Marjorie Ch. 02: Domination

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The meet with Marjorie and Jim last night had been fantastic, so much so that I had slept in and was going to be late for work unless I got a shift on. I jumped in the shower, literally threw my work clothes on, grabbed a cereal bar from the cupboard and headed to work.

It was a slow easy day at work because my boss was out of the office meeting a client so I could toss it off quite easily, I just had to make sure no one saw what was on my computer screen. I loaded up the ‘dating’ website where I posted my profile to see if there were any messages or interesting new members.

I immediately saw there was a message waiting from Marjorie, my pulse raced, I looked around to make sure no one could see my screen. I was hoping she would get in touch, the time stamp on the message was 07:15, wow she was keen. I opened the message.

“Hi Mark, oh my gosh thank you for last night it was everything I’d hoped for and much much more. I can’t stop thinking about your hard cock, your dominant commanding voice and the wonderful orgasms I had. I wish you’d left a contact number because I am feeling so horny and sexy. I can’t believe you are interested in a flabby, wrinkly old thing like me. Anyway I hope you don’t think I’m a slut but please get in touch soon, I definitely would like to meet again, Love Marje”

Wow, of course I thought she was a slut but that’s what I wanted an eager slutty submissive woman, it was an absolute bonus that she was very pretty, with a gorgeous smile and had massive tits. It felt like I had won the lottery although I was glad I had not left my mobile number, I didn’t want a mad elderly stalker ringing me at 7am demanding sex, I wanted to be the one in control.

I was just sat wondering how to reply when suddenly another message popped into my inbox. It was from Marjorie,

“Hi Mark, sorry for emailing again but my pussy is tingling and I can’t think about anything else, its been 4 hours since my last email and I was hoping to hear from you by now. Please, please, please get in touch and arrange another meet, Love Marje”

I was grinning like a mad fool, to have this lovely older woman begging for more sex and happy for me to be as dominant as I wanted while her husband watched was amazing. I thought of a reply,

“Hi Marje, great to hear from you and I also loved our meeting last night. There is one thing I was disappointed about, you have a very hairy pussy and I want to go down on you but can’t with that much hair. Can you please get rid of it all before our next meet? Shave it, wax it or depilate, whichever is easiest. Let me know when you’ve done that and we can arrange another meet. Mark”

Her response was almost immediate, “Hi Mark, wonderful to hear from you, I’ll get rid of the hair straight away and email you back, Love Marje”

“What are you smiling about Mark, you look like the cat who got the cream,” said Frank my co-worker. I made up some work bullshit as I quickly switched screens to a word document I was supposed to be working on. I don’t think he believed me but didn’t push it, that was a bit close. I was really grinning because all I could think about was Marje dragging Jim to the shops to buy all the stuff for removing the hair from her big pussy.

Later that afternoon after I had actually done some work I checked my messages again and wasn’t surprised to see another one from Marje.

“Hi Mark, I’ve got rid of all the hair, my pussy is nice and smooth for you, lets arrange another meet, Love Marje”

It was time stamped 13:06 so she literally must have rushed out of the house straight after the last email. It was now 16:25 so I imagine she was impatiently waiting for a reply.

“Hi Marje, That’s great news, send me a pic so I can see what it looks like. Mark”

I wasn’t sure if she would do it or not but I was looking forward to finding out, I nervously kept an eye out to make sure no one could see my computer screen. I didn’t have to wait long, a message with a picture arrived five minutes later.

The picture was of Marje dressed in a heavy cream suit with a green blouse sat on her front room sofa with her legs up on the sofa spread wide displaying her beautiful smooth bald pussy, needless to say she had a big smile on her face.

I quickly double checked the office to make sure no one could see and transferred the image to my personal flash drive before closing it. I was starting to get hard, easy tiger.

“Hi Marje, wow that looks lovely, good enough to eat! I’ve been looking at my diary and I think we could get together early next week if that’s OK. By the way did Jim enjoy the meet and did he help with the hair removal? Mark”

Again her response was immediate, “Hi Mark, I was really hoping to get together sooner than that, you might be able to see in the picture I am so horny and wet thinking about you. Jim was not as keen so might be out during our next meet but yes he did help with the hair removal, Love Marje”

I decided it was time to push the limits a bit, “Hi Marje, I’m glad your so keen, I’ll Uzun porno see if I can juggle my diary and get over sooner. I’m disappointed Jim didn’t like the meet, his presence greatly improved the meet for me. Mark”

Again her response was immediate, “Hi Mark, If you let me know when you can meet I’ll make sure Jim is there too. Love Marje”

Again I had another huge grin on my face, having a submissive older woman under my control was great but having her husband too was a massive turn on. I went home with a very satisfied feeling ready for an early night, I needed to recuperate.

