Megan’s Bitch

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Big Tits

“Why are your clothes still on?” demanded Megan as she smacked her bitch across the face.

“I’m sorry Mistress…” bitch replied before being sharply smacked again.

“I did not give you permission to speak bitch!” replied Megan. “Besides, a Mistress does not have a cock like this one! Does she slut?”

“No Mistr..err Master?” replied the bitch, starring at the red dildo Megan was releasing from her panties. Her slut was watching Megan sensuously stroking her cock.

“That’s right slut, you need to learn your place.”

“Why the fuck are you still standing?” demanded Megan as she spit in her sluts face. “When a slut like you sees a cock, she gets on her knees!”

“Yes Master,” replied the bitch as he dropped to his knees.

“There that is better. You like being on your knees in front of a big cock. I can tell.” Megan said, while the slut remained silent. “You ever been on your knees in front of a cock before slut?

“No master,” replied the slut.

Whack, Megan slapped her bitch across the face with the dildo. “Don’t fucking touch that little penis of yours! You are not gonna get off in 5 minutes like you did last time, you little slut. Your not getting off that easy. You cum again that fast and I’ll make you swallow it. Every fucking drop! Of course, a little nasty sissy bitch like you would get off on that. Wouldn’t you”

“I don’t know…”, the sissy bitch tried to reply before smack!

“You don’t fucking know?” Of course you don’t, that is why sissies like you come to me. I’ll tell you what you know! Now, back to this pretty cock. You want me to teach you to suck cock? Don’t you sissy bitch?”

“Yes master,” the sissy replied.

“Well a good little sissy bitch on her knees should learn how to beg. Beg me to let you suck my pretty cock,” laughed Megan.

The sissy smiled and started to laugh. Smack “You think this is fucking funny?” queried Megan.

“No master!” The sissy replied with a dead serious expression. “Please Master, may I please suck your beautiful cock?”

“I don’t know slut, what will you do for me if I permit you to suck my big beautiful cock?” asked Megan.

“Anything master,” replied the slut. “Say it again slut,” she replied.

“I will do anything you ask master, if you let me suck your big beautiful cock,” replied the slut.

“You should be careful what you pledge slut, I will hold you to it!” replied Megan, piercing the sluts eye.

“You sure you want to be a little cock whore slut?” asked Megan. “Yes master,” the slut replied.

“Good slut,” replied Megan as she stroked the sissy’s hair. “Close your eyes, open your mouth and stick out your tongue. Master is going to give you what you crave. That’s it baby,” she cooed as the sissy complied. She stuck the tip of the cock to his tongue and he gently started to lick the head of the dildo. “I don’t know, I think you’ve done this before bitch. Open your eyes and look at mine. I want to watch your eyes as you suck this fat cock.”

“Yes bitch, that’s it. You are a good little cock sucker,” laughed Megan. “Don’t you agree Gina?”

“Yes Megan, I do,” replied the beautiful woman with a taut ass as she began to stand. “However, I’m more interested in the sluts other skills you told me about. I love little dicked bitches that have ass worshiping fetishes. I have the perfect ass for worshiping.” She bent over Bostancı escort right in front of the slut giving this sissy a full few of her taut ass.

“Wouldn’t you agree, slut?” queried Megan as she stroked the beautiful black ass.

“Mmmm, mmmm,” replied the slut with a mouth full of cock.

“See Gina, the slut agrees,” laughed Megan as she pointed her pick in the direction of Gina’s ass. “Go ahead slut, kiss that beautiful ass.”

“You ever kiss ass like that before bitch?” asked Megan. The sissy murmered back a reply that sounded like no. “Tastes different, don’t it,” as she grabbed the sissy by the hair and force his face in deeper. “Spread those cheeks, bitch. Fuck her ass with your tongue.”

“On your back bitch,” demanded Megan. “Go ahead Gina, climb on and let the little dicked bitch taste some more of that fine ass. That’s what the sissy wants!”

Finally, Gina was satisfied. She looked down at the sissy slut between her legs and laughed. “You like that bitch?”

“Yes,” replied the slut.

“You’re a nasty fucker,” said Gina as she spit on his face in contempt.

“Come over here Gina,” demanded Megan. “I have something for you to ride.”

