself.

She lowered herself and began rocking herself on his face. Her eyes watched him grip and stroke himself, making his precum trail from his head and pool up where his hand met his throbbing tool. Realizing that he would begin thrusting his hips harder whenever she rubbed herself, she began to control his movements. She would rub and watch him thrust. This would excite her and cause her to orgasm, flooding his face and mouth which would then cause him to stroke faster.

When she saw that he did not stop thrusting and stroking she knew he was close. She dug her nails into his side and lowered herself so that he could feel her nipples rub his body as she rocked.

“Mark me my Sir. Give me every drop you have. Show me that I please you.” She said as she sucked his head into her mouth.

When he began to erupt, she pulled back and felt him mark her from her chin, down her chest to her kadıköy escort thighs. His moans and growls were interrupted with the licking, and kissing sounds he made as he was devouring his lover.

She climbed off of him then curled up beside his body. Pulling her into him he kissed the top of her head then hugged her tightly. “I wish I could thoroughly express how much you please me.” He said after a sigh.

She giggled. “I think I have a good idea.”

A slight movement caused him to open his eyes. She was reaching the side of the bed and was getting ready to stand up.

“I fell asleep? How long did I sleep?” He asked as he quickly sat up.

“Hello love. I fell asleep too. We only slept about 30 minutes.” She said as she stood.

He had turned to his side, resting his elbow on the bed to prop up his upper body. He loved looking at her naked body. Every part of her excited him. Every time she pointed out areas that she said were flawed, he would kiss that area. He would then tell her what he loved about that part of her. He believed that his lips had kissed every part of her body in retaliation to her attempt to be negative.

“Just look at this scar!”


“A reminder of your strength.”

“If I could only firm up right here.”


“That is the perfect location for my hand.”

“I wish I could cover this part all of the time.”


“My soul smiles when my eyes see that part of you.”

Every inch of her body has been kissed and sincerely complimented by him. He smiled as she reached for her robe.

“What are your plans baby girl?” He asked as she tightened the sash around her waist.

“I think it would be a good idea to take a quick shower. Thanks to you.” She said as she winked. She flipped up the back of her robe as she turned the corner then took off running and giggling as she closed the bathroom door when she heard him growl.

After removing the bedding and remaking the bed, he put on a pair of sweatpants and t shirt then made his bostancı escort bayan way to the front living area.

He heard the bathroom door open as he was stoking the fire in the fireplace.

“Oh yay, another fire!” She said while she dried her hair with a towel. “I will make us a snack while you take another shower honey.” She said as she turned to go back into the bedroom.

“Sounds perfect.” He replied as he stacked some more wood next to the hearth.

He walked in to the bedroom as she dropped her robe.

Stealthily he approached her then gave her butt a slight, barehanded smack.

“HEY!” She exclaimed as she spun around to face him.

He wrapped his arms around her, lifted her up as he pressed his lips onto hers. He walked to the bed and laid her down and pressed his body upon hers. He pulled his lips from hers and stared into her eyes.

“I want you. Every part of you. Your body, your mind, your heart. I want YOU. You please me more than I could ever say or show. I hope you are able to see how happy and pleased I am. I hope you know without me trying to explain myself.” He kissed her deeply then stood up.

She took his offered hand and he helped her off of the bed.

“Go shower now. Go in there without a question of me knowing I please you. I do know.” She raised up on her toes, kissed him then as he turned, she gave him a swat on his butt.

He smiled and flipped his shirt up to her as he walked around the corner.

That evening they enjoyed time in the hot tub. Both happy that they had a roaring fire in the fireplace to greet them as they transitioned from the hot tub, to the cold porch then into the cozy cabin. They meshed together under a large blanket and shared their thoughts with one another. Each one feeding their souls on the words of the other. Learning of dreams and desires that each had.

“I am ready to go to bed love.” He said after hugging her tightly.

“You are? I did not think you were tired.” She said as she sat up.

“I am not tired, but I am ready to go to bed.” He replied as he reached behind him and produced padded wrist and ankle cuffs.

The ignition of flames in her eyes was instant. She stood, spread her legs slightly, held out her wrists towards him and said, “I am too Sir.”

“Good girl.”

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