The next morning at work was a bit hectic so I didn’t get to check my messages until 11ish. There were two messages from Marje, the first was time stamped 06:33.

“Hi Mark, Please, please, please, please, please can you meet earlier than next week. I am going frantic, I love the feel of my new bald pussy but it has made me much more sensitive and I am almost constantly wet. I had hoped Jim would learn from you since our last meet but he lasted less than thirty seconds before cumming. Jim’s cock is actually slightly bigger than yours but thinner, however, it did not feel anywhere near as hard as yours. After cumming so quick I tried to get him to frig me to orgasm but he is useless. I did it myself but it was nowhere near as good as you, please come and see me soon. Love Marje”

The second message was time-stamped 09:52, “Hi Mark, oh my gosh I can’t believe I’m messaging you again so soon but I am literally beside myself, I hardly slept last night after a rubbish orgasm, please tell me you’ll come back soon, Love Marje”

I was smiling as I penned my reply, “Hi Marje, Great news I’ve managed to rearrange my appointment tonight so I can come over if you like, let me know if you want me to. Mark”

The response was instant, “Hi Mark, that is brilliant news, what time do you think you’ll arrive? Love Marje”

“Hi Marje, I’ll be there about 6ish depending on traffic. Make sure you do not touch yourself until I get there. Mark”

“OK Mark, I’ll not touch myself, can’t wait to see you, Love Marje”

I knew I wouldn’t get there until nearer 8ish, I had some errands to run, but I wanted her to be wound up and a bit frustrated by the time I arrived.

It was 7:45 by the time I knocked on Marje’s door with a brown paper bag in my hand. Marje opened the door with a big smile on her face but she did look a little bit flustered,

“Hi Mark.”

“Hi Marje,” I leaned down for a kiss, she had a startled look on her face but she opened her mouth to accept my tongue when I pressed it against her lips. I stopped after a short while so she could shut the door, I noticed her surreptitiously looking up and down the street to see if anyone had seen the kiss, she looked even more flustered now, I inwardly chuckled. She led me into the front room again where Jim was again stood in the corner,

“Hi Jim,” I casually said.

“Hi Mark,” he replied softly.

“So Marje, pull up your skirt, let me see this bald pussy,” she complied but had a pair of very large pale pink silky knickers on, “no wonder your so worked up all the time, I bet those knickers rub, from now on I don’t want you to wear any knickers when we meet, take them off”.

She looked out of the front window, saw there was no one looking and quickly pulled the knickers off. She stepped out of them and then pulled up her skirt again to show me her gloriously smooth pussy. It was beautiful and she was clearly very aroused, her pussy lips were very red and puffy, I could also see some juice peeking out.

I walked right up in front of her and looked her in the eye, “I do hope you haven’t touched yourself Marje.”

“Of course not Mark, I told you I wouldn’t.”

“Good girl, it does look very beautiful,” I turned to Jim, “Thank you Jim for getting your wife ready for me,” he mumbled something I couldn’t hear, I let it go for now. I dropped my brown paper bag on the sofa and reached down to caress Marje’s lovely smooth pussy as I leaned in for another kiss.

I rubbed my hand up and down her slit quite forcefully spending extra time on her clit as I tongue fucked her mouth, again the curtains were wide open and anyone could look in and see me using Marje. I removed my sopping wet hand and pushed it into her mouth, she whimpered as she sucked her own juices from my hand,

“Oh Marje, you are turning into such a naughty slut,” I knew those words would sting after her message yesterday, she blushed bright red.

I grabbed hold of her hand, “lets take it to the bedroom shall we. Jim, bring the bag.” I pushed her in front of me and fondled, slapped her ass all the way down the hallway. We embraced for a passionate kiss at the bottom of the bed, I felt Jim squeeze past behind me and go stand in the corner.