“Oh baby,” replied Gina as she straddled Megan’s cock and inserted it into her pussy.

“Sissy, what the fuck are you doing?” demanded Megan. “You know your fucking place!”

“Yes master,” the sissy replied while climbing onto the bed.

“Get your tongue back in her ass!” demanded Megan.

“Yes master,” replied the slut as he tried his best to comply as she rode up and down on the cock.

“Oh fuck!” exclaimed Gina as she came. “A cock in the cunt with a tongue in your ass is an awesome feeling.”

“Get on all fours Gina,” ordered Megan. “Sure thing Megan,” replied Gina as she complied.

“You want to taste her cum you sissy bitch?” asked Megan?

“Yes master,” replied the slut.

“Get your ass over here and clean it off this cock then,” demanded Megan.

“Yes master,” replied the slut as he complied, licking Gina’s cum off the cock.

“Enough slut, get between Gina’s legs,” demanded Megan. “Lick that pussy, you little fucking slut. I think the little sissy slut likes Gina’s pussy.”

“Of course he does, what little sissy doesn’t fantasize about a dominant ass to worship?” laughed Gina.

Megan climed down behind Gina, rubbing her cock against her pussy. “Lick that cock you little slut,” exclaimed Megan as she forced the dildo into the sissy’s mouth. “I want you to lick that clit while I fuck this beautiful piece of ass. You think you can handle that?”

“Yes master,” replied the slut.

“Good, now stick it in for me,” demanded Megan as she needed no assistance. She fucked Gina for all she was worth while the slut did his best to lick the clit. After a while, Megan had had enough.

“Get your piece of shit ass up and follow me to the bathroom,” demanded Megan. “Come on Gina, you’ll enjoy this.” Megan stopped half way, “lick my ass again slut. I love your tongue in my ass.”

“Yes master,” replied her little slut as he did what he was told.

“Put your hands behind your back you little slut,” demanded Megan. As he did Gina locked them in place with some kind of soft feeling handcuffs. Oh Shit! He thought to himself, what the fuck am I doing?

She lied a towel down on the floor. “On Anadolu Yakası Escort your back, you slutty bitch. You know what’s coming now, don’t you.”

“Yes master,” replied the slut. Megan pulled out a condom and told him to put it on. “Stroke that little dick for the little sissy slut.” Megan faced his feet and squatted down to where her ass was an inch from his mouth. “Lick my ass slut. I’ve got something more for you.”

The slut tongued her ass, as he did Megan began to piss all over his chest. “Of fuck slut, that feels so damn good! You getting some of that golden nectar?” He continued to lick. “Stroke that cock you little dicked bitch, but don’t fucking come until I tell you to!”

“Join in Gina, piss all over that little dick,” demanded Megan. Gina needed no encouragement as she was just starting to stream all over the sissy’s penis. He couldn’t hold back, he squirted his cum into the condom.

“That’s it baby, you done good,” said Megan stroking the sissy’s hair. “Now clean that nasty piss out of your master’s pussy.” He complied as she placed her pussy on his mouth. Gina pulled his hands together and handcuffed them with him barely even noticing. When Megan was satisfied that he had removed all the golden nectar, she thanked him, while still straddling his face.

“You like kissing that ass, didn’t you?” asked Megan. “Yes master,” replied the sissy.

“Gina, give this little slut one more taste to go home with,” demanded Megan. “Sure thing Megan,” replied Gina. As she squatted, the sissy slut saw it. Gina had obviously emptied his condom contents onto her ass crack. Her ass crack was dripping goo.

“Oh fuck no!” cried the sissy slut but he could not move as Megan was sitting on him and his hands were cuffed.

“Shut the fuck up bitch, you said you’d do anything I asked. And I told you not to cum before I gave you permission,” stated Megan as she smacked him across the face. “This is your penalty!”

He wanted to turn his face, but found himself complying. Gina’s ass came closer to his master’s face. Until it was close enough for him to lick his own cum off her beautiful ass.

“Oh shit, he’s such a nasty fucker!” exclaimed Gina as he tongued her ass.

“Yes he is,” exclaimed Megan. “Can you imagine this stupid fucker wanting us to do this to him.”

Gina smiled, “By the looks of it, the sissy likes cock cum as much as ass!”

