Me And My BF

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My name is Aisha and you may have read about my experiences with my uncle in Panama and a bus ride I experienced there. Well I am now 27 and living and working here, in the USA. I have a good job and the work is good and the people I work with are mostly very friendly and I enjoy associating with them. This is the story of one of those co-workers who I dated for a while.

We had a friendly exchange of funny comments etc, over a period of a few weeks and he finally asked me out. He was older then I was, he was in his 50’s but he and I had found a lot of common things together and we clicked, so I started going out with him. Like all dates we at some time started to talk about our sexual experiences.. He had his own stories and we learned that we had some crazy experiences and so we started to fuck each other. He was pretty ff the wall sometimes and he had me doing stuff I had never thought to do.

For example we were walking to our car after dinner one night when he all of a sudden pushes me against the side of his car in the restaurant parking lot. He pushed his crotch into my ass and was grinding against me right there in the open. I was afraid someone would come out and see us, but he did not care and he continued to grind away. Although I was shocked by this, I could feel that I was also excited as a wetness started between my legs. I was wearing a pair of slacks and a blouse and the slacks were secured to my waist by a rope belt.

He started to undo the rope belt and was forcing my pants down around my thighs, I managed to loosen the belt for him, while he let his own pants drop to the ground, right here in the parking lot for the world to see, it was almost too hot and I felt my pussy getting wetter and wetter.

It was a good thing because he was being very aggressive that night, maybe it was the thrill of being seen, but he no sooner freed his cock then he was trying to find the opening to my pussy. I bent down a little Kadıköy Escort and opened my legs as far as I could with my pats still around my thighs, and he managed to get himself lined up and he just pounded his cock into me, he was very rough, not gentle at all as he thrust his hard cock into my thankfully wet pussy. It was not a long fuck and we both came quickly. He pulled out when he came and his cum sprayed my ass and lower back. He insisted we dress quickly and made me just pull my slacks up over his cum, and we jumped in the car and went home.

These kinds of crazy sex scenes did not happen often, but when they did they were so off the wall that I always got so excited I did not always think about the right and wrong of things. For example

We were at his home one night and I had just finished ordering in some pizza, when he comes out of the bedroom stark naked with his cock as hard as it gets. I had to laugh he looked funny coming at me with his cock so hard and straight. I told him that for a 50 year old man he sure did not need a whole lot of motivation to get it up! He was on me in a flash kissing me and taking off my clothes, or at least my blouse, I was happy I had not worn a bra, he was so anxious he would have ruined it ripping it form my body. But his aggressive action were turning me on , I like d his forceful approach, my pussy was turning to jelly as he continued to assault me with kisses and grope my tits. He was not abusive, but he knew what he wanted and he quickly had me laying on the floor on my back while he positioned his ass above my face a “tea bagged” me, sitting so his balls rested in my mouth while he stroked his 6 inch slightly curved cock above me face. He was uncut and that is a major turn on for me and my pussy just kept getting closer and closer to the edge.

He changed his position and took his balls from my mouth and forced his cock deep into my throat. I had learned how to take Ataşehir Escort a cock into my throat so as he pushed it in. I let it slide down my throat enjoying the feel of all that cock sliding through my mouth. He bent over and pushed my pants and panties to my ankles, then he pulled my knees up and pushed them to the sides so he could eat my pussy with the same aggression he had shown all night. His tongue was darting allover an in my pussy, licking my clit, fucking me and even licking and penetrating my asshole, always fast boom-boom here and everywhere and it was driving me crazy. I could not even moan because his cock was still pumping in and out of my throat.

As I said he was almost manic that night and just as I was getting a rhythm with his cock in my throat, and enjoying the feel of his tongue darting around my cunt, he shifts position again, and ends up sitting on my chest, with his cock between my 36 inch tits.

He elect not to use any lube, and he pushes my tits together and starts to fuck my tits. Thankfully with all we had done and all the sucking his cock was wet and slid effortlessly between my tits. I must tell you now that I love the sight of a cock sliding between my tits, the head disappearing and shooting out again aimed at my face, it turns me on like crazy. He must have been close because he was like a wild man fucking my tits so fast and sure enough he soon came with such force that his cum bathed my chin and neck with gobs of cream white fluid. I got up and was about to get dressed when he asked if I wanted a drink of water, I started to wipe his cum from my chin and neck and he comes up behind me and grabs me telling me that round two is still to cum and not to get dressed. I had managed to get my top on but my pant and panties were still around my ankles, and he started to hump the back of my ass with his now re hardened cock. He pushed me over, almost making me fall with my pant still around Bostancı Escort my ankles, but I did not and he pressed the tip of his cock against my asshole and he slowly pushed himself into my ass, wow, it was intense. I am no stranger to having my ass fucked, but tonight with his aggression and the fast pace, when he seated his cock deep in my ass it was an intensely wonderful fullness. As he started to pump into me. We both straightened a bit and his motions would force me to my toes every time he thrust inside my ass. I was already wet and had cum once before and I came again (yes I can and do cum from being ass fucked, just about every time) , as he banged my ass and me against the wall with each thrust.

Then the door bell rang, Pizza was here! I figured he would pull out and go get the food, but he told me I had to get the door and he walked me to the door with his cock buried in my ass , his arm around my waist and had me answer the door. I only opened the door far enough to pay the guy and told him to leave the pizza on the porch, all the while I have this cock in my ass and I am trying my best to act natural and not let him see my naked ass, thank god I had managed to put my top on. Somehow I did it, and closed th e door and he resumed pumping into my ass. I knew I would need to spur him on so I started squeezing my ass cheeks and that sent him over the edge and I felt his cum explode on my ass. If you have not had that experience it is wonderful to feel that cock shoot off in you ass.

Any way we stand there and I feel his cock shrinking in my ass and I expect he will pull it out when I feel and odd thing in my ass, I realized soon enough he was peeing in my. I was shocked I did not know if I was mad or what, that had never happened to me before. I felt a bit disgusted but I let it go, the rest of the night had been so good, I orgasmed twice, got a cum facial.

After that night our sex session were always like that crazy and different, he did try peeing in my ass once more but I told him it stunk and no more. I am not sure if some of the other night we had are worthy of writing about, but look for more stories form me about my life, I have had some exciting times.



Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32