I looked her in the eye and commanded “Strip.” She immediately started to take off her clothes passing them to me, I passed them onto Jim without a word and he hung them up like the good boy he is. Öğrenci porno She was naked in no time, we embraced and started kissing while I explored her ass, tits and bald pussy.

I reached down and grabbed hold of her right leg, “lift” I said, she lifted her leg and I guided it onto the bed. This gave me much better access to her beautiful smooth pussy, I wasted no time rubbing up and down her slit while my tongue lashed inside her mouth. She was getting very wet now and started mewling so I broke off, she immediately tried to keep the contact going by pressing her pussy towards me and her eyes flew open.

I could tell she was very frustrated, I am an evil sod sometimes but I was loving this, I reached behind and spanked her ass hard a couple of times. I leaned down and started sucking, nibbling, chewing and biting on her huge tits and nipples. I could play with them for hours, they might be saggy and flabby but they were so much fun, her nipples were very responsive getting hard very quickly.

“Give me the bag Jim,” Marje looked at me with frustration and anticipation, I could see she was intrigued. I opened the bag, took out a metal chain, closed it again and handed it back to Jim. I unravelled the chain, it was quite short, it had two metal clamps with black rubber ends, I opened one of the clamps and gently put it on her right nipple. I opened the second clamp and pulled it across to her other nipple, the chain wasn’t quite long enough but I kept tugging until I could close the clamp on her second nipple.

Marje clenched her teeth and let out a sigh, I kissed her hard to take her mind of the nipple pain. She responded but I could tell she was trying not to move so that her nipples did not cause any extra pain.

I stood back slightly and smiled wickedly as I reached out and slapped her left tit quite hard. Her left tit crashed across into her right and then tried to swing back but the chain went tight and I could see this caused pain in her nipples, she closed her eyes and took a quick short breath in, holding it until her tits stopped swinging.

“Say thank you for the present,” I said.

“Thank you Mark for my lovely present.”

I reached over and slapped her right tit, she winced and took in a sharp breath as her tits swung with the chain alternating between tight and slack. Her nipples were very red and rock hard, my cock was twitching in my pants, this was awesome. I heard a noise to the side and knew without looking that Jim had blown a load in his pants again,

“Is that you cumming in your pants again Jim, Christ we haven’t even started yet,” I gave him a withering look and his cheeks burned bright red.

“Lift your right leg up onto the bed Marje,” she tried to do it as slowly and carefully as she could but her tits still swung about causing more pain. I might be wrong but she seemed to be getting used to it a bit now, I stepped in for a quick kiss before dropping slowly down to my knees.

This surprised her, I very gently licked and blew onto each of her engorged nipples. I then knelt lower and licked the full length of her gorgeously smooth cunt, I blew on it gently afterwards.

She was stunned and made an absolutely lovely soft guttural moaning noise. I grabbed hold of her bum cheeks and leant further in to lick her burning hot slit properly, slowly licking up and down the full length before jabbing my tongue inside.

She tasted scrumptious and started slowly dripping juice which I lapped up hungrily. I alternated between long lapping her slit and manic tongue fucking her hole, I stayed away from her clit, my plan was to further tease her but not to let her cum yet. She reached down and grabbed hold of my head, I let her, I figured she needed to otherwise she might fall over.

I kept this up for at least twenty minutes, taking my lips away from her smooth pussy every time I thought she was getting close and just blowing onto her, she fucking loved it but was starting to get seriously frustrated.

“Please Mark, finish me off I am so close, oooohhhhh fuck it feels really good,” she panted as her bosom heaved. I was totally rock hard in my pants now and my neck was starting to ache from the angle, time for me to get up. She whimpered as I got up, aware that she wouldn’t be getting any release soon, but like a good girl she did not complain.

“Give me the bag Jim,” again I opened it and this time took out a very long bright pink silky scarf, I gave the bag back to Jim. I wrapped the scarf around one of her tits, high up and quite tight, and then did the same with the other, again she winced as the chain clamps went taut.

“Turn around and put your hands behind your back,” I commanded, she obeyed and I kept hold of the scarf as she turned. I tied her hands behind her back tightly making sure the scarf was squeezing her tits quite hard.

“Turn around again and kneel down,” she obeyed as slowly and carefully as she could, again trying to stop any tit movement. It made me smile, I kicked my shoes off, pulled my top off, took my trousers and boxers off, handing them all to Jim who folded them without a word. My cock was very hard, twitching and leaking pre-cum, I pulled back the foreskin.