Megan, “Maybe we should invite a chick with a real dick! You’d like that, wouldn’t you, you little sissy. You’d like to become my little she-male cock craving cum whore.” He screamed “Fuck No!” into Gina’s ass.

“I bet we could make the little bitch swallow!” they laughed.

“Somebody looking for a shemale cock to worship?” came the slightly husky voice from the bathroom door.

“Yani, what the fuck are you doing here?” asked Megan.

“Gina invited me over and let me in,” answered Yani.

“Gina? He said he just wanted to play. He doesn’t really want to fuck around with a real dick,” said Megan.

“Shut the fuck up bitch,” yelled Yani at Megan. “Who the fuck are you to tell me what this sissy wants? Leave us!”

“But Yani,” cried Megan.

“LEAVE US, NOW!” demanded Yani as she smacked Megan across the face. Megan left and closed the door, leaving Yani alone with the tied up sissy.

“So I hear you’ve been learning to suck Kadıköy Escort cock,” asked Yani as she straddled the sissy wearing a skimpy skirt. He could tell she was wearing no panties as he saw the large cock between her legs. He was terrified. “No mam, err mistress, err master. Please no!”

“Are you sure my little cock hungry bitch?” asked Yani as she squatted closer and started to stroke her large cock inches away from the sissy’s face. “Nobody has to know but us.”

“No, please no,” cried the sissy. He could almost reach out and lick the cock head, he thought.

“How bout my ass bitch? I hear you like to worship black asses? Mine black enough for ya?” asked Yani as she turned and spread her ass cheeks inches from his face.

“Please no,” cried the sissy. “I don’t want to suck a real cock or lick a she-male ass. I’m not ready yet.”

“Mother fucking teasing bitch,” exclaimed Yani slapping him across the face. “You know what I did to the last little cock tease slut that did this?”

“No master,” whined the sissy.

“I plugged her mouth with a dildo and bent her virgin ass over the couch. Then I fucked the living shit out of her while she screamed into the dildo. Is that what you want?”

“No master,” exclaimed the slut. “Please, god no!”

“OK, dammit. Quit your crying,” demanded Yani. “Next time you better be damn careful about what you wish for.”

“Yes master!” he replied.

“Or next time just go ahead and tell me what you really want. Grow some balls bitch!”

“Yes Mistress,” he replied.

“Roll over and I’ll take those cuffs off,” she demanded. He did and she removed the cuffs.

“Get in the shower,” demanded Yani. He jumped in turned on the hot water. She joined him and started to wash his body. She cleaned the dried cum off his face and the piss off his chest, balls and prick. Her demeanor changed. “I could be your little bitch instead?” she said as she turned and spread her ass cheeks as she bent over. She handed him the soap and he washed washed her body.

“No thanks, Yani,” he said. I’m just not ready for you yet.”

“Your loss!” she exclaimed. “Just one thing though, I want to wash your hair.”

“Go ahead,” he said.

” I want to wash your hair while you are looking up at me and my cock from your knees.”

“Uh, well,” whined the cock tease.

“It’s not to late, I can still bend you over the bed and fuck your ass and hard.” He did what he was told. He was inches from her cock, but managed to keep his head up high as she finished washing his hair.

“You look like a natural babe. You belong at your knees with a big cock in your face.”

“In my younger days, I would have just shoved my cock in your mouth and fucked you like the little slut you are. Now I’m into making you beg. Next time you will beg to suck my beautiful cock. Won’t you my little slut.”

“Yes Mistress,” he replied, not knowing what to say.

“Now, get your ass out of here and dry off,” Yani demanded.

They left the bathroom to join the others.

“The little sissy bitch is a fucking tease,” she exclaimed as they joined the others. “All I know is that somebody is going to suck me off. I didn’t fucking come here for nothing.” Both Megan and Gina dropped to their knees, ready to become Yani’s fuck toy. “Ah, such willing whores. Good.” Yani wedged herself between the two allowing Gina access to her ass and stuffing Megan’s mouth full of cock.

“You see what you are missing slut?” asked Yani. She grabbed Megan by the hair and rammed her huge cock in and out. “This could be you sissy?”

The sissy was stroking his master’s cock while he laid on the bed.

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