“Open your mouth and lean forward,” I gently pulled her head forward as I lined up my cock and fed it into her mouth. Instead of grimacing with the salty taste of my pre-cum like last time she greedily swirled her tongue over my bell-end and made a charming “mmmmmm” sound, what a fucking turn on. I looked her in the eye,

“Fuck my cock with your mouth,” Marje started to gently bob her head forwards and backwards. I gently encouraged her with a hand behind her head forcing her to take a bit more in each time and to speed up the pace.

I let her do all the work when she was taking nearly four inches in and was thrusting her head impressively fast. She was also grunting from the pain in her tits which felt fantastic on my cock.

I looked down, the end of her tits were going a very dark red with the lack of circulation and the nipple clamp chain was rhythmically tensing. What a huge turn on this was, I had a massive grin on my face, my cock was so hard it hurt and I was having to think about football to stop myself exploding.

I definitely didn’t want to cum too soon or in her mouth but I was really keen to make her carry on fucking my cock with her mouth, it was such a hugely submissive act. I managed to keep control before grabbing her head and holding it still while I pulled my cock out.

I leaned down and kissed her very passionately, she closed her eyes, I took this opportunity to slap her right tit hard. She really wasn’t expecting that and screamed “arrgghhhh” while I kept my tongue inside her mouth.

I stood back up and grabbed my cock, she took the hint and started mouth fucking my cock without me having to say a word, she was turning into a very good girl. I repeated this three times but each time I had to break off sooner because I was struggling to maintain control. The last time I kissed her when I stood up I grabbed hold of her shoulders and helped her to stand,

“Marje, that was absolutely fantastic, very impressive cock sucking skills,” she smiled and seemed genuinely proud of my praise. I couldn’t believe how quickly she was turning into a submissive nymphomaniac slut.

“Lie down Marje, give me the bag Jim,” she gratefully lied down with her ass on the edge of the bed and her legs hanging off the edge. I took another long bright pink silky scarf from the bag, I held her left leg in the air and tied the scarf around her ankle,

“Hold that leg Jim,” I walked up to the top of the bed and tied the other end of the scarf to the bed frame, pulling it tight first to hold Marje’s leg in the air. I did the same with her right leg so that they were both held high and wide.

I asked her if her hands were comfortable tied up underneath her, she nodded but I had a feeling they weren’t. I grabbed a pillow from the top of the bed, held her bum a bit higher and pushed it under her lower back. This gave her a bit of relief by holding her back higher off the bed giving her hands some freedom.

I moved back to the bottom of the bed, I could see the pent up frustration and huge anticipation on her face. I slapped her bald pussy hard three times, she bucked up and grunted each time as her tits swayed.

I knelt down and buried my face in her steaming hot pussy, pushing my tongue far up inside and wiggling as hard as I could. She moaned very loudly, I stopped quickly, again not wanting to push her over the edge yet, I blew gently on her pulsating wet pussy lips until she calmed down.

I used my hard tongue to lap up and down the full length of her pussy, just short of her clit, increasing the speed and pressure until I felt she was near the edge. Again I stopped and blew gently, I got the impression she was starting to enjoy this kind of teasing, she was still whimpering but something about the tone was quite joyful.

This time I mashed my tongue hard against her clit and thrashed my head from side to side ridiculously fast, she started bucking her hips madly so I knew I couldn’t do this for long, but her reaction was wonderful. Again I stopped and blew gently, the whimpering was louder this time and definitely had a hard frustrated edge to it.

I stood up, her eyes lit up with hope, my hard cock bobbed just above her pussy, I pushed it down and rubbed it along her dripping wet slit. She was breathing very heavily again when I spanked her clit with my hard cock over and over again, she was trying to lift her hips off the bed higher and higher with each spank.

I stopped and stood still for at least five minutes, she started whimpering which then turned into a keening and finally a whining as the frustration built. I finally pushed my hard rod very slowly into her steaming hot pussy, it was like an oven, a very slippery, slimy oven, but god did it feel good.

She closed her eyes and let out a big satisfied sigh, after a minute when I hadn’t started thrusting her eyes opened and she looked at me questioningly. I could see she was going to start whimpering again and maybe even crying, I was really pushing her hard now, I relented and started slowly pumping in and out.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32